FEEDBACK: Druid Class Changes

Guardian Druid

As many casters and alpha players have echoed, the bear needs something. The playstyle is okay, the power is okay, the survivability is okay. It’s a fine spec that does a serviceable job. So what does it need then? What is it in my opinion that all the youtubers keep pondering?

A Visual Overhaul

I worked so hard to get the Hulk Bear artifact appearance and love it, but even with that, the spec is just the dullest thing in the game. Every move is a round red swipe, sometimes with extra circles. Maybe throw in a moonfire or two.

For a gigantic pulverizing bear, the attacks should have more weight to them, more crushing power, more hulking visuals to sell the fantasy. Paladins dazzle with light, Monks breathe literal fire, Vengeance Demon Hunters leap and explode, Warriors crack the earth below them.

We draw red circles with slow paw swipes.


People above me make great points via mechanics and numbers. But for me, It’s time to make bears a force to be reckoned with in the visuals department, Blizz. It’ll go a very long way.


Bears that use mighty bash should knock everything they charge through to the left or right as they get to their target like the paladin pvp steed ability. That would be visually appealing! But yeah, I think it’s kind of hard to make them visually appealing because they’re bears, in most fantasy settings you wouldn’t even have the red circles, you’d just have the swipe motion and that’s it. If anything detracts from bears for me though it’s the sound effects, the constant grunting stuff is a bit too repetitive I guess.


Feral Feedback - New Bloodtalons (again)

I just wanted to wrap up some thoughts about new Bloodtalons (sorry!)

I’d be curious to know if Blizzard has other versions of new Bloodtalons coming for future testing. I’d like to compare this one to other new ideas they may have for the new BT. If I had to compare this new BT to old BT, old BT is “better” by far. Old BT is controversial, but it has so much more potential in so many different situations, there’s really no comparison as far as player-engagement. Old BT is usable on more than just Rip as well, which gives Ferals more flexibility on what to use it with - BrS splashing adds, Rake pandemics, finishers, etc.

New BT also has a weird crisis with its own identity - is it supposed to be a Single-Target talent or a Multi-target talent?

  • A strict activation combo is required within a tight window, yet when the window is opened, the player has an eternity to use it (30 seconds). This results in the BT buff constantly refreshing on its own, accidentally, just by the Feral going through their normal Single-Target rotation. If there’s nothing to use it on, it feels weird just sitting there not being able to engage with this buff as it constantly refreshes.

On the bright side, this shoots down my original concern that having it ready for add spawns could be difficult. All a Feral player has to do is pay a little bit of attention when Rake is coming up for re-application, either pandemic window or if you’re letting it drop. Opening the 30-second buff is always centered around Rake since that’s the least-used of the three skills needed to combo. This thing is super easy to keep up in ST, and probably easier once our energy regen picks up late-game.

  • In Single-Target, it’s dull, especially with Sabertooth talent. On Pull, Berserk > Tiger’s Fury > Stealth Rake > FeroBite > Shred > Rip > Shred to 5 CP > FeroBite > Roll Credits.

  • In multi-target, it’s a bit more interesting, but it was originally THE single-target talent, so I’m not sure what’s going on here. I have a feeling most feral players, if using this new BT in Torghast or M+, will have no problem activating the new 30-seconds buff constantly throughout trashpack fights, to keep the momentum going for dumping massive Primal Wrath finishers on each new pack. As a pack of enemies is dying, switching to single-target moves like Rake, Shred, and FeroBite could conceivably allow a feral to combo together a fresh 30-second buff before the next pull even starts.

For example - let’s assume Blizzard leaves the new Bloodtalons’s combo requirement at 3 seconds instead of bumping it higher. Here’s how it could be used:

  1. Talents: Predator, Primal Wrath, Bloodtalons. Destination: Some 5-man dungeon in SL.

  2. The first pull in the dungeon is 3 enemies. The Feral opens with Stealth-Rake, FeroBite, Shred (BT activates), tab-Rake, tab-Rake, Swipe, Tiger’s Fury + 5 CP Primal Wrath. That’s probably one of the theoretical ways you can get a 5 CP Primal Wrath up with maximum snapshot damage from starting fresh. Fight continues on. One of the enemies dies, the last two are low HP. The Feral drops a 5-CP Ferobite on one target, killing it, then does a Rake > Shred on the last enemy just as the enemy dies. BT is now ready for 30 seconds, and the tank moves toward the next pack. It doesn’t feel good using a Rake on a dying enemy, but let’s roll with it for now. Also wouldn’t be the first time we’ve done it just for an emergency Predator reset.

