Feedback: Keeper of the Grove in The War Within

Good thing you saw. cause its not really intuitive XD I would never seen it

From what i gathered, it looks cool but nothing special for a resto druid. Why can’t we have new abilities like the other classes get. From what i see, its just percent healing. No new abilities except for some petals that procs.

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At least they aren’t forcing you to take a dead talent if you want to play this tree…

I personally wish the dream petal would take our T2 place instead for Resto view

Gonna be honest here, this tree is exactly a bad omen for hybrids when compared to the mage tree. The mage tree is filled with active modifications to damage rotations and extra utility/survival spell.

Meanwhile, the balance talents are mostly boring passives whose sole utility is a pitiful 8% DR on a spell that heals for nothing. I’ve been submitting feedback for the past two expansions. REGROWTH HEALS FOR NOTHING. IT HEALS AT BEST FOR 9-10% OF A HEALTH POOL. IT IS NOT MEANINGFUL UTILITY.

Mages get extra barriers, the extra effects of the different elemental barriers, and reduction to their other defensive/CC cooldowns, spells made instant cast and aoe splash nukes, or their main cast gains a snare in the case of fire mages.

Ice Block can be changed to grant mobility. More DPS cooldowns open up to them for free.

Meanwhile Balance druids don’t get treants for free, but it’s even worse. Treants as they exist compared to their prior WoD incarnation of a 30 sec cd 3 charge summon with a utility root/stun are an objectively bad spell. They do not do AoE cleave, and their moonfire application is a pitiful 1 cast per 6 seconds, for a 1 minute cd. If you don’t remove the taunt, they die immediately in any M+ scenario. One of their talents releis on them speccing arcanic pulsar or orbital strike.

Compare this to a fire or frost mage applying living bomb cleaves more often than every 1 minute, and then on their meteor/comet storm spell they get extra aoe burst for M+ with an added comet/meteor complement.

How can anyone consider a node that gives a 12% damage buff to starfire and wrath, when these spells sit at less than 3-4% of our total damage done, a node option worth taking? Moreover, it’s painfully boring.

And boring is what defines this tree. No new spell visuals like frostfire bolt, mostly invisible passives because balance has to share a tree with a healing spec, so the nodes just like Shadowlands or BfA are made generic.

It’s adding injury to insult when the resto version gets a 100% damage boost to their nuke after casting resto spells, but all a balance druid gets after 5 spenders is a pathetic 9% HP heal that’s not even boosted, just instant cast. Most M+ aoe ticks already outdamage a full regrowth cast, it’s that bad for non-resto druids.

8% DR on regrowth is also really bad, and clearly aimed for resto druid balancing. For one, a balance druid won’t preemptively cast it and waste the healing portion just to gain DR, even as it is the squishiest spec in the game alongside shamans.

This druid hero talent tree needs to baseline treants and any affected talents its nodes interact with, and for balance druids you’d do well to revert the treant to their old WoD incarnation of 1 treant per charge on 30 sec cd that casts wraths and casts entangling growth/stun on summon. The current version of treants for balance druids is not taken for a reason. They’re a bad summon that needs to chase in melee with no target priority and no charge to keep up. Reverting to the summonable treants on a charge system from WoD would give balance druids a much needed mobile damage option with a CC utility that is still worse than mass entangle or frost nova, but it’s something.

I’ll also comment how the frostfire mage bolt proc makes it both aoe and instant while balance druids for a 1 min cd, which happens less often, are stuck hardcasting wraths and starfires for the aoe explosion proc. This is a spec with significantly impaired mobile damage yet it’s mages who get even more instant casts and spells on the move despite shimmer/ice floes.


SO I have a few concerns regarding balance and hero talents in no particular order

  1. The hero tree is essentially worthless if you don’t take the force of nature talent which is a choice nod with warrior of elune (making that a dead talent as the tree is now), will the balance tree get a little change to fix this?

  2. Is the treants of the moon node meant to combat the major problem with balance getting moonfires out? This doesn’t really help at all since we need the dots out asap and spend our early globals on doing so, putting a moonfire every 6 seconds won’t much of a difference. If the node is just meant to damage and not helping dot spread I guess this doesn’t matter. If it meant to help dot spreading the help needs to come out quickly instead of slow over time.

  3. The cenarius might node just seems really not fun, balance can’t cast even at max that many spells in a row.

  4. Is the persistent enchantments text a mistake? Orbital strike already applies stellarflare to all targets hit and the stellar flare lasts 24 seconds. Is the change that your stellar flare is 4 seconds shorter? The pulsar improvement is pretty clear but I’m not seeing how a shorter flare helps in aoe, just makes your waning twilight fall off quicker though I guess the dot damage is faster.

