Feedback: Island Expeditions

(Devandi) #81
I will post additional experiences once additional testing is completed but I wanted to provide my feedback so far. This feedback is only on the PVE version of Expeditions.

Match Date: 4/9/2018
Character: BM Hunter
Group Members: 2 Rogues (Not sure what specs)
Enemy Team: 1 Hunter, 1 DK, 1 Rogue

General Match Feedback:
- I solo queued on my first expedition and I did not get lucky. As listed above we ended up with a triple dps group. For the most part, as BM, my pet was able to tank the normal mobs and we initially collected Azerite without much issue. When you first load it is not clear at all what you should be doing or which direction you should be going, perhaps that is by design.
- Some feedback on Sneaky Pete: It was interesting having him attack us randomly by himself, but he should not show on the map. Many times I would see a Horde symbol approaching solo and simply flare him before he could do anything. it would add a layer of suspense if he was allowed to truly ambush our team.

Enemy team:
- Once we came across the enemy team that was where things went wrong. The DK was nearly impossible for us to kill, partially because we did not focus fire, but also because we had normal mobs all around with no healer or tank. As many have said it might be better to ensure that each group has one healer or one tank. Or maybe that's a bad idea and we should be rewarded for queuing as a group with a particular comp and punished for queuing alone.

Enemy mobs:
- The normal enemies felt well tuned and even with 3 dps did not cause too many issues.

Azerite Collection:
- The minimap made Azerite collection fairly straight forward once we got familiar with the concept; look for chests and rares.
- I felt like there were too many chests which cluttered the minimap. I would vote to have fewer chests that were larger and took more time to open.

Island Design:
- The island felt great is terms of size and overall feel. The environmental affects were also very cool during that phase of the expedition, during this match we got the fire version. It felt like we were really in danger of getting roasted.

(Devandi) #82
This feedback is only on the PVE version of Expeditions.

Match Date: 4/9/2018
Character: BM Hunter
Group Members: Prot Warrior, Holy Priest
Enemy Team: Did not pay close enough attention.

General Match Feedback:
- I grouped up with a tank and healer for my second match and it felt amazing; so far I feel that the trinity is the way to go for these.
- Most likely 2 dps and 1 healer would be very good, too.

Enemy team:
- With a proper group and proper communication we easily dispatched the enemy team, I did not even have to pay attention to what classes they were.

Enemy mobs:
- Nothing new to add.

Azerite Collection:
- Nothing new to add.

Island Design:
- During this match we got the ice version. The blizzard effect was amazing, I wanted to stay in expedition longer but we were able to jump in the portal and finish the match by killing the boss within. I could see those portals as being great for PVP battles, assuming the enemy team can enter as well.

(Nayoren) #83
Adding feedback, but it's not amazing, and not sure if it's a bug:

Match Date: 4/10/2018
Character: Sub Rogue
Group Members: Balance Druid, Ret Paladin
Enemy Team: Druid, Shaman, Warrior or Paladin.

General Match Feedback:
- Overall the match felt a smidge slow paced. Critters that became 'azerite covered' did not drop any azerite when killed, which was surprising. It took ~20-25 minutes to reach 5,300 azerite before we ran out.
- The enemy team did not drop azerite, even though they had a buff/debuff saying they should.
- The match ended in an artificial draw. There were no enemies or critters left to kill, and the enemy team simply stood around until we got too close. Essentially dead in the water, we had to manually bail as there was no timer that would declare one side a winner after a time.

Enemy team:
- The enemy team was relatively easy, on normal mode.
- We were rather coordinated, so they may have been more difficult solo or duo.
- The healer spent a lot of time casting non healer spells, allowing us to interrupt/stunlock her too easily when she *did* cast heals.
- The tauren tank jumped around non-stop almost. It wasn't hard to hit him, really, but it was a surprise.

Enemy mobs:
- The enemies were fine, the design was as expected for the environment.

Azerite Collection:
- There was not enough Azerite on the map to finish the Island. Each team ended at roughly 5300 azerite.

Island Design:
- We got the sand island with little waterfalls. It was good, with a small cave system (not enough in it), and varied terrain. The horde ship might have been too close to the alliance ship, but it didn't cause mechanical problems.

