FEEDBACK: Heroic The Nine - May 13th, 2021

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

Unsure what the debuff logic is supposed to be for this fight: we got a 40% (on the big boss) pull just now and folks were getting 6 or even 8 stacks and dying extremely quickly and the Shards we’re supposed to spawn didn’t seem to be consistently spawning.

the pull in and push back are missing a 0 on the % speed modifier


Echoing this too. The pull-in does literally nothing and the push-out is negligible.

LOGS, from various 9/10M to 10/10M players on the US-Sargeras server:

Okay! So we accidentally killed the boss on our fourth proper pull, so here are some overall impressions:

  1. I feel like the pushback and suction mechanics from the first two adds weren’t properly implemented, but I suspect that the objective here was to have us test Skyja proper, which we most certainly did.

  2. The mechanical sequences in P2/the Skyja phase appear to be completely random, and when she casts the recall that throws them all out at once some of the overlaps were SIGNIFICANTLY easier to deal with than some of the other overlaps. The particularly brutal combo involved Arthura’s Crushing Gaze alongside Aradne’s Falling Strike, and this overlap sounds like utter hell to deal with assuming there’s slightly tighter tuning on this fight or assuming a smaller raid size is involved and the Falling Strike ability remains at a static number of required soaks.

I’m not entirely sure if there was a possibility of getting Daschla’s Mighty Anvil or whatever the Massacre-esque ability was called alongside this overlap, but if it’s possible whatsoever these sorts of overlaps sound absolutely terrible to deal with; you’re moving around but expected to soak one of two completely different abilities, or you’re spread out so much that some sort of soak-related mechanic might end up killing someone.

A lot of this fight boiled down to numbers-related stuff and it’s not exactly a boss I’d expect to be particularly challenging on Heroic, but there are some numbers (or, rather, numerical possibilities) that can make this boss quite worrisome, especially on Mythic (assuming Mythic doesn’t have a set rotation of ability combinations/cast sequences she can recall).

EDIT: Apparently if a Warrior is the target of the Mass Dispel guilds are currently using to deal with the debuff and has Spell Reflection up, the massive debuff stack is reflected onto the boss who then proceeds to very quickly die.

Not a screenshot from my group obviously.

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This is easy fight my group keep getting him (3rd one) around 10 % We stop the song that everyone get a stack we soak the purple things run away from wings of rage and get in of reverbreating we lust when the 3rd one came we mark some place that people have fragments of destiny stand at . The people who the link get out of group so we won’t take a lot of damage and we move the boss when she make a bubble that she take 90% less damage from us i give it 10/10 For people who going pug this boss when 9.1 you going be fine

10man CE guild group, Unholy DK pov.

The pull in/push back mechanic was literally impossible to notice, but otherwise no issues with the fight.
Enjoyed how it ramped up at the end, almost as if the first bit teaches the fight and the end forces you to do it properly. Overall it was one of the more solid fights in my opinion, a solid 3rd boss to be sure.