Feedback: Island Expeditions

(Charity) #241
09/10/2018 07:52 AMPosted by Lughnasadh
I have lost count of how many of these I have ran now. However, I have over 3M azerite collected for the Azerite Admiral ach. So far, I have gotten 1 mog item, 3-4 rep tokens, and 1 AP quest item. I was looking forward to these in the beginning for the mount/pet/toy rewards. However, after the extremely low drop rates, I have given up. I will only run IEs now for the weekly quest on 1-3 (current 120s). After that, I am done until reset.

That being said, I do not expect a reward from every single one, but giving a 1% drop rate (so it seems - no idea what it really is) makes it not worth doing. Not to mention having the "I'm Here for the Pets" ach as part of the meta is frustrating. Especially considering that all pets must be looted on a single character to count for the ach. This makes the meta near impossible to complete for someone that is on RNGesus's bad side (me).

Holy crap that drop rate is awful.

Also, I do expect a drop from each and every single one I do, and so far am 100% disappointed! WoW is loot-centric, Island expeditions can drop loot or to hell!

(Bobdalock) #242
I think they suck to be quite honest. Just more stupid grind that isn't fun.

(Marcusjulius) #243
i was just in a Heroic Expedition........we were winning 7200 to 3000. All of the sudden their azerite spikes to 6200. Blizz did a great job with the Horde "AI".
what a joke this is becoming

(Lucinion) #244
They feel quite tedious. Furthermore, I feel like I'm cheating myself by running them instead of any other kind of pve content that could reward me with a potential upgrade.

I wonder if they wouldn't feel more fun if mobs within them could drop something useful, or chests could contain gear. At that point it might be more exciting executing island expeditions rather than just racing to be done and feeling resentful at having to do them in the first place.

(Pinkiedrood) #245
I enjoy IE for the most part, but like everyone I have thoughts to improve them, and make me want to do more than the handful each week/make them feel actually worth it.

  • Drop rate is too low
  • There is little to no "exploring" involved, it's check the map for the pre determined X's (cute), and focus on those (rather than actually explore)
  • The 'quests/goals' that pop up are often hard to figure out - there's too many for me to keep track of what I need to do, or we begin to lose while looking for the goal item to trigger 'the thing'
  • Dubloons are piling up, with little to no reason to use them. The siege engine thing was interesting, but that aside it's just another consumable to try to remember as I run around doing my thing. Not keen, I'd rather trade them in for pretty much anything else.
  • Having to queue at the table in the main city is frustrating. I can queue for random dungeons or heroics anywhere, but not IE. Everything we queue for should follow the same interface promp - either allow it all everywhere, or allow none of it everywhere
  • The abilities to avoid do far too much if missed. For someone on an oceanic server, if I get paired with people in the US just that little lag difference is enough to kill me often enough it's a big NPE. Punish us for not avoiding stuff, but don't take 3/4 of the health off me as a 349 ilvl tank please
  • There's a big lack of diverse geometry to the maps, and scenery. Nearly every time I load into an island it looks/feels the same, the only difference that really makes it through to my awareness is what things I am killing. Why is all sand yellow? Why are all plants green? Why is it all the same shaped lack and geometry under the hills? I loved the one or two times I finally noticed some interesting architecture, but it soon paled when it was repeated. More visual variety will engage me, look at the variety of content you have over nearly fifteen years of wow, and tell me why "palms and grass" are most common? Plants some noxious weeds! have sand soaked red with blood! Randomise your colours a bit, the rainbow exists.

(Nomanisland) #246
I would love to have the expeditions be a solo scenario. I hate having to deal with other players. It kills the fun when you are forced to do these mini dungeon/raids.

(Thyknar) #247
I hate to say it but once you reach Exalted with Honorbound then there is no reason to continue doing expeditions. I can get azerite else where. This whole portion of the game will be outdated once you hit exalted. There is nothing for me to continue to grind it other then the award of azerite. I am not a PVP person so none of that matters to me. It is just a waste of time other then here go kill stuff 4-10 times and get your 2500 azerite. Yawn.

