Feedback: Epic Battlegrounds

Just passing along some random coffee break thoughts here, bear with me here… :coffee:

Because the air is suddenly buzzing with hype regarding alpha/beta I feel it’s a good time to bring up an old idea of mine :yum:

Who knows, with all this fresh news coming out this week about Shadowlands maybe (just maybe) the devs are starting to come back from afk and actually browsing the forums again? :thinking:

Anyways, the “general idea” is that this solution addresses all the complaining/whining (for most pugs anyway) regarding Wintergrasp and Ashran - without having to change said maps.


This way, pugs are given another way to earn conquest points, while at the same time feeling “properly rewarded” for sitting thru the full duration of one of the more “unpopular” maps (example: Wintergrasp).

On the gear side of things, pugs would cap conquest points faster (due to there being more ways to get CP), so there would also be fewer complain/whine threads about gearing up thru PvP on the forums.

Solid idea. The more wintergrasp, the better, and I did enjoy tol barad for the entire time that it was relevant. i only see one issue: queue times and player numbers. At the time that I play, there are maybe two epic bgs going at once. Just two, that’s it. If the queue gets split in two, what would those two epic bgs going at once become? One?
I also know nothing about how blizz has done it’s queues and how the system works. I just know that when my friends finish a bg, the next one pops within 2 minutes.

This needs to be repeated and spread a hundred times over.

I dunno about that, I do know that the last time Southshore vs Tarren Mill was up (…which is another 40-man bg map), the queue times for “regular” epic bgs were not affected at all :man_shrugging:

Seems to disprove the theory/concern of “but there won’t be enough players to fill games”, when 2 separate 40-man bg queues were running simultaneously (“regular” epic bgs + Southshore vs Tarren Mill).

Same thing back when Korrak’s Revenge AV was up - as far as I remember both the regular bg and epic bg queue times were unchanged. “Brawl” Ashran? Same thing - the “regular” epic bg queue time was not affected.

Maybe not at the time you queue, but again, during oceanic primetime, we had 90 minute queues regularly during that brawl week, and two weeks ago during the ashran brawl. Granted, I was in a group, but still. The queue times will be affected in some way.

Interesting, I’ve NEVER heard of a 90 minutes queue time, even as a Horde :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Longest queue time I’ve ever seen was like 56 minutes towards the end of Legion.

Ah, that might explain it then… you were trying to premade. Queue times might vary when trying to get the same large group of people into the same instance.

If I remember correctly, Stormpike Militia posted a complain thread or two about long queue times back when they were still playing retail.

I find that the solo-player “estimated” queue time is fairly reliable/accurate for the most part.

Hey there! I put together some ideas for balancing out the epic BGs, seen here: Balancing Epic BGs
Someone suggested to link it to this thread, so I am!

Hi, I have a thread about this and figured I’d post what I said here, because uh it didn’t get any responses. This is probably attention seeking but i don’t care. It has to be said:
My friends and I have witnessed the dark woods rare, and the ring of conquest rare that drops the Ancient Artifact, not spawn at least 13 times in a row. Has anyone else noticed this?! Or is it just us?

Now, I am aware that other rares spawn, and that you don’t need the AA to win ashran. The option, though, is nice. Since the AA does not randomly spawn, and is entirely dependent on that specific boss rare spawning, well a feature of ashran is unobtainable if it doesn’t. That’s the point I am trying to make: is this a bug?

Also the AA rare not spawning means one of my strats for ashran is a risk, because there is less to do in that area.

Edit: others are seeing this too so it can’t just be me.
Edit2: 30 ashran bgs in a row that the rares have not spawned.

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Alright, I got a question for the Blue OP.

Do you all even give a crap about the communities for PvP? We have literally called out for nerfs for various classes (I gave up on this expansion due to corruption… Screw that.) DH with Chaos Damage which was literally WoD Demo Lock Chaos Damage but, er, it isn’t… able to be kicked or anything!? Don’t get me started on the Mortal Strike upon impact in Shadowlands. Unholy is freakin’ out of control. Assassination Rogue, Sub Rogue is a tad better, but it still can literally take down someone within 5 seconds. Tanks are a tad out of control, not sure what the thing is with Prot Pally. When Guardian Druid was literally almost 3k for three seasons? How about WoD when Brewmaster was running Boomkin/Brew/Disc in season one where Guard literally applied to everyone within 15 yards.