Final Opinion:
- This particular expedition wasn't great. While everything in it was solid, the enemy AI, the mob health/damage, the placement of objects, having it end in a draw feels both unintended and deeply unsatisfying.
- I'll be looking forward to more matches, overall, and hoping that such a situation doesn't occur again.

(Bearllyable) #84
Will the pvp island expeditions reward Honor and Conquest?

(Testoraeu) #85
I played the normal pve version, not sure which one exactly, but I will pay more attention to that next time.

The island had several beaches and lot´s of animals and elementals, the mobs itself were not too tough solo, but I died a few times, when the enemy team was close by, beating my poor butt. My own team was running off all the time, not sure what their intention was, but we were never fighting together and everyone minded his own business.

Even though we did not play the scenario as intended, we won it. To me it seemed like the average group experience these days, the content is too easy to do, so that people just solo and never talk.

Maybe, this will change at Heroic and Mythic versions, I will test them the next time.

Since I did not read up on the scenario, I honestly did not know what to do at first. It did not take long though, to figure it out, even though I am still not sure what I am supposed to do with the two coins that I picked up. Maybe at a small window that explains the purpose of these coins?

I played on my Demo Lock, level 111.


I felt that the NPC´s did not help each other well enough. For instance, I did CC the healer of their team, but the NPC´s did not dispel it, so that their tank died to an Elite mob. :)

(Suul) #86
Only PVE Expeditions are popping for me and I don't have to wait long.

Match Date: 4/8/2018-4/11
Character: Resto druid
Group Members: Prot Pally, Fury Warrior (and lock, ret)
Enemy Team: Fought the hexing shaman team twice and another one.

General Match Feedback:
It's honestly incredible to fight mobs that actually FIGHT you, not just stand on a stick and do their wind-up motion. I am looking forward to the harder versions. We were losing two games that ended in a crash. Third game crashed but I was able to get back in and we actually won and it felt great.

Enemy team:
What surprised me was how quickly the enemy team dispatched mobs. I realized we HAD to engage them to slow them down. I like that they might be able to force you to fight them because they are born of PVE so they know how to PVE innately...

Enemy mobs:
I appreciate the varying mobs, but they seem cartoonish compared to the intelligent ones now. In some cases there were too many it seemed. I found myself really wanting to run across the island and in some cases that was possible without getting dazed to death.

Azerite Collection:
Mining is frustrating. I don't mind if you nerf the azerite drop rate and just make it so you can auto-pick it up like Diablo gold... It already feels like that when you kill mobs and see +25 float up. I can tell that mining is going to feel much too much like literal mining in the future.

Island Design:
  • They are attractive and chill, but they seemed a mite too similar to each other. It would be interesting if pretty strange versions could appear from time to time, like a plain flat island covered in seagulls.
  • Buffs from Towers / Altars seems cool, but picking up and eating food on the ground feels/looks cheesy to me compared to like a Berzerker Buff or Speed Boots. [/i] [li]I see lots of shiny, but where is the loot? Please please let relevant loot drop once in a few islands and maybe have some serious loot (and cosmetic items) drop a few times per expansion? I would really enjoy feeling like I could do islands and actually still progress in end game - albeit slower than other means. Of course, I have hopes for the same sort of thing doing world PVP

(Dogmá) #87
I ran a few expeditions yesterday for the first time. The flow and feel is new and I can see where things can get exciting along the way. Looking forward to more stuff being added as we go.
I would also like to report a despawn of a portal boss. The boss was a Naga 117k hp. Was waiting on team mates to join me and decided what the heck let see what happens and engaged. As soon as I dropped DnD on her she despawned the loot chests remained and was able to be looted.

(Turtler) #88
I Personally have done 2 Island Expeditions so far,

My Thoughts so far, in point form


The Enemy AI
it is fun engaging and keeps you on your toes, couple this with fog of war makes it fun to see them pop out of nowhere for you,

Flow of Creatures/Enemies
same as above with fog of war you are forced to search the map for things, me and my mates found caves, we also climbed rocks, we had fun, looking for rares to fight, and stumbling across nicely dispersed packs to pull that weren't overwhelming

just a good idea nice to see a powerful enemy worth a few extra shards in the end.

