Feedback: Kalimdor Cup

Hello Dragonriders!
Later this week we’ll be testing the Kalimdor Cup. Head to the Holiday Enthusiast outside Valdrakken’s bank to pick up the initial quest.

The Kalimdor Cup is a recurring holiday event where dragonriding races will be available in Kalimdor. You’ll ride a special mount exclusively during these races. As the Riders of Azeroth are still learning about dragonriding, you’ll use standard flight between races. You’ll be able to test out the initial quest, try out all 16 races across Kalimdor in Normal, Advanced, and Reverse variations, and turn in Riders of Azeroth Badges to Maztha for rewards.

Please share general feedback as you make your way through this limited time dragonriding event. Thank you in advance for your testing and your feedback!



I’m hyped for the content (I love dragon riding) but no dragon riding in old world in 10.1.5?



I’m extremely disappointed at this. Why aren’t we getting dragon riding in the old world all the time? Why is it only part of a limited time event? This was one of the features I was most excited about and it’s a fomo event.

I don’t see any reason not to just enable it in the old world. At least Kalimdor and Eastern kingdoms for now.

Please reconsider


Early feedback:

Just give us old world dragonriding now. Why wait?
This event shows that its a thing you CAN do

but youre just NOT doing it.


I share the sentiment, I hope this is permanent old-world dragon-riding - but if the races are an event it doesn’t sound like an issue.


I hate dragonriding personally but only enabling it for racing in the old world is the worst way to approach this. Give players the choice between both styles of riding in ALL zones you can fly in.


Honestly, this blue post just turned away the hype for the patch. This would have made the travel time to dungeons so much more fluid and fun, especially in the case of some with bad travel time, like Neltharion Lair or Hall of Valor.

And if it’s a time limited event, i hope we’ll see it more often than once per year.




Please. The one time this hashtag made sense. Do it Blizzard.


Feedback: Is there going to be some kind of leaderboard tracking these races or will it just be on a race by race basis? It feels very much a shame that racing fans have to use addons/websites to track leaderboards. If possible please add some kind of ID for the rings in dragon races. As an avid racer I’d like to be able to make a WA that tracks splits

Really disappointed that dragonriding is not going to be available in the old world except during a certain holiday. Hopefully this is just the beginning and the races will help test it and speed up opening the ability soon for all areas.

I’d really like to use my other dragon mounts in the Isles, and dragonride in old areas. It is not always the most efficient but I find the new flying system much more fun and the extra speed is great.

I’ll definitely test out the races and see how it feels!



Not wanting to jump to conclusions here but uh… can a Blue please expand upon this part?

Is dragon riding coming to the old world or not in 10.1.5? Because if not, my feedback is that you guys are missing the target big time. Dragon Riding has been the single best advancement in how flight works in the game and has made flying actually entertaining and fun instead of pointing in a direction and tabbing out.

I seriously recommend re-considering this if that’s the case but regardless some clarification would be much appreciated. That single quoted line is creating a lot of frustration and upheaval in the community right now.


Wait, so we can’t use the dragons that were provided from the dragon isles? Only the old world mounts?


Oh, no. :dracthyr_cry_animated: I knew dragonriding in the old world was too good to come this early.

Still curious to see how the races are, though.


Dragonflying should become available in every zone where you can fly. If not, I’ll just go play Diablo 4 or something.

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I was initially very excited for this patch as I love using Soar on my Evoker in old zones and hoped dynamic flying would be unlocked everywhere one day, but the

“You’ll ride a special mount exclusively during these races. As the Riders of Azeroth are still learning about dragonriding, you’ll use standard flight between races.”

line is giving me some bad vibes about this.

While wowhead has datamined races in the Eastern Kingdoms as well, this line makes it sound like you are only going to allow dynamic/dragon flying in other areas just for a limited racing event or we are going to be forced to wait until this “Riders of Azeroth” faction of NPCs are “ready” to fly which is such a disappointing move during an expansion full of easy wins.

I can understand adding new races to each continent on a per-patch basis, but why make up some stupid faction just to timegate the addition of dynamic flying to old zones? We, the players, have flown around these continents on flying mounts for years at this point, but now we have to wait for the “Riders of Azeroth” to catch up? I hope it’s just a way to say dynamic flying will be unlocked later in the PTR, but I have a feeling we’re going to have to wait for the “Riders of Outland/Draenor/Shadowlands etc” to figure it out over the next several patches so we always have “new” content.

Just unlock dynamic flying wherever old school flying is enabled and take the easy W, players clearly don’t want dynamic flying to be limited to only dragon races during a recurring event. You guys are obviously trying to work on better communication and this post very much highlights that there’s still room to improve.


Another timegate…


I just want to point out something, I really love Dragonriding, I truly think is the best feature in the expansion and in wow right now, but there is a lack of something to do for this, here I want to propose something. This “Riders of Azeroth Badges” can be something we can play more with, for example get some after some high score in every race avaible in all Dragon Islands, and with this “Riders of Azeroth Badges”, we could ear some specific dragon riding cosmetics, some new mounts, and some a lot of gold.
The theme of racing in real life is that is expensive as heel, maybe we could bring that to Azeroth and have the most expensive Dragonriding, or another tipe of new riding, mounts avaible for gold or a lot of this “Riders of Azeroth Badges”.
Please Blizzard, don’t make Torghast 2.0 with this, Dragonriding NEEDS things to do, and really NEEDS good things to get

  1. Courses are pretty standard. Nice to see though with old world.

  2. Flying in between races - Tedious. Why fly 5 mins of slow flying (310) to only fly maybe 1 min of dragonriding. 2 options: Increase old world flying speed or give us portals to the races.

  3. Right after a race is done, the dragon rides off, dismounting you. Warn people this will happen or give us a 10 second countdown to allow characters who don’t have something to land from the sudden dismount.


I mean, it’s still coming eventually, just not this patch.