Feedback: Evokers

Echoing that Charged Blast is better. All that needed to be done was move the Focusing Iris effect into Charged Blast, you didn’t have to completely reinvent that side of the tree. :stuck_out_tongue:

It also feels like Azure Strike has no position in our rotation anymore. We used to be able to get it to cleave up to 6 targets, which made it useful for AoE, but now it’s capped at 3, so in most cases Living Flame would still be better due to the damage difference (even with all of the azure strike talents and not all of the living flame talents, living flame still does triple the damage of azure strike) and procs. Since we can cast while moving the majority of the fight due to hover, it being instant cast doesn’t give us the same bonus as say Scorch on Fire Mage.

Bringing back the Azure Strike increases the damage of Charged Blast/Shattering Star talent, but have it last more than 5 seconds this time, and it’d give us a reason to weave it into rotations. The issue last time was it lasted so short, it was almost impossible to get an empowered Charged Blast off while Focusing Iris and other buffs were up.

Anyway, this is probably a non-problem for many, and I’ll probably be called a nitpicker like usual or accused of causing a nerf, but I noticed it and thought I’d ask:

Is it intentional that we can spec into almost the entire Devastation tree? I think I get 1 more point from this. (Ignore my weird setup, the talent shuffle is taking getting used to lol).

Like, 2 of the ones I didn’t choose are Deep Breath talents, which as discussed last week, is pretty much useless right now in its current state, even disregarding the target reticle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Which means I only won’t be able to grab 8 useful talents, 2 of which are 2 pointers. Again, probably a non-issue for most, but compared to other specs, which have 10+ they can’t choose, it’s a decent improvement. For instance, if we take Survival, and grab as many 1 point talents as we can, we’re left with 12-13 untouched talents, almost all of which are 2-3 points. Which means even taking into account the 2 Deep Breath talents, they have almost triple the amount of untouched points as Devastation. Other specs are similar to a degree (though Survival is the highest due to the amount of 2/3 pointers if I recall from my tinkering). Devastation seems to be a rather low outlier right now?


I would just like to mention that Eternity’s span absolutely has some value in two target cleave with Eternity Surge. It cuts the empower time needed in half. Normally you would need to empower it to level 2 in order to hit two targets, but with Eternity’s span it will hit two targets at level 1. Not saying that Shattering Star feels better than Charged blast, but just reminding you that the intent isn’t to always empower spells to max level.


Yes please the previous build felt better in dungeons and allowed more build diversity imo. It just needed a buff to some of the damage window times since it left NO room for pause.
As it is now just feels like your forced to go all red buffing abilities in a dungeon and all blue in a raid whereas before; atleast for blue build it felt like you were able to have a mass aoe red build and a low cleave blue build.

I think you misinterpreted what I was saying; I know I didn’t phrase it the best but I’m having difficulty putting it into words.
My main point about the “6 target eternity surge” with the “two target cleave shattering star” was that in a dungeon specifically it has some niches that make it nearly useless imo (the shattering star part not the eternity surge part) as you cant even guarantee to hit the second add that has the shattering star buff on with anything other than pyre.

This new change to the build makes it feel to me like you would never really go into the blue tree in a dungeon and you would never go into the red tree for raids. I feel what some others are saying that I feel shoehorned into going down the middle path “getting everything but nothing”.

I personally prefer Shattered Star over Charged Blast by a very large amount. Prior to this talent tree redesign, you were pushed towards playing a hybrid build (in terms of talent to talent synergies). Using azure strike in anyway on single target felt horrible for me because the move is a light cleave move (hitting 3 targets) or a “i have no hover charges and have to still move”.
Shattering Star on the other hand gives a lot of gameplay around optimization which will be the space that many raiders and M+ players will fall into and gives the class some much needed depth compared to the last version in my opinion.

