FEEDBACK: Heroic Kel'Thuzad - May 6th 2021

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs.

Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

We got a raid-wide fatal error on right after the boss cast frost blast. As well as another one for everyone inside the phylactery in phase 2. And as once on an entry to 3rd p1.

Also, many spells are targeting the same people in the same order each pull.

Another big issue we ran into was the boss cast Howling Blizzard at the start of the second phase 1 (there might be a delay on his mana restore) or it might be intended. This seems intended getting into deeper phases. Just casting a spell called dark evocation made me think it was his mana restore.

There is an awful bug happening with warlocks in Kel’Thuzad fight.

Going inside or outside of the phylactery will force your pets to despawn, this is particularly punishing with Demonology who’s damage is 80% pet/guardian based but it’s also a hidrance for affliction/destruction as eventually you are forced to hard-cast sumon imp/felhunter.

Ignore the Quoted part.

Upon further inspection, the issue seems to manifest either as a delay until the pet follows you (As Felguard eventually showed up for me) or just not showing up (as it happened with Imp) ?

I would rly prefer to avoid a another Sire Denathrius fight who heavily punishes pet based specs.


Is there any way to make the tank adds spawn closer together?

Going in to the Phylactery despawned my DK pets as well.

That would just make them even more trivial…

This was a fun fight for our guild, lots of them liked it, I don’t really think there’s a whole lot wrong with it aside from those 3 Ice Things that detonate once you kill them, I would like to see them have a bit more HP… Like it just seemed if you had any random aoe touch them they would die so fast and blow up.

I get that its a “Focus your damage” type mechanic, but they were still just undertuned in terms of HP. That is my main gripe for the fight.

15man CE raider guild group. Unholy DK pov.

Overall seemed like a good fight, the adds were pretty frequent but with them having minimal HP it felt fine. That said there are 2 fight issues and 1 DK issue that I had.

First, the Ice Shard split damage mechanic that goes on players is far too weighted toward bringing as many immunities as physically possible as it just makes that huge point of damage irrelevant and prevents some horrible overlaps.

Second, in the Phylactery, even as melee, it felt like the 2nd and 3rd time you go down, there are FAR too many damage swirls going out. You basically have to keep track of the first wave that spawns, stand IN the second wave until the first is gone and then move out to even stay in melee at all. Combine that with the fact that the swirls can throw you into the boss’s ice frontal, instantly killing you, and it’s just far too punishing.

Lastly and specific to DK, there was a very awkward despawn/auto respawn thing happening with my pet any time I went down into the Phylactery. It would be nice if the pet would stay up between phases.

Oblivion’s Echo was targeting the same people nearly every pull. This same issue also occurs with Glacial Wrath which spawns Glacial Spikes.

Pet’s have a slight delay on appearing when entering or leaving the phylactery.

The animation for entering the phylactery might be too long and cause you to get hit by a green swirlie and die before you can even see the screen.

Had a bug occur on one pull where our Venthyr Frost Mage got Mind Controlled and Kel’thuzad gained Nadjia the Mistblade’s Dauntless Duelist soulbind effect and applied it to me.

NATURE: Pug (not beated)
This battle is incredibly unforgiving, you make 1 mistake and it’s a wipe without defensives. We had to stack darkness, Power Word Barrier, Spirit Link and Aura Mastery to survive the glacial soak AoE, the damage is absurdly high for the gear we had, that was equivalent to normal raid levels.

Talking a similar mechanic, Stone Legion meteor, this one feels MUCH worse, the damage is through the roof and the Dungeon Journal is confusing.
When KT comes back to life, I read it does AoE to all players for over 44k damage, which is… almost 100% of a casters life. So it definitely must have a way to resist or lower the damage, but the journal doesn’t show that, nor the “quick summary” for each role

The ads hit very hard and it makes itself clear both tanks have to stay to resist their onslaught, yet even so, something as little as a Devoted walking by can kill you after some AoE brings you down below 80%. For this battle we essentially had all normal raid gear and it blew us away. Maybe with the deepening bonds from Renown and Domination shard you can get by but, for what we had, i recall tanks going from 100% to 10% in an instant, and they weren’t bad tanks (normal ilvl 221)

I appreciate the hard and complex fight, but when the numbers are this astronomical, it makes you recall those days of early wow raid when bosses had 1-2 mechanics that made themselves troublesome by just having big numbers, just hitting too hard. Reducing the damage but increasing the skill required would be welcome, like more Plagued Devoters to leash around but less damage, or the frost aoe soak, reducing the damage but slowing all affected members more so a mobility cooldown saves you over a simple defensive.

This amount of raid stacked damage will do much worse for the already bad situations resto druids, holy priests and mistweaver monks go through, lacking raid defensive CD for this boss would be a death sentence. Our Composition was 2 disc priests, 1 resto shaman 1 holy paladin, and we needed those defensives to stand a chance we couldn’t successfuly turn into a victory

Oh, and also, can the revived players be “killed” when the battle is over so our CD are reset? Currently, if you’re reanimated and the battle ends, KT just despawns and you remain there, without your CD reset, needing to wait for a respawn, pull again, drop aggro and wait for another reset OR try without cooldowns. It’s not like you save any buff bc you have to die so, food buffs/runes are still lost anyway.

Taunt behavior on tank debuff was kind of awkward. You can taunt after the cast is done and boss just runs to previous tank who is killing ghost adds. Does not respond to the taunt for ~2 seconds unless you taunt during the cast.
– Mobility required could be offset with tank debuff granting just that tank a slight speed increase, without a warlock gate a blood death knight can have trouble making it to all 3 tank adds to soak.

We went in as a mythic guild premade, all of us are 10/10M in the current tier. This fight felt pretty well tuned given our gear, lack of knowledge of the fight prior to us doing it, and the fact its the second to last one. A few things to note however:

We were unsure if it was a bug or not but the glacial spikes seemed to sometimes only damage people around them. There isn’t anything in the dungeon journal about a range so it was kind of weird to see and wasn’t consistent.

The tank debuff that spawns the ghosts, also happened way too often in my opinion. By the time we had killed one set the next one was already spawning which just seemed horrible. Some of our dps never got the hit the boss because we just kept cleaning up adds the whole time

Having our MC’ed hunters spam scare beast on our bear tanks was also hilarious