FEEDBACK: Druid Class Changes

Thrash is an AoE bleed - an AoE dot. We do not have azerite in shadowlands to do what you are saying at the ferals base (no Soulbinds).

Further more… what ever happened to “it feels bad to be forced to cast AoE abilities in single target” which is why Thrash got nerfed 2? expacs ago.


Hey, thanks for taking all our feedback about Guardian and doing something about it during the Alpha and Beta cycles.

Oh, just kidding, I guess you all think the class is fine. :slight_smile:

Well, maybe when Mythic comes out and the representation of Guardian is less than 1% and there are 0 druids doing Mythic+ past 15 in Shadowlands you’ll eventually figure out the problems with the class.

Or maybe not! Maybe you’ll all just keep being so very communicative with us over it! Oh, who am I kidding, I’ve given up hope on Guardian for this expansion even before it’s come out - thanks so much! :slight_smile:


The lack of response to anything guardian related is concerning.

I’m not going to go into detail the issues with guardian, as others have outlined them far more clearly than I can in the thread above, but I did want to respond with my support for the fact that the class needs changes.

I’ve been a guardian main since wrath, this is the first expansion I’m seriously considering another class, and that makes me really sad. I feel like we were already the tank with the least utility, and we’re going into SL with less.

Pay attention to us. Several people have given very detailed posts about the problems with guardian on beta that have gone unacknowledged.


The arcanic pulsar themed legendary feels really bad to play with. You only want to starsurge during eclipse so you’re likely to trigger this effect during an eclipse. Triggering this legendary with incarnation as a talent puts a 30s buff for both eclipses up, overwriting any active eclipse you have. The triggered eclipses can’t be extended but expire as soon as the temporary incarn expires. When the incarn expires it drops you out of the eclipse you were in when you triggered it.

Oneth’s feels good to play for the most part but it is lacking a default ui poweraura.

Pawsitive Outlook themed legendary feels terrible as guardian. Fishing for burst threat feels like twilight dev on live and based on instinct it seems like the Luffa’s would be the strictly better choice as it provides more damage and a defensive benefit through rend and tear. I loved this as an artifact trait with Luffa’s in Legion but it seems like putting this as a direct competitor to Luffa’s leaves guardian with one less legendary option until we can equip multiple legendaries.

The Barkskin legendary feels like an extremely powerful defensive option and I’m really grateful for this as an option. Having this to fill in the major guardian weakness of spike damage on pull feels excellent.

Rage of the Sleeper legendary feels great.


Does anyone else think the Venthyr ability Ravenous Frenzy shouldn’t have a downside?

No other ability from what I see has a negative to it like this. Lets say you use it during heroism and get to 15 stacks but then a mechanic happens where you are idle for 1.5 seconds suddenly you are hit for 45% of your hp.

It is basically useless in arena from what I can tell. I still need to test it to see but happens if the other team sees you pop this, lets you build up to 10 stacks then los you for 1.5 seconds or stun you? (Does getting stunned trigger it? ) You will have 30% of your hp drop and get stunned for 1 second. No other ability from what I have seen can be taken advantage of by the other team and possibly cost you a match. It is going to feel bad for players that want to go Venthyr, maybe go boomy for most content and venthyr seems good with haste buff but then want to heal in arena as pressing their covenant ability will come with a large risk.

On top of that as a bear, losing ~30% of my health and being stunned for 1 second could wipe my party if I am not careful.


I guess it depends on who you’re weighing it against. Versus the covenant abilities that say, paladins or mages have, this one is incredibly strong and deserves the downside. Versus some of the ones for death knights or warlocks though, then yeah maybe not so much. So I guess it depends on where that balancing stick is supposed to be.

So, now that I’ve played SL Balance as in an intro character, a max level character, a few other premade SL characters and an imported character, I have to say that I really dislike Eclipse in its current form, at least for leveling and open world content. Most non-elites die too fast for Solar Eclipse to be useful, and for rounding up enemies and using mass AoE, it feels like extending Lunar Eclipse with Starsurge is way less effective than just maintaining Starfall. Also having Starsurge tied to the Eclipse empowerments disincentivizes me, personally at least, from using Starsurge outside of an eclipse for fear of “wasting” it. And while this might be due to my hesitance to use Starsurge outside of Eclipse, Starsurge feels like it’s lacking heft, even when it crits.

It’s quite possible that for dungeons and raids the current Eclipse will feel alright, but for just running around wrecking up the place, I feel like it’s less an ignorable mechanic than a mechanic that you really have to strain to work into your rotation, so for outdoor content it’s not really useful or fun. And I don’t know how to make it more enjoyable.

But I’m on record as never being a fan of Eclipse, and I’ve been in the Balance game since all we had was Hurricane. I think this is the best version of Eclipse that we’ve had since Wrath, but that version of Eclipse was barely comparable to all the others we’ve had since. I don’t think “Eclipse as the core mechanic” has ever worked well, and I don’t see it working well this expansion either, at least not in its current form.

