Feedback: Horrific Visions

As we test the new Horrific Visions coming in Visions of N’Zoth, we’d really like to bring together your feedback on this new system.

Please playtest Horrific Visions, and then reply to this thread with your feedback.

Thank you!

From another post I created: HVs are crashing randomly, and there’s no way to report feedback on the error. This was last night on the most recent PTR build. Original post below:

So twice now, first when entering the Horrific Vision of Orgrimmar, and the next time after defeating Thrall, clearing Rokhan’s area, and then fighting through Geya’rah’s section of Orgrimmar, the game just crashes to desktop. Not even a chance to enter some information, just Boom! desktop.

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I’ve mostly done the Stormwind one - My biggest gripe about the visions is I cannot tell how rewarding they are yet, I know that comes in later, but I’d really like to be able to say if it’s rewarding enough or not. Since this is a major feature for the patch, and what we’ll likely be doing for the rest of the xpac it’s pretty important there is a reason to run this for more than a few weeks.

Now loot aside, i’ve only done a HF solo, and for the most part it seems fine, when you use 5 masks it’s actually very challenging, and while loot will make it easier, it definitely won’t be something people can go in and just finish all 5 masks the first week with a strong group, or even strong solo class/spec. Even with a maxed cloak and full talent tree, 5 masks is difficult in current gear, and will likely require a lot more gear for solo or a group.

I personally like the design, my concern is the rewards just since there’s so much we don’t know yet. Presumably the non-implemented rewards will interact with A) The Legendary Cloak and B) The “Corrupted” Loot from the new raid.

The current rewards, which are the currency for the “HF Vision Talent Tree” is of course nice, and the catch up gear is fine, but I think it would also be nice once our tree is maxed to be able to do something with those coins, maybe make an exchange with M.O.T.H.E.R. or something to sell the green items that give benefits in the HF? And maybe include order resources or something else, mat bundles? Just something that would incentivize still doing it after you have the tree maxed and your cloak maxed. Oh - Rep tokens for old reps maybe, and new reps? A requirement would be you need to max the tree, but I really think that would be beneficial.


So the build the horrific visions feel unfinished particularly rewards wise. it’s not important feedback but one thing that has annoyed me since the announcement is that it was said that it’s like the mage tower. the mage tower was an extremely challenging boss fight with only cosmetic bonus. this is a harder version of the chromie scenario. really not important but it really annoys me.

on to more useful feedback. the biggest issue i have atm is that there is not rewards for completing parts of the bonus objectives, you have to kill the last boss to get the chest. this is going to be an issue when trying to get further into the research tree. you need to be able to get some of the currency from just doing a bit of the bonus objective with a bonus for completing it.

on the subject of the research tree I think there needs to be bonuses that reduce sanity gains or more research options that give sanity back because outside of the orbs, it feels like the research don’t really affect your sanity. you can see the difference in survivability especially on a less geared toon but the difference between the just having the orbs and having a full tree is minimal sanity wise.

the last major issue i have at this time is the exponential requirements for the vessel. With the amount you get from assaults and the fact it resets weekly; it feels like your only going to get a couple of attempts a week which doesn’t seem great especially at the start. it get this is to counteract the fact it’s available all the time unlike the mage tower but with the vision currency being less farmable than nethershards, it doesn’t feel necessary. i think if the currency increase is going to stay it either needs to increase linearly or be capped at 400 or 800.

While it does have a few issues, i do like it as feature. I think the masks are a cool idea which definitely make it harder and i hope they will have decent rewards to go with it. I like how it important the area buff feel and i like that they appear to change every week atleast in the areas that aren’t the starting area. I have also like the characters involved in the bonus objectives, the mini stories involved are cool.

Posted feedback elsewhere (sorry) but generally:

  • Cool feature and I like the deployability of it
  • At the moment it feels far too lethal to encourage solo play inside one. You’re crazy if you don’t do it in a 5 man.
  • Likewise you need a lot of healing to survive and progress inside a vision. Classes without that will really struggle - especially solo as mentioned above.
  • The bouncing health mechanic is… weird. I’m sure its a debuff but I’ve not figured out what’s causing it beyond ‘oh wow… I have 1 hp. Run.’ Is it just insanity? Is my health actually nothing? No clue and doesn’t feel controllable.
  • Rewards feel… meh. No transmogs, pets or whatever. Just an entire experience designed to unlock a cloak that allows me to do the experience a bit longer (and fight N’zoth). Imagine this in vanilla - doing all this for months just to upgrade the Onyxia cloak so we could finish BWL. I get there are also bits of a set from a vendor but… I’m pretty sure it’ll be far easier just to farm them from the raid instance when it drops?

That’s where the research tree in the Heart chamber comes into play. At max cloak and max research, it’s quite the opposite, and you need to activate the masks to make it challenging again.

Pretty sure this is by design to force us to keep going because at first our progress is going to be nigh insignificant.

Your experience is different from mine, then.

I’ve gone in on fully maxed characters with level 15 cloaks. And been stunned/killed pretty quickly especially in the more dangerous zones like mage quarter. And thats as a warlock with a pet.

Again - I think class matters. I recall a video of a rogue and DH running it where the rogue died to one of the bosses almost instantly and the DH stayed alive with their health barely dropping below 100%.

