FEEDBACK: Hunter Class Changes

What is the chance we get Illusions on bows eventually, blizzard? This is a missing cosmetic piece for Hunter specifically.


One thing I’ve noted for a while now, and this continues into Shadowlands. Can the Pet UI please be updated to actually accommodate for the number of abilities pets actually have?

Right now with a Chimaera, I have

  • Bite (Basic)
  • Dash (Basic)
  • Frost Breath (Pet #1)
  • Froststorm Breath (Pet #2)
  • Growl
  • Primal Rage (Ferocity)

Movement/Stance based abilities:

  • Attack
  • Follow
  • Move To
  • Stay
  • Assist
  • Defensive
  • Passive

A few of these are set-and-forget, but by default you’re given the last three on the right, the Attack/Follow/Move To on the left, and then there’s 4 open slots. If you end up putting Growl on there, which makes sense, Pet #1 and Pet #2 if they’re relevant, then you’re stuck on which one you’re trying to put in the last slot. With a Chimaera it’s a little different since Froststorm Breath is … what it is, but just imagine when those 2 abilities are relevant.

Abilities can be put onto your own action bars, but if you’re planning to actually use pet bar keybinds, you’re now going into your normal keybinds, and that creates separate issues.

I think this UI is pretty dated anyway, I think it might be better set up with a little revamp, using the standard 12-key bar, you’re probably looking at 4 movement keys on the left, 3 stance keys on the right, and then a selection of stuff in the middle. It should possibly default to:

  • Dash
  • Pet #1
  • Pet #2
  • Command #1
  • Growl
    Then you have the ability to move anything wherever you want, to either fit your personal structure or keybinds.

Bite-type abilities don’t really make much impact except for behind-the-scenes damage, so it could be reworked as a passive along the lines of “Your pet autoattacks consume 25 Focus to deal X damage. Cost and damage increases when you have more than 50 Focus.”

This would also mean that you could scale/expand the bars based on the number of abilities a pet has (within those 5 mentioned, leaving movement and stance abilities in the exact same slots/keybinds). If it doesn’t have a second Pet ability, that can be hidden. This can transition into the pet bar for other classes as well, e.g. Warlocks, where one pet has 4 abilities, and then another pet has 1 ability and the bar feels empty, if the bar just scaled to number of available abilities, it would look/feel less awkward.


While I tend to agree in part, remember that you can now drag pet abilities to your normal action bars and use them from there. I have pet growl hotkeyed on one of my main bars, for example, so I can use it to quickly taunt a mob in an emergency even with growl disabled in instances.

Realistically, no pet has more than 4 abilities you need on that bar: Growl (so you can toggle auto-cast or manually cast it), Dash (same, though it’s super rare you need to toggle or manually activate this), their family ability, and potentially their exotic ability (ex. Spirit Mend). The only other notable contributor is Prowl for cats and spirit beasts, but I only care about that insofar as I disable it and never look at it again, because it makes them so freakin’ slow.

The pet spec ability is handled natively by Command Pet, and I see no reason the pet’s basic attack ever needs to be disabled or manually cast. Personally, I stick Stay on the pet bar as well, and leave Dash off it, since there’s precious few times I need to interact with that ability directly.

My grievance with the pet bar is mostly that it seems to default to having none of the pet abilities on it (just the movement and stance abilities), so I always have to go set the proper elements on it for each pet I tame.

Tangentially, get we get a pass on pet stances? Like, rather than having 3 stances, have two toggles for Assist and Defensive, that are not mutually exclusive. Assist means the pet attacks anything you attack, Defensive anything that attacks you. You can toggle either, both, or neither on at the same time.

Having neither active would be identical to existing Passive, they only attack what you directly command them to attack. Having either active individually would be identical to the current stances. Having both active would permit a behavior set that is not currently available, having a pet that will both assist and defend you. It’s always seemed silly to me that we have to choose between our pet attacking things we attack, and our pet, you know, defending its master.


Just a quick question for the class designers:

How does Survival not have a single spec specific conduit? How does an entire spec get ignored like this?

Okay. Two questions.