Observation: Currently if you take every single talent in the tree, you have 16 points that you did not have to take. Now if you consider that many of the options in the tree are purely for AOE or Cleave damage profiles we are left with almost every talent option selected. This makes our different builds (AOE, Cleave, Single Target) feel very similar to play and to me makes the talent system less engaging to fiddle with because there isn’t a lot of payoff there.


It feels bad now though.

There’s no reason to ever hit it. There’s not a single fight that exists in this game that would have you moving so much that the 2 charges of hover you can spec into and the hover CD reset won’t cover.

Living Flame does 3x as much as Azure Strike, even with all the Azure Strike talents and not the Living Flame talents.

Even if there’s 2 targets, you’d do more with single target Living Flame than the Cleave skill we should be using.

Hell, with all the Living Flame talents and the Flame Breath talent that makes the next Living Flame hit X more targets, I have zero doubts Living Flame would even outclass Azure Strike on 3 targets.

The changes made Azure Strike have zero place in our rotation and that feels bad. The single target spell (Living Flame) should not outclass the Cleave Spell (Azure Strike) on Cleave.

They need to bring back the talent that increased Azure Strike to 6 targets (with max targets hit talents) and the buff from Azure Strike to Shattering Star. (Just make it last more than 5 seconds so it’s not punishing if you want to hold it. Make it last 15 seconds,the CD of Shattering Star.) That way if we spec into that talent, we have incentive to use Azure Strike twice every 15 seconds if that’s the playstyle we want.

Either that, or add a talent that increases Azure Strike’s damage by X% for each additional target hit. So that it at least has a place in cleave where it should be.

I mentioned this above. I hope it’s just a side effect of them reshuffling the trees and it’ll be adjusted later, cause you can spec into almost the whole tree lol.


(post deleted by author)

I actually think you’re just wrong though. Not considering either Ruby Embers or Engulfing Blaze, their DPS output is very similar. What you’re not accounting for is the fact that you can cast Azure Blast 3 times in the same time it takes to cast living flame once, whether you’re moving or not.

Also, both are VERY useful situationally. Azure blast actually feels really good to use with the new Charged Blast talent, as it is each damage instance that grants a stack of Charged blast, not each cast to buff your next Pyre.

I won’t argue the 6 target thing, it was cool. But adding the damage amp to Shattering Star would just basically mean no change had been made. I haven’t played around with Shattering Star enough yet to know for sure if it’s better or worse than the old ability, but I don’t think making them the same ability is what the designers were going for.

This isn’t necessary. Like I said above with the new Charged Blast Talent, you’re going to be pressing Azure Strike in AoE (And maybe ST as well) already. Buffing it in this way isn’t necessary.


The new Evoker build feels pretty solid. I’m not sold on Shattering Star yet, but I like how it is positioned in the tree right now. I think the new Charged Blast talent is fantastic and new options like Might of the Aspects make Dragonrage feel like more of an offensive CD than just an APM CD.

Animosity is also really cool in it’s rework. My early take is that I think using an empower spell during Dragonrage feels off, but even if you fully charge Fire Breath / Eternity Surge you get more overall uptime (though it is closer to 2 additional seconds than 6)

Speaking of Eternity Surge

I think this rework I suggested is still better than the current rendition. I understand what I’ve suggested may not be perfect, but the current ES just doesn’t feel right.

I dont love Dragonrage being locked behind Quell CD and self healing effectiveness, as there would be some situations where neither of those are particularly helpful, but I do appreciate the Quell CD reduction being higher in the tree and more accessible.

Love the changes and communication, hope to see more soon!


…“Not considering some of the talents I mentioned that make it so Azure Strike is completely outclassed”

Right. I literally said this. Azure strike does 1/3 of the damage Living Flame does without the Living Flame talents.

This is literally not hard to test, even with damage meters. There’s a nifty thing called a stopwatch. (Numbers are averages of me casting it 50 times)

Azure Strike, in 20 casts: 5200-5300.
Living Flame, in 20 casts: 16000-16500.
Living Flame, with Engulfing Blaze: 23400-24000. This increases cast time to 2.3 seconds.
Living Flame, with Ruby Embers: 17200-17700.