  3. Next trash pack - 5 enemies. Feral follows tank, goes Stealth. Opens with Rake from Stealth, tab-Rakes to 5 CP, Tiger’s Fury (Thanks Predator) + 5 CP Primal Wrath (BT still had ~10-20 seconds left on it). Much quicker to drop a mega-buffed PW on the enemy group this time in theory, thanks to preparation at the last trash pack. As long as the Feral player opens the 30-second BT buff as a trash pack winds down, this could potentially be an interesting multi-target dungeon skill.

But, this is weird for Bloodtalons, an originally mainly-single-target skill (although very versatile in cleave as well) being used as a momentum mechanic for dungeon slice/trash pulls in M+/TG. Hence why it could be cool as its own new talent instead of scrapping the idea entirely. It could be an interesting mechanic to work with and think about when running dungeons.

I’m not sure what late-game scaling and covenants/bonds look like yet, or how well Feral’s energy regen is with good gear. Would chasing BT+PW combos outperform simply Tab-Raking and Swipe-spamming a trash pack from start to finish? Would this outperform MoC in AoE? No idea.


This might be the weirdest part of it.

For single target, it makes me think of ye olde Simplified Feral DPS Chart meme. Only in place of Mangle, it would be “does boss have Rip? no? John Madden!1!” then Bite forever.

That the new BT+Sabertooth combo would be a bit easier on single target and more complicated for aoe/swaps than it is now could further reinforce the perception that kitties are bad for M+ or add fights in raids.


I know you have gotten a lot of negative feedback on the eclipse system, but I generally enjoy the pooling aspect of it. You can triple starsurge again as well which is super nice. Can be kind of awkward to use a few globals into SW early on on AOE, but it really does not feel bad overall.

Something I noticed while playing moonkin is that Eclipse is proccing whenever abilities hit targets. This gets kind of weird as Solar Wrath has a pretty long projectile speed depending on distance from target. This is kind of awkward as well if you already have a spell queued up as you really do not know when the proc is going to come.

Two solutions to this are moving the eclipse to 100% ICD so that you are in full control of how the cast sequence works or have a pre-eclipse proc in which case you would cast one more Wrath / Starfire to proc it.

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Responding to miscellanous questions/topics:
–Astral spells getting double benefit in CA is currently intended. We’ll have to see if the mastery double-dip is too much.
–AP costs and generation are generally slightly reduced to allow for better pooling (a few weren’t, such as New Moon, with the intention of buffing them). Starfall instead got a big damage increase, so you cast it less often but it’s more of a moment when you do. Stellar Drift’s utility may still be too good with the new Starfall.
–Bloodtalons: The goals of Bloodtalons were 1) to keep the things we think people saw as cool about it (adding some planning to the rotation, snapshot bleeds are a good payoff for a bit of complexity) while getting rid of the weirdness of using Regrowth as a trigger. Many people dislike the latter, and frankly we think it’s pretty weird too. We don’t have an exact further revision to report yet, but the feedback is making me think it still needs to somehow buff spells other than Rip.
–Stampeding Roar can still be used in Cat Form.
–The “30 sec ICD” on individual Eclipses sounds like it’s drawing more attention than intended. The goal is to make Eclipses alternate while in continuous combat, but allow restarting with either Eclipse after any break. Since Eclipses often last 16 sec, plus a short gap between them, the idea of an “ICD” that matters while you’re in combat shouldn’t be too relevant or need to be tracked. There might be a clearer way of doing this.
–Swiftmend will try to consume Regrowth, then Wild Growth, then Rejuvenation, so that its behavior is predictable.


Oh, one more thing I forgot on my post right above yours was Owlkins Frenzy also feels kinda awkward when it is just Starfire.

I don’t personally mind tracking and playing around the ICD, I think it would be enjoyable. But with Starsurge extending the duration of eclipses on single target while we will have very few extensions on multi target due to most of our astral power being spent on Starfall, I think it’s hard to avoid the ICD being important to track. With Soul of the Forest, a reasonable amount of haste and a bit of Astral Power pooling it should be possible to extend a solar eclipse long enough to the point where you would want to skip every other lunar eclipse ( solar > solar > lunar > repeat). If you don’t want the ICD to be as relevant, I think you need to make it so single target and multi target eclipses have roughly the same duration.


