FEEDBACK: Heroic Remnant of Ner'zhul - May 7th 2021

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

maybe have the swirls get darker or red as they get closer to hitting so when you have rapid waves of them going out you can tell which are new and which are old on the fly easily.


Really wish you could throw the orbs off the edge from farther from the edge of the room.

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Both tanks will have overlaps of the Suffering debuff - will lead to 3 tanking

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Apparently, this happened.

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Debuff on the add is not very visible.

15man CE guild group. Unholy DK pov.

The torment dot damage seemed a bit strong for healers, especially during overlaps with the dispels, but as a dps I can’t really speak to that too much.

The swirls could get to be a little much later on without having some indication of which came first and which came as a later wave. Also, throwing the orbs off the platform makes you get extremely close to the ledge. Those things are more a matter of how much skill the fight is ultimately intended to be balanced around, though.

As more of a bug note, the orbs that spawned would inconsistently have their pre-debuff animation, not have it, or have it and be absolutely monstrously huge.

Otherwise the fight was different in a refreshing way in an already mechanically exciting raid.

Torment seemed to be targetting specific people a lot, and mostly ignoring others completely.

Some people getting Torment 16 times with others not getting it, or getting it once.

BM blood elf hunter in a pug and half ptr guild group. 18-19 person group. got boss down to about 40-50% consistently.

I was thrown in air by malevolence, then midair I was disengaging back to a safe spot. I still got hit by floor dot lingering malevolence, the black circle on the ground, under me while i was in the air and I ended up dying midair. Since there is a lot of flying around the room, can the floor to midair mechanical hit box be lowered so I can jump out of harms way without getting the DOT from the lingering malevolence when I did not even step on the mechanics/ability ( i was midair the whole time, avoiding it with disengage)?

I just wanted to mention that similar to Kel’Thuzad’s silence zones, we saw many spells targetting the same players in the same order each pull with Torment. This was in an 11 man group.


Pre made group of CE members,

This fight was very frustrating (at least coming from a caster perspective) due to the knockback mechanic coming out so frequently. It felt like I could only get a few casts off before having to move large distances to get in position for another knockback. I know healers felt the same, and felt it was hard to keep up with the damage (which seemed over tuned) when they had to constantly move.

There were also a lot of bugs or weirdness with the orbs. Sometimes it would spawn 1, sometimes 2, sometimes 3, and it was unclear if this was intended or not. The random nature of the spawn locations could also lead to a lot of frustrations because sometimes you get lucky and tanks can pop all at once and other times you cant. There also seemed to be a bug where sometimes multiple “cages” would spawn on an orb and required multiple tank cleaves to get them free, again, not sure if this was intended or not.

Furthermore, there were a lot of DCs/crashes that happened when people picked up the orb to toss it off. I tried twice to grab it and once I DCed and the second time my game just completely crashed to desktop. I know others had similar issues in my group, adding to more frustration.

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I was in this group. The vengeance DH was also able to jump from the cage up to the upper ring around the boss platform.

There’s a typo in the text lines. “A taste of freddom” at 30%.

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We used a Mass Dispel strategy for this fight where debuffed players just went to the edge and one of our two Priests Mass Dispelled them. The knockback didn’t increase in intensity whatsoever and any damage it would’ve done could be easily dealt with by Barrier or AMZ or some sort of raid cooldown.

The visuals on the swirls we needed to dodge were pretty clear, but a visual indication of which ones are about to pop and which ones aren’t would be nice since they spawn in two waves in quick succession.

As such, I echo what Kyliiz said here. This was extremely frustrating to deal with.

I played an Unholy DK on this fight so I was able to largely ignore the forced knockback effects but casters in our group found the knockbacks incredibly unfun and very frustrating.

Some orbs had a visual bug where they’d have a double shell but it was just a visual bug at the end of the day.

Healing seemed a bit difficult on this fight though. Our healers were comparing the Torment DoT to pre-nerf Mythic Xy’mox’s Withering Touch, which was already an extremely overwhelming DoT when combined with any other form of damage. I wouldn’t mind the DoT being extremely strong on Mythic, but this felt far too much for a Heroic boss even by PTR testing standards.

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