Feedback: Inscription

THIS!!! A MILLION TIMES, THIS!!! For the love of GOD… PLEASE fix this!!! It’s BRUTAL to sit there for literal HOURS watching a cast bar fill and empty, fill and empty, fill… and… empty… (finger gun to temple…)

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Same thoughts as many people have stated above me, I have leveled 5 prof’s now and scribe is like 4x longer then them. there is to may instances of having to make a ink, to be able to make another ink, to make another ink, to make the item you want. This could be solved by making the lower levels of inks be crafted in multiples I.E" one craft of “blazing ink” gives 5 inks instead of 2"


A lot of the crafted gear isn’t itemized correctly.

The on-use on trinkets for instance are scaled to ITEM LEVEL 70 - I think someone made a mistake and thought they were setting it to REQUIRED LEVEL 70.

Additionally - when levelling you can have some kind of fail occur while mixing pigments and crafting inks, when a fail occurs it interrupts the crafting queue - so you can’t even queue up a bunch of milling/crafting and walk away, as fails happen quite a lot at the beginning.

This feels unnecessarily punishing.

Issues with this week’s inscription quests:

  1. “More than pretty scribbles” - the quest requires 2 rank 2 runed writhebark, which is impossible for me to complete as having over 150 inscription skill means I can only create rank 3s now, even with the lowest level mats and professional gear unequipped. The specific rank requirements for these quests really needs to be removed.
  2. “Peacock Pigments” - Took a very long time because there were only ~8 mobs in the area in azure able to be killed with a relatively long respawn time. These sort of quests are just a time sink - surely we could have something better such as being sent to kill a specific dungeon or raid boss?

While perusing the Dragonflight Inscription recipes, I couldn’t help but notice the complete lack of new Glyphs. Looks to be replaced by Dragonriding customizations. Dragons are cool and all, but it would be much cooler to have more options for class and spec expression.

Did you forget this cosmetic system was still in the game?


I might be missing something, but if you go for Runebinding and Rune Mastery before going for Archiving your only options to get skill ups after ~75 skill or so are Weathered Explorer’s Stave and… well, that’s it.

This hardly seems intended; I distinctly remember getting the other two Staves at some point, but on a different character I just can’t get them at all which makes leveling Inscription feel AWFUL.

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This is definitely one of the biggest concerns I have about inscription (there are 3 staves, 2 bought from the trainer, 1 from the staff mastery specialisation and one off hand that can give skill ups in that space) - and its even worse when you get to 90 and its only darkmoon boxes that give the guaranteed level up. Every point for scribes over 60 is going to be dependent on demand for staves or boxes via the crafting order system (and given the small number of possibilities I imagine a large amount of competition to craft them). This means most scribes will probably not be able to get over 65 skill until new recs are released in 10.1.

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Sad that this is still true. I was shocked after going from profession to profession to craft my gear in the 70 testing realm, and then getting to inscription and finding it to be the most tedious to craft in just to rank up.

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I’m still dying for the “You get to be a balance druid AND show off your transmog without blue cosmic clutter” glyph.

Let’s not forget the “you’re totally a shadow priest, but that transmog you have that no one knows exists inside shadowform? Yup, you can actually see it now!”

I’ve now leveled inscription twice and it’s absolutely miserable compared to the other professions. If there is that much work invested, I’d hope the payoff would better reflect it or the level of effort is reduced. One or the other.

There’s entirely too much crossover between inks, into more inks, into other runes, into bark, into more inks, and then finally into an item you actually want. Just too many layers of materials.


Yes. I came here to post that too. It feels convoluted and a little confusing. You get more used to it with time but it’s still hard to follow and will take a lot (!) of mats to make your way up the ladder to make an item of use.

Also, maybe I’m missing something but it seems like the last 10-15ish levels is making the same upper level, soulbound Darkmoon trinkets at yellow/green. Which takes a lot of mats beyond the Darkmoon decks themselves. Even with “free” mats, it’s frustrating.


After leveling blacksmithing and jewelcrafting, inscription feels overwhelmingly tedious by comparison. The amount of time processing and reprocessing reagents is a little too much. I think the inks and other reagents either need to be simplified, need to craft 5-6 at a time, or need to craft about 3 times faster than they currently do. It also seems getting the last 10 points is going to feel more like a roadblock than a hill to climb.


Inscription feels mindnumbing as well as the most resource intensive so far just from the sheer amount of ink you need. For the trinkets and Staves? Sure, but just to level up to max it feels like its taking forever to go through all the Ink Crafting hoops just to make Darkmoon Decks.

I am glad I am never a fan of the on use Darkmoon decks, the price is likely to be very high and the the journey to get there full of drudgery.


Grand Apothecary Alchetaur, located in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, now also sells Cosmetic Class Glyphs for testing on the Valdrakken server.

What is the purpose of this? There are no new glyphs in Dragonflight. Why are we supposed to be testing existing ones?

I agree with Thundercatz, I tried inscription on one of my beta toons and was shocked how much matts I needed to create/breakdown/oil etc just to start getting into it. I leveled to 46 and already had filled up my regent bag and 1/4 of my regular bags. I realized I dont have the space (Im a horde horder no room in banks) or patience for this profession. Oh ya, and its not fun for me. Only fun i had was making money cashing out the DM cards. lol

There are glyph patterns that drop for dragon mount characteristics from different color patterns and added body parts. I had to be level 50 inscription to make and I didnt have the patience to level that high so I sold them on AH. I think if enough patterns drop it would be well worth it to make the glyphs and sell on AH. Players are going to be looking to “customize” their dragons

Now that this is live I’m wondering how you’re supposed to do the work order daily quest, particularly if you spec into something like milling and ink first? There’s hardly ever any orders up in general and there’s not even seemingly something I can order from myself easily to do the quest with an alt.

IE: in the crafting order menu, inscription consumables aren’t even an option as something that would be easy to do to complete the quest while potions and flasks and other random crap is.

edit: I guess it’s a weekly quest and I ended up doing it making offhands, but I still think there should be crafting orders for the weapon runes.

Two plus HOURS… JUST to mill 4000 plants, and then make the associated INKS… FFS. SPEED THAT UP. It’s ENTIRELY unnecessary. Fix it!! Enough people have complained about it to let you know it’s a problem. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Don’t give me crap about equipment either. FIX. IT. 5 seconds to make ONE ink… for the love.