Given Starsurge extension is bugged (2sec, not 3sec with proper effect), we can easily maintain Solar Eclipse for 20sec (napkin math). But during high-haste (Bloodlust), we might be able to bump this up to 30sec.

As I get sims working, I’ll get you some real numbers. :slight_smile:

And a lot of it comes down to “is the Solar ICD 3sec, and should i just cast Starfire so I can get into Solar right now… or do I go Lunar Eclipse right away?”


Maybe make it buff the next rip, rake, or thrash? It is Blood Talons, after all. :stuck_out_tongue:


While Rake might seem redundant (since we’d have just used to trigger BT), it would be nice on a target swaps or after finishing off something else with bite.

Affecting Thrash would give us something to do with a BT buff if the other bleeds are already up and we’re about to combo Bite again.



The rotation is boring. The eclipse bar system had the same problem. You spam one ability until you spam the other then repeat, keep dots up, and sprinkle in starsurges. With no variation in the core rotation, spamming one then the other, and no control over which eclipse you get next it feels like you’re just going along for the ride.
The rotation is counter intuitive. In an aoe situation using Starfire only for it to buff your single target damage feels useless.
Cycling between a single target buff and a buff to aoe with no control over it, hoping you don’t need to aoe while you’re on the single target cycle isn’t fun.

Solar Eclipse changed back to its Empowerment effect. Causing Wrath to explode for splash damage and reduces its cast time.
Add a chance to proc an eclipse to Starsurge.
Bake Streaking Stars azerite trait into eclipse for when solar and lunar eclipse are active at the same time.

An additional thought for Eclipse would be for Solar to make Wrath do additional splash damage spread across nearby targets evenly, and for Lunar to make Starfire do additional damage to your main target plus an additional amount based on how many targets it hits.


Things I like:

  1. Astral spells double-dipping during Eclipse makes CA feel powerful.
  • But this might be horrific for gameplay… forcing us into a single playstyle centered around CA.
  1. Eclipse feels good. (CA/INC feels good too.)
  2. Hybrid-feel of the class/spec.

Things I want:

  1. Glyph of Falling Stars
  • Starfall indiscriminately hits all enemies 3+ levels lower than you. (Does not work against players.)
  1. Extend Eclipse during AOE/Starfall usage.
  • Starsurge feels great for single-target extensions, but Starfall is lagging.
  • Casting fillers should extend Eclipse while Starfall is up somehow.
  1. Exiting Eclipse doesn’t feel as bad.
  • Damage feels slow. I want something to push me into the next Eclipse faster.
  • “Dream of Cenarius” (MOP talent). Maybe make Regrowth trigger Eclipse while not in Eclipse? Each cast grants some sort of damage buff to specific spells. (PVP concern)
  1. Complex Gameplay Options (Ideas):
  • “Dreamweaver” playstyle (Legion Legendary). It can be made easier, but I want more complexity in my casting decisions.
  • Astral Power spent reduces the cooldown of Celestial Alignment/Incarnation. Goal would be to reduce it by ~1min in Single-target and AOE.

Top Concerns:

  1. Not being in Eclipse feels really bad.
  2. Too much damage dumped into Starsurge for single-target.
  3. No way to extend Eclipse during Starfall.
  • Casting Starfall causes your next Wrath or Starfire to extend Eclipse by 4-6 sec?
  1. Starfall does not have a pandemic effect.
  2. New Moon doesn’t feel powerful. (Not used enough, not enough “oomf” when used.)
  • I’d rather just have a Full Moon with 2 charges and a 45sec recharge.
  1. Incarnation/Eclipse duration not extended by Starsurge. (Intended?)
  2. Fishing for an Eclipse proc on pull feels very bad.

As I attempt to sleep, of course my brain is thinking of ways to just throw out ideas for Balance.

What is currently going on is that we are bringing back eclipses, but on a lesser scale than they were, but also keeping the newer astral power. Problem here is that the eclipse feel clunky and it’s hard to feel when to spend that astral power.

So here are some 1 am spitball ideas:
Return to the moving bar for eclipse, autoscroll mode one, at end of bar grant X sec of eclipse, move on. Change Starsurge by giving us empower (spell) bit what gets empowered is what is currently on the track for the bar.

Another idea if the bar doesn’t suit others fancy is to give us Arcane Pulsar baseline and after X charges gets us free X secs of Eclipse vs what we have now with giving us extra time, or even make it so that if we are not in an eclipse give charge, if in eclipse increase time. Just so we don’t just have to sit on Astral Power for who knows how long.