(Caféaulait) #248
Isle's are fine, easily farmable. Just wish Blizzard would reveal the "requirements" for certain toys/tmogs/mounts to drop.

Let's say for example that the Stonebound mogu invasion can sometimes have a boss named Qinsho the Stone-lord.

Oddly enough, there's a mount named Qinsho's Eternal Hound. Does this mount drop when this specific rare and specific invasion occur?

Too many factors aren't making sense.

(Elopeppe) #249
I am unable to even start these. I completed the initial quest and did the introductory mission, but the table will not open the interface for me to queue in the game. I have disabled all addons but still no luck.

(Zefxiix) #250
My feedback on the Islands Exp is :
- i really like the theme, i really like the concept overall.
- The execution is terrible. You completely ignored / didnt see very obvious things like :
- I absolutely want to be able to run those solo. make it less azerite whatever you want but the brainless GOGOGO / random group crazyness is ok for a while but destroys the experience, is a HUGE waste of time so often (queuing / being kicked off for no reason, fails etc). So i get the 'group' theory but i want to be able to enjoy a solo challenge and a solo experience, actually taking time to discover and do quests.
- The vendor should have way more items to sell and we should be able to come back to the boat and check those items not rush and buy within the first 30 secs of the game.
- The rewards, including the weekly bonus is too low. 2500 is a low amount obtainable very quickly through WQ's. The drop rate of other 'rewards' is ridiculous, absolutely not buffed as you announced and mostly useless. You should look more into long term grinding a bit like honor for pvp and allowing us to gain rep/ buffs etvc etc. so many simple things could be done to motivate and most importantly MAKE it fun.

(Muurn) #251
I can't see the point of Island Expeditions. It's like someone took all of the bosses and loot out of a dungeon and replaced them with trash mobs. I'm pretty sure you could just farm world quests or *gasp* actual dungeons and get more azerite plus gear. Even better, now I hear there are SUPAR SEKRIT mobs that give a *chance* to drop something good.

oh boy...

It's like someone offered a sandwich and it turned out to be just two slices of wonder bread with a chance of getting some old lettuce. Maybe. If you're good.

(Zedidiah) #252
I like Expeditions very much. I find them to be very fun and engaging. My suggestion is much like a previous poster's . Please make it so that continuing to participate past the weekly azerite cap still has rewards. Diminishing returns would be okay. I'm talking about having something besides the small possibility of a random mount or pet drop. Maybe dubloons could be saved for something really nice.....

(Vengeance) #253
I just got kicked out of a group before the expedition even started, took about ten seconds. This gave me the Dungeon Deserter debuff, so now I can't do anything for half an hour. Perhaps if there was a way that Dungeon Deserter wouldn't be applied until a minute after the expedition starts?

(Elsancho) #254
I just got kicked from a group within a second of joining. The freakin loading screen barely even popped up before i was back in town with the deserter debuff. The hell blizzard?

(Kuncklehead) #255
Can you please make these queueable like dungeons/lfr. The only time I ever do them is when a guildie wants to run heroics and queues them while I'm doing WQs or gathering. Having to sit in a very random part of town to do fingering that takes 15 minutes prevents me and quite a few other people I know from taking part.

(Greatdeku) #256
09/28/2018 12:38 AMPosted by Elsancho
I just got kicked from a group within a second of joining. The freakin loading screen barely even popped up before i was back in town with the deserter debuff. The hell blizzard?

Similar thing happened to me. Was off killing rares for better chance at loot and was kicked by others in party, they said nothing just kicked, and ended up with deserter debuff. Why do I deserve deserter debuff if someone kicks me?

(VĂąlĂȘntĂźnĂȘ) #257
Does it make any sense that you allow players to kick people for literally playing a Priest? I que'd into Island Expeditions. and clearly they had kicked a priest beforehand because they said "another priest" and then proceeded to kick me. Allowing 2 people out of a total of 3 to vote and pass the vote in this instance is actually a horrible system. It opens up vote-kick abuse.