What you are not accounting for is a little thing called the global cooldown.

Without a GCD, you’d be correct. But with one, you aren’t. Let’s use the lowest common multiple of the GCD and these cast times, so we can get an accurate read - 207 seconds. Now, this would obviously be in perfect circumstances, never having an ounce of downtime, etc. but it’s the only way we can calculate.

Azure Strike - 138 casts, amounting to on average, 724,500 damage. (Triple this would be 2,173,500)
Living Flame - 115 casts, amounting to on average, 1,868,750 damage.
Living Flame w/ Ruby Embers - 115 casts, amounting to on average, 2,006,750 damage.
Living Flame w/ Engulfing Blaze - 90 casts, amounting to on average, 2,133,000 damage.

Now, you might say “Ha, see, it’s still better in triple target by a small margin!” but… you’re forgetting something else. There’s another talent called Snapfire that generates free and instant cast Firestorms periodically when you cast Living Flame, as well as the fact every 30 seconds, you’ll be cleaving Living Flame to up to 4 targets with the Flame Breath talent. And tbh, I am not in the mood to calculate all of that, but I’m sure even you can tell that would push living flame over in almost every situation, even Engulfing/Ruby. And yes, there’s a talent that boosts the next pyre when you use blue spells, but as that’s not only procced by Azure Strike, but also two of our other main spells, it’s not exactly something that can easily be accounted for mathematically.

As such, unless they add something - it’s never worth casting Azure Strike if you grab the talent points for Living Flame, which you should.

This is what not just I have been saying. The change may have made the rotation more basic and less complex, but they removed any incentive we had to use Azure Strike.

No, the change, literally in their post, was made because getting the buffed Charged Blast while Focusing Iris was up was burdensome. They even touched on the fact the stacking buff from Azure Strike had negative feedback - but I guarantee most of them weren’t from the buff itself, but rather the fact the buff only lasted 4 seconds, making it extremely punishing if you had even an ounce of lag.

For the record, I like the new tree for the most part. But the lack of any real use of Azure Strike is something that I personally feel needs improvement in some manner.

And yes, even simply allowing it to cleave up to 6 targets again would put it back in the “useable on aoe situations” mode again. But at 3, it’s just not worth it.


Even with the GCD you can cast Azure strike 3 times in the cast time of Living Flame. I did account for the GCD. So 20 casts of Azure Strike =/= 20 casts of Living Flame

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I really want to know how you figured this. (Genuine question, not trying to sound condescending)

Azure Strike incurs a 1.5 second GCD. Living Flame has a 1.8 sec cast time. The GCD does not start again after it’s over.

Are you implying that 1.5 x 3 = 1.8?


This however does not account for the fact you can get more essence burst procs with azure strike over living flame, but I think living flame still takes the cake pretty easily.

I can say that living flame feels a lot worse to use than azure strike. Also the fact you would get increased damage from azure strike for charged blast was very nice, and now, like those above have said, you have no reason to ever use azure strike, despite it having felt so much better as a filler ability.

I would much prefer if azure strike or living flame was more of an active choice based on the builds/talents you want to go, rather than just having to pick whichever is the current better of the two (which is living flame by a mile).

Maybe I just miss old charged blast/azure strike, it felt quite good in the last build. (I know you had touched on it in the post that the feedback was saying otherwise, but I can firmly say once the duration of the charged blast buff from azure strike was increased it felt a lot better imo, and if it had just 2 more seconds it would’ve been even better).

I’ve had a lot more time to play with and discuss devastation with others about the state of evoker. I spent a lot of time last night really sinking my teeth into the talents and getting a much better understanding of the spec after the changes.

  1. Shattering star - There are a few things that stand out to me with shattering star after testing it and also testing some of the other side of the talent tree that is meant to seemingly compete with this talent

    • The debuff portion misses the mark, both in duration and in it’s impact. You have a very small window to utilize the debuff, and from what I can tell the best time to use it would be with an essence bursted disintegrate. Ontop of that 20% does not feel impactful at all, and it’s hard to notice a difference when utilizing it.