Tl;dr: try and find some way to combine old druid eclipse and new astral power druid “empowerments”


The biggest mechanic we want to avoid is “Empowerment” because it’s directly related to Astral Power generation. I don’t feel there is anything particularly exciting about making your fillers hit harder when they’re already getting stronger via Eclipse.

One thing I feel suggestions should lean towards is shuffling talents around. For example, are you really interested in Stellar Flare? What if we put Shooting Stars on the same row as Stellar Drift and Twin Moons?

The core of Eclipse is most likely staying as it is (it’s a tested mechanic that has seen plenty of success in various iterations.)So, we should be looking for ways to improve interactions with regards to Astral Power. There is some feedback that players don’t know when to Starsurge, and they’d like it to be simpler… however, I feel that “making it simpler” would remove the best part of Eclipse – Resource Pooling. Starsurge/Eclipse feels incredible when you have 90+ AP ready to dump the second you gain Eclipse. If there are sore points getting to that point, by all means we want that feedback posted, but we really should keep resource pooling as a core playstyle regardless of your talent builds.

This begins to fall into the trap that made Starfall in BFA so awful. Starsurge and Starfall were pretty balanced at one point, but Blizzard made too many interactions with Starsurge. Starsurge eventually out-scaled Starfall so severely it made Starfall not worth casting anymore. We should find mechanics that can have an equivalent effect for both Starsurge and Starfall, but still fall within their preferred usage.


Other round of feedback:

Eclipse Feedback:

  • Astral damage double-dipping is fun for now, but I seriously doubt it’ll be fun playing around a 3min cooldown for the next 2 years. It’s just not what Balance is about.
  • Sore point is not being able to be in Eclipse reliably.
  • RNG is RNG and we don’t want to remove the RNG element, but we do feel we want some respite.

Suggestion: (New ability) Full Moon:

  • Cast time: 3sec (+ Haste)
  • School: Astral
  • Cooldown: 60sec.
  • Damage: 25% Stronger than Starsurge.
  • Effect 1: Generates 20 Astral Power.
  • Effect 2: Places the druid into Eclipse. (Go into the Eclipse with the shortest remaining ICD. Prefers Lunar if ICDs are the same.).
  • Effect 3: Always benefits from Mastery: Total Eclipse even while not in an Eclipse state.

If the Full Moon idea is implemented:

  • BLP on Eclipse proc rate should be a “stack the deck” where the deck size is 5.


  • Astral damage double-dipping is a gimmick and feels cheesy. Fun for now, but maybe not down the line.
  • RNG is fine, but being able to force Eclipse feels needed.
  • Stack the Deck BLP ensures there are no extreme losers.

Talents (Removal/Change):

  • Heart of the Wild should not be on the global cooldown. (All 90sec+ cooldowns which deal no damage should be off the GCD.)
  • Stellar Flare should be removed.
  • New Moon should be removed.


  • Stellar Flare has not been interesting for many expansions now. Having your gimmick tied to CA/INC feels bad and it’s time for something new.
  • New Moon and Half Moon are not interesting. Full Moon is cool, but these two spells just don’t offer interesting gameplay. They are in the way of the cool stuff.

Talents (Suggestions):

Tidal Force:

  • Full Moon also activates Starfall at no cost.
  • Replaces Stellar Flare In T45 row.


  • Starsurge increases the damage of your next Wrath or Starfire by 40%. Does not stack.
  • Replaces Starlord in T40 row.
  • Why? :: Adds complexity to the base rotation. Still easy, but breaks the monotony of the spellcasts in Eclipse.


  • Lasts until Eclipse is triggered.
  • Replaces New Moon in T50 row.
  • Why? :: If moved to T50, this helps with Incarnation interactions. Also, it really fits the Eclipse mechanic nicely, especially while fishing for Eclipse procs.

Shooting Stars:

  • Diminishing Returns removed.
  • Generates 1 Astral Power per proc. If Shooting Stars is a critical strike, generate an additional 1 Astral Power.
  • Increase damage by 40%.
  • Why? :: There’s a big opportunity cost to multi-dotting, and this will create amazing synergy with Twin Moons. The Crit interact is simply flavor and also the talent to scale-up nicely.

Fury of Elune:

  • No changes. Maybe have the DR be 66% of normal damage.
  • Why? :: FOE fills a cool niche. We are a ramping spec, and FOE is the exception for us.