Eh? SV has spec-specific conduits:

Survival Hunter Potency Soulbind Conduits in Shadowlands

  • Deadly Tandem (Potency Conduit)
    Coordinated Assault’s duration is increased by 1000.0%.
    Ranks: 1000.0%, 1500.0%, 2000.0%, 2500.0%, 3000.0%, 3500.0%, 4000.0%, 4500.0%, 5000.0%, 5500.0%, 6000.0%, 6500.0%, 7000.0%, 7500.0%, 8000.0%

  • Flame Infusion (Potency Conduit)
    [Butchery][Carve] increases the damage of your next Wildfire Bomb explosion by 10.0%, stacks up to 2 times.
    Ranks: 10.0%, 11.0%, 12.0%, 13.0%, 14.0%, 15.0%, 16.0%, 18.0%, 19.0%, 20.0%, 21.0%, 22.0%, 23.0%, 24.0%, 25.0%

  • Stinging Strike (Potency Conduit)
    [Mongoose Bite][Raptor Strike] damage increased by 14.0%.
    Ranks: 14.0%, 16.0%, 17.0%, 19.0%, 20.0%, 22.0%, 23.0%, 25.0%, 26.0%, 28.0%, 29.0%, 31.0%, 32.0%, 34.0%, 35.0%

  • Strength of the Pack (Potency Conduit)
    When Kill Command’s cooldown is reset, gain 3.0% increased damage for until cancelled.
    Ranks: 3.0%, 4.0%, 4.0%, 5.0%, 5.0%, 6.0%, 6.0%, 7.0%, 7.0%, 8.0%, 8.0%, 9.0%, 9.0%, 10.0%, 10.0%

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The survival conduits exist. Blizzard just forgot to put them on the vendor.

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Probably figured nobody would notice because, well, you know.


Soulforged Embers nerfed from 150% to 35% oof…


That legendary absolutely needed to be nerfed. It’s a good thing because it will highlight how everything else is wrong. I’d much rather have a class that can hold by itself rather than rely on a crutch.

I feel like they didn’t need to hit it as hard in Torghast however.


Oh yeah that nerf was totally warranted, but I think maybe they went a bit overboard. Though I’m sure it’ll be tuned again at some point

A hotfix is on the way to remove an incorrect additional -50% Focus Regen modifier for Survival Hunters. After this change Survival Hunters should be back to 5.0 Focus/sec, before Haste.


When will we see more changes to hunters?


Thank you very much for this change!

Is there anything further in the works for MM Trueshot? As-is, it requires us to take the legendary that decreases focus costs by 30% while in Trueshot in order to make full use of the cooldown similar to how it works on BFA with the old school Master Marksman.

I have several suggestions:

  1. Precise Shots decreases the Focus cost of Arcane Shot, Chimaera Shot, and Multi-Shot by 10 while the buff is active.
  2. Trueshot has an effect baked in that makes Precise Shot affected abilities free of Focus cost during its duration.

Something along those lines would immensely help MM out with its cooldown feeling usable. As-is, we do not have enough focus and have to ignore Precise Shots during Trueshot. Is this the intended way of using the cooldown? Also, is there any plan to take a look at Focus costs of talented abilities now that our core rotation uses up more Focus?


Suggestion 3: stop trying to reinvent the wheel and just make Trueshot grant haste. That fixes the focus issues, it fixes the Aimed Shot charge capping issues, it fixes how bad Rapid and Steady feel to cast during it, it fixes us ignoring Precise Shots charges during Trueshot. It fixes just about all of the pile of issues with Trueshot.

Seriously, the ability as it stands now is trying to ad-hoc provide some (but not all) of the benefits of haste, without actually granting haste. It speeds up AiS’s cast time, and speeds up its CD, but it doesn’t impact the GCD (which is a problem with Dead Eye), it doesn’t speed up the cast time of anything else, and it doesn’t impact our focus regen, leaving us with serious focus starvation issues.

It’s an overcomplicated mess that would be much simpler and much better mechanically if it just granted straight up haste.




To increase the impact of “Mortal Wounds” and similar healing reduction effects in PvE situations, we’re doubling the magnitude of these effects against non-player enemies. The value of these effects will remain the same against players.

Warrior, Hunter, Monk

  • Mortal Wounds now reduces healing taken by 50% (25% against players).


  • Wound Poison now reduces healing taken by 8% per stack (4% against players).


  • Mortal Cleave/Legion Strike now reduces healing taken by 20% (10% against players).

Erm, great. Can we get a 6th pet ability to replace the removed purge? Pet types that had the purge just simply don’t have a family ability, last I checked. Maybe a pet-based clone of Curse of Tongues? We already have MS and a snare, a cast speed slow will fill a similar niche of reasonably useful but definitely not mandatory utility.


OK, and some… Actual changes? Bugfixes? Our pathetic legendaries? The non-functional Night Fae covenant ability? Anything at all? I feel like I’m yelling into the void here.


This is a bug that will be fixed in an upcoming build.


What is not functional about it?