Feedback: Feral and Stealth

I could not post this in the beta forum yet as my account has not been invited, but I wanted to share an annoying experience I have with stealth on the Feral Druid. It’s nothing like Stealth for a Rogue. I don’t mean vanish I mean just the standard stealth.

Please make it have as short a cooldown as stealth is on a Rogue I believe it’s 1.4 seconds or shorter, which really helps out if you don’t have a vanish ability which feral druids don’t have!

I love what you’re doing with energy, and key abilities, and making dots go faster which certain skills because those things were sorely missed but we really need to be able to stealth before an enemy in PVE comes by and spots us because it’s annoying to get trapped by 3 or 5 mobs when you’re doing your dailies simply because they all respawn at once or in a chain and overwhelm you!

Or give us a Vanish talent or both!
Thank you!


I would prefer they keep stealth out of ferals toolkit past the initial pre-combat stealth. I think its clunky play, like ground-targeted spells. Just doesnt flow.


we sort of do have a vanish if you pair it with the night elf racial. I use that to drop combat if I need to skedaddle out of a tough situation.

Incarn lets you vanish once, but it’s not a great talent.

But yeah, you can use shadowmeld rotationally for improved rakes on any fight where you dont need to meld to avoid a mechanic.

Shadowmeld needs to be in the druid tree, its too clutch


I agree i would prefer if they focused more on the cat\bear\cheetah form on feral.

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I tried playing a non night elf druid…I don’t know how you guys do it. SM is just too clutch for too many classes. Love it on my warrior. Love it on my priest. Love it on my monk.

The day they remove SM from my NE…will be my last day of WoW. I’ve been playing with it since day 1 of vanilla (granted, it was far different back then, but still useful).


You didn’t hear this from me, but lets say on PTR that Ashamane’s guidance is currently bugged. It gives you the bonus for both convoke and incarn if you take the incarn talent instead of convoke. This make incarn randomly proc, which constantly releases your 4-piece set bonus and turns the talent into a ~1.5 min CD with all the CDR you’ll have. It also turns Convoke into a 30 second cooldown if you have Unity.

Downside is this only works on PTR and you need to be in shadowlands. Good chance this bug will be fixed.

As long as Night Elves don’t get cucked, having a 2nd battle stealth wouldn’t hurt us. But in reality I don’t think it is going to happen, as each race that can be druid have a niche that they fit better into certain specs.

Tauren: Highest Stamina and Aoe Stun, so best Guardian druids. Make pretty survivable Balance druids as well. (I think it’s the same for High mountain as well but I could be wrong, just not AoE stun)

Trolls: Best Balance/Resto druids by a landslide, really no contest here as their racial increases druid spell potency by a lot.

Worgen: Good All rounder, as that %3 native crit is nice to make builds easier. I would say their worst druid spec is resto, but they still perfom pretty well at it and Dark Flight is amazing.

Night Elves: Best Feral definitely, as SM is useful but has a 5 minuet cooldown and is treated by casuals like Owlweaving in combat and you don’t really see it used like that often. They also have a racial that is good but really hard to balance around, since it can change your stats mid fight depending on your raid time.

(I don’t really know my allied races all that much sadly, but you get the picture)

While a 2nd battle stealth would be useful, if you want to make shadow meld for all druids and technically it is baked into incarn. Then give us all of Trolls racials in turn. But honestly I like that each race and spec have a niche that they fit.

But all the races are really good at all the specs with the right player behind the wheel. But one day we will see crossfaction guilds so you can play night elf to your hearts content or if you want to stay one of the others perfectly fine as chosing a race that fits your personal prefences is perfect. I chose Night Elf cause I love the cat forms the most, they are smaller then the rest but sleek design is fantastic. Having SM on top of that was just extra icing on the cake, but it isn’t the main reason I chose night elf.

Like my first character was a Tauren boomkin. But at the end of the day I hope they make everything crossfaction so people can min max harder if they wish instead of being stuck to the faction friends play.

Never understood this but in the game world drunk pirates are better at hiding than magical cats.

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Soon to be drunk TAUREN pirates…that will be better at hiding then magical cats ^^

Well, they do have a lot of natural camouflage. Easily mistaken as the aftermath of an out of control cow tipping party.

Kul Tiran coldcock is a hilarious skillshot in PvP.

It’s like Aimed Shot, a cast that can’t be interrupted, and you can follow it with roots or clone. Works wonders for balance and resto. Especially hilarious in the Blade’s Edge and Dalaran Sewers maps.

Note: my druid is a Nelf, obvi, but I play KT rsham in arenas.