Feedback: Island Expeditions

(Kitanana) #302

Your rng drop rates still suck . Most the time i barley get any dubleoons and we kill everything almost even on mythics . Fix your drop rates its garbage .

(Kitanana) #303

Its a shame that ppl missuse things ive never had it happen to me yet but yea hope they do

(Melfuriah) #304

Did you make some sort of stealth buff to mythic islands? Yesterday after reset my normal group that trashes through them was having a hell of a time. The horde seemed to be on freakin’ speed as fast as they were going resources, and the mobs were just ridiculous to kill. Didn’t feel right. We run them every day, and yesterday was -awful-.


Got into a random heroic Island. 2 teammates are off fighting the enemy faction NPCs, I’m killing my own stuff, and contributed 90%+ of the azerite within the first 5 minutes of the match and get vote kicked with a 30 minute dungeon deserter… I think that the deserter should work the same way the BG’s work.

(Spotti) #306

Rewards =/= Fun, engaging content. Yes they should allow for more rewarding drops and not have it layered in RNG. BUT. while I imagine making a fun, replayable type of content is hard, having done recently two now after the changes (I don’t ever do them for… reasons).

And the Azerite machine/drill is a boring mechanic in the Islands. The premise of Islands on paper has potential but boy is it oddly uneventful.

Also, queuing with random people, feels like I’m playing with NPC, if you set a solo option with npc’s, I’d honestly not be able to tell the difference with whom I play with. While I wish I had friends to run them with, I don’t even think that would fix how dull it just feels running around killing things. Not to mention the cases of having the usual egos joining that want to go-go-go or team up with another to kick the third person. All ruins the experience of the final product.

Adding that Azerite machine thing didn’t fix anything to be honest. Great scenery, great art, but it’s still very uneventful, not engaging, and the replayable value on it is non-existent in my opinion.


I do like the Island Expedition. An easy way to get more AP without being boring. One question I still have and can’t get an answer to:
The AI Alliances have a weird life. When encountered, the can be beaten but often appear several times in the row after being killed at a respawn rate of 1 second. Also, what is actually the impact when killing them? I don’t see their side of collecting AP stop, even when they are all dead (and no, it’s not an extractor working for them at that time)


A word on the Treasure Maps you get awarded at the completion of the island expedition. I absolutely hate that the random piece that is rewarded differs so much in value. It seems you can either get 1500 AP, maybe 2000 Gold, 20 Titan Residuum, and here it comes, a low level gear piece that only if you are lucky will match your class.
When you start playing the four island expeditions to complete it and get the treasure map mission, you should be able to SELECT your choice out of these options listed above. You can barely get the right followers together to get over 100% and then it still takes 1 day and 12 hours.
Be aware: if you create more and more random type of awards (which you currently do) you can be assured that the number of disappointed players will sky rocket.


No clue if this has been said but please fix the azerite globules when they land in water. They can be very difficult to collect when they’re in water.

Also, Spirit Master Rowena is the devil.


Ive done roughly 800 regular islands and in that time ive had 2 mogu mounts , squawks , the new bat mount , and my friend who did them with me has the twilight avenger, surf jelly and mogu mount. Yall need to quit complaining about droprates and get grinding. Its not supposed to be easy .

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Oh shut it. I’ve done a -lot- more than that with the Surf Jelly and that’s it.

(Cattywompus) #314

I’ve done 2500 and I haven’t gotten one mount. Let’s have a conversation about how the drop rates are fine, shall we?

(Selerinus) #315

3x mythics this week, and between the three of us, we got 2 greens. I got 5 dubloons. This is ridiculous. What incentive is there to do this anymore?

(Lepermessiah) #316

Lol was reading post after post at the beginning of this thread and all people were talking about were the mobs and how exciting it was. Now, towards the end of the comments we’re getting to how I feel about expeditions. Feels like a big waste of time after a while. Doing it time and time again for a couple dubloons and 200 azerite. WOOT!

(Brujanna) #317

Tried PvP islands for the first time today, and wish I’d started doing them sooner. They’re actually chiller than fighting the AI, and fill the bar way faster.

I really wish though that we didn’t have to queue from the table. I understand why, but it’s strange when every other random group activity can queue from anywhere.


I truly enjoy the island expeditions. However, if we get booted by our teammates because we walked around a corner to grab an azerite node and end up fighting an elite mythic solo, we shouldn’t get a deserter buff. Because it takes a minute or two. They said nothing about it, and kept running ahead and next thing I know I’m back at the table with the debuff and a half hour to kill. Just sayin.