----- Now feedback while playing my hunter -----
I just qued for Island Expeditions on my Hunter, Ive done tons of these by now. Hes 115. I didnt have any dubloons to purchase the items that literally dps for you. So of course 1 other dps in the party did have them. 3 minutes into the instance, the mage (didnt have the items) says "HUNTER What are you doing?" and I was kicked. i wasnt even given time to explain anything. If youre going to allow these OP items to be used in these instances you NEED to literally announce what they do and how they need to be obtained or dont allow them at all.
Having these items gives the impression to other players (who havent seen them, or know anything about them) thats the normal playstyle/normal dps/healing that that particular class/spec can achieve. This is bad for the community.
Alternatively, new players wont know about these items and seasoned "Island Expedition" players will demand the dps/healing out of them. Which was the case initially when i first qued into Island Expeditions and a hunter was using bombs to clear packs of mobs. I was a Resto Shaman at the time and he said "wheres your damage?????" while he was doing 3-6million damage with the bombs alone on packs... how can i buy bombs WITH NO DUBLOONS?

I know all of this is TLDR, so im not expecting a response.

edited: btw the 3 times i was kicked here i recieved a nice DESERTER DEBUFF. :) COOL I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH

(Avro) #258
My main feedback for the designers is that it is not clear in-game why I should do the expeditions. I've done about 10 of them. I know I build towards the 2500 Azerite reward for the week, but that doesn't feel worth it. The reward is very disconnected from the act. The expeditions are pretty intense, but when you finish, you're left with nothing, even if you "win". Then you have to go back in 2-4 more times, before you get the 2500. Azerite is already a disconnected reward, essentially XP for an item's level that will be averaged into your character's item level, so the extra level of accumulation here seems excessive.

I'm not sure if there is a problem with the actual design/intent, or whether it is fine but the UI is not clearly conveying that intent. Did I get some Azerite from an individual run? (Once I tried to note my total before and after, but it was maybe 1% difference, so I wasn't sure if I was mistaken, or if it was just minuscule). Does the progress towards the weekly total go up whether or I win or lose? (I seem to remember losing and being surprised later that my progress went up -- but I'm not sure -- but then what's the point of winning?). Is there loot? I've never seen any, even trash, so I can't be sure.

There are vendors for consumables that use doubloons or something. You get these from winning previous expeditions, it seems. That seems to imply you do not need to use them to win, so it seems like I shouldn't bother spending them if I was already able to win without spending them. And there are two other people; maybe they will spend theirs. And I'll probably die anyway and lose any buffs, etc.

The whole thing is a race, so it is not very conducive to stopping and reading. Maybe this stuff is apparent somewhere, but I certainly don't see it when I play. I'm not going to scour the boards looking for answers (I'm only here because the servers are down, and though i could at least by slightly productive while I wait); I'm not even going to read this thread again. The only response I care about is it being made clear in the game why I should "work" so hard in the expeditions.

(Drpane) #259
If your running around the island and not looking at the theme of mobs and not doing invasions/portals killing rares and complain about not getting loot/pets/mounts then that's crazy. Example if you want Kindleweb Spiderling pet I spent a 1 day killing the the lava spider mobs on Molten Cay when I seen them and I got the pet. Little tip: run with a friend or friends also increase's your chance.

(Reybeez) #260
Things that could be vastly improved with Island Expeditions (in my opinion):

1. ALL AZERITE COLLECTED should be given to the players at the end of the scenario. It could be aggregated and than split amongst the 3 participants so as not to give TOO much away, but the Azerite leveling thus far is painfully slow, so this would mitigate it a bit and make the IE's much more worthwhile.

2. Increase drop rates of pets, mog items, etc. - I have been on dozens of these on two different toons, and I have gotten ONE pet. No toys. No weapons. Nothing else (and yes, I go after the rares, etc.)

3. Dubloons need to be able to be used for more than just consumables during the IE. For the most part, I don't use the consumables so dubloons just pile up. Why not offer items at the vendors that people might want like Mog items, etc. If you want us to grind these things, put some achievable rewards at the end!

4. Tie better WQ's to them. Currently it's just a generic "win the IE and get a little extra Azerite". How about gear? How about pet shards or something? Mog items? Toys?

Summation: The IE's are ok in theory, but the rewards system just doesn't feel worth the grind.