Feedback: Island Expeditions

(Ningpaartos) #141
In another thread they said they are working on fixing the inability to do them.

(Strawberrey) #142
Island Expeditions appear to be broken - but not for the reason being stated already.

While doing them on the Horde on Normal difficulty, the Alliance never arrived. Also, when we reached 6000 Azerite, the scenario would not end. We could figure out a way to force it to end either. We also never had any sort of events start up. All we could do was run around killing rares. Then we had to force leave the scenario without getting credit for doing it, to the point where we had a prompt asking if we wanted to refill when the first person left.

(Cybixx) #143
I'm very hyped about Islands and their potential (including PvP). However, having done the PvE version(s) on different classes, my concern is that the meta will become mining/extracting the azerite nodes at the cost of combat engagement.

I would like to see how it would feel having less nodes overall, and proportionately more large nodes compared to small. The small nodes are numerous and feel like farming ore. The large nodes feel more like finding treasure.

What have other players experienced?

(Daerios) #144
NPCs react too defensively when closer to their spawn point - on multiple occasions, they abandoned an ally to run back to the boat on their mounts while we ate Sneaky Pete alive (poor guy). In normal mode, they also do not seem aggressive enough for contested points. I also feel there should be an initial sweep of an Azerite location that's more central within an island to give more direction for parties, as it is too open ended in the beginning.

(Fengor) #145
I was able to start the intro scenario for island expeditions, but right at the end, where I have to get back to the ship, it broke. I got back to the ship but Captain Rez 'okun cannot be interacted with to complete the scenario.

(Seifar) #146
I died in the island expedition scenario on my 120 Horde hunter, Seifar, on Sylvanis server and my character is now stuck endlessly falling and it causes me to disconnect from the server so I can't fix it on my own. So as it stands I have to start over with a new character all together to keep testing. Which is fine, just thought you'd like to know about my character's predicament.

(Vinrouge) #147
On my 120 Druid - on the island for the scenario - died.

First few log ins - had release spirit button - released spirit - ended up somewhere (not able to see where) and then d/c'd.

Now every time I try to log back in "A character with that name already exists" pops up and I can't log in. On to my warlock.

(Ironova) #148
My hunter did the island expedition. On the second part, before it was clear that the giant crab was where the azerite was. I tamed the crab. Then the minimap icon for the node in that area was gone so I figured I would wait until it respawned. It didn't respawn and I had to return to the quest giver and get on the boat again.

Also, how do you get off of that boat once it return you to the harbor? I have been jumping off of it for lack of a proper ladder or ramp.

(Sereke) #149
The new 40,000 azerite quest(or weekly progress tracker) is treating every azerite acquired as new quest progress. it would be less distracting if it updated at the end of the expedition. Maybe that is the intent and it isn't working correctly yet.

(Muffinus) #150
Thanks for the report! The quest progress spam should be fixed now.

(Abominablez) #151
Wait - IE's only reward Azerite? SO... it's an AP farming queue? Say it ain't so.

(Envolk) #152
I hear that the War Campaign quest is bugged so i actually can not experience Island Expeditions, any chance of this being fixed soon?

(Arizun) #153
I have enjoyed the island expeditions so far and can't wait to try it on PVP. haven't done PVP in quite a while so will see :)

(Dwarfeey) #154
I died on uncharted island Scenario and can't get back into game.
Disconected from server error (WOW51900319)

(Seth) #155
I have reached level 116 however I have not received the Alliance Islands tutorial quest. Tried talking to Captain Flynn and the table and Anduin.

(Seth) #156
All Alliance Island teams have vanished including the table and Flynn

(Bertane) #157
I haven't been able to actually do an island expedition because my 120 can't make it through the intro scenerio. You need to be scaling that with gear if you are going to make them so difficult.

I leveled my 120 up with pet battles so don't have the advantage of azerite gear (except for one piece) nor a decent ilvl. And with 20 max level characters, a whole lot of them will be in this situation come live.

Part of the reason I liked MoP scenerios is that I could bring my fresh max level characters into them and get a piece or two of gear than was helpful. If I have to gear up my characters even to do them, that is content that is lost to me.

(Fugubar) #158
I did the tutorial, but I have no idea how to run the actual expeditions.

Edit: Broken, It seems to be the table in front of Captain Rez'okun, which says "New interface coming soon" when clicked.

There is no red ship nearby.

(Bertane) #159
Intro to Island Expedition

Huge huge difference in the difficulty of this when doing at 116 vs 120. If someone does this at 120 they actually have to gear up to do this. That crab mob on a 116 character is 116, on a 120 character it is 121 which doesn't help at all.

In addition, I really think this would be better if the quest was available at 115 when people are using their legendaries rather than at 116 which could be the first thing they do and then they find out they need to re-talent because their character sucks without them.

(Liendell) #160
Love the new Island Expeditions UI - a few improvements could be made though:
1. Show possible reward previews upon mousing over the various difficulties, including Azerite amounts, or gear, or pets and stuff. Currently you have no way to view possible drops within the game or the rewards for the difficulty you are going to queue for.
2. Show when the next rotation will occur. If the islands rotate on the weekly reset, that should be noted in the UI along with some sort of timer or countdown like with the broken shore building UI.
3. The weekly quest amount should always show the current amount of Azerite in text, hovering over shouldn't be necessary. Also, it might make more sense to track it as islands completed instead of Azerite gathered, that would be more straight-forward.
4. The rewarded amount of Azerite for doing 7 expeditions seems a little low - maybe increase it or decrease the number of islands needed per week? Otherwise there will not be as big of a motivation to complete it.
5. Allow players to click on the map of the island and view a more detailed preview using the map that will be available on the island.