Feedback: Island Expeditions

Drop rate appears to be fixed as of last night (might have been earlier). Back to week 1 of 8.1 drop rates, though I’m not sure exactly what they tweaked or when it happened. Again though, nobody at Blizz even bothering to tell us when things are changing - and that frustrates me more than the tinkering.

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Let us either do them solo or let us stay after the event ends.

Let US use the islands and play as we wish. Explore, follow up on mobs, set our own pace. I hate it when the event ends and we get ported back.

Let US set the agenda and make it a sandbox / playground. Too many timed events as it is.


I do around 50-70 islands a week on my account. Yes, I actually enjoy islands. I love to collect things like mounts, pets, transmog, etc since I don’t raid anymore. I realize I’m not in the majority when I say I enjoy islands, but here’s my thoughts below!

Positive things about the changes:

  1. Not having to seek out a certain mob type, say Twilight Dragons, just to get a chance at the mount on the loot table. If the Twilight Dragons had a small pack on the island that was missed, or the enemy team got it – not a big deal, still on the loot table. It does feel a little bit less like an “expedition” and actively seeking out nice rares/mobs to kill, but it makes the islands go quicker.

  2. I like the Azerite Extractor and the pools. Cool idea and mechanic that makes the island go by quicker.

  3. Azerite Globules healing and buffing pets! This is something I had asked for, as a warlock who sometimes has to rely on her swole blueberry to tank when too much is pulled.

  4. Overall, I seem to be getting more cosmetic loot such as pets, transmog, reputation items… even if they are the same Laughing Stonekin for the 25th time, and not a new pet or mount.

  5. Much quicker to cap and island and even cap the weekly azerite. I do islands for more than just my weekly cap, so this particular aspect doesn’t benefit me as much but it does benefit my friends and guild mates who just do their minimum required!

  6. Seems to be a lot more Azerite to mine and loot from chests on the ground! Very helpful!

  7. The newly added islands are enjoyable, and a good change of scenery from the last bath of islands we had.

Things that are not so positive to me:

  1. The Azerite “crab” mobs. Delete them.

  2. Satchels containing dubloons – and even the amount of dubloons per satchel – seems to have a significantly lowered drop rate since 8.1. Either that, or my RNG has become worse than normal.

  3. The NPC versions of the opposite faction (especially the newly-added NPCs) are about 80% more obnoxious on heroic and mythic difficulty. Let’s -not- death grip every 5 seconds or put a “hunter” stun down every 3 seconds. A tad unrealistic.

  4. Some of the spells/abilities of the mobs, even on normal, seem really overtuned and may need to have their damage looked at and reduced.


  1. If I’ve already looted something, like a particular pet, or my 3rd Rattling Bone Mask, can something be implemented to have that item at a reduced chance on your loot table? I really don’t need more than 4 Giggling Flames, but you know what -would- be awesome? Something I don’t have yet! Quest items, transmogs, mounts… etc!

  2. Some islands have a layout that feels almost overcrowded with mobs, while others I feel we have to run around quite a bit to find mobs or Azerite. Maybe this can be looked into a bit?

  3. Keep up the good work, and thank you for being open to feedback from the community.


like really? i was getting 17 dabloons somtimes before 8.1 now i go 5 in a row and get 3-4…why would i do them?! it feels unobtainable, Island Expeditions are painful to do they feel like work with a reward that “may” come but never dose. I hate them.


I really want to enjoy the expeditions more, but it seems like such a grind. most of the time I only get the satchel of doubloons and nothing else. It seems like a lot of things come from the expeditions, but none of them drop. Other than that, I feel like they’re better.

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it’s not ‘fixed’ tho, I just got a 3 heroic runs in a row with only AP.

you just got a luck spree.


Lets summarise a few issues identified so far:

Not enough doubloons dropping, or none at all, repeatedly.

Mob density and attack way out of tune.

RNG and bad drop rates meaning you could do these for ten years and never see any of it.

Too much AP and no other rewards too frequently…meaning you more or less leave empty handed too often.

Kicked for no reason and then a deserter buff. Vote kick is being abused.

Doubloon cost of items too high.

5 unique islands requirement not being account bound.

No gear leveling through Islands.

Too much CC: It is not fun nor is it enticing gameplay to be chain stunned. It isnt.
Trust me.

Play solo. Too many gogogogo types.

Too much RNG - this is hardly new feedback since its been the bane over everyones gameplay from day one.

Hefty repair bills afterwards: why do an activity that costs you and no rewards? 200 azerite and a repair bill is not an incentive to ever do it again.


I would like to take this a step further. How about flex Islands, as few as one person up to 5 man Islands?


Further observations after yet more Islands (normal difficulty):

Some damage is beyond the pale. My 110 has taken 12-19k damage from physical and nature attacks, in particular. The logs will show steady 240, 260, 250 type damage and then dramatically thousands of hitpoints. Damage is insanely high in spikes, as if it doesn’t scale properly at times? Since the squish, this has felt like the case in many zones, with many mobs, so perhaps not a problem specific to Islands.

