FEEDBACK: Heroic Soulrender Dormazain - May 7th 2021

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

I was in a PUG group, but I’m a 10/10M raider. Is it intended that the Mawsworn adds are gripable? If so, then the strat will require a set of DKs to grip them together for AOE. Seems like a fun fight, I like the dance mechanic as well as bringing the boss out to the add spawn locations. We couldn’t see a cast bar on Garrosh so we had no idea when to break chains to interrupt him. Seems like the fight needs some kind of second phase though, perhaps a burn phase at a certain % like the 3rd boss in Spires of Ascension.

15man CE guild group. Unholy DK pov.

Fun fight, simple, but unique. The only thing that felt like it could really use some slight improvement is the Torment that fills the room’s various lanes. The animation for which lanes are in danger and which is safe starting at the back of the room and not having any animation at all at the front (by garrosh side) until it’s far too late to move makes it feel so much more punishing than it really is. Having some kind of indication at the front by boss spawn/garrosh area of which lanes are in danger at the same time as you get the indications for the back of the room would be nice for melee.


16-17 person horde pug and half ptr raid group. I’m a BM blood elf hunter.

Hard to see where safe spot is at front of room until its too late. Kept dying because it looked like i was safe but it was actually opposite direction I was in since it did not reach the front until it was too late. Turtle was basically a full immunity to the Torment anima red stuff on the floors. When i should have at least took some type of damage since turtle is not a full immunity and is only supposed to have 30% damage reduced. It is like iceblock with full immunity (unless your making it that way again where turtle was full immunity, then Heck yes!) I isnta died anytime i did not have turtle.

Fight seemed a bit boring and repetitive. We feel like it need one extra mechanic in another phase or so. Perhaps some soaking ability or extra mobs like mobs that target and follow players. Therefore people using most of their interrupt and CC toolkits for the mawsworn and this supposed suggested mob.

Our group got it down to about 40-60% each time, just kept dying to poorly timed chains and mechanic on floor it was hard to tell where safe spot was. But that was basically the only things we were dying to.

Absolutely LOVED the animation on Torment in this fight.

Fun fight. Lots to do, especially as the fight went on and the mechanics stacked closer. Encore of Torment might be a little hard for some groups but our mostly CE group was able to kill the boss using Windrush and voice communications.

Very cool animation on Torment, fairly simple fight but it’s heroic. Agreed with Seawolph that gripping the adds seems potentially unintended. Although I could see that being a Mythic mechanic, so maybe not!

I Really like this fight then other bosses The animation was really good I was doing 8k as demo the fight was kind challenging I have to move a lot but with gateway soulshape and port I was fine Lock gate is really good this fight for your party who doesn’t have a mobility like a ret so you should thank your locks and plus my group did something good and weird we pull all the adds at the place with the help of the dk and everyone with the orange thing made a square cleaning those adds really fast overall I will give it 9 out of 10

Being able to stack the Torment debuff on adds might be unintended. The adds died very quickly if multiple debuffed players stood near them. Especially when combined with knocks, grips, binding shot, etc.

This fight seemed like the most unfinished we have tested so far. The mechanics that did exist were realllly cool. I thought the chains and the simon-says style safe zones were really unique. However, there either needs to be more phases on this fight, or it needs to be significantly shorter. Doing the same 3 mechanics for 10+ minutes is not fun. After just one pull our group felt like we had tested and seen the whole fight, we did one more pull and then called it a day.

The fight has a bit of a soft-enrage. The abilities come faster and faster. Around the 8 minute mark garrosh just starts Hellscreaming repeatedly. But I agree this is a bit uninvolved, even as what is an option for the second boss of the raid. It was boring enough as a boss we just quit testing early because even after playing around with trash mob mc’s and gateways there just was not much to see.