Feedback: Evokers

Literally the only positive thing about this new build is that i seem to be killing quest mobs faster.

Everything else is bantha poo doo


That’s fair. I hadn’t thought about that because I was questing with my wife. When I ran around solo I definitely wasn’t able to pull as much on the Waking Shore versus other classes I saw running around. Starting gear definitely needs to be boosted. Strong agree.

Can you still transfer sandworn relics from a copied character and buy gear in Zeereth Mortis? Beta is updating now so I can’t check. That should be able to goose your ilvl a little bit through the early zones. I don’t think you start getting 250 ilvl gear as quest rewards until level 64 or 65.

It is still a problem for evoker though, even with upgraded gear. The talents that make your root take more damage to break seemed to help immensely - the spell seems like it is set at a specific damage threshold that may outscale common enemies, so I was often killing them while they were still rooted.

Sleepwalk has the same effect, at least while leveling. I could sleepwalk an enemy and do 1/3 to 1/2 of their healthbar in damage before they would break out. Sleepwalk is definitely not that way at lvl 70 with some better gear. It breaks on almost any amount of direct damage, but it can be useful to buy you a short pause to reposition and heal up a little. I’ve been killing elites easily (though slowly) as long as they only have a couple off dots on them. Packs of enemies like in some of the gnoll camps, were really difficult.

As a resto druid main on live who has played both on the beta, I feel like preserver is more mobile than my druid. Though I do wish they’d implement the change some here have mentioned of letting hover be cast while casting. There’s a different change to hover that just went up on the beta (or maybe ptr, not sure) that’s nice as well but I think I prefer the cast while casting idea. The new change lets spells that were started during the hover buff finish casting while moving even if the hover buff ends partway through the cast.

I’m not a fan of changing the range anyways but I wouldn’t hate that sort of UI solution to different ranges if they did. Seems like it’d work fine.

Wanted to note that as of the current build Call of Ysera now works as expected with Echo’d Living Flames. All the flames now benefit regardless of who you target and their proximity to you.

Lifebind is still wonky when Echo’d, which is probably going to get more attention now that Verdant Embrace can self-cast. Looking forward to that getting fixed as well.


Reading through everything here, I think it’s possible that a couple high-impact changes could be made to ease the repercussions of the limited healing range without stripping the class of its mid-range uniqueness.

More uptime on casting while moving would be a big one, whether through more frequent/longer hovers, more instant casts, or—most ambitiously—by making preservation evokers able to cast while moving by default and changing hover to something else, as others have suggested. Would a healer similar to, say, a Marksmanship Hunter—who mixes high movement uptime with a few hard-hitting rooted casts—really be so dangerous to add to the game?

Definitely also agree that making rescue 40yds makes a lot of sense.

I think there’s something to the idea of making spellcast range checking work differently for evokers—if their spells only checked range at the beginning of casts, I think it would ease a lot of the frustration around failed casts.

Really though, increasing the readability of where specific allies are/how far away from you they are would go a long way on its own—and that would be a change that would benefit all healers.

Philosophically, I do think the idea that an “advanced class” must have an equivalently higher effectiveness ceiling isn’t necessarily true. Some people just enjoy playing more advanced classes. When it comes down to it, there will always be an “easiest” class to play effectively. It can be rewarding to pull off a more advanced class just because it is inherently satisfying to do so, even if the same level of success could be achieved more easily on another class. And making an advanced class too much more effective at the high-end just inevitably leads to it being overplayed by high-level players, who are by definition going to be able to meet the demands of the advanced playstyle. The difficulty-to-effectiveness ratio isn’t really zero-sum, especially in a game where roleplaying/self-expression is at least as big a motivator as competition for most players.


I personally feel like a good trade off for the range issue might be just letting preservation evokers cast while moving period. take it off hover and just make that the unique flavor of Preservation spec. With the range gimp, the only thing that makes sense with how long some of our channels are is to let it all be cast while moving.

Hover should just be a speed boost that breaks roots/snares.

