FEEDBACK: Huntsman Altimor

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs.

Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

Being able to be targeted by both the arrow AND the soak AoE at the same time seems overkill for classes without immunity

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Went in with a full group, mostly pug, that started as 2/6/22 and we gradually lost a couple people.

Logs available here -

Boss seemed solid, but never got past add #2.

Some issues I had:

  • The ripped soul has 10 times as much health as the tank it is pulled from so if the tank was <80% health, we weren’t able to top off the soul and it became a long kiting game for the tank holding the Huntsman. This appeared to be our stumbling block as we never lived long enough to be able to get high stacks on the shades before nuking them down.
  • Maybe we just weren’t handling the shades properly, but it seemed like you needed to stack crowd control (we were going for freezing trap + polymorph + fear) to get % damage taken high enough before nuking them down. However, we kept breaking the cc and then if we hadn’t gotten stacks high enough it would be a wipe. Not sure if less hp but less damage taken stacks, or not from multiple cc’s is a better solution so pugs don’t have to be perfect with handling the shades.
  • The line from sinseeker seems very wide as we’d have people just a bit nearby also get tagged.

Overall, enjoyed the fight.

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16 raid pug with voice comms. Here are the logs:

The first pet targeting you to jump on you and then a second later getting the sinseeker line targeting you feels a bit rough.

Went in with a group of 12 (10 guildmates, 2 pugs).

  • If you immune the shared leap on first add, the bleed doesn’t apply to anyone else nearby (so I could stand in melee with Divine Shield up and not have to avoid anyone else). This might be intended, but it seemed counter intuitive.
  • The two shades seemed to have a whole lot of health for a 12-man group, but I don’t think we were doing it right - we tried to use short-term CC, but I’m guessing you need to trap/para/etc them for 30-40s before you start trying to go at them. I think it’s a little annoying to have to keep something CC’d in a raid setting for 30-40s, but it’s definitely a different sort of mechanic.
  • The Sineater DoT and the Spreadshot both seemed to account for too much of the total damage taken, compared to the add-specific mechanics.
  • Rip Soul felt too much like it just relied on the tank’s health at the start, versus getting to heal it up if it spawned with low health. Even a lay on hands barely moved its health bar. I think it should have less total health, at least on low raid sizes.

Generally seemed fine although the random combo of Sinseeker + Spreadshot was basically a one-shot on a lot of DPS. It didn’t feel like he should be able to cast Spreadshot literally immediately after casting Sinseeker.

Sinseeker + Spreadshot is roughly 26k damage when most people in raid only had around 30k HP. One Sinseeker tick after that is 5.7k, so you basically need all 3 Sinseeker targets topped off to avoid getting one-shot + a decent heal within 1 second or they can just randomly get gibbed.

Destabilize seemed to be working very odd. In normal circumstances it seems like it required the Shade to be CC’d for ~2 seconds and incremented in 2 second intervals. However some effects were applying multiple stacks immediately. We couldn’t really see any pattern to it. Seems like some effects were bypassing whatever system was in place for the ticks.

Think I’d rather see Destabilize stack in 1s intervals instead of 2s intervals to be more consistent (and be halved in power obviously.) And whatever was causing it to stack so quickly probably needs to be found.

Also noted that some areas of the floor near the cages seemed to obscure the Sinseeker arrows.

Lastly, I felt like the Devour Soul mechanic wasn’t really very fun because it may as well be an instant wipe. It’s just not possible to recover from it at all. 200% damage increase basically makes every unavoidable raid damage one-shot people for a whole minute. I generally don’t like single point of failure raid wipe mechanics. If there is going to be a debuff, it feels like it should be manageable somehow via burning cooldowns, even if it’s really difficult. But how it is now may as well just be a Xanesh explosion.

Melee visibility on this fight was terrible. Trying to see the arrows + soaks + 4 mobs + nameplates on top of normal particle effects was really obnoxious.

Overall, seemed like a cool fight. I enjoyed it in general!

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I struggle to understand the design concept of having to CC adds just to gain stacks from a pre-designated arguably overturned health pool.

I feel the reward would be more satisfying if it rewarded good CC chains. (Example: Adds lose 5% health per interrupted cast with CC)

Rip Soul

The melee swings combined with the actual hit itself, led to scenarios where without heavy commitments of cooldowns it would spawn at sub 60% health, which then becomes far too much to heal. In the time that you have to heal it up.
Perhaps, the health pool should be tied to the tank rather than the NPC itself having so much health to heal off? That way its a punish for getting low as you now have 2 tanks to heal up instead of 1? Not sure here.

Ability Overlaps in Phase 1

Sinseeker + Spreadshot overlapped far too often to seem intentional. Possible spell queueing issue?

Being in melee

Just in general being in melee is quite bad on this fight, as the hitboxes for Sinseeker are quite wide, so you then have to hit the boss from the front (or only hit the dog rather than the boss and dog). There are also far too many mechanics that force you out of melee too (without having higher dps to compensate for this)

Some great points already in this thread regarding the tuning of some of the targeted abilities, especially concerning overlaps, and a smaller raid size; this was definitely our experience as well during testing.

