FEEDBACK: Druid Class Changes

Which makes it that much more frustrating. I was meaning more in a hypothetical sense, nerfing odd traits like that makes sense as they do it with other classes.

In Feral’s case, it makes no sense. And no follow up comments, context, or buffs. It was just a flat nerf to the worst DPS on beta.

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A big concern I have of Convoke Spirits as a Balance Druid is that Starfall doesn’t stack so if we were to get multiple casts of Starfall all it would do is refresh the duration and waste the spell.

Which brings me to my other point, a lot of people in the Balance Druid community feel that our AoE ability is lacking. Other classes get spenders they can use to boost the damage of their AoE. Balance Druids push the Starfall button which costs 50 AP and don’t cast it again until it ends because there’s no benefit to doing so and if we want to keep making use of our AP we have to cast Starsurge which feels bad having to cast during AoE situations.

Making Starfall stackable would solve both of these problems. Another solution might be that casting Starfall a second time refreshes the duration but also increases its damage by 25% with a maximum of 50%.


I agree that eclipse feels awful.

But if we are talking about single target VS AOE builders, Wrath would be a much better AOE builder.

AOE is shorter and faster windows. Single target is longer. Starfire is a slow cast. Starfire should be the single target builder and Wrath should be the AOE builder.

What really hurts Balance is that we have a 2.5 second cast as a builder to begin with. I would love slow casts, if there is a big payoff in damage. Slow casts that have poor damage feels very bad.


I don’t feel using Starsurge to dump AP feels bad or is bad during Starfall. It gives us priority target damage while still having good spread AOE. Stacking Starfall will just make Starfall weaker and make you dependent on dumping as much AP as you can during AOE or suffering in damage.

As it is, I only need to dump to not cap.

Balance during beta is an iterative process. This week was about conduits. Any compensating buffs will happen next time they do a balance pass on the base kit.

It’s also worth noting that too much damage in FB was a common complaint in feedback here. That may be the context.


or maybe bring hurricane back (cast and forget like blizard or rain of fire) instant cast when under the effect of starfall and 50 ap cost

Hurricane can interact with starfall somehow, maybe increase the chance of shooting stars…

(Remove solstice)

Add a new passive that reduces CA cooldown on shooting stars crit?

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Catching up here—I know you’ve seen some ongoing tuning to Covenant abilities on beta. One recent update that’s not as visible is that Convoke the Spirits will now try to use a more consistent number of current-form abilities. There are exceptions–for example if no hostiles are in range, Convoke will use 12 friendly spells regardless of spec. But, on average, Convoke should much more consistently use 7-8 current-form spells.


sigma, are you guys going to do a balance/tuning pass? i feel like alot of people may be getting sat, cause of the sim charts


Thanks for keeping an eye on convoke. :slight_smile: This sounds like a good step.

Hey Sigma, appreciate the update – quick question though. How does this number work for say moonkin specifically? I tested this maybe 6 weeks ago, and I was getting 9-9.5 moonkin form spells (closer to 9 usually), are we expecting that value to go down for moonkin after this change?

I’m guessing/hoping there should have been an “at least” in that sentence? It could be the change was mostly aimed at cats since the line between what’s a cat/bear/moon ability is kinda fuzzy.

I know im just taking advantage of your recent posting in the forums in hopes of you seeing this to push an agenda but would it be possible to do spec specific convokes for convoke? Feral would only Feral-esque specific dps skills and Balance will do only balance-esque skills unless out of form of course. I understand you don’t want to kill the dps healer chickens but I’m dying little by little seeing Balance being balanced around Resto.

If Night Fae is reserved for Restoration so be it but I would like to not be a edgy tea party vampire druid. Imo of course and thank you for the update, we all appreciate it even if we get a bit salty.


This would be pointless. If you’re a DPS spec, Convoke is going to be primarily balanced around how much damage it does. We now know that their target is 7-8 spells.

In other words, if they did what you ask it would end up just doing 7-8 spells from your spec and nothing else.

Venythr its is then. That 8% damage difference is just to good to pass up.


Convoke is just crying out for spec-specific tuning like you are already doing with adaptive swarm. It seems to clearly be the favorite ability by the majority of druids of all specs but so long as it is being tuned around resto it can’t be good for anyone else because resto gets so much more value out of it.

For any boomkin who cares about performance, being forced into venthyr (so we can macro frenzy into CA and never think about it again) just feels bad. It’s a buff to CA, not an independent ability. Convoke feels great to cast but is so much worse than Venthyr.


I can see your point. But it still comes back that it feels like you have no control and the play style isn’t fun.

It feels plodding slow. So I definately agree that a 2.5 second builder spell is crazy. Maybe they could just cut the damage and cast time by a third or half. A 2.5 second cast should feel like hard cast talented pyroblast.

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Can you be a lil more specific about this? It was nice for feral getting 5 combo points at the 16 ability variant. When it dropped down to 12 it no longer was consistant and more often you didn’t get 5 CPs (sometimes 3 and not even 4). It made the ability/spec feel smoother when pressing it and getting 5 combo points consistantly.


Does the bottom “Feral: Parses 795” mean only 795 druids were sampled? And at the same ilvl?

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Some more Feral feedback:

Some synergy between the new Berserk and Brutal Slash would be nice. BS, being our other main combo point generator currently gains no benefit from the Berserk cooldown. Also, our main AOE combo point builder, Swipe, gains no benefit from Berserk. Please change!


Streaking works exactly as it did before…