Feedback: Hunters

One more piece of feedback based on some discussions with other hunters:

The other choice nodes in the MM tree are interesting because your selection is not purely based on what provides more throughput. This choice node is going to solely come down to throughput. A suggestion that was brought to my attention is swapping the positions of Calling the Shots and Eagletalon’s True Focus. Calling the Shots might need additional tuning to compete with Unerring Vision in general, but there are specific situations where you would want to select a shorter cooldown Trueshot (M+ or a Sludgefist type fight) over a Trueshot that has a longer cooldown but is much more impactful (Lords of Dread).


I cannot upvote this enough. Sounds incredible and i cant wait to test it on tuesday.


This sounds… interesting? Will something replace Stampede, or will that node just disappear? Same with Barrage?

…respectfully, what?

Rapid Fire is one of the main 2 damaging rotational skills for Marksman and has been for years.

It just feels like you guys are aiming to turn all 3 hunter specs into a 2-3 button rotation, and that feels really bad.

As another poster said, this would make sense if talents like Ranger affected Arcane Shot - otherwise there’s zero synergy with this talent.

This feels… weird. Don’t get me wrong, the new talents sound solid, I just mean the placement in the tree feels weird.

Bonded Companion is the gateway to Birds of Prey, which is a Raptor/Mongoose Bite talent. So wouldn’t having the new Coordinated Kill that affects Mongoose/Raptor make more sense in that spot?

But at the same time, Spearhead, which is required for the new Coordinated Kill is a Mongoose/Raptor strike talent as well.

It just feels disjointed is all. The new Deadly Duo sounds great, but it doesn’t have any synergy with Coordinated Assault and Birds of Prey, which is the “tree” they’re in. Just feels like it’d be better as the leftside’s endcap talent (as the left side is mainly about AoE), and move Fury of the Eagle to the middle, with a possibly reworked Birds of Prey to also have Fury of the Eagle trigger the extension too?

Obviously I can’t see the changes yet, so I’m trying to visualize, but as I can tell, it seems disjointed. But I’ll see how it feels once it’s out.

That said, I do hope you guys do address the fact we have 2 endcap talents that cost more than 1 point, despite the fact every other spec except 1 have only 1 point endcaps.


It looks like they’re reworking Birds of Prey to be more inline with the new Coordinated Assault.

I don’t know if there needs to be synergy. It’s a free, damaging Arcane Shot on KC resets from a passive talent. There’s already plenty of synergy in the spec with KC resets and anything more tied to that mechanic could get pretty overwhelming for players.


You know, I read that post like 12 times and somehow overlooked that sentence every time. What the hell.

Thank you though. <3 Glad to see it is being adjusted.

Eh, agree to disagree? Lol. Arcane Shot isn’t used at all in Survival, so it’s just weird that we fire an Arcane Shot in general - hence having some sort of synergy would help make that feel less… random?


You can fill out the talent tree without ever selecting Rapid Fire if you choose to. It may not be the best way to play, but you could do it. That’s all the original post was referring to.


Wailing Arrow doesnt silence in pvp, or atleast in duels. Is this intended?

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It still doesn’t seem right that Lone Wolf is a talent rather than baseline. It would make sense if choosing to take the talent itself was the decision point (like a choice node of be able to summon a pet vs gain Lone Wolf) but it’s not, the decision is already made by opting to leave Lil’ Bleater in the kennel. Putting a point into Lone Wolf after that just feels more like a penalty than a decision, an unfair one at that. LW essentially has to make up the dmg of the lost pet AND the extra talent point that the pet build would have free to put elsewhere. I don’t imagine anyone running a non-pet non-LW build for any reason, so MM basically boils down to pet or LW builds, and the LW build is either down the pet damage or down a talent point worth of damage no matter what.


The problem with lone wolf is that in order to make up for the damage and utility loss of a pet, it would need to be atleast 15+%, or bring back more cooldown options to go along with the talent. I recall it having more choices at one point. But by giving it that much of a damage bonus it might make MM way too bursty, especially in pvp.

I’d like to go lone wolf, especially in pvp, but we just lose too much. It’s kind of a dead talent in my opinion. By dismissing my raptor, I lose 8% movement speed, masters call, sacrifice, and mortal wounds. It’s not really a choice and the only reason to take it now that we don’t get it for free is if you are worried that your pet will be targeted or die too much.


PvP is def an area where i see the pet being utilized.

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I am concerned that hunters do not have adequate defensive cooldowns.


Is “Nesingwary’s Trapping Apparatus” intended to only work on successful Freezing Traps per the tool tip or will it eventually dynamically update if you talent into Steel Trap/Hi-Explosive Trap/Tar Trap?

Follow up question: Is the intention as well that it’s the successful Freezing Trap per the tool-tip and updated verbiage (i.e. won’t work on bosses)?

Asking for MM-friends since it seems like with the new talent tree next build they’re going to be pushed to take it since they have to spend points and can’t spend it on any pet related talent.


