FEEDBACK: Hunter Class Changes

Focus Starved as a BM hunter please fix!


Dear Blizzard,
please stop hating survival.


I’m sure we’ve all seen the PvP videos of MM’s burst deleting people.

This is just a reminder that what enables this, outside of some weird interaction between Volley and Serpentstalker’s Trickery, is Careful Aim and Double Tap. So please look into balancing those in PvP before straight up nerfing Aimed Shot. Aimed Shot hitting like a wet noodle when outside of the CA window does not feel good.


if aimed shot was free, and castable while moving perhaps… it doesn’t solve the issues that need fixing when we’re stationary at just a target dummy.

we’re gcd capped casting aimed shot if we want to >try< to use all the charges, and can’t use precise shots during trueshot as it costs too much and comes back too quickly. the entire “charges” system doesn’t make sense if we’re always sitting on 1-2 and we don’t have the focus generation, or regeneration on top of how long it takes to cast the actual spell.

the obvious choice for marksmanship is venthyr because of flayed shot procing kill shot (our hardest hitting ability) and deadeye combo. i would rather them make aimed shot instant cast and feel satisfying as hell to use and very noticable compared to our other abilities as it’s on charges and we can use that “aimed shot casted downtime” to cast other things and more steady shots than just nerf deadeye AND trueshot. nerf aimed shot dmg by 35% it doesn’t matter if hardly anyone is going to be playing it with all these blatant DESIGN FLAWS.

numbers are numbers… having a spec that hardly functions within the boundaries of it’s own baseline abilities is not a numbers issue, it’s a flawed execution of the concept. one of which is very simple to fix, and makes the spec smooth, satisfying, and enjoyable to play with going back to the hunter class model; not “physical caster”. the hunter imo should be treated as a melee class that has ranged abilities; not crippled by the concept of all ranged should have to stand still because “caster”

i’ll state again… hunters are not warlocks. there is not a single moment in time after tier 18 you wouldn’t just bring a destruction warlock instead of marksmanship as destruction warlock does EVERYTHING marks can but with more damage and half the damage taken while soul shards are flexible to chaos bolt casts; a charge system on a timer is not.

hunters are meant to be mobile… if i’m forced to stand still for mediocre damage i’m just playing a different spec, or class… the superior one… every expansion.


Oh, make no mistake, I wasn’t suggesting that would fix all of the issues. MM still has severe focus starvation issues, especially during Trueshot, Execute w/ Dead Eye, or all the time with Flayed Shot + Dead Eye.

I was just talking about the stationary requirement on Aimed Shot. Having a fixed passive redux of the WoD mastery (just the damage portion, the range-increasing portion is still part of our mastery thankfully) would provide a baseline incentive to stay stationary, and penalty for not doing so, without that penalty being a flat inability to cast our central nuke.


Somewhere along the lines, the old rank 2 of Cobra Shot (-10 Focus Cost) was lost. In the next build, Cobra Shot should just be 35 Focus cost baseline.


Please implement the old Master Marksman into the MM toolkit so we can actually press the shiny buttons that light up on our screen. Apologies if the formatting on my last post was incorrect.


Just remove Hunter’s Mark now and BM will be glorious again.
This will also cause the other two specs to be slightly more bearable to play.
Marksman’s focus starvation is also an issue that should be looked at. Especially during Trueshot, their main offensive cooldown (No, tying a legendary to this is not a fix!).


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: The madman

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Thanks Nimox! :clap:


Thank you!!! If you had said this like a month ago, it would have saved us a lot of worry.


Fantastic. Now please remove the 5% damage debuff from Hunter’s Mark and we’ll be cool.




Maybe in those same lines, before or after, is there any survival love coming??


Thank you. Though to be honest, people have been mentioning the focus cost and the lack of rank 2 for literally months now. Doesn’t exactly reflect well on y’all’s attention to this thread, or this class, for that matter.

And yes, please just ditch Hunter’s Mark or remove the damage buff. No one outside the dev squad is even slightly interested in having it back. It’s a hassle to play with, it isn’t even slightly fun, it directly fits with the blue posts justifying removing Searing Totem and the GCD from cooldowns (it isn’t fun to press a button just to make other buttons slightly better), and it’s just an AoE nerf in disguise anyway.


Yes please.

Nimox, since you’re paying attention to this thread, please heed this and take it to the rest of the dev team. NO ONE LIKES HUNTER’S MARK as it currently exists (remove the 5% damage, keep it as a marker to track stealth). When the general player base gets hold of it, you’ll be hearing hunter’s mark hate in surround sound, because we already know that’s bound to happen.


You don’t speak for anyone but yourself. For raiding, hunter’s mark is fine. HM does not pull boss or cause aggro so hunters can cast prior to pull and forget about it, I think that is good to go.


Plenty of Hunters have already spoken for themselves about their dislike of Hunter’s Mark in Shadowlands.

For raiding a single target encounter, Hunter’s Mark is fine. The second you have adds or split DPS, it is no longer fine. For M+, it is not fine.

If your definition of “good to go” is “cast prior to pull and forget about it” I really wonder why you care whether it exists or not?


Excellent point and I don’t care either way. I just don’t like people saying that they speak for everyone.

Till you have to target swap to something that doesn’t “die” so you don’t get the reset on mark or you don’t swap it to the target and do 5% less damage.

I’d happily say you don’t speak for anyone but yourself as well, but overwhelming within the hunter community on TSL no one wants HM with 5% dmg on it.


We’ll see how you feel after you’ve played with the SL version for a while. 20s CD, have to cast it and incur the GCD every time you swap targets.

Sure, if literally the only thing you’re doing is shooting at a single boss with no adds, HM is effectively passive (but as Adreaver pointed out, why even have it then?) Against multiple targets or in any sort of target swap situation, it’s just a dead GCD that is mandatory to cast before we can do the damage we’re balanced to do.

Go run some M+ with it, especially with that new 20s CD, and tell us how “fine” it is.