    • The damage of shattering star needs to either baseline function like charged blast did with azure strike (a stacking buff after casting azure strike that increases it’s damage), or have a significant boost to it’s damage. Shattering star basically is competing with catalyze on the tree, and right now catalyze and that portion of the tree makes a lot more sense, do more damage (at least single target) and feels a lot better to play in terms of rotation/intuitive gameplay.

    • Old charged blast had the two talents that allowed it to cleave or have a chance to reset on single target, it would be nice to have the chance to reset on single target in combination with the azure strike change listed above (may need a bunch of tuning, or utilize multiple talents to achieve these)

  2. Power Swell and Iridescence - I’ve bundled these together because you have to take power swell 2/2 to get Iridescence, and power swell doesn’t feel good to pick. The only impact it has on gameplay is just making sure you don’t have capped essence before using a charged ability, which isn’t particularly exciting.

    • Iridescence - Iridescence on the other hand is a lot more fun and well-designed, and in combination with the new charged blast talent (which increases pyre damage, and should totally be renamed) it requires active decision making as well as min/maxing of your stacks on pyre/essence burst/etc depending on when you are going to use your charged abilities and what abilities you use after. It’s interactive and it’s only downside is really how you get to the talent.
  3. Feed the Flame and Catalyze - I’ve lumped these two together because they work well together and if you take Catalyze you will likely take feed the flame.

    • Catalyze - A very good way to incentivize devastation evokers into utilizing both red and blue spells as stated in the post last week. Currently however I think it’s probably too strong, or the shattering star side is too weak (as touched upon earlier) and it’s already looking to be an exclusive go-to for single target. It also seems like it’ll have a somewhat higher skill cap than the other side.

    • Feed the Flames - This works super well with catalyze, and allows it to be less of a severe skill cap for catalyze and makes it less punishing while also feeling really good to keep the fire breath dot up. Only concern is that like catalyze, it’s pretty dominant currently and the other side (shattering star/iridescence) cannot keep up, but that’s tuning, it is currently designed very well.

  4. Scintillation - This talent is amazing, it’s super fun, it’s got some rng which who doesn’t love some rng, it feels good when it procs, it looks super cool, I love it, please keep it and don’t ever remove it ty :slight_smile:

  5. Cascading Power - Similarly to Scintillation, it’s got some rng, I love it, it feels great, idk if that’s good feedback but I like it a lot.

  6. Engulfing Blaze - I do not like this talent, for a few different reasons:

    • The extra cast time feels really bad when we’re using it as a primary nuke, and really makes it hard to utilize every proc you want to use, I get that’s the tradeoff, but it is not fun, especially since the rest of the class feels relatively fast (excluding charged abilities).

    • Our main “filler” is really meant to try to fish for essence burst procs, but the increased duration has negative synergy with that goal, and the chance does not increase with the cast time, so it’s still a flat 20% chance, which over the course of the fight if you take Ruby Embers you would get significantly more chances of the course of the fight for essence bursts. I don’t know the math here, and it’s going to be a sim thing, but I already see some pitfalls on it and feel like it may need some changes.

    • Burnout helps even out the equation some, especially with feed the flames, but it’s not always up.

  7. Azure Strike - Currently feels like we don’t have a spot for this, maybe in aoe, but it’s aoe was significantly nerfed, it could be better for fishing essence bursts but it’s damage is a lot lower. I noted above that it would be nice to have it interact with shattering star if you choose that talent, but really anything would be nice. I also would love to sacrifice some talents to be able to use this as our main filler instead of living flame, it would be great for a more mobile-focused build, and maybe that’s too greedy of me, but I really enjoy using it as a main nuke over living flame.