The legendary perk this is based on works with all traps. It would be strange if it only worked with freezing trap, especially since it’s connecting node is steel trap. I’m glad they are reducing it to 2 points, I wanted to go that route but it ended up being too expensive.

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Yes, but the Legendary the talent is based off also says "when a trap is triggered instead of successful. I could be reading into this wording change too much, but it seems a bit too specific to be a coincidence.

For example, the trap(s) don’t actually need to do anything in Shadowlands to grant the effect.

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Is there any way we can have “Death Chakrams” renamed to just “Chakrams”, and have the old chakram spell effect on the death chakram spell?

I like the spell, what it does, and it’s place as a necrolord ability during shadowlands. Going forward though it seems a bit out of place and not really in line with the traditional hunter aesthetic. We have all of our classic abilities in the tree, from serpent sting to intimidation to explosive shot, but death chakrams doesnt seem to fit in well to me.

Any way we can get rid of the green and make it a plain looking hunter ability, without changing what it does? Or perhaps as a minor glyph?


I think a Glyph would be good - I have a couple friends excited to finally be able to use Death Chakram as they think it fits the aesthetic of a dark ranger rather well. A glyph either way - (be it regular chakrams as baseline and death as glyph or vice versa) would be nice. I do agree, I like Death Chakram as a mechanic (my favorite covenant skill lol), but the look is weird for a hunter. But for those RPing Dark Rangers, I don’t wanna take that chance from them if possible.


Yea, a glyph would be the best option, in either direction. Either to make it have the necrolord effect or make it have a more silver/metal appearance.


As a hunter main since 2005. Pressing buttons to spawn random pets that arnt my main pet (the one i grow my bond with over time) feels bad to me.

Is BM suppose to be a master of randomly spawned beasts? Or be able to truthy become one with his/her beast companion. I dont wanna be a zookeeper I wanna be a hunter with my trusty pet.

Survival is starting to feel more that route but its almost a hybrid of range and melee (mid range) with little to almost no emphasis on my companion


The change to Unerring Vision is really nice, but I will admit that the positioning of the talents within the MM tree is questionable.

  • Killing Blow - the positioning here makes very little sense to me. Hunter’s Knowledge synergizes with Aimed Shot and Rapid Fire, yet you are forced to spend 2 points in Killing Blow which affects Kill Shot. If you are not going a Kill Shot-centric build with Razor Fragments and Deathblow, Hunter’s Knowledge essentially costs 4 points.
  • Deathblow - With the change to Deathblow and Razor Fragments, these talents are viable in single target scenarios, yet you are forced to take either Volley or Trick Shots to take it. Why can’t all of the Kill Shot focused talents (Deathblow, Razor Fragments, Killing Blow, Dead Eye) be in a similar place in the tree?
  • Bullseye & Serpentstalker’s Trickery - I do not think there is a problem with SST being the only path to Bullseye, but it makes no sense for this talent to cost more than 1 point. A 50% chance is all that is needed to maintain Serpent Sting on one target - a 2nd point spent to be able to tab target Aimed Shot to spread Serpent Sting is irrelevant when Hydra’s Bite exists. This talent should be 1 point, either for 50% or 100% proc chance.
  • Bombardment & Light Ammo/Heavy Ammo - If Bombardment is only going to provide Trick Shots on 2 targets and not also buff Multi-Shot, it shouldn’t be the only path to Heavy Ammo/Light Ammo. Bombardment might be a dead talent in a lot of scenarios where you want to take Heavy Ammo or Light Ammo, like in dungeons where there might be very little 2 target cleave.
  • Calling the Shots & Eagletalon’s True Focus - These talent should be swapped. As it stands, there is no choice when it comes to this choice node - you will simply take whatever provides more throughput. If these talents are swapped, your choice will depend on the type of content you are doing (CtS might be better in dungeons where you want Trueshot more frequently, while Unerring might be better on raid fights with strong 2 minute intervals i.e. Lords of Dread)
  • Wailing Arrow - this still feels way out of place. Is there no possibility to move Razor Fragments, Death Blow, Killing Blow, and Dead Eye all to the right side of the tree in place of Wailing Arrow? Wailing Arrow could be on the left side of the tree and the Kill Shot talents could be bunched up so they flow better together. Razor Fragments itself could be a valuable capstone talent.
  • Careful Aim - Would be really nice to have this be a choice node where we have the option to do increased Aimed Shot damage when >70% and an option to do increased Aimed Shot damage when <20%.

Steel Trap
Nesingwary’s Trap apparatus
Hydra’s Bite
Latent Poison Injectors
Death Chakrams (still classified as a Necrolord covenant ability and blocked)
Razor Fragments
Serpentstalker’s trickery

These talents are still broken and I’m unable to test them. They appear in my spellbook but so far none of the effects are working. I’m not sure if its my character or what, I made a new one but none of these talents appear to be working.