Feedback: Feral Tree

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What is in it for you? (Blizzard)

The fantasy of playing a cat. I’m sure you’ve heard of a certain Stray going around. People want to play as a cat, to lean into that fantasy of being one. The biggest hurdle to doing that in your game, of becoming a subscriber, of being a paying customer is the perception of feral in game.
This is a large untaped market that has been sitting there waiting for you to capitalise on it.

Feral has always been there in the Warcraft universe, in the opening cinematic.

Thematically cheesy

We are cat. Tigers jumping out of the shadows, leaving gaping wounds from sharp claws. Cheetahs launching at high speed towards prey. Jaguars leaping down catching the unaware. Lions as leaders of the pride. Our natural weapons of tooth and claw, used to gouge, rip, tear and batter prey until it is exhausted and bleeding on the ground so we can lick our wounds and live for another day after relying on our survival instincts to avoid or lessen the damage from hooves and horn.

Cats are ambush predators, the accumulation of wounds and exhaustion win us prey. To bite is to finish off what we caught but bleeds are essential.

The past, the now and the future

Our main kit has mostly stayed the same over the years. Build combo points to place a Rip on the target, to always maintain our bleeds from that and Rake. Energy gain from Tigers Fury and making sure that Fury stays by the Rip and Rake affected throughout the lenght of their durations. And when all that is done, to pool energy for Bites.

Tuning over the years and into the latest expansion of Shadowlands has pulled power out of our bleeds to put it all into Bite and its now time to put it back for the new Expansion of DragonFlight.

The wishes

A differentiation between direct physical damage and bleeding damage builds.
Shred, Swipe, Brutal slash, Ferocious Bite
Rake, Thrash, Rip, Primal Wrath

Now, I’m not saying that one should be used exclusively above the other. Hardly so. We have been a spinning plates class for since forever and I would like it to remain that way. But as it stands right now, and how it looks currently, on Bosses we cause anywhere between 40%-50% of our damage with our Bites, and we only bite, outside of Convoke, once every 3-4 attacks.

What can we do with this? If damage over a period of time was more equal between rip and bite, between shred and rake, swipe/brutal slash and thrash, then that would open up the talent tree to new ideas of blood pools to pick up, of sepsis setting in, diseases bringing down huge hulking dragons, of going for their throat

Which brings us to the energy that we would use in these efforts. Tigers Fury is a staple choice in the feral kit. 50 energy and the 15% damage that we can use in snapshotting with our bleeds (we are one of the last ones to be able to use the snapshotting mechanic and I’d like that to remain please) that we need to spend 4 points to get the whole benefit… other classes get this all as 1 point.

Same with the extended energy bar, 3 points. Throughout the Feral tree, we have 16 talent points simply for saving or generating extra energy. This is just a little bit much out of the 46 total in the tree, tweeking to our energy recharge rate and generation to a smaller amount but no less powerful talents can open up space for innovation in fullfilling the damaging role we are in.

On a small seperate note, a talent point for 20% slow. While we are the fastest cats in the game, not everyone can keep up with us. More slow would be helpful for our back up and or switch it to be applied by our aoe Thrash.

Beserk. A fury untamed… that you have split up into 3/4 talents spread across the whole tree so far. It is a cool idea but in practice it falls a little bit flat in comparing it to other class ultimate abilities. I’ve heard good things about Sickle of the Lion, the 4 set bonus. If Shred and Rake had a bigger bonus, then that would work towards improving the power of this which again would require that Bite wasnt 40-50% of our total damage. If Bleeds were of a higher damage then a bleed speed up would work with Beserk too.

Brutal Slash / Swipe. I’ve seen many comments on this and I’ll try to condense it all here. Bloodtalons requires 3 different spells to proc and in an aoe environment it would be very fun to use thrash, swipe and brutal slash into primal wrath. Also Brutal slash is a seperate talent from swipe but it replaces swipe which negates a talent point on the general tree we could use elsewhere. But we cant as a physical damage buff, our interupt and iron fur are behind Swipe. On another note I’ve heard of issues with trying to swipe as a bear while Brutal slash is talented as we simply just wont have it in our spell books. Divorce Brutal Slash from replacing Swipe. It is an extra button but we can deal with it.

On the note of Brutal Slash, as it is at the moment, M+ users who would prefer using Swipe will not take it, which locks them out of our big damage reduction and apex… and a third of beserk. This requires an immediate fix. There are too many issues with having Swipe replaced.

Predatory Swiftness, this has been a staple of Feral since more or less the beginning of WoW, to be honest this should be baseline rather than. We have been trained for the longest time to heal after using a 5cp (combo point) ability to improve our survivability, and speaking of baseline, the stealth damage improvements should be baseline on shred and rake too, they shouldnt just be locked to feral but be available to the other druid specialisations. Especially since it would require them to be stealthed as all good kitties should be at the start of fights.

