Feedback: Dungeon Testing - March 26 - April 1


Dragonflight Season 4 dungeon testing begins on PTR realms today. The test period will begin today, Tuesday March 26, and end Monday April 1 at 10:00 a.m. PDT (13:00 EDT, 18:00 CEST). Please note that the test period may be adjusted in the event of technical difficulties.

The following dungeons are available for testing on Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic+ difficulty with the new dungeon progression update:

  • The Azure Vault
  • Brackenhide Hollow
  • Ruby Life Pools
  • Halls of Infusion
  • Algeth’ar Academy
  • The Nokhud Offensive
  • Neltharus
  • Uldaman, Legacy of Tyr

During the test period you’ll be able to acquire and customize Mythic Keystones by talking to the Keystone Vendor in Stormwind or Orgrimmar, and the nearby Dungeon Teleports NPC will assist you with transportation.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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Get rid of M+ affixes. Its perfect time to experiment and find out that M+ is much better with no affixes at all.


BlockquoteGet rid of M+ affixes. Its perfect time to experiment and find out that M+ is much better with no affixes at all.


God - no - 6 months of the same dungeon at all times with no variation week to week sounds dull as hell. if anything bring back impactful seasonal affixes that change the flavor

I’d rather have no variation, than being frustrated and annoyed every single week… Dungeons themselves offer more than enough variation, especially if you do them with PuG’s.

Affixes are lame and should be removed.

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I’d rather have no variation, than being frustrated and annoyed every single week… Dungeons themselves offer more than enough variation, especially if do them with PuG’s.

I guess we wont see eye to eye here. frustrated and annoyed seems more like the company you keep? I mean for the most part only bursting and sanguine are really that big of a pain tbh. the rest are just things to make you pay attention and spice it up a bit. nothing that kills your groove…

That is by far and away the most ridiculous take I’ve ever heard about M+.

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RLP is still pretty insane.

A missed flame dance on +10 Fortified hits for 750-800k.
The ghosts spawning inside the dragon on the last boss made it impossible to click, because the boss kept overriding the targeting.
Afflicted seemed like they take hecka more healing to heal up as well as spawning faster. The 3 dots on the last boss going out when he hops on dragon is still an insanely high amount of healing required. The dot was chunking 30+% of my HP each tick, with astral shift present.
Second boss flame patches on the ground tick for 550k (half my HP) if you step on one while moving.

TLDR, RLP is still a terrible dungeon and I will basically only do it once for score (and not on afflicted week), and then never go back in there.


I guess my question before i give real feedback is with the mythic+ rebalancing it says that the difficulty of a 5 should be around the difficulty of a season 3’s 15, but is that intended before or after the normal key level bump and season 4 gear scaling.

Example : If im doing 20s right now should i expect season 4’s 10s to be just as farmable in my current 480 gear, or is it that they’d be just as doable in seasons 4’s gear equivalent at around 520.

If its the former then a lot of the dungeons currently feel a bit overturned based on their outgoing damage, if its the latter and we’re expecting to gain 30+ item levels worth of health and main stat increase its less egregious.

That first post about key changes is poorly worded and leaves a lot open to interpretation.

Example : If im doing 20s right now should i expect season 4’s 10s to be just as farmable in my current 480 gear, or is it that they’d be just as doable in seasons 4’s gear equivalent at around 520.

You should expect it to be adjusted for ilvl… you should expect to be running into a 5 with the same difficulty running into a 15 now would be if you had last seasons equivelant gear (440? i cant remember)

With how there post is worded thats not clear at all, it says a season 4’s 5 difficulty is a season 3’s 15, thats it.

Dragonflight dungeons feel overtuned compared to the rest of the dungeons in theirs seasons by default this expansion and even aftwr their reworks are still pretty overtuned.
I wanna know if blizz expects me to be 30 ilvls higher before im trying them before giving exact feedback. Your only scaled to 489 in testing the dungeons so its left up in the air quiet a bit.

That whole post is kinda a mess of word vomit to begin with.

The Azure Vault changes are kinda bad in my opinion, I did one last night and I was thinking about it and I can’t really see many routing changes appart from pulling a couple packs together n whatnot.
Not being able to skip things by jumping off the rings sounds fine in theory but in practice you’re just gonna hold W and hope your dps can beat the timer, as a tank main not having any freedom to route creatively kinda just feels bad, S1 AV was alot of fun seeing all the different routes utilising the skips, there were always different pulls being done, whenever I would dps an AV it felt like a different route someone had cooked up but with these changes its now more or less a hold W and hope for the best dungeon.

Just have one experience to go off of, but the RLP 2 I did last night was a bit of a horror show. I’m regularly healing 15s in Season 3 and RLP at 2 felt less forgiving than an equivalent 12 right now. Not even a question of gear; the amount of healing felt more like a S3 15.