Clickable items
whats not to like about random buffs that can make or break your play style, i like the poison mound almost 1 hit me gave me a 10 min 30% movement buff, and upon expiration almost 1 hits you again, makes for engaging play especially when enemies can come from the fog at any given time.

Rare Spawns
these are the timed events you can run into, love the idea and some of my favourite games have had random things like this.

End Rush Portal Boss
great idea, adding an extra time thing that can make or break your chance at a win, but the payoff if succeeded is worth it, cant wait to find AI/pvp that actually follow you into the portal.

can clear it in 5-6 minutes with a good group, time investment is everything, being able to rush it if you want to quickly smash it out is amazing


Enemie AI
when your team doesnt know what they are doing, the AI in my opinion can be dumb, but also over the top OP at some times, like a Prot Paladin that can top off his mate, while also having a charge, a stun and avengers shield, unsure if a bug but time will tell.

Hard Hitting mobs
as i understand, the island expeditions don't require a tank or a healer, just a group of 3. but some of the mobs hitting me for 3-4k with just a melee hit, kind of defeats the purpose of not Running the trinity, but while running the trinity, it just causes stalemates and takes for ever to kill things.

Fire Phase
don't get me wrong this is fun, having the dodge fire, kill adds, don't get killed by fire elemental, and kill of the volcanoes before the fire on the ground overwhelms you, to stop this fire, its simple kill the volcanoes, the thing i don't like is, that the fire tracks you, it follows you, if there are three to four fire patches around they seem to target and move towards you, not at a slow pace, they are faster than the average player walking speed, couple that with a pvp battle and most of the time you are dead.

Random abilities on Enemy Team
this, is annoying. when versing a mage hunter and Paladin combo, i didn't expect to get a charge from a Paladin, to have the mage root me. unsure why these classes have a charge or a root? not to mention the hunter not seeming to have any CD on his traps, can we reign in the class abilities and limit them to what the classes have normally?

Rares in general
i tend to think the time investment on them, isn't worth the amount of Azerite you get from them, and they are better avoiding to farm the smaller mobs that give 1/5 of the same shards but take 10 times less to kill, and you don't have to avoid abilities

all in all with the 2 group combos i had:
Paladin, Druid, Warrior
Druid, Warrior, Druid,
i found the first combo easier to deal with than the second,
with the Druid, Warrior, Druid, ran into hunter/paladin/mage combo, and got rolled badly, was like wow this AI is overpowered.
but then with Paladin, Druid, Warrior, didn't have any problems and steamrolled the Druid/Hunter/Mage combo we ran into.
all in all it was a good experience, and i cant wait to test it more thoroughly.

(Stronghold) #89
Can't test this right now. A group of players keep trying to use the table but it doesn't work.

The table highlights when you mouse over it but when you click it, nothing.

(Kelero) #90
I tested these out a couple of times and while they were fun the lack of current rewards makes them less appealing but I know those rewards have not been fully decided yet.

The other thing I noticed is that it seems only 1 actual island location has or is up and available, the Un'gol Ruins. It is a nice island and while I went there a few times it seems the randomness that was stated at Blizzcon hasn't been fully transparent. On two occasions the enemies were indeed extremely different as well as the enemy expeditions faction team, one was aggressive and one was highly defensive as I don't even remember encountering them. The other problem is while they advertised the 'elemental lord' showing up it became predictable as to when that elemental lord showed up and it was the same element of fire each time.

I have no idea if the randomness is suppose to be way more apparent or not but currently when I can predict when the elemental lord shows up it isn't so random and takes away from the fun that was seemingly promised. All in all though the Islands themselves are fun to play through and the advanced AI is an interesting mechanic to have to try and deal with depending on which team you get.

(Suul) #91
My biggest concern with expeditions right now is the experience of fighting AI mobs or PVP players while non-AI mobs attack you.

This is unpleasant. I'm not sure why anyone would think that this quantifies as "fun". In Alterac Valley the random mobs don't really matter that much unless an elite has been summoned.

The whole idea of an island expedition where multiple times in each game, you will be engaging with enemy players or AI while having to fight off a lizard biting your backside. Maybe someone out there finds that enjoyable, but I sure don't.