I honestly think that those changes feel like they would fill most of the problems that we have now. Most of my issues do revolve around that downtime between eclipses and not feeling that spending AP between them besides just damage felt good to me. Especially that Dreamweaver because I have had time where I’ve spent both of my eclipses and am now at the point where I’m just waiting and already at max AP.


Feral Feedback


Main priority is BT along with rework on SBT to completely remove the refresh.
“Talents should enhance a spec" which is the complete opposite of what it does, but I’m assuming we all know what we mean by that. Making the core mechanic of a spec something you generally only need to think about once is not ideal in terms of spec design. I wholeheartedly think that it needs to be removed or heavily reworked.

The change to BT isn’t surprising considered there was talk about changing it back in start of the expansion but it didn’t get resolved there

The change itself looks like it has potential. Feels good with a big damage-buff to rip and it encourages people to properly pool. Furthermore not spending 1 second on the BT gcd, while also freeing PS procs up to use as you please without losing damage.

This does obviously require that the energy flow supports this and doesn’t get inflated within a patch or two which I hope will be kept in mente.

The downside to the new BT is it’s completely negated by sabertooth outside of aoe. Basically you’re going to use berserk, tiger’s fury, bleed target and spam bite to keep rip up for the entire fight without ever paying mind to the snapshot or the rip which makes the talent feel very pointless in itself.

This is not a new concern with sabertooth. Just yet again a time where its issues become apparent. It removes a large portion of what is defined as core gameplay for feral. Blizzard does recognize feral as a snapshotting class that deals damage with bleeds and bites. Sabertooth removes the main bleed from the equation and a large chunk of the snapshotting. New BT is just harder hit by this.


Removal of SI from Feral’s toolkit.
Survival Instincts is an ability we’ve had since feral turned into its own pure dps spec. It’s considered a core ability in our toolbox and now it’s getting pruned for barkskin which we had TOGETHER with SI in the past. It’s one of our core abilities that everybody uses and enjoys. Especially the later implemented 2 charge system is really fun and gives you the option for aggressive playstyle during boss fights, m+ and pvp instead of having to go bear form and pray healers bother with you. The lack of SI makes us become a glass cannon without ammunition which really isn’t what we want. We want our defensives.

Basically our bearform is what boomies have passively from high armor in boomie form without the loss of damage from having to shift into bear form.

This will also be a problem in m+ and raid where you have to leave your dps form unlike boomies to mitigate the damage.

It feels like a really poor choice to remove SI while talking about de-pruning specs.

The biggest issue of removing SI is not just one person’s bad reaction. We are talking about the whole Feral community! As much as we understand that a new expansion brings changes and unifies every bit to have consistency across the whole system is logical! We agree with the way the blizzard devs changed some things. Removal of SI though is a stab in the wound we already have from the perception of the community about feral which is mocking the spec’s viability outside of guild runs. With the hand on the heart, the removal of SI from Feral needs to be reverted. It is our own unique defensive as a melee DPS spec.

Overall this change will make it harder for us to get into pugs as a spec that might bring the damage but have to be carried by the healer to even survive incoming damage. This also brings us to what we bring to the group utility wise.


Class-wide Utility
As Ferals we feel quite happy that this change will give the other specs the fun of using Stampeding Roar, which at some point can be proven useful on any type of content.

As much as we appreciate this action that was taken by Blizzard to make those changes and implement them across the whole class, there are some points where Feral feels and looks like a lackluster.

Ursols was promised as class wide utility from start. Do that. Right now feral have no personal utility to be brought for in groups. It’s so bad that you had to put maim on the feral affinity to even have SOMETHING. No boomie, resto or bear is ever going to take the affinity for that.

One can wonder why boomie that has several unique utilities got typhoon just so they could give THAT to other specs through their affinity. Could have been treants instead and have given feral the typhoon for their affinity which would have made far more sense. Instead our “utility” is now going to be maim?
What’s the point of de-pruning us when we don’t actually feel the de-pruning here? We have lost symbiosis, leader of the pack, ursols, fairy fire, treants, nature’s vigil, tranquility and innervate over time. There’s a lot of options to give some of this back in a de-pruning.

Not to say that i personally think LoTP is a good idea here. Nor FF since it ruins the fun of stealth for the opponent. Innervate is “just” for one person in the group

Give us something we actually can say “This is what we bring to the table to make life easier for you all”.Some form of group utility. Hell. Even giving Ursols to ALL specs would satisfy me as an overall nice CC toolbox despite us not bringing anything on our own.
It feels extremely unfair to not have anything useful in return while other specs sit happily on so many unique utility options.