  8. Dragonrage with Animosity feels good, I like that both sides of the talent tree have interactions with this (Continuuim/Casualty and Feed the flames) that will allow good extension periods especially later in the expansion with more main stats. 10/10 great change!

  9. Hover uptime with talents/blessing of the bronze/time spiral - I like it, not sure what else to say. Pls don’t nerf? I know it was said that evokers would be very mobile, with some demon hunter comparisons, and I feel like hover is both fun because you actually are flying and good because of the multiple mobility components to it.

  10. Deep Breath/Deep Breath talents - They feel like a waste of talents, not just because of how the targeting is (a lot of feedback on this in prior posts from others and myself) but also because the talents are just “do a bit more damage” and “reduced cooldown”. I get you have to have some of these, but something like “whenever you use a red or blue ability reduce the cooldown of deep breath” or something more interactive that also scales. That is however besides the point of the ability/targeting itself.

I think that’s most of my current talent feedback, there’s probably more but those are the most obvious ones that pop out to me. I am super enjoying playing evoker overall though and am very happy with it’s addition to the roster of classes.


Sharing a few thoughts.

Just want to start out that I love Living flame with Engulfing Blaze. I miss the days when filler spells actually did respectable damage and this talent delivers.

I think there is a bit of hyperbole that Azure strike is useless, as the new Charged Blast will likely make it the go-to in multi-target scenarios, however I do think the talent tree gives a lot more love to Living Flame.
Perhaps if there was a choice node for Azure Strike similar to how there is for Living flame it might feel more loved. Something like: “Refraction: When Arcane strike hits more than one target it gives a stack of refraction, causing Disintigrate to fork to 1 additional nearby target per stack at X% reduced damage. Maximum 2 stacks.” This would synergize well with Catalyze, charged blast and Eternity span buffed Shattering star, although you might have to make Scintillation only able to proc on the initial target to keep that balanced. A distinction is that I think it should fork, not chain. This keeps it more unique compared to the several chaining abilities already in the game. Maybe the other talent could augment Azure Strike in a way to give it use in the single target rotation.

On the topic of Shattering star, the buff feels too short to really get full value out of without high haste and investing an additional point just to make it usable doesn’t seem worth it over the other useful talents available. I would rather see the base duration increased to 6 seconds and Focusing Iris reworked to do something more interesting.

Something I’ve felt is that several of the the current capstone talents are rather bland.

I think that Iridescence could use a visual around the character, such a magic orb circling you per charge of blue spell and a flame circling per charge of red. Make it obvious that the Evoker has this buff up. This talent has the problem that it doesn’t really change what you’re doing, it’s just a passive damage buff to two spells after each empower spell.

Cascading power has synergy with a lot of the tree, and has a lot of potential in burst scenarios, so it’s probably fine as a capstone for balance reasons.

Feed the Flames has a ton of synergy making it a great pick while I don’t think there would ever be a reason to take Everburning Flame over it. Everburning flame only works with red spells so that leaves only Living Flame and Pyre (and firestorm if talented) which have anti-synergy with the fire DoT talent Catalyze, which makes you want to disintegrate as much as possible during the DoT. I think that Everburning flame should also “pause” the remaining timer of the DoT during disintegrate or be reworked in a way to cause the fire breath DoT to ramp up in damage over time and have small ways to increase duration so it because a playstyle of ramping the DoT and trying to keep it up to get as much damage as possible.


Now that Echo is working again I’d like to talk about how it interacts with Lifebind.

Being able to Echo → Rescue to apply Lifebind to multiple allies is cool and exciting, except that only one of the Lifebinds currently works. I really love the idea of being able to Echo a couple allies, Rescue a third, and spam heals on myself which radiate to everyone involved. I’m hoping that this is the intended functionality and that it’s simply bugged at the moment.

Lifebind is also a little underwhelming in general due to its short duration. Maybe it will improve with Haste, but with so much of its 5 second duration eaten by the GCD there’s precious little time to capitalize on it.


