FEEDBACK: Heroic Fatescribe Roh-Kalo - May 7th 2021

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs. Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

The trigger on switching directions for the runes is really iffy and doesn’t work consistently.

Fated Conjunctions only show animation for 1 area instead of 2

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I felt a great disturbance in the PTR. As if millions of LFR voices cried out in terror…
and were suddenly silenced. I feel you should change absolutely nothing in this encounter.

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15man CE guild group. Unholy DK pov.

First I want to say that this is my favorite fight so far this expansion and the design and art of the room is absolutely amazing. The ring mechanic felt like it worked really well and stood out as a mechanic without being over-complicated and crazy.

Only minor things on this and 1 bug. First, the Call of Eternity circles seemed a little bit too large, especially given the size of Fated Conjunction beams during certain overlaps where you already had prior Call of Eternity orbs up.

Second, the outer 2-3 rings of the middle circles move too fast for slower classes it felt like. The runes would also lag behind when attempting to switch directions by adding/removing players. These two things would combine to make it extremely hard to catch up with a moving ring to change its direction and to stay in a ring without movespeed buffs - especially when you’re dodging orbs.

Lastly, the bug. Fatal Conjunction beams would frequently have beams that were totally invisible to portions of the raid. Who could and couldn’t see beams and which waves they couldn’t see was totally inconsistent and some times we would see 2 or 3 or 4 or none at all. Also, the journal says 4 beams, but we were getting 5.

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Horde, half pug/half ptr guild group but not totally. 20-19 people group. I’m a BM blood elf hunter venthyr. We got the boss down to 40-60% consistent pulls.

i was on the outer rings each time. we had 3 groups of 2 people. one group for inner rings, a group for 2 middle rings, and a group to watch the two outer rings. We also had a backup group when rune ring numbers were inconsistent each time. we had to go counterclockwise. Counterclockwise is even and clockwise is odd. So we had our group of me and a Warlock as a group for outer 2 rings. We had to go counterclockwise so we both stood on the rune/square where rune was on, however it was still going clockwise, causing us to wipe. Other people tried running to rune too and it still wasn’t moving counterclockwise. So we had to run it clockwise with me standing on the rune. We ended up wiping because of it. The mechanic felt like it was not working for counterclockwise. We had consistent 3-4 rune rings at a time but other twitch streamers were saying 4-5 runes were activated at a time. Is it intended to be random amount of runes activated or is it supposed to be a certain number each time?

Also the beams, was hard to figure out where they were going all the way across the room since the animation stopped halfway in the room. The perception of the large room made us think we were safe when we were in fact going to get hit by beams based on the illusion of how far it seemed across the room. Not enough to wipe us (i was at full health and had 33% left).

I used turtle but i still seemed to get hit by the same amount with and without turtle on beams. Turtle did not work during beams, I was at full health when i got hit by beams with and without turtle, each time i dropped to a consistent 33% health. Therefore the 30% damage reduction on turtle was not working on the beams. We lost a few and myself to it a few times. We also had beams on one side of the room but ended up having two separate beams on either side of the room, is it only supposed to be one set or 2 or random? So suggestion is to have the floor graphic lines extend all the way to the other side of the room. Maybe have a set amount of runes and beams each time.

TLDR: we only wiped because of runes not going in the direction we wanted them to and because of invisible beams or hard to see beam lines not extending across the room on the floor. Turtle did not work during beams, I was at full health when i got hit by beams with and without turtle, each time i dropped to a consistent 33% health. Therefore the 30% damage reduction on turtle was not working on the beams.

End thoughts: very fun boss, may kill pugs in lfr though unless its only one rune or no runes for lfr.

Hugely enjoy the rune aspect of this fight. Definitely a great team coordination mechanic.

Fated Conjuction mechanic sometimes had a visual issue where we could only see one, two, five or none of the beams so that made dodging them difficult.

The way players have to get on together and then it locks into a direction doesn’t feel great, but I understand that the devs are trying to find a way to make it handle people coming quickly on and off as it moves with different latencies with some degree of lenience for dodging balls. I think it’s fine as is, but the journal could stand to describe it more accurately.

My other comment is that we began as a 10man group and moved into an 11 man and found dealing with the surprise 3rd rune wheel that may or may not happen with only 11 players to be fairly frustrating, especially if multiple of those wheels needed to have 2 players on them.

Pre made group of CE members,

This fight was probably one of the coolest so far. It felt really unique and interesting and the artwork in the room was so cool.

The being said I think there are one or two issues, primarily with the rune/ring mechanic. I think the “activation” area, that is, the area you have to stand to trigger the ring to turn needs to be much more obvious, and larger. It would also be ideal and cooler if the rings were actually part of the floor so that you can stand on the rune and just let it move you without the need to keep up with it. It also seemed a bit buggy and finicky on how to actually trigger the direction. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn’t

There are some camera angles where the beams are invisible. This mostly happened when I was close to the wall and my camera zoomed in.

Is this a bug? I thought Divine Probe only casted when he switched to a new tank.