I do want to highlight the Shades of Bargast Destabilize mechanic, as it is the most significant source of damage amplification on an enemy that I’ve seen so far in testing. As it stands, this mechanic turns Priests’ Shadow Word: Death into an instant cast ability that immediately kills the player, often for ten times or more the player’s total HP. While admittedly hilarious the first time, the whole SW:D interaction with damage amplification strikes me as entirely unforgiving, especially when the button even lights up in execute range encouraging you to press it.


13m, mostly guild group couple pugs, voice coms

There isn’t much more to add here. With the smaller group the damage of the overlapping bleeds or bleed + spreadshot seemed really fatal with the small group size. We opted to immune all group soak mechanics to limit the clumping of players and dealing with sinseeker and bleeds, this made it manageable.
From a ranged standpoint, the sinseeker targets were easy to see, however the the arrows on the floor in melee to see the direction and avoid when I was closer were cluttered. It was hard to make sure I was actually safe. Although just a minor note as it felt like you could easily assign places for people to stand that were designated safe.
While I tend to agree with the Rip Soul comments above, it felt like another need for immunity to completely negate it. The health pool of the soul was a bit large. We tested a few cd options and if it spawned with anything south of 80%, we were dead.
The health on the Shades for a small group was pretty much impossible. Even with 6+ stacks on them, their health pool barely moved. In watching other testers, this just felt like a scaling issue as they were able to kill them with bigger groups.
Final thought: being targeted by sinseeker + group soak required an immunity.

A few concerns with this fight - although it seemed overtuned for low raid sizes.

  • Sinseeker and spreadshot happening back-to-back is way too punishing. You’re already low from the sinseeker dot and then a spreadshot happens right after. I can already see 4-5 Paladins on this fight being the meta on Mythic.
  • Rip Soul and melee hits on the tank caused some issues which made it hard for the healers to deal with to get the soul HP up in time before the next sinseeker comes out.
  • Not sure if it was a visual bug but I personally tested the Sinseeker “width” multiple times and the visual is actually much smaller than the mechanic.
  • Not sure how I feel about Shades yet - as mentioned originally, the fight seemed overtuned for low raid sizes. They had way too much HP for us to kill even with proper CC chains.

A few changes that would help this fight:

  • Adjust the spell queuing for Sinseeker and Spreadshot. Otherwise, you will see people bringing in at least 4 Paladins / classes with immunities on Mythic to make Sinseeker an absolute non-issue. It’s a large chunk of the damage to the raid.
  • Adjust the size of the Sinseeker icon to reflect the actual size of the mechanic.

Other than that, this is a good second boss for the new raid.

Group of 20+ CE raiders from 3 guilds. Resto druid perspective.

First, the Sinseeker dot felt far too punishing, especially with the other mechanics doing damage throughout. Two stacks was basically a death sentence and getting it on even four people stretches healing even thinner. Additionally, the width of the Sinseeker boss arrow and hitbox feels too wide for such a punishing debuff that comes out 3 at a time.

Second, the spread shot aoe is also quite wide, but not ultimately that scary on its own. That said, it coming out right after Sinseeker was a brutal combo. Once on the second phase of the fight, the spread shot gets quite hard to spread out for as well when tanking the boss and his pet separate from each other.

Besides these and simple tuning, the boss felt pretty good and unique. The shades where a refreshingly different add mechanic and the large square room provides a wide range of positional strategy making. That said, between the bleed damage from Sinseeker, aoe leap from the first dog and rip soul hit on the tanks, I could see raid comps being almost forced to stack large numbers of paladins, hunters and/or mages, as well as kyrians, simply for their cc and ability to immune off most of the boss’s damage.

Same group as Choppeh.

Sinseeker is horribly painful and if the healers aren’t able to focus you you’re going to have a bad time. Spreadshot coming out immediately afterwards while you’re already down HP was often a deadly combination. Lots of immunities going to get brought to this fight. The line seems wider than the arrow on the ground and is way, way too wide for something that comes out in threes. It’s also almost impossible to see the arrow under all the ground clutter, so if you aren’t far enough back to see the actual markers on people’s heads you’re going to have a bad time. (This is TBH a universal with almost all of these fights, too much ground clutter from covenant abilities and the stupid tar trap legendary and the actual boss mechanics but this one especially was not enjoyable.)

Spreadshot is so wide and fast it’s basically undodgeable which would be find if you weren’t getting wrecked by every other mechanic in the fight at the same time.

Bloody Thrash was fine on Margore.

Rip Soul seemed to be nigh impossible to deal with. We never got past Barghast.

Shades of Barghast is going to be difficult to deal with in groups that don’t have a lot of CC or are small. Also big groups where there’s the inevitable stray dot.

Definitely needs a lot of tuning. I’m kind of looking forward to seeing another test of this after some changes since it has potential.

The spreadshot mechanic or whatever you could completely LoS and negate by having the boss near line-of-sight and stacking the raid on the other side. Its basically 100% cheese-able.