FEEDBACK: Hunter Class Changes

Looks like they have listened to feedback about Hunters Mark, 5% damage and cooldown is gone, now it’s just utility spell.


damage component of hunter’s mark removed in PTR



welcome to hunter reworked… that’s flawed design, not “let’s remove it off the gcd”.

the fixes are found elsewhere with the core of the spec, not kill shot itself.

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To everybody in the thread who kept posting about this, great job!


I am excited about the HM news! Now I want them to look at pet survivability issues especially in pvp. I hope we can get some more feedback on that now.


ya on the PTR right now and its just a utility spell now. no cd no dmg increase!

now if we can get some pet love and for the love of all old gods and new.

Do something with survival!!!


Happy days for everyone! RIP 5% damage from HM, no one will miss you.

Now, tune all the spells appropriately.


This is great news! Hopefully they can also take a look at BM conduits and also Hunter specific legendaries. They’re quite bland.


Oh thank the light.

Thank you, Blizzard. You listened. This is what development of a game should look like, you put out your ideas and work, we give feedback, and y’all make changes with that feedback in mind. It’s a significant step.

That means the only remaining major core issues I think critically need addressed are Trueshot and Dead Eye, and both of them have the same proximate cause: MM’s rotation is too full. We spend 72% of our time, baseline, just consuming the default AiS charges, the resulting Precise Shots charges, and regenerating the focus consumed by those two. The baseline rotation lacks room for even two additional AiS charges added to it before it is guaranteed to waste either AiS charges or Precise Shots charges.

I’ve gone over several potential solutions (removing Precise Shots entirely, making it reduce focus and allowing Arcane and Multi to consume up to 2 stacks per cast, etc) in my prior posts in this thread, but something needs to be done. In the baseline rotation, with zero talents or gear or any other effects, Trueshot is still impossible to use without running dry on focus before the end or casting completely unbonused Steady Shots during it (which feel terrible, btw, literally like if Fire needed to cast Fireball during Combustion), and even if focus wasn’t an issue (ex. Eagletalon’s True Focus, which just barely fixes the focus issue), it’s still flat out impossible to use all AiS charges, RF on cooldown, and consume all Precise Shots charges generated. That’s a serious problem.


I did my part (in regards to Hunter’s Mark).

Good job everybody.

Now it’s time to focus on the other lacking areas.


Happy to see hunters mark changed for the better.
A few more issues need addressed, pet survivability being one, and scatter and trap DR’ing each other being another, but things are looking promising.
Also, don’t forget to tune abilities for removing that 5% buff


Glad to see changes to Hunter’s Mark. Well done Blizzard for listening to the feedback, and we’ll done community for continuing to provide it in a clear and productive way.


The Pet rez hotfix is a tool tip change to reflect what is on beta and not a “buff” as some may have read it. It has been 4 seconds on beta for awhile and it is still unacceptable there. I have said in two other times in this thread, pet rez cannot be 4 seconds long. Pets are essentially >=60% of a BM damage. Pets are not invulnerable and have consistently died to raid mechanics every raid tier that are no fault of the player.

Blizzard needs to take a hard look at the state of hunter as a whole. Melee Survival is not something I can recall anyone (outside of jesting) asking for, though I know some on this thread seem to enjoy it. MM in it’s current state on Beta needs work with trueshot and focus starvation. BM on beta is flawed with focus starvation and making Cobra Shot useless to voice other concerns besides the pet rez. The icing on the cake is that hunter legendaries feel like bland azerite traits.

I thank blizzard for listening about HM. I hope they can turn their attention towards hunters and address many of the peoples concerns. it seems like this thread has had a pretty insignificant Blue presence, but I have not paid attention to other class feedback posts. Hopefully there are more meaningful changes in the future for hunters.


Thank you Blizz for listening.
Thank you Hunters for all pushing for a change to Hunter’s Mark.


Easy Fix.

Mend Pet Rank 2 - Mend Pet now has a 50% chance to remove a random bleed, poison, curse or magic effect each tick.
While mend pet is active, your pets armor is increased by 5000. Also undispellable.

You are welcome my blue letter friends.


we want pets to be tanky, not invincible if we use mend pet.

the concept of beast mastery for a long time is “i have bestial wrath… my pet is unkillable, me and my pet are unstoppable”
if your pet is alive, and in cooldowns… you’re going to be able to get all of your damage through no matter what.

this hasn’t been the case for a very long time. pets get farmed for victory rush/death strike/whatever… we’re entire mitigated by roots, and any kill potential… if u wanna call it that… is just wet noodle “pressure” and that’s all BM can do.

i’ve had multiple times (as a previous 2’s gladiator btw) that my pet will get rooted, or killed and actually heal the enemy for more than the dmg i can do to them. it’s actually pathetic.

bestial wrath should be treated as bladestorm, and again make pets unkillable during it.

adaptation should be a pvp talent for survival/bm gaining benefit of the passives and spells of all 3 pet specs AND increasing health, armor by 200%.


Blizzard, THANK YOU so much for taking the damage component out of Hunter’s Mark. :slight_smile:

Now, please, do something about pet summons time. Revert it back to what it was for BFA. It was perfectly fine in BFA. It is unfun to make it longer.


If they really want to keep pet revive at 4s, there’s a very simple fix-- unprune Heart of the Phoenix and make it baseline. Gives an instant summon, but only every 8m.


I would welcome pheonix back and I also liked this idea from Hyukin too.