The artificial end to the scenario has led to some woebegone choices–a portal is spotted and you would greatly prefer to do that fun mini-event, but the score is close and there’s probably not time. The AI will close the gap before you get to the elite in the portal. The more certain strat is to go for the mobs and chests in front of you, not heading off to see a rare you might not have encountered before. It’s sad. Rushing to an end goal means missing out on many of the more appealing Island offerings. Perhaps make Islands open-ended if a teammate chooses that as an option. Let the match end for someone who clicks “Set Sail” after gathering X amount of azerite, but for those who say “Keep Exploring” the Island could keep spawning events.

Also, I don’t see why the NPC AI team has to be anywhere near as good as they are. Who does it benefit for them to win? I’m asking ya, Blizzard, how much do you get from “Stabby” Lottie subscribing faithfully? How much has Dizzy Dina spent at the cash shop? Not a bleemin’ penny, that’s how much. So when you make it all too easy for the AI to zoom ahead of people getting killed by tornadoes and evil bumper car crabs and win the match, you aren’t making anyone happy. The AI doesn’t feel glee and treat itself to a six-month sub or new pet. The AI doesn’t recommend the game to its friends and family. The AI doesn’t rush to the forums to make tart posts, either, so I guess life’s full of little trade-offs. ;>

Winning should be heavily slanted to the real players, even those not all that awesome, the keyboard turners, the clickers, the standers-in-fire, the frequently alt-tabbed, the ones who can’t bear to move the cat off the mousepad, because your paying customers aren’t named Sneaky Pete and Stabby. I’m not talking about sitting on the boat having tea and scones and still winning, but running around mining and fighting should be a virtually assured win against what should be fairly daft AI. If one seeks a real challenge, there’s always the PvP version. PvE shouldn’t be a dead rush while you grit your teeth and haul aft.

Since bemoaning the lack of drops, I believe the items are beginning to trickle a little more freely. I’ve gotten a few pets and a handful of tmogs. Doubloons are still terribly rare. Which seems awfully odd. And awful. They ought to be scattered on the beach. I want to wallow in doubloons, I want doubloons to be churning like golden leaves in those soul-chafing tornadoes. I want to turn “Stabby” upsidedown and see doubloons rain from her tiny pockets. Doubloons should be more like Timeless Coins, a steadily increasing currency.

As a positive note, I do like the little things such as the changes in lighting and mood as an invasion lands on the Island. Some of the cloudscapes have been spectacular. I only wish there wasn’t a quick countdown to getting booted from admiring the scenery.


I see the whole give us feedback thing as a positive, however I honestly think that You as Blizzard know exactly wat is wrong with half the things mentioned bij people in this post allready. an example of what I mean bellow.

Overpowerd mobs and 2 shoting players and no DR in all modes of Islands.

It’s know that NPC’s kills to players is tracked, one look at your gatherd data and you know exactly wich mobs in Island are way overpowerd and cause way to many trouble to players percentage wise and need adjustment.

Also shorly after 8.1 hit stealth changes were made. Giving your player base information regarding these changes woud reduce the amount of white noise in the feedback you recieve. an example is the loot drops. some are claiming in this post drop rate has been increased in the past weeks others are reporting less loot from Islands.Coming forward with news after a change woud reduce contradictions like this. Sorry but to me that just makes common sense.

when your goal is to get propper feedback.
You dont have to come out with exact numbers. Just a mentiond of increase or decrease to loot or difficulty. Or things like guys we are aware of this and this.

So we as players know what to expect and what feedback coud be helpfull. Instead of scratching our heads every other week as the Island monkeys we are.

I farmed tons and tons of Islands and imo after 8.1 and the stealth changes later. Both the fun and rewarding aspects are gone.

sorry for my bad grammer

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I have pretty much given up on them. I’ve done 7-8 (I think) after the change and have yet to get a single item. I don’t even remember getting a doubloon. Not one. It’s been a giant waste of time - it’s cheaper to buy tokens to get the little pets I want.



The no DR thing is really unpleasant to deal with as is the sheer amount of RNG. It feels like an island themed casino.

Let me start by saying that I generally enjoy island expeditions, and tend to run dozens of them per week on multiple characters. I appreciate many of the changes that came out in 8.1, while also having some suggestions for improvement.

