Feedback: Inscription

In this thread, please post your thoughts and feedback on updates to the Inscription profession in the Dragonflight alpha.

In today’s Alpha build, Inscription has been enabled and can be trained by the Associate Professor Instructaur in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. In addition to the traditional Inscription recipes, we’re introducing a new system to Inscription: the Darkmoon Deck Box. Scribes that have fully unlocked the Darkmoon Mysteries specialization tree will be able to make Darkmoon Booster Packs that contain the cards necessary to create traditional Darkmoon Decks much like before. However, Scribes can now use these Darkmoon Decks to craft Darkmoon Deck Boxes, which are higher item level and are able to be inscribed with Scale Sigils that allow them to customize their Darkmoon Deck Box with different attributes, such as removing all Even cards from the deck, shuffling faster or only shuffling when the player jumps. We’re very interested in feedback on this new system, so please let us know how it feels once you’re able to playtest with it!

Please note that for Alpha purposes, the Darkmoon Ace cards can be bought from Reagent Lord Herbataur. The other remaining cards will need to be crafted by Scribes.

  • Specializations
    • Unlocking Specializations requires 25 skill in that Profession. Once unlocked, players can spend Specialization points to unlock various bonuses for their Profession.
    • Developers’ note: For the purposes of Alpha we’ve added a consumable, Professor Instructataur’s Top Secret Guide, on the Associate Professor Instructaur vendor that gives players 50 Specialization points. Below are a few Specialization paths:
    • Inscription
      • Archiving — Improve at the art of archiving various texts, gaining + 1 Skill per point in this specialization.
        • Darkmoon Mysteries — Improve at understanding the complex mysteries behind Darkmoon Cards, gaining +1 Skill per point in this specialization.
      • Rune Mastery — Improve at the art of Inscription and utilizing various reagents, gaining +1 Skill per point in this specialization.
        • Understanding Flora — Improve at milling various herbs in the Dragon Islands, gaining +1 Resourcefulness per point in this specialization.
  • Currently the specializations component of the profession is not functional - in order to unlock / test any specialization you need 100 inscription skill which it does not look possible to reach without unlocking the trees
  • In the past darkmoon decks have been great at launch for each xpack but then became redundant as soon as the first major content update was released - i’d be very wary about sinking large amounts of points in that side of the tree if they will serve no purpose after 10.1 releases (potentially 100+ points to fully focus one of the deck types).
  • For milling there is same issue which has been reported for other profs in terms of the ‘create all’ button - it doesn’t auto loot the created products into your bags so you need to manually click them meaning one mill at a time rather than bulk (very time consuming, especially given the amount of mill events needed to get enough mats to create a single ink whilst the skill trees are not available).
  • Relative to the other professions i’ve tested to date it feels like inscription takes a lot more time/effort to level until it is able to make anything useful.
  • I noticed the nightborne inscription racial (and other such as goblin’s alchemy) have been turned down from +15 to +10 - i’m presuming this is intended to help mitigate the impact they will have on profession levelling?
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Is it intended that the darkmoon deck boxes do not have any main stat on them? 10-20% buffs on a 3 minute CD active does not seem worth the cost to upgrade them, even including the sigil effects. Currently the deck boxes seem redundant, not really offering anything above other things.

Not sure what the rate will be for obtaining artisan’s mettle, but gating darkmoon cards behind it will likely make darkmoon decks extremely expensive early on. They are typically a great initial gearing option, and to meaningfully craft them you need to craft thousands of cards, if you can’t do that you are so much at the mercy of RNG that hardcore crafter’s might put their efforts elsewhere, keeping supply extremely low and prices high, or the only viable way to obtain enough cards is to run an army of scribes. There’s no quality component on the booster packs, so no loss from doing it on an alt with low profession skill.

The mill in one click feature is clearly not implemented yet, which makes it hard to see if the milling rates make sense compared to how pigments are spent. Hopefully we can avoid a repeat of BFA where every recipe used crimson ink at a higher rate compared to ultramarine than you got from milling which ensured every person who milled herbs would end up with eventually thousands of useless ultramarine pigments.