I finally realized why I don’t like Shattering Star compared to Charged Blast:

With Charged Blast, we had a strong nuke on a semi decent cooldown that we needed to build around. Eternity Surge just wasn’t hitting that mark, but Charged Blast felt good.

Shattering Star does half the damage of our filler spell now (a fraction of what Charged Blast did) - living flame, and just a little over azure strike’s damage - which, as noted many times above, is mathematically too weak to ever use, even in multi target situations.

Shattering Star does a fraction of Charged Blast’s damage and it feels bad to press. The 20% increase in damage you deal doesn’t work well, as it only lasts 4 seconds. You can get one spell, MAYBE two if you’re lucky. You can’t even get a fully charged Fire Breath/Eternity Surge off in that time.

I understand you may have decided to switch from Charged Blast to Eternity Surge as our main semi-CD Nuke, but as Letholas and a few others have mentioned before, Eternity Surge feels bad to charge because the only thing charging does is increase the targets hit. I know you don’t want every charge skill to feel mandatory to charge, but it should still feel good to charge, shouldn’t it?

So right now, it’s leaving Shattering Star in the same place as Azure Strike - “Why are we using this at all?”

Like, I genuinely don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything if I don’t spec into it. All of our damage is loaded into Eternity Surge, Disintegrate, Fire Storm, and Fire Breath, and it feels better to directly boost one of those skills with the 2 talent points used to make Shattering Star useable than to actually use Shattering Star.

Like, why not revisit the Azure Strike thing, but instead of buffing damage, have it so casting Azure Strike increases the duration of the next Shattering Star’s debuff?


My feedback on Evoker will be focused on the Preservation spec changes from alpha build 44999.

The combination of Life Giver’s Flame and Lifeforce Mender being a 5 talent point cost feels extremely rough compared to what it had been. Lifeforce Mender, especially, feels as though it’s meant to keep talent points from other, more interesting nodes, instead of being interesting itself.

Essence Strike being removed does make some sense for the overall health of the kit, but there just…doesn’t seem to be much use for Azure Strike in moment to moment gameplay now. Living Flame with Scarlet Adaptation is just too powerful of a damage combo to go for something that does so little damage, even with Protracted Talons in the Class Tree taken. The only reason I’d want to press Azure Strike now is to deal damage while moving without using a charge of Hover for Living Flame. Which is a shame because the spell looks great.

Essence Attunement’s placement in the tree, replacing Essence Strike (and swapping position with Life Giver’s Flame) makes sense, as well as clearing up the extra Essence Burst entry in the spellbook from previous builds.

Temporal Anomaly had been in a really weird position, but this build really pushed it into a specific strength, with the amount of Echos it’ll be able to apply through Resonating Sphere. This is such a massive quality of life change for the spell, I’m surprised it isn’t baked right into it. There are a few things that still feel out of place:

  • The mana cost for just the healing it does does not feel balanced to the spell at all. With Echo applications, it’s understandable, but I just don’t see the button being used without Resonating Sphere talented. If the spell wants to have its own identity outside of raid Echo applicator, I think reducing the mana cost when Resonating Sphere isn’t talented would give it much more breathing room in the spec.
    • With spells that cost Essence being as powerful as they are, that they need to use this resource, I’m a little surprised that Resonating Sphere doesn’t add an Essence cost to Temporal Anomaly. Or that the spell isn’t an Empowered spell. Really, that it just doesn’t have either of Evoker’s unique class-defining traits on it.
  • With Convergence, it had been possible to quickly build 4 Temporal Compression stacks with Reversion and Echo casts going into a Temporal Anomaly cast. With Resonating Sphere however, pressing Echo before it no longer seems like a good decision for spending Essences, as you can apply those Echos for mana now.
    • As a consequence, Sacral Empowerment (one of my favorite abilities, when talented alongside Exhilarating Burst) is still in the same position it was before this build, except we’ve gained Temporal Anomaly casts and lost Echo casts.
  • The cooldown feels really out of place with the spell now. It’s so short that it almost feels as though it shouldn’t exist? The mana cost keeps it out of “press on CD” territory, but the power of the spell itself almost signifies it should be on a longer cooldown.
  • If Echo is meant to be used as a pre-damage ramp ability, where you want them placed before damage goes out in order to have your healing be as effective as possible, then the way Temporal Anomaly heals goes directly against this, with Resonating Sphere talented. Currently it only heals targets if it would not do 100% overhealing, which doesn’t line up with the ramping playstyle, I feel. If Resonating Sphere were talented, I’d prefer it to have some internal charge system, where it applies a set amount of Echos and then fades away.