Algeth’ar academy
no affixes
healing perspective

The good
Trash changes and the crawth changes for the less frequent firestorms make the dungeon feel much better to play, less hectic for the sake of being hectic, more interesting mechanic to work around.

The neutral
Bosses all felt like they have to much health without the tyrannical affix or other dps distractions, last bosses seems to spiral quickly, clean play isn’t so much rewarded as mandatory or you’ll have a room filled with unsafe spots and constant orb dodging, for a last boss its not horrible tho.
Overgrown ancient has the same annoyances as before, the dot feels better to heal but the germinate and branch out were both oneshots in the scaled dungeon gear, He’s a timing boss and if youre pugging times will be different each group so he’ll probably end up very swingy in difficulty.

All of them seem annoying with incorpreal or afflicted, cc can be hard to get off while dancing around all the movement mechanics and cleanses will be in hot demand for overgrown, vexamus and echo.

The bad
Vexamus is going to be the reason this key doesn’t get healers, remember when you went ahead and nerfed all the healer cooldowns to the point some major ones, like tranq, arent worth taking in keys; if you dont have a major cooldown available every mana bomb people will die, usually 2 and they come in every ~30 or so seconds…
With no other incoming damage and some hots already rolling the orb took me from 968k to 70k hitpoints in 4 seconds, and that goes on 3 people who are all trying to move to dodge extra orb damage/tankbeam/previously placed puddles, It Needs to be tuned down before it goes tyrannical
preferably by reducing the end burst, the dot is manageable without cooldowns with just decent planning its that end burst that garuntees if they arent 50% hp or have a defensive they will just die.


Halls of infusion
no affix
healing perspective
didnt get to finish cause a dps dced before last boss

the good
The visual update to all the bosses is phenomenal. First and 3rd boss were great even if there outgoing damage is a little high because of how much clearer they were.

the neutral
Gulping goliaths frog adds hit for like 1/3rd my health before even taking the poison into account, since they already guarantee kill you at 10 stacks it feels a little over kill.
The 5 pack of shock troopers right before the 2 mini bosses 2 shot if they get imbued, its felt overtuned in that pack since release just because there’s so many of the there to proc it.
Heard about the last boss change, sounds like a net positive overall if it means youll only have to run the gauntlet once at 50% health.

the bad
Since a dps dced mid 3rd boss and had troubles before i cant say if the bosses have to much health or it was a dps problem, they do feel very healer cooldown dependent the increased sustain we got in trade for cooldowns doesnt work very well since a lot of the bosses are still very bursty.

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The dungeon needs a big adjustment in my opinion is Uldaman. Uldaman need a lot of attention to tuning because it’s the worst dungeon by far.

3rd boss are won entirely on group select which is not something that should be a thing. 3rd boss is horrible without an evoker, paladin and dwarves. 4th boss needed MD and dwarves in S2 but 2 min MD makes it more difficult.

The trash is awful as well. It’s weird when a lot of talented stuns doesn’t work to reset Custodian stacks despite stunning them. Hunter’s intimidation, holy priest chastise with censure and warrior’s shockwave are working for some reasons.

I expect Uldaman would get a big list of changes for next dungeon updates.

I’d rather have a whole new set of dungeons from previous expansions, instead of the same ones we leveled/geared with at the start of Dragonflight.

Just had a thought on this; there’s two possible interpretations of Blizzard’s post and I’m hoping they can clarify which one is correct.

  1. If your Season 3 iLevel is around 470, in a party of similar skill and ilvl, and are able to time Season 3 +14s, then you should be able to time a Season 4 +4 at 470 ilvl.

  2. If your Season 3 gear is a mix of Season 3 Champion 4/8 and Hero 2/6, in a party of similar skill and gear levels, and are able to time Season 3 +14s, then you should be able to time a Season 4 +4 with a similar mix of Season 4 Champion/Hero gear.

My hunch is that they mean #2.

(I’m going to revise my hunch. I just did a Follower M0 AA with my hunter, wearing all S3 gear, and he carried the NPCs. This leads me to believe it’s more the first scenario.)

I was really hoping to see some experimentation with affixes. Speaking as a warrior I still find it absurd how many weeks there are where I just actually can not interact with the affix in anyway.

In the case of afflicted where like 6? 7? classes can not interact with that affix at all I have to wonder how that is ok.

Afflicted aside, I feel like there has been so much feedback for several expansions now on affixes and we should be in a better place than we are.

I greatly appreciate the key level changes keep that final tier of affixes out of the mix for a vast majority of players or those just trying to farm rewards without pushing for rating, and maybe that’s enough of an answer until the next expansion.