Feedback: Island Expeditions

(Milch) #161
Any way to possibly allow us to further explore the islands after completing the scenario like clearing things out after dungeons and raids to be able to go back and explore? I have done a couple and was only able to see a small portion of the islands but would like to check it all out. I have felt like going off alone to check areas out but tough when you are grouped with others that would like to win. One win happened right next to a cave I would have liked to look at further but was frozen and only option was to leave the scenario.

(Foetality) #162
What is the rationale behind not enabling pvp talents for these? If we're playing against "intelligent" AI that use actual pvp type tactics, or even real live enemy players....why would we NOT have access to pvp talents that we can use in the open world?

(Tokui) #163
Please add a queue to some part of the UI like dungeon finder or PvP tab so we can queue while doing world quests. It's quite frustrating to have to come back to the port every time I want to queue.

(Madholm) #164
I just did 2 of these and they rewarded 1% of my bar each which was approximately 354 AP.

These numbers better change because it's beyond a complete waste of time when I can spend 5m to get 385 AP from WQ in war mode.

(Èxu) #165
They're good, but the rewards have to scale with HoA level.

Right now, if you're sitting over level 10, you have to run them like 15 times to get a level up, and the amount of times only increases the more you level your HoA.

People gonna end up giving up on it and quick if it remains that way.

(Liendell) #166
06/18/2018 03:26 PMPosted by Foetality
What is the rationale behind not enabling pvp talents for these? If we're playing against "intelligent" AI that use actual pvp type tactics, or even real live enemy players....why would we NOT have access to pvp talents that we can use in the open world?

Because there is a literal difference between the PvP islands and the PvE islands. PvP talents are specifically available in two scenarios - out in the world, and against other players. The AI is not as good as players.

(Manikanika) #167

I have experienced a bug twice when starting Island Expeditions. We get stuck in the ship, and cannot get out, even after opening the "gate".

On one run, we managed to workaround it by:

1. A Demon Hunter managed to Fel Rush out of the ship, and mounted us on his yak.
2. A Warlock used Demonic Gateway to port us out.

(Killstheweak) #168
06/27/2018 11:12 PMPosted by Manikanika

I have experienced a bug twice when starting Island Expeditions. We get stuck in the ship, and cannot get out, even after opening the "gate".

On one run, we managed to workaround it by:

1. A Demon Hunter managed to Fel Rush out of the ship, and mounted us on his yak.
2. A Warlock used Demonic Gateway to port us out.

i have this bug every single time, cant leave ship, once i got carried out on a 2 person mount, but then u get a deserter after, and still cant do anything

a note, if you use the unstuck command, u are teleported out, but don't get deserter debuff

(Vengeancepal) #169
I have done quite a few of these, and I find them to be incredibly not fun. My character and the ones I’ve been running with are between 340-355 ilvl.

The lower difficulty expeditions are way too easy, even on a fresh level 120.

The higher difficulty expeditions are far too time consuming. Everything has way too much health, and still does the same nothing it does at the lower difficulties

The AI pvp npcs are far more annoying than they are challenging to defeat, as the “hardest” part of any encounter with them is not wanting to launch yourself out your window as they jump around and do nothing endlessly.

I get that we “need more things to do” (we don’t), but having these uneventful and lengthy activities be the “main source of azerite power” is pretty silly.

(Sangheilios) #170
In-depth Feedback as of Build 26970

First of all I'd like to say that I have done a ton of Island Expeditions last build and a few this one (perhaps a lot since the build came out the same day as this post).

Overall, even without the rewards implemented yet, I am having fun doing them. I could be having more but that will become clear in the rest of this post. Many people I hear will find these boring in ways I can agree and disagree. I personally feel like they do their job quite well of being different and unique every time you visit an island, even if it is the same one. Before I get into details now I'd like to put a quick TL;DR pros and cons list based on my opinions and considering the somewhat unfinished/bugged state of Islands.

  • All the large-scale invasions themed around enemies like Mogu, Kvaldir and more are extremely cool visually and offer a fun shift of attention and priority to the island gameplay wise.
  • Islands are really doable with any comp (maybe not triple healer) due to most damaging abilities enemies cast being visually avoidable and items on the island are very helpful.
  • Pacing is really good assuming the other team isn't AFK or spawn-camped.
  • The change in difficulty from Normal to Heroic is in a good direction with avoidable stuff doing more damage and weather effects having gameplay effects. Perhaps a bit much on the HP pools however, especially considering the low item level requirement.

Cons: This is taking into account that the enemy AI is in a broken state.
  • Biggest Con: Best part of the Island is the invasion but the Island Expedition ends before you even get to explore the changes. (See below)
  • Shrines and other buff objects should be exciting to find, but the negative effects of most of the shrines are too punishing to be worth.
  • I feel the main invasion event should be a bigger part of the overall Expedition regardless if one team is dominating over the other.

Okay I'd like to cover my biggest problem with Island Expeditions: That really cool part where a bunch of enemies come in like Mogu and the whole island goes really dark, only lasts a minute or so before a team ends up reaching the winning amount of azerite. Leaving no time to really explore and fight new enemies. Most of the time you get 1-2 encounters and then it is over.

This problem comes from the fact that in order to trigger the really cool part of an Island Expedition both teams need to gather a combined total of 6500 Azerite (9750 on Heroic). In its current form, the enemy AI is AFK on their boat 90% of the time, meaning that as of now, you will rarely even see this event happen because you win 6000-0, but the requirement is 6500 Azerite to even trigger the event. Bugged AI aside, even if both teams manage to be neck and neck at 3250 Azerite each, the expedition is already more than half over and that is if both teams are equally matched. This means at the absolute best you get to fight the boss and 1-2 more events.