Hopefully this isn’t the last set of changes you’ll do for Temporal Anomaly, Resonating Sphere is such a great addition to it.

Ouroboros doesn’t feel too interesting, as Echo’s initial heal feels like it’ll be mostly wasted since it’ll be used before damage events. In the rare circumstance you apply Echo during damage, the prerequisite of Emerald Blossom healing events feels out of place as well? If anything, I feel as though the ticks from Reversion would be a better candidate for increasing Echo’s initial heal?

Time Keeper and Time of Need swapping places is a great change! Time of Need feels too specific to be where it had been, while the other two options in its row (Lifebind and Call of Ysera) are significant, consistent throughput increases. The second charge of Reversion, to help prevent overcapping, feels just as impactful (especially with Golden Hour and Grace Period talented).

I think that wraps it up for the notable changes this build? Some quick bulletpointed things that I’ve been meaning to post feedback about include:

  • Using Rescue as a trigger for several of our throughput buffs. Coming from playing Mistweaver for several expansions, using my mobility for throughput feels less like a tradeoff and more like a loss of mobility. Changing Lifebind and Call of Ysera to work with other spells, in addition to Rescue, would go a long way in the spec feeling better to play, I think.
  • Sacral Empowerment being tucked as far as it is in the “Green” side of the tree feels so out of place. A talent that relies on Bronze spells being as far as it possibly can from them does not feel good. Honestly, the middle of the tree, where Life Giver’s Flame and Lifeforce Mender are, feels like a natural conclusion for the two talents above it, where all the Essence Burst related spells are grouped up and there’s a pseudo capstone in Exhilarating Burst.
  • Dream Flight is too good of a spell to not take. The throughput it does relative to its cooldown overshadows some other classes’ major 3 minute raid-wide cooldowns. I cannot think of a scenario where you wouldn’t take it, and that sort of rigidity doesn’t feel good with the talent system revamp.
  • Essence Burst should make both the Essence and Mana cost of those affected spells free, not just the Essence cost. Getting an Essence Burst should allow you to use the spell without worrying about using mana, but including it makes it feel as though it’s not free, especially with Emerald Blossom costing as much as it does, especially now with Grove Tender removed.

Thank you for your time! ^-^

(Edited to add Essence Burst mana interaction bullet point)


Hi! I have an issue with the Evoker…I’m unable to cast/activate ALL Empowered spells, such as Fire Breath and Eternity Surge. I click and hold the skills on my skillbar, but nothing happens at all. They fail to cast/activate. I’ve tried it in both the Dracthyr Starting experience and a Template characters. It’s very strange, because these skills worked just fine, as intended, on Monday, but something must’ve happened on Tuesday’s reset, where I’m blocked from casting these spells, and unable to progress in the Dracthyr Starting Zone.

The Evoker class tree has too many 2 point nodes and has too many nodes related to mobility (if they were 1 point that wouldn’t be TOO bad). Because Hover let’s you cast while moving I feel like I should be taking a lot of those and end up not taking things like Expunge, Heavy Wingbeats/Clobbering Sweep, Regenerative Magic, Draconic Legacy, and Fly With me just to get to Terror of the Skies and some of the other connected 1 pt nodes in the bottom middle section.

I would suggest either giving the tree more points to spend and/or reducing the number of 2 point nodes.