FEEDBACK: Heroic Sylvanas Windrunner - May 27th

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

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Massive lag on pull for everyone in our raid team. Happened every pull, some pulls better than others it seems.

Invisible walls encountered during the second phase on the spawned bridges, sometimes hindering players from getting across to the other side.

Will provide log links at a later point.

P1 was absolutely miserable and IMO absolutely needs to be reworked drastically. Boss was miserable to move for our tanks and our melee hated everything. The Windrunner gimmick doesn’t come even remotely close to fixing how atrocious the phase plays out for melee.

Domination Arrows either need to ramp up their ticking damage much more slowly or they need much less HP. We’d get into an Intermission with the majority of our raid alive and then players with arrows near the edge of the room would die very quickly because the arrows weren’t in cleave range. Oh, and Boomkins trivialize the mechanic easily.

P2 was very cool though, but the bridges changed their layout each pull and the phase felt completely different each pull. Some layouts were much narrower than others, and some layouts (specifically the Thrall bridge) had tiny holes in them you could fall through but that were also very hard to see.

EDIT: I also want to add that the boss’s HP was extremely overtuned. We had 18 and she had 59mil HP, so P1 lasted an eternity even with cooldowns. To put things into perspective, Mythic KT would barely have about that much if you count four P1s and his P2 health and that’s tuned for 20 players with well above 239 ilvl and is the penultimate boss of the raid. This was a very different beast despite being a Heroic boss and it made P1 extremely frustrating to test eventually.


Mythic guild group.

Fight was very overtuned HP wise, we couldn’t even see second phase. She had almost 42 million HP for 12 man raid (for comparison Raznal mythic had 30 mil for 20 man). Raid was taking massive damage as well, was unhealable. Amount of debuffs in p1 was probably too high for such a small group. Best pull was 83%…

In P1 her jumping all over the place was really annoying…

Also I think we had same amount of debuffs and Domination Arrow’s as 20 man raid… The fight was so broken tuning wise for small raid group…

Upon first encountering her from the teleport - I couldn’t use Wild Spirits until I Logged out and logged back in. I got out of range issues.

My group was 15 people from a Mythic raiding guild that gets Cutting Edge every tier. The amount of movement in phase one is incredibly annoying for melee and tanks. I don’t think any of our melee/tanks enjoyed it. One person said they were feeling motion sickness. Blizzard has said they know melee representation is a problem currently and want to encourage more melee slots in a typical raid composition, but this will discourage it.

I would suggest looking at or re thinking the Windrunner mechanic and the frequency of how much Sylvanas actually moves. Even though melee can still hit her with the Windrunner mechanic it is visually pretty obnoxious, and the actual teleports seem to happen enough to be more frustrating and punishing to melee than fun or interesting.


PUG group & joined in a Mythic group.

Ranger’s Heartseeker was extremely difficult for both group of tanks. They stack up to 5 extremely too quick, with the factor that there’s ticking debuff damage.

Domination Chains was extremely difficult to deal with for the PUG group, manageable with the Mythic group. They do have a little too much health. The tick damage needs to be scaled down.

When Sylvanas leaps into the air, it took a bit for the Mythic group to realize that you can still hit where she originally leaped from for melee. A visual indicator (shadow form) would help - please let this be targetable. This might resolve the “too much jumping around” issue with this fight, while preserving the lore/rpg inspired abilities of the fight.

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I agree with other posters that she really needs a visual indicator for windrunner at minimum. I ended up writing a WA for our group that tells you when she is actually staying still despite the apparent movement.

IMO the animation should really be more like the Seven-Sided Strike animation from D3: Sylvanas staying stationary and then phantasmal images hitting at each of the locations that she "Windrunner"s to.

HP also seemed very high for ~15m. However we (CE guild group) weren’t able to field a great comp due to the timing of the test.


CE guild group with some pugs that are 9/10M.

First off, this is not fun to heal on a Shaman at all. Disc Priest said the same thing. A ton of movement and basically no stacking. If the rest of the fight is like phase 1, then you’re only going to see highly mobile healers.

Visual for Windrunner needs to change. Leave her model still while having ghost versions of her running around doing stuff.

The arrows that chain people are a cool mechanic, but if you get anchored on the outer edge you’re dead almost every time. Either clump them up more, slow the speed at which the damage ramps, or lower their health dramatically.

The healing debuff big black circle adds nothing to the fight. It’s lame and annoying, but really just adds some movement. All it serves to do is get people who somehow manage to to get hit ridiculed by the rest of the guild. There is no saving this boring and terrible mechanic. Scrap it.

Loved the stacking bleed debuff and coordinating who gets chained to wipe it. Saw a tiny bit of phase 2 and that seemed thematically cool.


Wasn’t playing melee, but from my group’s feedback, Windrunner sucks for melee and tanks, and it needs a better visual.

The Domination Chains’ damage ramped up too quickly and the chains themselves have a bit too much HP. Probably a tuning issue like with Painsmith Raznal and his Spiked Balls during heroic testing.

Phase 1:
Feels very overtuned and quite melee unfriendly. There are a lot of mechanics that are pushing you out of melee range.

You are unable to move the boss as the tank.

The stacking buff on the boss is suffering from cast sequencing where she can do the tank buster 2 times back to back.

This to me felt fine honestly, but I don’t really see once more how melee can be super beneficial here :frowning:

Phase 2:
So much movement :frowning:
The adds feel rather inconsequential? Not sure if they’re meant to add more depth to the phase.

Phase 3:
It’s unclear from the very small time here how people are meant to be using the full encounter space.

If you jump from a corner you get pushed around rather than going to the platform in the cardinal direction that you were most towards (or opposite in a diagonal as you’d expect)

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I think the Ranger’s Heartseaker mechanic needs to be better telegraphed – the timing just felt so inconsistent so I didn’t know when I was safe to pool or spend my tank resources.

Seems very melee unfriendly