TL;DR - I feel like Eclipse as a “core mechanic” is too awkward/clunky to fit into leveling and outdoor content.


re: Travel Form.

I don’t understand why Travel Form is being changed at all. The way it currently is, in this build, we don’t get equivalent movement speed on the ground until levels 24 and then 36. As for Flight speed, Travel Form is now limited to 150%? So if we want to fly at the fasted possible speed we are required to use a regular mount? Why? Because Travel Form is instant cast? IMO that is a pretty lame excuse.

More choice, not less. I am hoping this will change before Shadowlands goes Live.



M+ Bear here with some first thoughts on the feel of Bear in dungeons in Beta. I tank 24s-26s in live at the moment which may give me a unique perspective.


  • Not having to take Vortex over Wild Charge is really nice! I love having charge again. It always feels bad having bear as my only spec without charge.
  • Really excited about the new Incarn/Beserk legendary giving us damage plus leech when active. This is really going to give us a better big button to press.


  • Swiftmend feels really bad at the moment. It has been said already, but needs reiteration as being able to instant cast Swiftmend on yourself or an ally is clutch in special circumstances. I cannot tell you how many times I have Bullrushed out of combat, Swiftmended myself, went right back into bear and lived when I would have died in that circumstance in Beta.
  • Losing the ability to Typhoon is rough. Typhoon and Vortex go together like peanut butter and jelly (or perhaps you prefer lamb and tuna fish?). Missing out on Typhoon, as there really isn’t a choice of affinities in high keys, is bad. We won’t notice it nearly as much in beta, but not having it on Sanguine week or on a caster heavy dungeon like SotS for grouping mobs, is going to feel bad.

Things to Improve:

  • Having Cyclone is a great addition to our toolkit in M+, but it might be beneficial to allow us to cast it in bear form. Having to spend valuable time casting a CC is already rough tanking, but having to pop form to do this makes it near impossible in combat. With a 6 second duration, it’s not very practical to clone a mob pre-pull so it is going to be a spell that is widely unused. I would love to either see this castable in bear, or have its duration on mobs be increased to 30-60 seconds to give it some value.
  • We haven’t seen Druid conduits yet, but I would love to see a conduit that would decrease the CD of Incarn/Beserk by X for every Y rage we spend similar to Anger Management from Warriors. Having a big CD every 3 minutes is nice, but having it up more frequently would be nicer. This alone would increase bear representation in M+ significantly.
  • Night Fae ability Soulshape needs to let us stay in Bear form if we cast it in Bear. Some times, as with most tanks, there are gaps in mitigation/healer CDs, so having an out is extremely effective at living a pull where you should die. Soulshape feels really great for this, however popping form to cast it feels really bad. Say for instance we are trying to distance ourselves from some mobs on Necrotic week, but there are 1-2 casters/ranged mobs in the pack. We pop Soulshape and we lose the ability to survive the next pack.
  • Night Fae ability Convoke the Spirits seems to value Thrash very little while in Bear form. I haven’t been able to do extensive testing on this, but my last three didn’t even include 1 Thrash in the rotation. This seems like it might be bugged?

Overall Bear Issues Not Related to Beta:

  • Mentioned above about surviving while popping form. This is a problem Bears have had for a while. Being 100% dependent on being in Bear form is rough for our survival in niche circumstances. For instance, in Motherlode, back in Seasons 1-3 when people were skipping the RND section. Most tanks could just mount up and gather the mobs away while the group death ran to the next section, not bears though, because we can’t mount in Bear. We had to speed pot into stampeding roar to cover the distance. If something went wrong, we would have to wait for CDs to attempt this again. And with the changes to consumables in SL, speed pots will be an even bigger problem when grouping mob packs. The same issue came up in non-rogue runs of Tol Dagor where a normal tank could enter the cannon and get healed through a couple of shots. Bears cannot enter vehicles in Bear form so we lose that. I am not 100% on the solution here, but it is a common problem. Maybe let us mount in Bear form similar to how you can mount in Moonkin form?
  • Frenzied Regen on the GCD is really rough. Losing a potentially rage generating GCD to cast a heal that costs rage itself often times gives us further gaps in survival by missing an Ironfur. It’s not just the reaction time of hitting Regen, a tank shouldn’t be as reactive and should prepare to use it, I agree, but not being able to hit our abilities simultaneously feels really bad. This one button I would strongly recommend for consideration of GCD removal.
  • Skull Bash being a charge interrupt is awful. There is a really rough range mechanic to our interrupt that means if we are just outside melee range, we charge in to the center of a mob’s hit box, some times forcing us to take hits to the back. Just last week I was tanking 26 JY and charged in to interrupt a toxic bolt and got melee hit from “behind” from the toxic monstrosity for over 1 mill damage. I have to be extra cautious when interrupting to avoid situations like this. Take Shrine of the Storm as well. I assign interrupts on 3rd boss to our melee dps as it can be lethal to be forced to charge in with my interrupt when the balls are floating around. Same goes for Yazma in AD with the spiders. I have to assign a range interrupt as backup. Easy solution for this, make Skullbash Charge a talent choice in place of Renewal, and either remove Renewal for Bears or make it baseline. It will never be more valuable than charge. I think if you do this, you will see a large % of the playerbase that prefers having a standard interrupt.