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We’ve definitely noted feedback on the initial leveling experience taking a lot of effort/time until you reach crafts that are useful.

It’s important to know that Darkmoon Cards will drop from all forms of content. The Darkmoon Booster recipe is not the only way to source them.

That is not intended. Darkmoon Deck Boxes will have primary stats in next week’s build.


Another couple of issues from further testing.

  • The final 25 skill ranks look to be a massive dead zone for scribes, especially those who path into areas like milling/ink, vantus runes, missives etc. Assuming the market will only pay for max rank items (which require deep focus in paths such as staves) lots of crafters are going to be stuck in the 50-75 range for a very long time.
  • In terms of unlocking the specializations tab the nightborne racial bonus does not count (i.e. with a nightborne scribe you currently need more than 25 points in inscription to access).
  • For some reason my level 70 toon cannot mill (buttons are there, they just do nothing when you click ‘create’ or ‘create all’) whilst a newly created 60 can.
  • At current settings it looks like scribes will need to mill at least 700 herbs to get enough points to unlock the specializations. I’d recommend either giving more pigment per mill or lowering the pigment requirements for each ink to make this more reasonable.
  • Even with the bigger crafting bags, space is going to be an issue for Scribes, JC and (speculating as the profession is not available to test yet) engineers due to the sheer range of crafting mats required (and three ranks for most of them)). Potentially for the 3 professions listed above it may be worth introducing an even bigger bag if the quantity of potential reagents is not rationalized before dragonflight launches.
  • For staves, it looks like the ‘better’ max level int option is the one which is not gated behind the staff mastery component of the specialization tree. This seems counterintuitive in terms of encouraging specialization.
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I’ve had a character with inscription since the introduction of inscription. This profession is the bane of my experience with professions in WoW for the last few expansions. Even in Shadowlands, the current amount of time required for crafting ink is absolutely ridiculous. I have to set my scribe to start crafting hundreds of ink and then afk to watch youtube videos for the hours it takes to get everything made. I am not even making items for profit - this is just to resupply our guild bank for consumables for M+ and raiding!

I was very hopeful that Dragonflight might bring some fundamental improvements to this profession and I am exceptionally disappointed to see that so far, that is not the case at all. I hope feedback provided now will be considered to improve this profession experience for players making inscription items.

  1. Even worse than in Shadowlands current release, as of right now, every time I mill herbs, a loot window pops up and requires attention before further milling can occur. This is exceptionally annoying and time-wasting. It also makes “Create All” a useless and meaningless button to choose since it has the same result as “Create”. Why on earth do we need to loot the pigments we mill?

  2. Please, please, please, please, please allow us to make ink in batches. The idea that we hand-craft each individual vial of ink doesn’t even make sense in RP fantasy, unless they are the most special, magical inks in existence. If we can mass mill herbs into pigments, we should be also able to take all those milled pigments and dump them in a big pot of water to start brewing a big batch of ink! This is the single greatest quality of life improvement you could make for me as a scribe.

  3. Why on DF alpha are SO MANY pigments required to make ink? This is going to make this profession insanely expensive to level as well as incredibly tedious and frustrating.


Some additional feedback now the specializations issue has been fixed.

  1. Craft times are way too long (~4 seconds per ink/rune, even when fully maxed in the specialization trees). Given this it feels like a ‘start crafting and afk for 5 mins’ type profession given the volume of mats required.
  2. Approximately 70% of the specialization paths stop giving skill ups after level 50 and only two (weapons and darkmoon boxes) provide skill ups after level 80. This is an issue, particularly for less populated servers where there will be very little demand for either thanks to the radiance cap (I can imagine a scenario whereby crafting orders for inscription will require you to pay people to craft their gear rather than vice versa).
  3. There is a bug with the create all button whereby once you start it going (i.e. for inks) it will keep casting even if you start running/jumping around and will drain all your mats. The only way to stop this is to order a craft of a different item.
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With the free herbs from the craftasaurs it took SOOOOO LOOOOONG to mill the pigments and then make the inks. Especially when you couldn’t tell it to mill multiples per cast.