The positives:
*I like that we are no longer forced to only seek out named rares to improve chances for special loot
*The increased variety and frequency of invasions has made them more interesting overall
*I love the addition of the dubloon vendor to have additional, more predictable rewards to pursue (though this is paired with some recommendations, which I’ll get to later)
*The addition of new mounts and pets that can randomly drop is appreciated

Suggestions for improvement:
*Please increase the drop rate of dubloons. I agree with others that it can be quite frustrating to run 3-4 of these in a row to only get azerite when what I am really after is dubloons and cosmetic rewards. Some days I will run 20+ island expeditions, and it feels like I am still barely making a dent in the saving process for the albatross, pets, and toy. I loved the suggestion others made of making dubloons drop every time, but varying how many we get (maybe with a loss we can only get 1-2, but wins can reward 3+?) I also liked the idea of having a large sum of dubloons be a possible reward from the weekly island map. This would be 1000x more desirable than azerite, which I can get from many other sources. If the drop rate is not increased, please at least make the dubloons account bound so I can pool them on the appropriate character (like pet charms).
*Others have also pointed out that certain mobs hit way too hard across all of the difficulty levels - namely troll casters, necromancers (some sort of bone spell…can’t recall the name), and certain aoe effects that are difficult to see or avoid at times.
*The stuns/cc effects from certain mobs and AI enemy team also get quite frustrating. Being ping-ponged by azerite spiders 4-5 times in a row is simply maddening. I agree with other players that it would be nice to have our PvP talents accessible since the premise of being against of team of the opposite faction makes this a logical choice, and would help us handle the various abilities of the enemy team better.
*I would love to see an expansion of the dubloon vendor’s offerings with upcoming patches, especially if the drop rate of this currency were to be increased
*I have noticed an improvement in the drop rate of pets and cosmetic rewards, but seem to get the same pets over and over again while the transmog weapons and gear seem less frequent. The pets I get the most are littlehoof, snapper, and laughing stonekin (I’ve probably gotten each of these 7-12 times), whereas I still have never seen many of the others. This is especially true for the new ones that came out in 8.1 - I only have 2 out of the 13 new ones. For some reason I seem to get more of the transmog gear from normal islands as I level alts, but would expect this more from the heroics I am typically running on my max level toons.
*I strongly agree with other players that the drop rate for mounts should be increased - I’ve only acquired 1 mount so far after running dozens of islands each week since the start of this expansion.
*The azerite gathering speed of the enemy team on mythic seems outrageous. Even after killing them (which feels like a feat all on its own), it seems like they are managing to gather azerite even in death. Do they even have a respawn timer? It sure didn’t feel like it when we ran a few mythics earlier this week.

Thank you for taking the time to seek feedback. I really do enjoy islands and hope to continue seeing improvements as this expansion unfolds. I’m also hoping that there will be something similar to islands in whatever expansion comes next!


Posting a second time because I did my weekly min. today and noticed a few things I didn’t write about earlier:

  • The music and ambiance really are great on some of the new ones, they actually look like cool locales to explore
  • There are some curious things/quests that I’m interested in, but I ignore them because the objective is to get in and out asap, which counters exploration

Basically, I see the intent, and why the concept may have seemed cool in development, but there is no incentive for players to explore in lieu of zerging to clear asap. This is why islands seem like a grind and not fun content to me.


Although everything we seem to be discussing is Anecdotal at best, since all we’re getting is silence on Blizzard’s part - decided I’d re-test this afternoon after last night’s successes:

Heroic Pre-made Groups, All wins

  1. Seafarer’s Coin Pouch (x9)
  2. Seafarer’s Coin Pouch (x3) & Baby Stonehide (pet)
  3. Seafarer’s Coin Pouch (x2) & Shimmering Shell (rep)
  4. Seafarer’s Coin Pouch (x3) & Thistlebrush Bud (pet)
  5. Wayfayer’s Satchel (x14) & Rattling Bone Mask
  6. Seafarer’s Coin Pouch (x9)
  7. Seafarer’s Coin Pouch (x11)
  8. Nothing
  9. Nothing
  10. Seafarer’s Coin Pouch (x2)

While this is a small sample pool, it lines up with what I experienced the night prior - which pulled several transmog pieces and at least 7 pets across 20 runs. And 125 or so Dubs between the two sessions.

Give it a few more hours of grind and see if you see any uptick as I did.

I appreciate the effort to create new content, and even further to make changes to make it better.

But while the changes did make the islands better, its only a marginal improvement. Like from a 1 out of 10 to a 2 of 10.

The content is just so mind numbingly boring. And in some ways more annoying as it seems like we are cc’d / stunned more often.

The “escape” brawls for HotS would have been a better and more engaging format for this kind of content.

Keep new ideas coming! When you guys make great content, like raids, it’s fun and engaging. Islands just missed the mark this time around. Don’t let the negative feedback get you down - just do better next time around.


I do not enjoy island expeditions, so I won’t be doing them.


To be quite honest I haven’t done a islands expedition since the patch went life, because even if I know there are new ones that exist, the rewards to do so just aren’t there…

would be nice to have a repair bot on the ship

Ipmaan, the buff seller on the left side of the exit gate will repair your gear. Since doubloons are more precious than diamonds now, that’s all it’s good for, hee hee. Sometimes it’s a person, sometimes a machine, but always to the left looking off the boat as you wait for the gate to open.

Oh, that’s from the Horde perspective, it may be in a different location for Alli, but it’ll be close by, no doubt. Hover over NPCs and you’ll see the anvil cursor!

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