Berserk - Offensive cooldown?! Not really.
This topic is by far the most straight forward one. Berserk is not really worth being called an Offensive 3 min Cooldown ability. Out of the ordinary lowering cost of abilities and giving us some more energy room for pooling, there is nothing more. Weave in more shreds or brutal slashes? We can do that anyway during the whole fight, because there is no actual impact when Berserk is up. No damage modification whatsoever on a 20sec duration, whereas Incarn gives us straight up Stealth Rakes and Stealth Shreds for its full duration 30 second.

Feral has always been a spec with a quite good, sustained and stable damage throughout any content. An example would be back in Legion when there was a 15% buff through artifact talents which complemented Berserk to actually feel like a real cooldown to pop on burst windows.
We want to be clear that we don’t demand to be OP. We want this ability to have an actual reason for pressing it apart from the low cost of abilities and extra energy pool. We simply want it to feel better than what it does right now.


Execute Range
Sub 20% execute was something we lost not long ago and it’s sorely missed. It wasn’t a big dps gain but it felt good and empowered us slightly for the endphase.
It was removed possibly due to buff Sabertooth as a talent? Maybe, but it’s something we miss having and we may be asking for miracles but could also be reverted. That would solve one of the many issues Sabertooth brought being a monotonous destroyer of Feral’s true identity as a spec.

Closing Statement
Bear in mind that we are passionate about this spec and wholeheartedly just want it to work. We have spent so many years playing it for the most part and we would appreciate the understanding from the Dev’s behalf on these 5 topics. The first 3 subjects are the most concerning ones and by far the most important! The latter 2 are preferences we would love to experience again.

We humbly thank you in advance for your consideration,

The Dreamgrove Discord,
Feral Discord Community.


IMHO, it might be nice if they just make the various Incarnations baseline (with some tweaks where needed).

As noted, kitty zerk isn’t really all that interesting, and bearzerk could also use the love. While Moonkin and Resto aren’t as lacking in the CD department, super tree and armor chicken both improve “readability” for opponents (in pvp) and spectators (in general).

As an aside, given the renewed emphasis on new players, it also would provide some clarity to fresh troll droods who may wonder why they have Berserk and Berserking on their bars.

  • Survival Instincts now gains 1 Charge at Rank 1, and 2 Charges at Rank 2 (Guardian only).

  • With the Bloodtalons talent, now when you use Shred, Rake, and Thrash (was Ferocious Bite) within 3 seconds, the damage of your next 2 Rips (was 1 Rip) or Ferocious Bites is increased by 30% (was 50%).


i have messed with all of the druid specs on Alpha Feral is getting hit the hardest. as boom or resto i can pull huge mobs and be just fine. as feral i die to anything more than 3 mobs. Feral already takes to much work to play much less having to worry about dying every 4 sec.


Agreed about the squishiness. I also had trouble with some higher-mob-density areas, especially the areas with the misguided stewards. If they summoned a guard without me realizing, I’d get pounded and have to retreat. Taking on elites was impossible as well. I actually had to finish most of the Bastion quests in Guardian spec due to the beatings I was taking (was the same in BFA leveling to 120 after Legion legendaries deactivated). Felt like I was getting chunked for 1/8 of my HP per auto-attack from generic enemies at one point, even with all the upgraded gear I could possibly have gotten from the quests. Enemy mobs were laughing right through Barkskin. Energy regeneration was also pretty slow from 50-53 which meant way less Predatory Swiftness activations, which meant less self-healing via Regrowths.

Probably could have made it easier on myself by taking Mass Entangle talent, but I was trying to test the new HotW talent as well which eats up the same talent row.

I’m not too worried about the flimsiness in the overworld, because leveling to max is a one-time thing and not the end-game loop, and by the time you are doing WQs with Season 1 raid gear you’re blasting through overworld enemies. But the end-game loop is where I’m super worried about us not having SI back in its full capacity (the REAL Survival Instincts - both stacks at 2 minutes’ cooldown). It’s our best counter to spikes of incoming damage while keeping DPS up. Having to Bear Form to survive is fine in some rare cases, but if DPS needs to stay up in order to turn the tide and the new bleeds aren’t ticking hard enough, “Bear-weaving” for survival is going to feel like garbage.

I can only hope there are some amplifications from soulbinds and covenants that ease our ability to survive at end-game. We’ll see.