On top of that, even when crafting inks, any failure causes the bulk craft to stall - so it takes a long time to do and you can’t really AFK during a big preparation run as a failure will mean you have to actively restart it.

I have noticed that even though you can select herbs from your reagent bank, you can only mill them if they are in your personal bags (not bank or reagent bank). Three pigment types with three possible qualities can lead to 9 inventory slots being consumed - then if you’re making inks at three quality types (which require multiple pigment types and components) you can end up with a minimum of 15 slots being used to make inks. This is super punishing.

It also felt like the number of pigments required per ink would be very punishing for the pigment rates. It might improve with spending Inscription knowledge, but with testing I hadn’t spent any points as yet.

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Just started glad to see they added colour coding for leveling up as it was showing in past profession i tried.

Right now just started but i cant mill any herbs. will update.

Decent: only gets u level 10 may would prefer at least 15

illusion parchments fun little items for rp purposes , also cast range is crazy good and fun

Dragon Riding:
The ability to create appearances is great, so far they work. Couldn’t test some cause i don’t have highland drake. One nit pick when i added the appearance nothing told me if it worked. Only new that its suppose highlight as new because out all ones i added only the winborne velocidrake windswept pattern had a highlight as new when i opened customization menu. I also only did one at a time and that was only one that had the highlight.

WELP stuck cant get any new recipts from SW vendor using train me option, they show up first one Fortue card to Kenetic Pillar so cant test those. Was able to buy receipts from same vendor from buy me section but they are diff. And im at 60/100 in inscription testing alchamy same time and no issues buy all receipts. Update can buy receipts from inscription vendor in wingress embassy .

Update for beta (now the initial bugs such as unmillable herbs have been addressed by todays hotfix):

  1. Good that draconic vials have been added to the game, but pricing them at 20g each seems ridiculous given one is required for each ink to be crafted for scribes and you will literally need to make thousands of them of them to get anywhere with the profession in DF - I would suggest dropping the price to 1g at most.
  2. Rate of pigment/ink gain still seems anemic - I went out of my way to gather herbs when clearing the campaign line, milled them all and ended up with enough pigment to make ~30 ink - which might be enough to get up to 25 inscription skill with lucky rolls on yellow/green crafts.

Maybe I’m missing the information somehow, and missing the NPC in game somehow, but where do you find Instructaur? I’ve flown all around Stormwind (low altitude), done searches the the NPC name here, etc. but cannot find where in Stormwind he is located. Can anyone point me in the correct direction?

Well, I found trainers on the Dragon Isles themselves now so not needed. Still would be good to know though. :slight_smile:

On a more technical matter, given the prevalence of hochenblume nodes (linked I would imagine primarily to their importance for alchemy levelling up via healing and mana pots), I would suggest looking at modifying the ‘mix’ required for inks (i.e. instead of 2 blazing ink requiring 2 shimmering pigment and 1 blazing pigment have 4-5 blazing ink require 5 shimmering pigment and 1 blazing pigment). This will help prevent the current situation of scribes who do their own herbing having stacks of shimmering pigment whilst none of the others.

I want to provide feedback on the beta, but it’s such a pain to farm herbs & ore to do so. Can we have the alpha vendor who gives mats & profession points?

I disagree with this for now - alpha provided a chance to test professions whilst mats were freely available, now we need a chance to test how realistic levelling them is with restrained supply, both in:

  1. Not invalidating the gear up testing process by instantly making 416 gear for every slot; and
  2. Finding and pointing out bottlenecks in the profession climb that can hopefully be addressed before DF goes live.

If past beta phases are anything to go by there will be a subsequent round when mat vendors are added back (usually concurrently with the introduction of max level templates) to test tweaks they have made to the professions based on earlier feedback.

From personal experience with inscription on beta, that first bottleneck comes at level 40 (without the nightbourne racial). From that point pretty much everything that provides additional points requires warm runes which notably cost 1 awakened fire and 1 awakened earth. As neither of these can be farmed by herbers and there is no supply available on the AH it pretty much stops the profession for now unless you have also levelled up a mining alt. Even if you did have a miner when I was testing on alpha I used over 140 awakened earth and 140 awakened fire (along with ~ 80 air) to get to the final wall being 80 skill after which only weapons and darkmoon boxes give additional points.

