FEEDBACK: Heroic Painsmith Raznal - May 13th 2021

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

Encounter does not reset once you reach the intermission.

Edit: Additional info he does not jump down after the intermission ends. We had to force a wipe so the boss resets.


Some of the balls are just despawning at random. Other times we have to burn through them before they become overwhelming.

Sometimes you can Blink/Door of Shadows/Soulshape through them; other times you just can’t and die.

Sometimes the balls are moving at different speeds so they make a gap near the end of their run; other times they just stay in a semi-uniform line.

Also; PLEASE, for the love of god, make the Chains go away when the boss is about to phase. This sort of stuff absolutely encourages groups to do the extremely unpopular Xy’mox/SLG/Sire strategy of “hOld DpS tO aVoId BaD oVeRlApS” because the intermissions are absolutely miserable with Chains active.

EDIT: Also, you can “immune” the chains off, and the debuff and visual go away, but you can still knock people around and otherwise kill them.

Evidence (thanks Merp):

Overall impressions:

This boss is Overlap Hell in its current state and honestly doesn’t seem even remotely finished in its current state, in my opinion. It just throws mechanic after mechanic at you and requires far quicker reaction time than what should be expected of a mid-raid Heroic boss. And the Chains not being removed before the 70% add phase is a recipe for complete and utter disaster.

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Shadowsteel Ember deals damage in a noticeably larger area than the animation associated with it covers. Traps were also larger than they appeared, but to a much lesser degree.

I could be wrong on this, but every non-intermission phase starting with exact same cycle and overlaps is just not super interesting. Every phase starts with chains->spikes->balls->chains>mines and it feels a little bit looped outside of mine positions and where the ball wall spawns. It is understandable though as most of these mechanics on their own aren’t super interesting so they need to be combined to present danger.

Spiked ball hp is a bit too high, but I doubt anyone needs to be told that.

We were able to consistently stop the spikes from the tank weapon throw from spawning by having the tank jump off the edge and glide or transcend back.

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10man CE guild, Unholy DK pov.

Spike Balls felt like they had too much health. Also, they were very inconsistent in how they moved, some would go slow and make a gap, other times they would be uniform, some times 2-3 would just not spawn at all. Some times slows worked, other times they didn’t.

5 bombs at a time felt a little too extreme for a 10man raid. Even going down to 4 would be much smoother and still dangerous to deal with. This was exclusively a small raid problem it seemed.

Shadowsteel Ember adds hit well beyond their swirly area as far as impact damage goes to the point where not seeing the impact was incredibly lethal, but also the real range was functionally too big even if you could see it ahead of time.

A tank could nullify the spike waves by jumping off the platform and returning as the boss throw hit them. This worked in both phase 1 and 2. In phase 2, the tank could also make the spike pattern very trivial by dropping it in one of the corners.

Overall it felt like a fight with tons of potential, but ultimately unfinished and buggy. It would be nice to maybe see some variety in how the mechanics come out, maybe even a slower spike movement in phase 1 in favor of more randomness in how it moves. Having a CC interaction with the chain debuff and spike balls would have been interesting too. It was a unique room/theme and felt like it had a really good pace. With just a little more fleshing out of the spikes and ball mechanics, I think it could easily be one of the more unique and fun encounters like Thongar back in blackrock.

Extremely cool fight, easily one of my favourites. It’s issues are stated already (although I kinda like that the spiky ball mechanic has an element of randomness to it, keeps you on your toes), and spikes seem a tad too fast for a Heroic boss.

Everything else about the fight is fantastic. Gives multiple different classes and specs a time to shine, love that there’s a movement heavy intermission which increases melee value (adds didn’t seem too dangerous though), visually very pleasing and not overwhelming, not sure if using the connecting bridges to circumvent mechanics/the intermission is intended but if it is - that’s cool too environment is usually a forgotten mechanic. Big ups to whoever made this