FEEDBACK: Heroic Eye of the Jailer - May 6th 2021

Please use this thread for feedback and bug reports regarding this encounter, or related issues. Noting the nature of your group (Mythic guild premade, PUG, etc.) is helpful, as are any logs.

Thank you to everyone who has come out to help test!

I don’t think tanks should be valid targets for chains. It can be super hard to react especially when you have threat on the boss.


I did this fight as an Unholy DK. My pet was constantly getting stuck in mid-air when the Eye would retreat. Additionally, even re-summoning him, he would sometimes just stand on the platform not doing anything. Some testing needs to be done internally with pet classes to make improvements here.


I had the same issue with my pet in terms of pathing during the intermission when the boss floated up in the air. When it didn’t just teleport about 20 feet up in the air, it would just be stuck not responding to any commands to attack another target or any macros I had with @target in it. I had to either have it use Leap to another target to get to respawn which had a 50-50 chance to teleport my ghoul up, or had to dismiss it then resummon it.


Using the Skulker’s Wing trinket launches you through the air over to the chain pile on the front of the left platform regardless of the boss’ current position.


Additionally, the Boss was doing some strange things which I’m unsure if it is a part of the fight. Normally it would start in the middle of the platforms between the 2 outcrops that had the chains which would allow you to jump from one side to the other. The boss would get damaged down by 25%, it would go up and we’d deal with the 2 smaller eyes and additional adds.

After that it would come back down but sometimes it would choose random edges of the whole arena. One time we had it on the outer side of the outcrop on the side where we were getting teleported to via the NPC at the start of the instance. The other time it was on the complete opposite side. Both times when it did the huge eye beam, it began to moving back towards the center where it originally started when we began the fight while rotating the beam, making it nigh impossible to make it to one of the chain piles without getting hit multiple times.

On the attempt when it did not do that, when it was coming back to the center of the outcrop after the intermission, we were able to get a 10% wipe and then were able to kill it.

One of our players reported the same thing about Skulker’s Wing, yeets you all over the place.

I know it’s just heroic but damage is way too low on this fight. Beam is easily tankable which is huge for uptime, pools on the ground don’t tick for much, the tankbuster chain thing tickled.

The boss can’t be reset since he doesn’t move, it will keep spawning adds that will chase you indefinitely until the raid wipes.

There needs to be some protection against getting free damage at each 25% interval. You can set it up right so that you have a lot of spell queuing time once the boss is near 25% to make the final phase race a lot easier.

Chains felt super inconsistent, I don’t really know how to describe it. I could never tell if I would get chained or not when not soaking the circle.

It’s a fun fight, I think the biggest thing will be making the grappling hooks actually necessary because any way to skip it is such a ludicrous advantage.

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Agree with “There needs to be some protection against getting free damage at each 25% interval. You can set it up right so that you have a lot of spell queuing time once the boss is near 25% to make the final phase race a lot easier.”

We let him cast the beam and lusted, he was around 10% hp when we actually got to the final phase, and he barely even had time to cast Immediate Extermination.

14-15 man HoF/CE group. Killed the boss very quickly then spent time doing pulls to test things. Main issues I remember:

The circle that spawns around a player that you have to stand in to get chained wasn’t showing consistently for all of our raiders. Some people would see it one time, and then not the next time. This lead to people randomly getting chained, often in bad positions, as not everyone was aware that the chains circle was out.

We also tried using the extra action button to leap to the other side of the room, to negate the chains debuff and not have to run against it. This worked to negate the chains but the boss spazzed out, didn’t know where to go, and reset a few seconds later. Clearly not intended for the extra action button/leap thing to be used in this way.

Our guild did testing and killed the boss, had 20 or 21 raiders in terms of group size (We’re World rank 60’ish right now, in terms of level)… Pets were 100% broken on this fight, they were like stuck on the left side hovering in the air it looked like. Convoke the spirits may have been bugged at times and not hitting the boss properly, bosses like that and the last one in DoS it always seems bugged on and not always targetting them with damage casts like starsurge.

The Abductors seemed kind of underwhelming, to the point where we could just mostly ignore them, you could seemingly cheese the chains by just stacking the entire raid in it, to trivialize it (chains felt kind of buggy in general). It feels like multiple of the Abductors should be up or something, to have a bit more going on. Just one being up felt really uneventful.