Best guess is that if crafting professions stay as is gatherers will make out like absolute bandits in the first month - even with region wide AHs constraining prices - and a lot of people will get out of the crafting professions entirely.

I’m assuming that this has not yet been actioned? In the current phase of beta I have levelled inscription up to 39 (with 23 specialisation points) crafting nothing but inks and fortune cards. Anything that I think would be able to be listed on the AH requires either warm runes (i.e. awakened earth and fire) or mats that cannot be farmed by a herber to produce.


On live my main is an alchemist/scribe - I had a look on the beta AH and other than the fact that there weren’t enough herbs to even craft a single item - they were basically 500k per herb, so out of reach to purchase.

Frankly for beta they should either cap trade goods at the vendor price OR continue to make them available from an NPC vendor because we can’t test crafting without mats and AH goblins apparently forget they don’t get to take the money they earn on Beta back to live once Beta finishes and are stupidly greedy.


Additional feedback for today’s beta build:

  1. Good change shifting warm runes for chilled runes (the cost of which synergises better with inscription/herbalism prof combos) but the sheer cost (1 awakened frost, 1 awakened air) still seems ridiculous, especially given you need another frost for each ‘runed writhebark’ at the next step up the crafting chain. For reference I have probably done more herbing than most (I have 112 dragon island seedlings in my bank atm) and used overpowers on frigid herbs basically on cd - and have collected 17 awakened frost and 21 awakened air total. Given how many of each every scribe is going to need (~140 frost and ~220 air, modified based on my earlier post), not to mention requirements from other professions such as alchemy to get to 80 skill this is still going to be unworkable. I’d recommend either having 1 frost and 1 air required to make say 5-10 chilled runes and/or reducing the cost to 1 rousing frost and 1 rousing air instead of the awakened variants.
  2. It seems like the milling function has been changed now such that the chance of making rank 2/3 pigments is significantly lower? Even with 20 specialisation points in ‘understanding flora’ and 40 points in ‘rune mastery’ I only ever rarely managed a rank 2 pigment when milling rank 2/3 herbs this morning and no rank 3 at all. Before the reset I was mostly getting rank 2s with about 30% rank 3.
  3. PSA: Once you get to 50 skill don’t bother making the 6 cosmic ink towards the ‘A scribe’s tragedy’ weekly quest - crafting them is not awarding progress (I made 2 at rank 1 and 6 at rank 2, still showing 0/6 for quest progress - potentially need rank 3 but if so not sure how much specialisation you are going to need - im at 55 skill, 40 points in rune mastery and 20 points in flawless inks and still look to be a long way from crafting rank 3, even with inspiration procs.
  4. The milling interface is now greyed out for herbs in the bank reagent tab
  5. Once you hit the mid 50s only one rec available from the trainers (cosmic ink) provides skill ups and once you hit 60 its only cosmic ink plus the three epic weapons - this is going to be a very expensive component of the levelling path.

Other than that I can now go from 40 inscription skill to 60 inscription skill thanks to the change - that has allowed me to buy all recs available from the trainer so I guess at that point forward its going to be a case of playing the crafting table game for any further upgrades in skill points. 60 does seem very low and looks like a ceiling for a lot of scribes at present.

And I finally gathered enough frost and air to craft a 408 ilvl staff, only to find out it resulted in a net loss of 929 int from the 369 weapon I had equipped :upside_down_face:. If you want end game crafting to be viable the gear will at least need to be competitive stat wise.


Feedback inscription : Inscription has always had the problem that you needed to craft a LARGE amount of ink, in shadowlands there was no way to increase this crafting speed that i was aware of so my scribe had to sit in town and i would essentially craft all day not being able to play. I fear there may be a similar route going down again, yes there are items in game to increase crafting speed but Cosmic ink requires Burnished ink and serene ink and runed writhbark. Each of these items require pigment or ink themselves in to craft so you are crafting ink to craft more ink.

My suggestion is to drastically reduce craft time of ink or something else to streamline this process.