Speaking of staples of the Feral. We can, using Predatory Swiftness, cast Regrowth and Entangling Roots in cat form, free, within Cat Form and with no cast time. Along with this we also have Remove Corruption. Onto the wish, it would be fantastic… since other specialisations of druid have it and can do it, to be able to cast Rebirth while in Cat Form. And for the PvP Cats, Cyclone. We can still have a cast bar, but shifting out of Cat Form isn’t what we are meant to do, especially since we’ve had years and decades to learn these spells.

Lunar Inspiration. Personally I want to use this all the time, but because of the past few expansions reliance on buffing Ferocious Bite, I couldn’t play at being a moonfire kitty. And while it is not one of our main bleeds, I do think it should be included in the Dot mastery bonus since it is essentially an extra Bleed.

On the note of Lunar, we have a decidedly low amount of godly inputs into our talent selection. Ashamane gave us Feral Frenzy although the one in our talents is in a reduced form only for single target than the Legion weapon’s aoe skill, it would be nice to have it expanded back to legion capability. Alongside this we could revive Shadow Rip and Shadow thrash into the talent tree as they existed back on the legion weapon. Goldrinn, Elune, Malorne, Kimbul especially can be used in naming some skills. Adept of or otherwise.

If people still liked the spam Ferocious Bite, it could be into a keystone talent along the lines of each tick of bleed damage or bleed damage total among all enemies increases the damage of Ferocious Bite, this would give a reliance on building for bleeds and rewarding high uptime, leading into this could be another idea like when an enemy has 3 bleeds on it then you gain a damage buff. Or for each tick of a bleed, the enemy gains a stack that can be consumed by Bite for extra damage. This would all take us away from talents like Each bleed increases FB by % and open up the spec to talents that can complement both bleed and straight up physical damage builds along with opening up magical effects that would compliment Moonfire kitty or the Bees build.

Bees. From Shadowlands came the Necrolord ability Adaptive Swarm with a new spinning plate to learn and keep going but in turn, the 2nd point that allows the swarm to start splitting is a bit expensive. Simply giving the full benefit for a single extra point or baking it right into Adaptive Swarm would keep this going along with numbers change to keep it being worthwhile as gear is acquired

Take damage from Ferocious Bite, put it into Shred and Rake, and make Rip more equal to FB damage.

Less talents spent on energy. Make Tigers Fury generate 50 energy with its talent point or at most 1 more point.
Extra Energy, only 1 point, not 3.
Cull energy talents from the 16 we have in the tree down to a manageable amount. Keep Omen of Clarity.
Scent of Blood > increased energy regen per target affected by Thrash. Can increase cost and damage of Swipe + BrS but then that makes this a required talent

Bake in the 20% slow to Thrash and Rake as too weak to be a talent.

Seperate Brutal Slash and Swipe as buttons

Beserk, consolidate the talents into 1. The damage equalisation from above (more shred/rake damage) should improve Beserk’s viability as an actual dps button. Reduce Point req on stealth rake/shred to 1 or bake it baseline.

Predatory Swiftness is to be baked in or one of the first talents available.

Cast Regrowth, Entangling Roots, Cyclone, Rebirth, Remove Corruption in Cat Form. Talent Idea, early mid tier or one of the first talents available.

Lunar Inspiration, add it to mastery. Other talent options, on physical or bleed damage, cause more arcane. Or spread a small dot when you thrash a target with moonfire on them, when those hit by 2 aoe abilities, cause the target to flare up with moonfire cauterising any wounds but inflicting massive Lunar damage.

Keystone idea, to make up for reduced Ferocious Bite, each bleed tick or % of bleed damage stored per target or on self to add to the next Ferocious Bite.

Adaptive Swarm (Rename/New Visual to be Faerie Fire?) The splitting Talent point should either be baked in or only costing 1 point.


Potential talents:
Wild Fleshrending (Thrash gives bonus damage to Shred/BrS/Swipe)
Blood Mist (Beserk chance on Rake)
Power of the Moon (When it front loaded moonfire damage from DoT to hit)
Feral Instinct (% damage buff during Beserk)
Shadow Thrash (25% chance on shadow damage over time)
Open Wounds (15% armour penetration while Rip is active)
Ashamane’s Bite (10% chance on combo point generator use to proc a shadow duplicate of Rip)
Mangle (40% increase in DoT damage for x seconds… although Adaptive Swarm does this)
Leader of the Pack (5% crit, heal on crit)
Displacer Beast (teleport a short distance and gain some movement speed)
WoD PvP 4 piece (Shred Crit causes target to take 10% more bleed damage)
Faerie Fire (Increases physical vulnerability)
Symbiosis (Gain a spell when using symbiosis on another class based on their specialisation)
Cower (Reduce threat, I’ve heard of issues on the current feral opener due to Convoke)
Incapacitating Roar (Cat Version)
0 combo point use on Savage Roar (SR used to be useable with 0 CP)

Feral Adept (Use cast time helpful spells in Cat form like Cyclone and Rebirth)
Blood pools (generate from chance on bleed proc, increase a stat or physical damage)
Disease on bleed (when at 3 bleeds, add a dot damage % increase disease or DoT)
Scent of Blood(% increase energy regen per enemy affected by Thrash, also reduce duration on Thrash to 6 sec from 12, same damage over shortened duration)

Bloodtalons more central of the tree


It would nice if they would indicate they are even looking at this stuff at this point.