This isn’t related to the tree at all but please balance is still way to pathetically weak to mobs that die quickly. I cannot beg enough return starfall to not needing dots out to do max damage. I know you want to make the dots matter but there can be a different way to do that this one has created a massive weakness with no real benefit.


If the node makes treants painfully slow dot mobs did something more akin to shadowcrash (maybe applying moonfire to all mobs with 30 yards or something) that would a long way to be something worthy of heroic talents that would make the spec play better.

I am curious looking at Persistant enchantments for us and meltdown for mages if these trees are showing planned changes to the base talent tree.

Persistent enchantments has half its affect in game on oribtal strike already, similarly mages have/had an option for moving iceblock with the Ice cold talent, are these things planned to be moved from baseline talents to the Hero trees. Causei kinda hate that. The idea of already existing abilities being moved from the tree where everyone can have them into the hero trees where they become exclusive to eachother would suck for utility spells.

if its just allowing 2 ways to get the ability, like resto shamans with healing stream totem and multiple charges thats okay.

If only Blizz could give us an interview that would maybe answer some questions…

Please allow Balance to talent into Treants efficiently with this Hero talent being based around it with the current tree we are locked into key talents at the top of the tree. Give us Solarbeam or Starfall baseline to make way for a point for treants cause as of right now you can’t make room for treants in AOE scenarios or ur losing value somewhere else. The best thing I can see is taking 1 point out of Astral smolder.

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Pet healing/damage from treants in general is not exciting and takes away a portion of your throughput from abilities you do actually press, i.e diminishes skill expression, and you want your actual casts to feel satisfying vs treants in the background inflating numbers. This is more a tuning issue and thankfully not too many nodes amp treant throughput.

Treants of the Moon is egregious IMO and exacerbates this to new levels of cringe though. It’s one thing to lean into pets, but when they do your rotation for you, that’s probably going too far. I enjoy casting Moonfire esp as Resto and having each treant just auto casting them frequently just absolutely kills this tree for me. As for Boomie it already suffers from spamming one builder and one spender over and over and I’m not sure if it’s wise cutting out MF casts. What’s wrong with letting players cast their abilities, surely a pet doesn’t need to or at least not at such a frequent rate (especially as Resto where you are pressing GG frequently, the need to press the ability is just gone entirely from single-target). Personally I think they should just throw out seperate spell ID MF’s (that still work with Boomie mastery), one which also stacks with your own MF casts so you still want to press MF, but gain passive dmg / Boomie mastery via these.

Also there’s a huge portion of talents that amp Regrowth, and a talent that gives an instant double damage Starfire every 5 RG’s. Is this tree supposed to lean heavily into spamming Regrowths for M+?

I also don’t understand if this tree is supposed to kill catweaving and you only use Balance spells as Resto? Which seems odd to me given the main ‘nice’ thing about Grove Guardians is being able to cast them in Catform. I guess it may be more a question of whether GG talent will still be worth picking without this tree for Wildstalker?


No offense, but you don’t play balance druid at any serious capacity if you think manually putting moonfire is desirable instead of the very reason why balance druids have one of the weakest aoe numbers in the game. They’re a boss damage spec because of it, the aoe and total lack of burst aoe due to the mastery is a problem.

That’s a hilarious take given how good Boomie is in AOE right now both the top spec on the current AOE fight in raid and dominating the keystone leaderboard.

Boomie mastery is garbage and needs a rework yes, but that’s another issue entirely. My post was more from a Resto perspective, but I have played plenty of Boomie this xpac and especially in the past, but currently its one of the worst iterations ever with largely dull spamming of two buttons, and this tree looks to make that even more the case.

Needless to say write your own post with your own thoughts if you like this tree, it’s not me you need to convince, especially not with such blatantly bad info. Also no need to write ‘no offense,’ I enjoy pressing my abilities in my rotation and obviously any feedback should be about gameplay rather than tuning numbers (that’s all you seem concerned about). Even as Boomie I enjoy dotting up mobs at start of each pack before I go into the dull Starfire + Starfall spam that auto refreshes everything.

I’ll change this to a more realistic approach.

Treants aren’t an issue being your big source of healing, however there comes a point where your pets doing as much, or more, than the player that it becomes a problem.

It’s one thing for a spec like Demo to have AI do all the realistic work, but the whole goal is to empower them through good gameplay. BM & Unholy are another example, where the pets are better than the class.