Main point though is - why wouldn’t you do this content in a five man with a tank and a healer? And that IS a problem because its designed as something for solo players that can scale to five.


This satisfies players’ requests for challenging solo content, but is not restrictive to players / classes that would have a tough time. Those classes can bring others along to help. Gear levels also matter. What’s your average item level on that warlock?

So I just ran the HV: Orgrimmar in Havoc, 445 item level, with the max cloak, full research, and following buffs and debuffs:

  • +6% leech (bracers)
  • +30% out of combat health regen at all times (sword)
  • +7% crit dmg (fist)
  • corrupted zone - pools at feet deal shadow dmg every 2s
  • grasping tendrils - taking dmg has chance to slow you for 5s
  • grand delusions - thing from beyond chases you for 10s

Cleared all 4 objectives + killed Thrall, only had to use 1 sanity orb, used 2 abyssal health pots (both times when I was chain stunned for over 30s), took about 15min. Also found 2 masks, Daredevil & Burned Bridge.

I’ll rerun the scenario again wearing the masks and see how it goes.

Edit: essences used = CFL r3 major, PP r3 minor, CrucFire r4 minor

Cleared both visions at ~435. Minimum cloak to enter, no Corruption gear equipped, no console upgrades, 5 masks active as Unholy DK. Felt it was easy. Also did it with max cloak and full console, and that was literally a cakewalk.

Might need to look into giving it a bit more difficulty.

Did this using CLF 3, BOTE 3, Lucid 3.

Guessing this was the previous build? Just ran the first horrific vision as it opens on the quest lines, and i barely made it to Thrall and defeated him before my sanity was drained. Base cloak, no research upgrades.

Also, on that note – it awards a 420 blue? I expected loot closer to my average item level, which was 440 going in. Is it random or do the rewards scale up the more chests you get? Because 420 isn’t incentive to keep going, even though apparently we need to keep going since that’s where we get corrupting cores to upgrade the cloak.

I am unable to test any level of horrific visions asni amnunable to access the atea where the portals. I suspect it is because i have not started 8.2, if that remains the case when 8.3 goes live, will there be a way to enter that area and skip 8.2 altogether or am i just out of luck and stuck only with assaults only?

Should get a summons to the docks by Valeera, and she sends you to the Heart Chamber to speak to Wrathion/Magni. I know it’s not tied to completing Eternal Palace, as my DK alt just started the 8.3 stuff last night and I have barely touched Nazjatar and haven’t even been to Mechagon on that character.

No quests show up aside from the quest to see nathanos to send fleet to Naz to start 8.2, So i think the end result is that if you have not started 8.2 at all, not unlocked heart forge, as it seems to stand on PTR, you will not be able to do anything for 8.3 aside from the world are aassaults like uldum on live or test horrific content on PTR. Maybe they need to add a simple line of code on PTR only that would have all content unlocked so you dont have to do it all over again on PTR.

But if unlocking the Heart Forge is the only requirement – good point, I didn’t think about that – it won’t take very long to get that done. Spending 10min in Nazjatar to be sent to the heart chamber and see if that unlocks 8.3 is a worthwhile use of your time.

The system seems interesting but horrifically time gated in the current build. It’s 1000 currency per try and daily quests are awarding single digit #s of that currency with rare spawns dropping 1-4. So hours and hours of farming just to get 2 tries per week and without the talent tree filled out and cloak upgraded you get booted out by sanity decay pretty quickly.


Don’t think we’re locked out of repeating the Visions zones, as much as we want. It gave some standard “cannot enter until all your sanity has returned” message I know but once I got out I wasn’t suffering sanity loss. I didn’t go back in but it gave no indication I wasn’t able to return. Can just farm mobs in those visions for mementos – not going to be a lot of course, but should be able to get some extra, put them into research so the horrific visions last longer.

Also, getting more than just the primary boss chest will increase the number of mementos you collect at the end of the horrific visions. But overall I expected a time-gated experience. Perhaps you get more mementos if you take an entire group – I’ve only done them solo.

While playing on PTR there should be a small “bug reported” box on your screen…

It seems if you just do daily assault you’ll only be able to do the main vision from chamber of heart once every 4 days. Some assaults give a full key, but most only give 200 Coalescing Visions.

Please change to every assault always giving a full vision key, and adjust rewards from visions if needed to compensate for us doing them more often.

Dailies could give a bit more Coalescing visions and AP too, doing a daily quest for 13 visions when you need a 1000 for single key and 130 AP doesn’t feel good. That was a huge problem for me in mechagon, doing dailies for 75 rep didn’t feel good.

Being able to only do 1 vision every 4-5 days that might only last 15min that you might lose due to a disconnect doesn’t seem very fun. I thought this would be more like mage tower where you can spend an hour or two each day progressing through fun solo dungeon content if you’d like.

The other issue is that Uldum vision has no entrance fee and can be grinded infinitely. Elite mobs in there drop both coalescing visions and mementos. Which means if you spend 10 hours a day grinding in there you can get super far ahead on your talent tree upgrades for visions and be able to do more visions for cloak upgrades. Probably grinding Uldum vision for a few days you’d be able to just fully unlock the cloak. This does not seem intended as the Wrathion’s stormwind vision seems to be the main focus of vision gameplay.

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