Feedback: Evokers

All the mobility in the world doesn’t mean jack when a single slow/root completely shuts you down.


This is why i play devil advocate in forums. I 100% agree. I love evoker but i will end up playinh mw due to it being so much more viable and not stopcapped

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Why play devil’s advocate against suggestions to bring evoker up to where other healers are? What does it benefit? Blizz has started with this implementation so clearly they see positives, why list “positives” you don’t actually believe? Bc all it LOOKS like is so you can turn around and go “oh yeah just playing devil’s advocate”.

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One of the biggest issues is youre not really as mobile as you should be since you can not move while casting an empowered spell. If most of your throughput comes from those limited ranged spells but they do not interact with Hover in any way, then your mobility has less value when the whole niche of evoker is mobility.

What people are really asking for when they ask for an increase to 40 yards is an increase on spells that are important for those situations where a 40 yard gap is unavoidable, and no amount of skillful play using mobility utility is going to help you.

A good example for this is dispels or very important spot healing on a target when they have to handle a mechanic. Yes, you CAN use mobility to reach them but the time it takes to figure out their location in a raid of 20 or more people, then travel to them, THEN dispel them or spot heal them is essentially risking their death when no other healer has to worry about this because they can do this exact scenario without blinking. But also, what if you get chained on Sludgefist and you CAN’T use your mobility to reach a target beyond 25 yards but you are 1 of 3 or 4 healers that your group has and the fight is tuned for ALL healers to have this ability. This is why 25 yards is unacceptable on certain spells. This plays out way too often within raiding, as well as in dungeons, albeit not as much in 5 man dungeons. Blizzard already doesn’t account for certain restrictions that some classes have when they create encounters so I would not expect them to tune fights with the idea of Pres. Evokers being in the fight.


Because both sides have things i agree with. Personally I’m happy with how iit plays. But i also agree it needs some changes. Playing devils advocate usually garners a more direct and explained response. Howamy posts in the last 100 have mentioned a druid moving and not getting hindered on range. I like the temporal echo setup style Personally. The echos last a good what. 17 seconds? Yoou can chunk another temporal out while doing dmg and absorbs. I simply think it just needs fine tuning and maybe some range modifiers on certain spells. Or maybe something like drruids astral influence buff

By the Beta notes, seems like literally 0 things that were discussed in this forum were adressed, literally. Way to go blizz…


then why not just outline what you like about both parts?

I haven’t seen any response that hasnt been covered already in this forum, in my experience the only thing playing devils advocate garners is eye rolls and not being taken seriously anymore.

the bulk of people who take issue with the range are only asking for this, and i have yet to see anyone ask for increase on empowered spell range

you are not the first person to suggest something like this, and I think it needs to be said that if we have to talent into a range increase to bring us to baseline-you will always take it and having to spend 1 (or more, pending on pathing) talents to get where other healers start will feel incredibly bad and is not good design (i also dont think blizz would implement it because of that). I’m not trying to crap on people’s ideas but this one is just not a way to fix it and would urge anyone thinking it is to think about how it would feel

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Despite a lot of the complaints i have about this class i still like it, but we really do need some developer input here. What are the plans for this class, do you intend to make any changes based on the mountains of feedback that have been given since beta started?

The class is in some serious need of quality of life.

The first thing i’d do is replace the class talent that provides a second charge of Hover with a choice node. The choice being either 2 charges of hover or an extra 10 yards of range on all spells and abilities. This would solve a great deal of issues and provide evoker with extra flexibility (Particularly preservation). Still wouldn’t be the full 40, but a 5 yard difference would make it less detrimental to bring an Evoker to a raid.

I also think it’s important that disintegrate only consumes essence per tick. It’s very bad to have a channeled ability as a spender.

In conjunction, Essence Burst (at least for devastation) should grant 3 charges. Each charge should make one essence free (and do the bonus damage, a little awkward math-wise for pyre but it’s better than what we got). So if you get essence burst, and you cast disintegrate, it will consume one charge of essence burst per tick.

This would alleviate a great deal many of the issues with having a channeled ability as a main spender.

I would also either remove hover from the GCD, or make it castable while casting.

Similarly, i would have quell castable while casting, OR reduce the cooldown of it further. If the range of the class is to be shorter, there needs to be something given in return, a shorter interrupt would be good.

As a matter of personal taste, i’d really really like it if the old version of charged blast came back and replaced shattering star. It was fun.


I was more so thinking of adding the 5 range buff to yhe first ability on the pres tree. So you’d get echo and the 5yrd range automatically. Since destr isn’t as harmed by it

I really like the node idea of +10 range vs double hover. I’d use double hover in open world but the range in m+ and raid. That would he agreat QoL change. Most people tKe double hover anyways for the movement. Or change the talent under it from the speed boost for 4 seconds to extra range


Where are you seeing this? I might be blind because I didn’t see any of the issues discussed here adressed.


I don’t really like taking datamined balance changes out of context, so I’ll wait a bit before I start dooming any more.


There isn’t much to take out of context when the spells that used to do +250% of spell power now do +150% spell power in healing and nothing in the text of the spell has changed.

Virtually every healing spell across the board was nerfed for one of the already weakest classes around healing wise especially with the limited range.

So much jokes I’m going back to my hunter I think. They wonder why no one wants to tank or heal.


reduced spell power scaling but increased the aura on their spells.

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I think it is to compensate the 15% and 20% auras that buffed everything, but still, not a word about 25yd, not a word about making Hover less clunky (used during cast and let us used empowered spells while hovering), it’s quite insane they literally didn’t do anything but change spell names and auras

You should look closer. the healing spells do not have increases to their aura, they all say 0% only the damage spells got buffed.


We desperately need some dialogue and response from the dev team here on the class, clock is ticking and we want to know what we can do to help them ensure this class is excellent at launch. I WANT TO PLAY IT. But right now with its current state and no new information or response of any kind in weeks. I do not have high hopes for this class.


It has certainly gone from mediocre to horrible outlook with 25 days or more of zero feedback.


the aura was -40% before, so it still went up by 40%


yea looks like an increase to me.

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