Rdruid should have to actually do good things to empower treants to heal stronger, rather than just passively have them do a ton. Why not just simply add things like doing damage through wrath or catweaving amps your treant healing? It’d make it much more fun for EVERYONE, while still allowing casual druids to be able to play the spec without being punished too hard.


I see that the other balance hero option has quarter moon as the final talent node. I’m praying so hard you guys lean into full moon. Full moon became spec defining with its release in legion. I’m 100% convinced every Boomkin enjoys dropping full moons people for omega damage like we’re freaking Thanos. I swear you guys need to lean into full moon. I promise you won’t be met with vitriol from the boomkin community lol.
My suggestions:
-either give it a lesser cast time
-make it current with the times (casting is so archaic now in todays WoW) and make it an astral spender and not a builder.
• example: When at 50 astral power you can now cast half moon.
• when at 100 astral power you can now press full moon.
Both of these use up all your astral power. And you may be thinking, why do that when starsurge exists? Well sometimes you don’t want to spend 4 globals to get your damage out.
Having a button that gets it all dumped out in 1 global can be nice for quick snap damage. And starsurge gives buffs like 3x stacking haste.
So potentially you’d invest starsurges first to get the haste, then use astral power for the fatty half moons full moons. And then just rinse in star surges when you need haste buff and then moons when you are good to moon somebody.
I kinda went off the rails too much into this idea so I want to just get to my core idea of making full moon A) the iconic ability of balance druid, and B) an astral dump/spender that’s instant cast. Rest of the details and ideas I’ll leave up to whoever is smarter and better for that.
•Maybe half moon can be an astral point generator and only full moon is the spender/dump? Just so we don’t feel like it’s hard to reach full astral power and it’s too difficult to get full moons out? And just make half moon a cast with a CD but generates mad astral power (like minimum 50) so we easily reach 100 for the full moon.
Anyways my ideas are probably trash. We just need you guys to make full moon either instant cast (which probably makes more sense to make it an astral power spender and not a builder) or make the cast time actually viable. 2s max. Just make it like mage glacial some spike for heavens sake since glacial is literally perfect

The biggest feedback I can give is I was hoping for more damaged based healing abilities. Personally I’ve been really liking MW Monk and Disc Priest and while Treants allow us to Cat-weave it just feels so clunky having to switch in and out of forms. Once upon a time we had the ability to heal people based on the damage Wrath did, so why can’t we have something like that again? I honestly think it’s an opportune time to add the ability for all healing specs to have some kind of part damage/part healing spec. Not only does it spice up gameplay but allows DPS players to fill a role they wouldn’t normally consider (and we have a huge lack of healers ATM).






The only fight balance excels in is a spread council fight. In any clumped aoe scenario with short lived adds, which is the crushing majority of raid fights, balance druid underperforms. Fyrakk adds is supposed to favor balance with widely spread adds but due to the strategies of grips/clumping they fall off there as well.

In M+ balance is performing well at the highest key. Drop to the average 18-20 key, the trend starts shifting.

It gets worse the closer to 16-18 the keys go. And 18-20 is the range most of the players will be running keys for. Meaning, for the experience of the majority of the player pop, the spec underperforms in aoe because it has high ramp up and no aoe burst.

I already made a feedback post to the devs. You may like pressing your abilities, but individually pressing moonfire in order to emulate the doomed affliction lock dot ramp up design is hurting the spec. Would it be better if pressing moonfire spread the dot itself and not the treants? Sure. You could give the treants another empowerment effect or a flare of burst aoe damage when hitting dotted targets.

Most aoe rotations are boring 2-3 boring rotations for most of the specs. It’s an unfortunate side effect of the burst creep that the classes who require the least inputs and preparations to push damage out tend to perform best. It doesn’t seem like it’ll change in the near future.


I like that there is a setup for leaning in to Pet heals. Pet healers have always been something I found interesting (Scholar in FF14, Druid in Rift, etc) but I hope that the Resto<->Cat side offers something that allows r-druids to lean in to their own personal healing more and to slough off the treants entirely if they want.


Or maybe extend the demonology concepts and let you “sacrifice” a treant to do something extra. It would make a lot of sense for a tree to crash into a player and give them bark/ironskin… or empower an Efflorescence.

Alternatively have choice nodes let you customize behavior (slower/fewer aoe spells, blend of single target heals and damage)… rather than they become the focus of the spec + hero, they become customized to your needs or playstyle.

We need tranq to be a good raid CD again. We have no burst healing. All we have is a bunch of tree shaped totems trickle healing.

I remember Tranq being an iconic ability and now its reduced to a button we press to get ToL faster.