Good stuff, I like most of what you said. I really hope Blizz reads/responds to this as well, so far from what I have seen they have been silent on any druid feedback. As someone without alpha access, I posted some ideas in the talent tree thread on the Druid forum as well, going to bump them here in hopes that someone at Blizz sees our thoughts!

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Very good points OP.
At this stage i feel as though its another oh we’re the meme class again? Ok well then we’ll make do, as us cats always do pepesadge

Baking in the zerk talents into zerk itself would be amazing, it would make us feel like zerk actually does something and wanting to press the button.

Putting our current passives (ie, TF energy, slow on rake/stealth rake bonus) into talents is just plain stupid and its only there to pad out the tree.


Are these latest updates a joke?


Not sure if intentionally so, but yes. Not a funny one, though.


Ugh. I was gonna try to stick it out (because I mostly tank these days vs feral), but maybe it’s time to try something else for an expansion. Been playing this guy since classic :frowning:


Same. Still wearing the tabard from the TBC prepatch event if you look at my armory.

But probably maining shaman in DF at this rate. Shaman DF trees just got some survivability talent nerfs, but despite that there’s so much potential there, and the updates come regularly along with explanations of what’s being changed and why.

Not … two feral talents being flip-flopped after three weeks of silence.


I was hoping for a full rework of Feral for Dragonflight, but they just took the SL cat and threw it randomly at a talent tree. There’s nothing from anything outside of SL and nothing new either.

Changing the position of 2 talents after getting bombarded with feedback on how bad the tree is is NOT listening Blizzard… it’s doing the absolute bare minimum, for a product slated to go into prepatch in 4 months.


It’s actually somehow even worse than that.

Feral is in a relatively OK spot right now. Stellar ST dps, and cleave that can do some solid damage in our CD window. But the only reason that our aoe damage is anything other than total garbage is our 4-piece, sickle.

And guess what, sickle didn’t make it into the Legion of Battle for Dragonlands talent tree. So we go back in the toilet for cleave/aoe situations.

Unless the damage on the new Frenzyband talent is significantly buffed, we are back to Shadowlands Season 1-2 status, awful.


Certainly some issues with the tree at this time. Of course some of the issues are just fundamental issues with Feral that the community has pointed out for years but have never been addressed.

My current feedback on some of them:

Brutal Slash - Either needs to be reworked as not to replace Swipe (so additive) or it needs to be put somewhere easily accessible when doing a single target focused build.

Infected Wounds - In my opinion should just be moved over to the base druid tree. I’ve never once been in a PvE situation where I was like thank goodness I have Infected Wounds or this would have gone badly. There’s far better slows (20% isn’t much of anything) and in most situations you’d just Typhoon or Root anyways. This definitely should not be a main route/blocker node.

Predatory Swiftness - Should be much higher on the tree so it’s easily accessible. One of feral’s bread and butter when it comes to survivability. I could not imagine the world where I have to stop, shift out of cat form, hard cast heals, and then shift back. What an absolutely awful feeling.

Improved Tiger Fury - The main impact of Tiger Fury is the damage boost. The energy is nice but when you eat it up in 1-2 GCD’s the impact of the energy gain is min. I’d either just eliminate it and make Tiger Fury 50 energy baseline or reduce the amount of points you need to take to get the full benefit, like 2 points, 15 energy each.

Max Energy - I see this as a mostly dead talent, having more energy doesn’t help you do more things. It might allow for some more burst type of situations going fresh into a fight but the impact is limited. Like the above I think condensing this down to two talent points would be at least better.

Berserk - Has always been meh, sure you generally get more combat points but you also generally lack the energy to make full use of the talent unless you’re in a situation like Blood Lust. I’ve always wished the Incarnation version had been baseline to make this cool down feel better. So taking a meh talent and splitting it up just makes it feel worse.

Lunar Inspiration - Unless they change it to a bleed or to where it scales with mastery this is just a dead talent. It needs to be removed or reworked point blank.


Good stuff!

I’d like to add that for PvPers, taking primal wrath is terrible. Especially when speccing into a Draught of Deep Focus build.

Predatory swiftness and feral frenzy are mandatory in a bleed build for pvp/arena but feral HAS to take primal wrath to reach both talents.

Using a talent for an AoE bleed in a build that doesn’t want to multi-dot is so counterintuitive.

Primal Wrath needs to be moved somewhere else in the tree or maybe made into a choice node with Draught of Deep Focus.

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I will simply say I’ve complained on Twitter, the forums, and other places… it’s nice to receive ZERO feedback.
I’m hoping beyond hope that the last week of the Alpha comes around and Druid gets a massive rework. OR we have no changes and we’re stuck with this garbage.


My hope is actually for beta. Feral doesn’t have a very large population on the best of days and the Ferals who made it into alpha will be a small group indeed. My hope is that when the beta floodgates open up we’re able to muster up enough volume to be heard.

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