Feedback: Druids

Ok, I see what you’re trying to gain now.

But I think in order to get close to what you want with double capstones, we would also have to move Blood Frenzy back to its current location in the choice node, otherwise, I think that would work out to requiring 32 points, 1 too many.

But I do wonder once we are tanking in a non-trivial situation, would we be in a position where talents like Layered Mane, Reinforced Fur, and even Survival Instincts (Rank 2) would come into play and the goal of two capstones would be impossible?

I do think we could leave the GG and Moonfire talents where I suggested and instead to accomplish what you’re after, we could instead:

  • Swap Tooth and Claw with Layered Mane
  • Swap Vulnerable Flesh with Reinforced Fur
  • Move Blood Frenzy back to its current position

This would give you access to both capstones in the same way, but I really feel like Blood Frenzy itself needs to be higher in the tree, and much more accessible. I wonder if it would work if we instead swapped Innate Resolve with Blood Frenzy in the current tree. It wouldn’t change the pathing you’re trying to get, but it does solve the issue with wanting to have access to this talent much earlier in the tree, where it’s a much more critical part of gameplay than buffing Frenzied Regeneration’s healing.

What do others think?

Here’s a new mock-up:

The benefit is now you can get access to Survival Instincts (Rank 2), can safely give up Gory Fur, and still get the benefit of the Layered Mane and Reinforced Fur talents, while also getting some good damage amps and access to two capstones.

This is the tree with unspent talents:

I could also see perhaps adding a connection from Stampeding Roar down to Twin Moons on the left and Reinforced Fur on the right in case someone wants to sacrifice Galactic Guardian and Layered Mane point allocations for something else in the tree, looking something like this:



It may be unpopular or annoying for them… but as long as they have that power, they will have to use it on allies which will give them the second most powerful utility in the game or well… the most flashy for dps. Total, everything revolves around “increase my dps by PI please” or that’s what I’ve noticed lately in these two seasons. It would just be a matter of getting used to

Any way of making this interact with anything other than a healer is a surefire way of making sure it never goes onto a healer for mana ever again. Innervate is a healing CD and its power for all 4 druid specs is that it is an amazing external to give your healer.

It’s not exclusive to Rdruid in anyway, the mindset that an ability needs to work for you to be powerful is selfish.

Just a quick thing that has probably been mentioned and I filed a bug report about it just in-case it is one, but currently with auto self-cast turned on and while using Click Cast keybinds, Swiftmend will always try to consume your HoTs instead of your target’s while trying to cast on their party frame. Obviously not ideal lol

That’s why there was the idea to put a talent, which would allow the 4 druid specs to be able to use the innervate on any user, in order to receive unlimited resources for X seconds, in addition to obtaining Z stats temporarily. In this way it could help feral a little as well as the other specs, although of course, this would not solve 100% the utility problem that some specs have with others

I have to have atleast 10 characters.

Greetings Balance Druids,

In a future beta build, Balance Druids will receive an all-new talent tree but, in the meantime, we are excited to share a preview of what that new talent tree will look like. Our talent tree design philosophy has changed considerably over the course of Dragonflight’s development. Community feedback and the lessons learned through playtesting helped us identify good practices to follow when constructing a talent tree. Equipped with what we’ve learned, we set out to update Balance’s tree and bring it in line with our current design philosophy.



With this iteration of Balance’s talent tree, we wanted to increase the interconnectedness of the talent nodes to allow for easier access to different options across the tree. In addition, we wanted to avoid awkward positioning where it was mandatory to take a specific, unrelated talent to reach a desired, potentially gameplay altering, talent. Lastly, we wanted to avoid any situations where taking a talent would provide no benefit because a different talent wasn’t taken.

New Additions

Feedback indicated that there was a lack of new abilities making Shadowlands and Dragonflight Balance play very similarly. With this iteration, we have introduced new options for players to be excited about. Some of those new options:

  • Umbral Embrace – Dealing Astral damage has a chance to cause your next Wrath or Starfire to become Astral and deal 50% additional damage.
  • Wild Mushroom – Grow a magical mushroom at the target enemy’s location. After 2 sec, the mushroom detonates, dealing Nature damage and generating up to 20 Astral Power based on targets hit.
  • Denizen of the Dream – Your Moonfire and Sunfire have a chance to summon a Faerie Dragon to assist you in battle for 30 sec.
  • Sundered Firmament – Every other Eclipse creates a Fury of Elune at 25% effectiveness that follows your current target for 8 sec.


We appreciate the community’s thoughts on our recent change to Starfall and agree with the sentiment: Starfall has a unique identity by being tied to the caster and we want to retain that identity. In the next Dragonflight update, you’ll see our latest iteration of Starfall:

  • Starfall – Calls down waves of falling stars upon enemies with 40 yds, dealing Astral damage over 8 sec. Multiple uses of this ability may overlap.

Thank you for your patience as we worked on this latest iteration of the Balance talent tree. We’re excited to get it into your hands as soon as possible and can’t wait to see what builds the community will come up with!


I… I love it.
Moving starfall wins, 1m convokes, so much stuff. Cant wait to hit the beta to test the new tree!


Woo the mushroom’s are back. There must always be a Lichen King…

But seriously, there are 4 specs for druid and only have gotten any feedback in the past 2 months. Are bears being integrated into feral like in classic?


The new Guardian tree on the PTR includes the following changes:

  • Circle of Life is now a single-point node
  • Circle of Life and Elune’s Favored both now path to Incarn/Convoke
  • Modal Cooldown changed to Ursoc’s Guidance: Every 20 rage spent reduces the CD of Incarn by 1 second, or Convoke’s CD is reduced by 50%, duration and casts reduced by 25%, and Convoke has an increased chance to use an exceptional spell/ability.

These are positive changes, but this barely touches the surface of the concerns and feedback provided in this thread since Guardian’s alpha unveiling months ago.


It does help a lot though.

We’ve got two different builds in contention with each other now, Elune’s Favored vs Ursoc’s Guidance + Ursoc’s Fury. I’m eager to get onto the beta and try out the new Ursoc’s Guidance build as I love doing giga pulls with Incarn.

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You can have both. Makes bear much better in dungeons.

I still fear for its raid viability in a world where it doesnt bring literally anything unique and has to compete against classes with Chaos Brand, Rally, Mystic Touch, Grips, AMZ, BOP, Spellwarding. Unless you just don’t bring moonkins, shamans, or Evokers and REALLY need move speed, Bear won’t see the inside of a raid for a massive majority of guilds at a Mythic level.



Thank you.


Loving the Starfall and tree pathing changes, etc., but most of all I can’t wait to test out Denizen of the Dream and see a Faerie Dragon fighting alongside my druid in an expansion all about Dragons!

Looks like you all are really listening to feedback. Thank you! It’s going to be fun testing it out.


I’m loving the changes and can’t wait to poke around with them when they make it to Beta! Very excited for Denizen!


I disagree with making starfall stackable if it’s going to stay 40 yards, you are giving yourselves a balancing nightmare, no pun intended. It’s going to be way too strong on any spread target situation. If you really are sure you want to do this then make it square root scaling and provide uncapped options with moonfire and sunfire cleave.


Cant wait to try Incarn with CDR… but it still doesnt work in this build, still only 15 seconds.

The CDR is working for me and I absolutely LOVE IT!

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That’s… it? 2 months of waiting for… that?


Missing Blood Frenzy.