I wish I had a solution. I guess make it so mobs don't aggro if you are engaged with AI or PVP?

(Suul) #92
Also, mobs do not ever stop attacking you similar to a dungeon. They will chase you across the entire island. Is this intended?

(Twisp) #93
So far my testing has been limited to one pve, probably normal difficulty...

I think the npc team needs to be more aggressive, even on that difficulty. We didn't see them till we were late into the scenario and we had to go after them...and they kinda fell over and we went back to grinding mobs until things were finished.

Things I do like...the shovels and keys and other small things to pick up along the way. I think more puzzle things greatly benefit the experience and cause it to feel less like "grind mobs till you finish".

Definitely need to test more, but with 2 enh and a resto, aside from the larger elites, people could kinda just do whatever.

(Aryxva) #94
I did one solo and found it fun.

It was pretty easy to figure out what was going on, and like others I though the random items were interesting. I didn't find it to be any more difficult than other content in BfA so far, but it was difficult enough.

(Elleohelle) #95
Did my first one last night on my Ret Paladin. Was quite fun. I was running around not really knowing what to do at first. Collection seemed more efficient staying in a pack as I died a few times running off on my own.

I enjoyed the race aspect of it. I'm looking forward to trying it more to see what the best tactics for success are.

(Muffinus) #96
Thanks for all of your feedback! I've updated the update post with some major changes coming in the next build.

Of note, we now put three red "X marks the spot" markers on your map at the start of the island. These are always some of the most high value targets on the island, and should give your party some initial direction about where to go. Also it feels very pirate-y. :)

The red markers will also show up when an Azerite growth event occurs, at the site of the growth, and when end of island invasions occur, at those sites.

We've got a bunch more invasions and a ton more creatures in this build as well!

In addition, you'll now be queueing for a random island, and three islands are unlocked: Un'gol Ruins, Molten Cay, and Dread Chain.

Feedback Request: The current plan is to have three islands available every week on a rotation. Since we now have three available, we'd like to hear from you about how many times you'd like to engage in this content during the week. Hop in, run a few during the next week, and let us know what you're feeling!

(Bluspacecow) #97
03/14/2018 05:15 PMPosted by Muffinus
Visual updates to skyboxes, times of day, and weather effects.

Weeee updated weather effects \o/

Once a build higher then 26433 here's how to check you are indeed looking at a Weather 2.0 weather effect :

1) Before launching Alpha go on the Desktop App go to the Blizzard logo up top left and go Settings
2) Under Game Settings turn on "Additional Command line arguments" under "World of Warcraft (Alpha)"
3) In the box underneath put in -console
4) Save then open Alpha.
5) Go to your faction's island expedition table and queue up for one.
6) When you want to check press tilde (the default keybind for console mode)
and look for this text -

Weather changed to X,intensity Y

Where Y is a floating point number between 0.0000 and 1.0000
Weather 1.0 = X values between 1 - 4
Weather 2.0 = X values 5 and above , intensity 1.000 (or above :P)

disclaimer values valid as of build 26433 , values may change with future builds

(Malaprop) #98
Can we be given a way to roll an alpha character as 115 or 120 instead of 110 so we can more easily, you know, try this and give feedback? :)

(Nightswifty) #99
Hello Muffinus and everyone else working on the Island Expeditions!

Are we going to see any achievements similar to the scenario achievements from Mists of Pandaria?
Some of them required you to go and explore the whole zone which was pretty fun.
Others made you interact with NPCs and/or items in the zone, which slightly altered the scenario - quite an unique experience.
And then there were also challenging achievements - some of them required you not to get hit by X ability while others required you to finish the scenario within a time limit.

Would love to see these kinds of achievements make a return!

(Twitchikins) #100
04/19/2018 09:47 AMPosted by Muffinus

Of note, we now put three red "X marks the spot" markers on your map at the start of the island. These are always some of the most high value targets on the island, and should give your party some initial direction about where to go. Also it feels very pirate-y. :)


Oh thank heavens, this was my biggest pet peeve at the beginning. Eventually we gel and just follow someone else for the most part, but having a goal at the beginning is going to help a ton. thank you :)