The black pools you have to kite and drop on the sides were really unimpactful, I feel like you could make them grow faster and take up more room so that way its more punishing if you place them in a bad spot… That entire mechanic felt super trivial and we never really felt any sort of impact or presence from it at all in terms of making the fight more difficult.

Raid damage intake seemed super low aside from small windows when the two eyes were up and had to have them 30 yards apart. Healing on the fight the healers were super bored for 90% of the time. Feel like some sort of raid damage could be introduced in the phase the eyes aren’t up, and increase the raid damage a bit when they are.

Make that beam of doom wider and travel faster imo… It seemed way too easy to react and get to a side to take the chain. That entire beam mechanic felt completely unthreatening.

Lastly, boss HP felt a bit low when you take into account the spell queueing thing, boss just sort of flopped over.

15man CE guild group. Unholy DK pov.

An interesting boss fight, but a few things of serious note.

Pets were all over the place. Some times they would go up in the air or chase the boss off the platform only to eventually teleport back onto me when I spammed attack macros. When the boss would transition to the intermission while pets are targeting him they would always do this.
Also, when transitioning from the Intermission back to the regular phase if my pet followed the boss off the edge the boss would actually start to target and follow my pet, running around the very outer edge of the platform seemingly at random until I dismissed my pet manually which made the boss move back to his proper spot at the middle of the room.

Next, the Abductors. The chains from these adds would either not give a circle before going off or would hit people not in the circle, just overall buggy. That aside, these adds feel utterly harmless themselves. I couldn’t see any reason to focus kill them rather than just dragging them around until they bleed out. Perhaps a timer before they return to the skies or some kind of aoe raid pulse on them could add a purpose for killing them in a reasonable amount of time. Some kind of progress bar to show how close you are to pulling the abductors down with the chains would be nice as well.

Lastly, the intermissions felt really stale given how long the fight ends up being. The twin eyes had very minimal threat level from what I could tell. Also, the small puddles they drop can sometimes deal damage beyond their visual effect by a couple yards.

nature: PUG (beated!)

The Eye’s killer beam mechanic can be entirely avoided by Warlock’s portal, which trivializes the mechanic and basically forces a warlock for mythic progresson. If the laser still affected you while traveling, it’d be great.

The swirlies for the soul spawn should have marked borders, as it seems you’re hit regardless of the UI indicating you’re out of risk.

Overall, the fight is very fun, I recall my raid on Discord amazed by the leap across platform mechanics, and it wasn’t overly hard, yet challenging as well.

A suggestion: Since this is another Mue’zala boss, aka, a big boss that floats over unwalkable terrain and has no clear hitbox, it’d be great if there was a line or indication on the ground, like a trail of energy or something, to visually show where the melee range starts. As a holy pala, I found myself walking way closer than I had to to get my abilities going, then risking a chain pull as consequence.

There is a picture circulating around of the Eye of the Jailer having pets bugging out.

If this bug is happening with frequence, guarantee to destroy pet classes for this encounter.

Pretty decent fight so far, a little low on tank damage/raid damage wise so it feels a bit boring but we overhealed it with 6 or 7 healers with 26 person group I believe.

  • beam mechanic you can just use any displacement ability and phase right through it as well as AMS/rogue cloak/warlock gate+portal/ blind, unsure if night fae blink worked though. Maybe give a debuff that gets cleared when you utilize the chain to jump sides for beam phase?

We went in as a mythic guild premade, all of us are 10/10M in the current tier. This fight overall felt really cool for a second boss and at an appropriate difficulty level given its only the second boss

The only real feedback I could note is that when the adds first touch down, there needs to be a longer grace period for the tank to pick them up. Our tanks were taunting immediately and they still meleed the closest dps for a few hits before aggroing onto the tank

It also would be cool if the chains that take you from one side to the other had more of an actual use. In most cases people could avoid the beam by just running, blinking through it or otherwise cheesing it. It would be so cool if the chains and the extra action button had more of a purpose, like maybe hooking down adds or something, or leaping onto the eyes back and hitting him for extra damage

Our pet classes were also complaining a lot about how bad the pet AI is on this fight and often their pets weren’t even able to melee the boss

Huge problem with hitting the boss with abilities that target the ground

Trying to hit the boss with a cast of the warrior night fae ability for example, results in you having to tip toe to the edge, and even then it may not hit if he’s on the “other” side of the platform.

Just feels like I’m fighting with the game itself in order to hit the boss with ground abilities. Feels much less like a fight mechanic thing and more of an oversight.