Bad mechanics with trinkets and gear perhaps, I dunno. I’ll see ya’ll in Shadowlands if it is decent.

We also want Vendors over this RNG nonsense but NOOOOOOOOOOO. RNG Titanforge and Warforge seems to be perfect!

Freak this, ah’m out.

Please keep the non Epic BG complaints in the other threads. This is only for Epic BG feedback and requests.


Thanks for ruining Epics that have cannons, sieges etc. Can you reduce cannon range to 60 yards instead of 2 miles. Then can you reduce the damage it does against players by 95%. At no point should sieges and cannons be nuking players. I see sieges and I just AFK out of the BG no thanks.

These sieges need to be protected by players that is where the PvP happens. If the sieges are the weapons they don’t need to be protected and just steam roll over players which feels bad and not something anyone wants part of in PvP in this game.

A siege or cannon should do max about 5% of a players health. They are there to attack objectives not players. The players are there to protect the cannons and sieges not hide behind them. However they can be used to add some damage onto battles close to the fort by doing max of 5% of a players HP. Just remember 60 yard range they shouldn’t be firing 2 miles away.

Epic as a whole are unplayable. I stopped Queing till you fix them. You took great battles like Ashran, WG, AV, IOC and made them into unplayable zerg fest that is literally the least fun thing I ever done in PvP.

Epic BGs should last 40-50 at least they are like raids. They should be unwinnable in less than 40 mins. Ashran I used to do for hours and hours and now there aren’t objectives done. There aren’t artifacts turned in or the leader killed. It heavily favors Horde since flowers and you should allow flowers stackable so you can keep them. When you enter the BG you should have flower buffs in your stash to buff up then do the objectives.

I would increase resources to 600 in Ashran which forces turn in’s of artifacts and killing the leader again.

WG is unplayable cause of cannons and sieges then when you get offense 10 times in a row and it’s near impossible to win and the worst pvp imaginable it’s better to just AFK in a corner and read.

I stopped Queing for Epic BGs because they aren’t Epic at all. WG was great in Wrath just try to duplicate that. Ashran was great in WoD just try to duplicate that. AV was great in old expansions just try to duplicate that.

Hate to give my opinion nearly 2 years later, but I think making the glaives for IOC do just slightly less damage to the walls would help make the BGs go a little longer.

The glaives are extraordinarily powerful and can “melt” the walls quickly & they can be out of range of the cannons.

As for AV my opinion is that Vann and Drek need to be buffed a little to make them a little more challenging for players even after they lost their friends. As it stands now if you have all the towers or bunkers down before the other team you usually win with little hope of recovery.

Is this a joke?? Glaives have 281k health… they can be solo-ed by fresh 120s lol

If you’re losing to glaives, that’s (a) learn-2-play issue (b) laziness issue, or both

“Out of range of the cannons”? Too lazy to leave the base and go to them? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ya are you kidding me … a Pally with bubble on can kill all 3 Glavies before his bubble wears out or a rogue with cloak on.

If anything they need to boost the health of the Glavies by atleast triple so that hanger is not the only viable strategy .

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You’re the one making jokes. Nowwhere did I complain about the BG, or say I am losing IOC- you thought it up all in your head.

I merely gave my feedback.

The glaives do so much damage to the gate in so little time no other node can match. If the game designer reads my post he will know I’m right.

Edit: To the post above me, Hangar: lol.

Poor dosao, you fell into the trap card.

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I like wintergrasp the most of any BG ever in WoW, and when it was a server game. Tol Barad (when it was played) is a close second in my opinion.


You must be like me and played it since WOTLK and know what to do :stuck_out_tongue: /snickers

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Ya we used to have alot of fun. I played on Misha originally. Something that doesn’t happen in the BG version which happened frequently, at least on Misha, was 1 seige sneaking into the base since no one was watching that part of the base for a long time.

Some people try to do it still but since at least 2019 August (when I resumed WoW since 5 years off) I haven’t seen anyone be successful at it.

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I mean, I’ve had two wins in it out of like a literal handful of ques. ;-; Just, defenders have the advantage and offense is a coin toss.

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