Island Expeditions however I see will always be one-sided, either players ignore the enemy AI team which is extremely effective if left unchecked and lose before they get to experience the real fun, or wipe out the enemy team a few times which will cause one side to get Azerite and stop the other from getting Azerite at the same time, which results in a win before you really get into the fun stuff.

When I noticed the amount of Azerite to win went up from 6000 to 9000 on Heroic difficulty, I had hopes that the event triggers were still the same at 4000 and 6500 Azerite, but those values were also increased by 50% to 6000 and 9750 Azerite. Essentially nothing changes except the rate at which you progress the 40,000 Azerite weekly quest.

I do personally wish for these event triggers to be at lower values so that these invasions serve more of a core random element to play around, rather than a last minute rush for as much Azerite as possible. If anything, I strongly feel like the 4000 and 6500 Azerite breakpoints should stay close to the same values on Heroic and Mythic Islands (if only slightly higher to preserve pacing), this way the focus of the higher difficulty expeditions is more involved with playing around the random cool event.

And lastly a quick review of the pacing. Overall, Islands go by really quick if the other team isn't AFK (which I think is good). When both teams are gaining Azerite at a decent rate you trigger events quicker that award even more Azerite and overall leads to victory faster. Pacing is a problem if one or both teams are really slow at gathering Azerite, then it becomes a slow grind up to 4000 Azerite and then fighting the elemental for the last 2000 Azerite.

(Liendell) #171
Just giving same basic feedback that the base rewards for the islands feel extremely low. The average world quest take about 5 minutes and gives 200-350 AP, but the islands that 15-30 minutes and give less than that. They honestly don't feel worth their time.

(Eitm) #172
I'm confused - are mythic islands not available for testing purposes? I noticed the "not available" when hovering over the mythic icon a few weeks ago and it still is showing this. Also I've done heroic multiple times, but I still can't access mythic.

(Owlcahpwn) #173
I want to have 3-4 alts I enjoy at a minimum and this cuts into that experience. I don't think I would enjoy more than 3 islands per week (mandatory), let alone farming this on numerous characters. I know it's cliche but I enjoy playing HOTS weekly and wow grind cuts into that. : ( 7-0 HL placement so far, currently 10 minute wait time, probably placing masters or D1. WTB life outside of wow (aka in other games). Please keep the grind low. I expect I'll be doing 30+ dungeons per week when M+ comes out per char and I'm already covering my crotch and doing a half turn.

I'd also be ok with a buff that doubles what I gain on alts once I cap main. I know Blizzard resists this and I don't know why.

(Dogmá) #174
Could you make the spheres that heal players after killing elites heal pets also? There is a high % of times on lock my void-walker becomes the tank. I end up channeling heal pet instead of dps'ing on pulls that get more than 1 elite since the sphere doesn't heal pets.

(Honnycorns) #175
This is Feedback reguarding the PvP expedition. Players who queue for these generally expect a PvP like experience, I believe the focus on pve is too high. From what I have experienced these suggestions might help towards this goal.

Enemy Leech range: (After going far enough an enemy should disengage)
This change would allow the team to not engage enemies they do not wish to at the cost of some time or mvm abilities. Also prevent combat bug cases maybe. When a member of your team spot an enemy far away it is very frustrating to run into a monster along the way when you are on foot and not being able to get away. Some classes have high mobility but for classes like warlock, your only choice is to kill that monster.

Making player vs player encounter more rewarding:
In one of the matches I did earlier we were winning every team fights but eventually lost due to a DK tank double dps comp that could gather many mobs and just aoe them down. So I was thinking some specialization that performs better in the pve scene, like tanks, could award more Azerite to the other team if killed.

Overall I had alot of fun, the experience felt great and I hope it gets better over time! Thanks

(Zanaeus) #176
Bug Report:

I don't know if players are supposed to be able to hotjoin a scenario in progress, but I was matchmade into one. However, I was not able to teleport into the dungeon.

Because of this, I had to leave the instance group. This caused me to get hit with a Dungeon Finder cooldown.

(Nimizel) #177
I had no idea how to run the actual expeditions after doing the tutorial either. I hated the expedition experience. We spend way too much time for no real reward (a handful of azerite power? ok then) and on top of it I had a full repair bill from dying so much. It's basically impossible to succeed without your group coordinating, so if one person decides to run off on their own your team is screwed.

It wasn't fun, wasn't worth it, and I won't be doing more.

(Drhorrìble) #178
Didn't you realize when you put scenerios in that people didn't like them? Now we have to do the island expositions in order to get enough ap to unlock azarite traits. Yes people will que for them but note after the weekly reward is met people will not do it. Bad that you made this a major selling point for bfa. 3 man no structure "scenerios" is a bad idea. make it 5 man with a tank and healer and it will be loved.

(Durinnfurren) #179
The expeditions are a nice addition, but I disagree with using them to gate the ship research levels. People shouldn't be forced into pvp, including pvp against AI opponents, in order to get basic components of the game that are necessary for doing PVE content. I find this really frustrating.

(Ragebomb) #180
Expeditions are a lot of fun. The AI is great. The time it takes to complete vs the yield of azerite however is not so great. A heroic rewarded 117... after collecting 9000, we get to keep 117 for 30-45 minutes of effort. Can do one world quest/kill one mob for 250+ Azerite. So whats the draw here? Cause even after grinding out a bunch of expeditions, that 2500 azerite is still only as good as one round of dailies. It's just not enough for a weekly reward or on an individual expedition basis in my opinion, which is a shame because they are very fun, but very time consuming if you even want a days worth of wq azerite out it.