Feedback: Evokers

if that’s true then will have to wait to see what difference if any it makes but doing rough math it still looks like several spells lost power rather than stayed even.

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its neutral except spirit bloom bc they didnt change the spell power coefficient on it


The actual patch notes are also already posted and don’t mention Evoker at all, so I don’t think there are any meaningful intended changes for them this build?

Guess they were posted on the EU forums first. I guess those are for PTR but beta went down at the same time so I assume they’d have the same changes?

edit: these are also posted in our PTR forum, I suppose if there were Evoker changes they might not list them in the PTR notes since Evokers aren’t in the PTR yet I don’t think


I certaintly have not read ALL the mposts here but ive skimed it real fast and i wanted to throw in something i have not seen any mention of ( i could be wrong) alot of people in /5 [ The beta Chat] seem to agree with me when i mention the lack the “Awesome” Feelings you get from SOAR once you’ve leveled to max level / put some points into DR. OFFTOPIC Thought ; I was under the impression ( i have no idea from where) that at some point n time we (ENVOKERS), would be able to turn into the dragon riding mount itself, That would be dope! super awesome feels. But on the topic of Soar, i feel like if im ever gonna use it at max level for anything more then a Oh Crap i AFK’d or wasnt paying attention and got stuck on the low side of the mountain… now i need to climb cuz i also used all my vigor n im impatient.

I have honestly want a “FLYING” Class and maybe it was fantacy but i built that into what evoker was going to be and i think alot of other people expected the Dragon based class to be able to do a bit more then “soar” .

Just remember the Avian Feather From Legion. If we cant turn into dragons… We should be able to atleast Launch ourself’s a bit higher

Perhaps even a nice idea so Soar isnt as powerful as Avian Feather… would be to have it scale from dragon riding…
^^^^ I mention this because, when i use soar after failing at a Dragonriding launch. i use soar as explained above… while using Soar I do not gain Vigor back for my DR mount.


the difference between all of the spell power coefficients was 40%, if you want to see take the new spell power divide by the old spell power, you will get .6 that means 40% is missing which is made up for by the aura buff (which you can see it is stricken through and the 0% is in green)

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I see it on my computer now, on my older tablet that i was reading on before the -40% that is striked out maybe the screen contrast isn’t so good it was just black on that device.

Running a couple of spell math’s just now most seem to be the same after the changes.

I was literally having a freak out if they had gotten that nerfed.

The complete lack of feedback from the evoker developers is heavy hearted to say the least. Zero feedback or directional input.

yeah some of the color choices on wowhead are unfortunate the main TC for pres has confirmed everything is 0 change EXCEPT bloom bc they didnt change its scaling and our damage which got the buff


(insert demon hunter joke here)

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By this point in time, and combined with their silence of almost a month, I think it would be safe to say that they feel the class is in a “good place from their own perspective” whatever that perspective may be, and they just don’t want to deal with the blowback by posting about it here or opening it up for debate. Silence is probably just easier and par for the course on subjects they don’t want to address.

They are kind of backed into a corner, they spent probably 1.5 years since Shadowlands launched coming up with the idea of this class, spent a fortune developing it, and now so many don’t like an entire 50% of the two specs available. It’s not just embarassing but it’s financial. They don’t have time nor the budget to go back this soon to launch and revamp it all.

Best case you’ll see some buffs during tuning pass I think that’s probably about it considering pre patch is only weeks away now, whatever is on PTR is probably here to stay…

With that said, I’m going to go play test other classes besides Evoker now, cause I’m so over this class. I only play healers and this is just not ticking all the little boxes in my head.


That’s fair. I hadn’t thought about that because I was questing with my wife. When I ran around solo I definitely wasn’t able to pull as much on the Waking Shore versus other classes I saw running around. Starting gear definitely needs to be boosted. Strong agree.


For me the 25 yard range for healing (in a 5 man dungeon setting) is pretty difficult. I think I could manage it as a DPS spec but for healing I feels as if I’m constantly moving in order to heal all members of my party.

I wish rescue and fly with me had a 40 yard range if the other healing spells don’t.


Most of the Soar feedback is in the Dragonriding thread.

It was all ignored though. :man_shrugging:


I think 30/35 Would makee a nice feel… Cuz yeah often in the heroics n big pulls or even just a small pull from the shriek welp ppl are spread far past 40 yards n makes it hard to heal everyone…

i also really like the idea of just making rescue / fly with me 40 yards. , using the temporal orb thing, makes healing melee from the range department good

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Hover – You may now finish your last cast while moving without being interrupted when Hover ends.

Oh look, a breadcrumb

Edit: The change to scintillation doesn’t seem like a lot but it actually feels way more consistent, despite not hitting as hard.

Hello Evokers,

A quick note for today’s build: We’ve updated Soar to used a “bonus action bar” like Dragonriding Drakes do, allowing Surge Forward and Skyward Ascent to be dragged around on the action bar. New characters will automatically have the two abilities on the action bar when Soar is learned. However, existing characters will need to drag them out of the spellbook, under the General tab. Apologies for the inconvenience!


Another point here to mention

Not being able to cast empower spells while hover is active feels bad. I think it’d play into being a hyper mobile caster well to be able to set those up while moving. It’d add the skill to having to point it in the right direction.


I saw the mention of soar and got all excited.

But now I feel let down.

Make soar = dragonriding riding and make dragonriding usable everywhere flying is enabled.


Same… :confused:

Regardless, I was hoping for more after a month of silence. Both specs of Evoker need help, and we’re running low on time.


So they listened to practically none of our feedback? Glad I’m not a top tier raider our playing evoker wouldn’t be in the cards for me.


From the Beta Dev Notes:

Hover – You may now finish your last cast while moving without being interrupted when Hover ends.
Scintillation – Chance to occur increased to 15% (was 4/8%). Eternity Surge is launched at 30/60% power (was 100%)
Burnout – Can now stack twice.

Is…is this some kind of joke?