Feedback: Island Expeditions

Although everything we seem to be discussing is Anecdotal at best, since all we’re getting is silence on Blizzard’s part - decided I’d re-test this afternoon after last night’s successes:

Heroic Pre-made Groups, All wins

  1. Seafarer’s Coin Pouch (x9)
  2. Seafarer’s Coin Pouch (x3) & Baby Stonehide (pet)
  3. Seafarer’s Coin Pouch (x2) & Shimmering Shell (rep)
  4. Seafarer’s Coin Pouch (x3) & Thistlebrush Bud (pet)
  5. Wayfayer’s Satchel (x14) & Rattling Bone Mask
  6. Seafarer’s Coin Pouch (x9)
  7. Seafarer’s Coin Pouch (x11)
  8. Nothing
  9. Nothing
  10. Seafarer’s Coin Pouch (x2)

While this is a small sample pool, it lines up with what I experienced the night prior - which pulled several transmog pieces and at least 7 pets across 20 runs. And 125 or so Dubs between the two sessions.

Give it a few more hours of grind and see if you see any uptick as I did.

I appreciate the effort to create new content, and even further to make changes to make it better.

But while the changes did make the islands better, its only a marginal improvement. Like from a 1 out of 10 to a 2 of 10.

The content is just so mind numbingly boring. And in some ways more annoying as it seems like we are cc’d / stunned more often.

The “escape” brawls for HotS would have been a better and more engaging format for this kind of content.

Keep new ideas coming! When you guys make great content, like raids, it’s fun and engaging. Islands just missed the mark this time around. Don’t let the negative feedback get you down - just do better next time around.


I do not enjoy island expeditions, so I won’t be doing them.


To be quite honest I haven’t done a islands expedition since the patch went life, because even if I know there are new ones that exist, the rewards to do so just aren’t there…

would be nice to have a repair bot on the ship

Ipmaan, the buff seller on the left side of the exit gate will repair your gear. Since doubloons are more precious than diamonds now, that’s all it’s good for, hee hee. Sometimes it’s a person, sometimes a machine, but always to the left looking off the boat as you wait for the gate to open.

Oh, that’s from the Horde perspective, it may be in a different location for Alli, but it’ll be close by, no doubt. Hover over NPCs and you’ll see the anvil cursor!

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I’ve been farming the heck out of these Islands, and I’ve only gotten one stash of 13 dubloons, is there something I’m not doing on these islands? I tried Normal and nothing, did Heroic, lost exponentially at the PVP one…

I did notice that once I got the ‘extra dubloons’ thing from the ship they stopped dropping, is there some sort of bug or are they just not dropping?

Everyone is saying they’re RNG, but it was heavily implied they always dropped from Islands from Blizzard, just the lower one’s would give you less dubloons…

So I don’t know if there are some key components I’m missing here or what…


Ive just done three back to back levelling.

Two deaths thanks to ping pong mechanics, 3 doubloons, 4 doubloons and the third one nothing but azerite. All three were go go go, 3/4 of the island unexplored, dragon ignored, the tricorne hats start at 100 doubloons…at this rate Ill get enough for the hat in maybe 40 to 50 runs…the mounts are 500 to 1000 doubloons respectively.

How many runs are we meant to do to buy ONE of these items?


The number of [Seafarer’s Dubloon] awarded is entirely too low. You need several thousand of them to purchase all rewards. I have just under 400 after getting all my island achievements done. I have not even been spending them on powerups during islands.


The only time I touch them is for the weekly and even at that it is like pulling teeth to get my group to get in there. Each and every time I do them, even after the updates, I find myself groaning.

I wish I could put my finger on it but you could have had something good with this but instead it is a boring slog that offers limited incentive to be bothered with it. Maybe a reputation or something to work towards instead even more god awful RNG. I mean, Dubloons were supposed to be the currency to motivate players right? However, you decided to nerf the drop rates to where they are far too inconsistent, again more RNG on something that should be base for running the island. Sadly the boat has already sailed on this content and I feel you have decidedly left too much of a bad taste in your users mouths to salvage it without a ground up rethink.

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Anyone mention the grievers that kick people out and give them deserter debuffs for no reason yet? Fix that in IE’s lol.


it should be solo queue or 3 man queue. Having 2 people queue together can have a lop sided vote kick.

random queue should have a little group comp. tank, healer, dps. dps dps healer/tank. running into 2 heals 1 dps or 2 tanks 1 dps/healer usually have problems.

give us our pvp talents so we can break cc especially from enemy npc or have the cc happen less.

doubloon drop rate need to be better or make the small bag drop what the big bag drops and make the big bag drop double or triple what it drops now.

nerf a few mobs but if the group has a good comp tank healer dps usually they are easy.

vendor needs more rewards.

  1. You have made the tuning to hard. Lighten up please.

  2. You have nerfed the drop rate on the coins. Please make them drop more often and in greater amounts.

Thank You.

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I think the drop rate is too low now that we can’t target rewards.

I also think there would be a higher participation if we were allowed to queue from the menu instead of having to physically go to the table.

My 2 copper.


So, I just did my islands for this week and came out with a quest item, three pets, and a mount (sweet island thunderscale dragon). So… thanks for reading my response and buffing the drop rates for me, Blizzard? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think that the rewards aren’t well enough known, the RNG part of it doesn’t help

I completed the weekly. From the 4 heroics, it’s pretty much just as mindless, and just as unrewarding, as it was before. It took a little longer due to the increased health of the mobs, but we saw far less of the island. It also felt way more chaotic and rushed. It was not fun. The end result is I’m out about 75g for repairs, and about an hour.


They need a guaranteed currency and Azerite reward needs to be a percentage of your current Heart of Azeroth level. This 250 or 350 is minuscule in comparison to the amount of grinding required for one level.

Also can you confirm a theory? On nights Dev jump in an play as the NPC’s? Some of the NPC’s I fought we a little too intelligent when it came to pvp that it felt like I was in a battleground.

I want to thank everybody who took the time to put together their thoughts on the feature and especially so for those who focused on the changes in Tides of Vengeance.

I’ll be locking this thread as I have compiled and passed on the feedback at this point. It is valuable to see where opinions align so I truly appreciate it.