Then you can focus a lot more on getting where you need to be with your other spells and not about standing still and losing range on everyone.


It’s the same, though.

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Both things always happened, and are still happening. The 4 balls signified your charge level.

Check your graphics settings?

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See, I didn’t want to post this and sound dumb, but your talk of the ZM gear crossed my mind earlier. That they might be balancing it around pre-patch and people getting gear from there, mythic+, and so on. I don’t want to make that assumption though. On the flip side, if that was the case, it really screws over newer players who will just be going straight from the Forbidden Reach to the Dragon Isles.


This is what’s so shocking to read about Evoker, people talk this class up to be some revolutionary movement based class that has a wide variety of factors you can double down on that Blizzard has designed with in mind while limiting it’s range to 25 yards to create a unique playstyle. This is all quite simply the opposite, there’s nothing unique about this class other than the empowered spell mechanic and that it has a 25 yard range limitation for absolutely no reason other than to say, “haha, advanced class go brr”. In reality my druid makes this class look like a complete joke if you compared both it’s movement capabilities AND on top of that druid has 45 yard range.


I agree with you. It doesn’t feel gamebreaking if SOAR is equal to dragon riding.

if they are worried for old stuff - leave it as nurfed as is in old content.

make it a full time dragonriding in Dragon Isles.

I think this will be a better solution, that the state of it right now.


You’re right, deleting the original to avoid confusion. Appreciate you.

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Im running around with 3 rolls, a teleport and a 70% speed buff that removes all snares


Agreed. Evoker isnt really that unique with its mobility when you break it down. Other classes are just inherently better because they come with no down sides that require your party to play around.

I also do not get the argument “its unique because it has 25 yards for the sake of being 25 yards and people wanna enjoy a more advanced class because its more advanced”

This is the same road feral druid went down and now feral doesnt get invited half the time because of community perception. Feral druids work twice as hard as other dps specs but for the same dps/reward. This is preservation evoker right now. Its complex for the sake of being complex and no other reason. Skillful players can pull off more advanced classes but those classes come with a reason to master it. High skill cap but comes with a high reward. Preservation Evoker has no reward. It has a high skill cap but no reward. On top of that, it is not just the player playing the pres. evoker who isnt rewarded, but the entire party isnt rewarded for inviting a pres. evoker.

Trust me guys. If the community hates bringing preservations evokers because the negatives outweigh your “fun to play” to the point where nobody invites them, there will not be any fun to have with the class/spec.


It’s not even “complex.” It’s just needlessly gimped. It isn’t more skillful because you can work extra hard within a 25yrd constraint, when every other healer can do it at 40yrds. It’s just bad.

It’s a challenge for me to play with my tongue instead of hands - doesn’t make it fun or engaging.


Still think Firestorm should have a healing component when the evoker is standing in it… it does so little damage normally compared with the other aoe moves.


You are right. Its kit is just basic healing spells with not much complexity to them. Maybe i should have said that the mobility with the short range is meant to be the complex part.

Still, it doesnt make sense to work so hard for no pay off. Its working hard for the sake of working hard in a world where there is more value in working smarter, not harder.


Ive played evoker almost to max level now and i can happily say as it is now i wont just be not maining an evoker, but not playing one at all. Notwithstanding, im continuing to play it on the leveling server to explore max level stuff. But im going to end game server test my other toons now that ive seen evoker. The idea of a dragon class was cool but in typical blizzard fashion they messed it up hard. My words are purely for preservation i dont play much dps classes only one dps class and i havent tried devastation.

Of all classes disc priest and resto druid are both fleshing out to be pretty good. Disc historically has been awful to play but the atonement changes seem positive. I’m leaning more towards resto druid though. Theyve got the ultimate movement right now, biggest range, battle rez, tons of utility and so far their class devs seem to have got a lot right this time around.


Something’s weird with Burnout on the Devastation tree. It doesn’t seem to be proccing nearly as much as it should in Aoe

Im going with Monk again. Despite the hate from MW for expansion after expansion, it’s definitely my cup of Tea (see what i did there).