Despite the issues with Bear, I love playing it as I also enjoy playing ranged DPS in raid and playing Healer in M+. I play Bear primarily as I like playing multiple specs/roles for content I enjoy without having to do weekly chores across multiple characters. So I play arguably a sub-par tank. I am excited for a lot of potential in SL to improve an already fun tank to play.


I actually like the idea of Druid land travel form being slightly slower than regular mounts because I like using mounts and they’re pretty a much non-choice compared to an instant cast, daze-dismount immune form. I preferred travel when it was a ghost wolf analogue before the mount speed glyph was baselined.

Flight being nerfed though, is baffling. In that case pretty much all flying mounts are very similiar and dismounting pretty much doesnt happen so the Druid advantage is much smaller and choosing a mount instead was a lot more viable particularly with mount equipment. Not sure why this is a lower speed now.


Hey there! Apeu of Area 52 here, longtime resto druid player. Here’s some feedback about things I’ve noticed while playing resto on the beta (mostly night fae but I have a druid in each covenant and have tested them fairly well):

Convoke the spirits

  • This spell has some inconsistencies still; it has used Flourish and Full Moon in their respective forms even though neither spell is listed as usable in the tooltip and can be very swaying in the outcome if either one was to occur at an opportune time.
  • The change that allows us to move while casting is fantastic and has been amazing to play.

Other changes

  • Innervate: the spell’s use is completely unchanged in 5 man content such as mythic+ but now pretty much requires us to use it on a friendly healer while in a raid to max out the benefit.

While this is a cool idea, it falls short in action because this is both our output and mana cooldown, and is now effectively nerfed by 50% in raid and the full benefit is given to someone else on top of that.

There needs to be symbiotic incentive for this spell to go on another player, and not just a simple “buy one, get one 50% off” effect. If it were to continue to be in this form, the minimum it would need to give is the full 12 seconds of free casting to both the druid and their friendly healer, since it effectively is no different than a balance druid’s innervate.

  • Overgrowth: This talent makes zero sense where it has been placed, which is the exact same issue that Stonebark had when it had this slot. Why is a single target heal in a row with varied AoE heals rather than being in the level 15 row? I think it would make sense to make this purely a PvP talent again and give an AoE defensive option in that row (which we don’t have yet) perhaps something that doubles the CD of ironbark but makes its effect a 20 yd radius around the target.

  • Germination: This talent falls short compared to its competitors in the level 50 row. What I think it needs is a passive we used to have that reduced the GCD caused by casting rejuv in order to enhance the blanket-the-raid playstyle (and would be great with the new spreading rejuv legendary)

Thanks for reading and look forward to more upcoming changes and to finally get those conduits! :slight_smile:


Some balance druid feedback.

I haven’t played balance for long, i’ve only ever dabbled with it. However I main ele shaman, aotc each tier since legion, etc, etc.

Playing boomkin on beta has been super fun. The one lackluster thing about the new eclipse system (different than live), is that it doesn’t feel impactful going into an eclipse. On live, you’re astral power goes up, you hit a big starsurge then can press either wrath or starfire. I actually really like the idea of eclipse coming back (reminds me of cata/MOP boomkin–when i pvp’d with it a ton).

All of these idea’s seem pretty good.

I’ve actually always liked boomy, but it is slightly more boring in gameplay than ele (at least for me), but I see the ecipse system as being able to improve upon a linear gameplay. I think having going into an eclipse do something will make it feel more impactful.


Balance is very boring as is. There are a lot of buttons you can press, sure, but the actual eclipse system just feels like an on-rails keep DoT’s up and spam Starsurge into your preferred eclipse window. AoE feels more fun with all the sparkles and increase to DoT duration. But I’m struggling to find something enjoyable with how you rotate in and out of solar/lunar eclipse. No part of the system feels fun because I’m pooling Astral Power to spend on extending my Eclipse that I’m going to be in anyway. There feels like NO payoff with the system as is.


This is intended btw.

Some feedback regarding the Balance druid legendaries that was added in the previous cycle, after having played with it for a week.

Timeworn Dreamcatcher

(aka “ED”)

I’m torn on this. It’s hard to give this legendary a good opinion with such low stats we currently have.

One of the most annoying problems: Convoke the Spirits does not proc a stack of ED (if it casts Starsurge). It would be nice QoL if my first Convoke could setup max stacks (as it will almost always cast 2 SS)

Currently, this legendary is anti-synergistic with some of the issues the spec has, being mostly: Haste scaling.

  • ED, like it’s Legion counterpart, rewarded Haste to a high degree until you were at the point you could comfortable maintain the desirable uptime. However,
  • Starfall still does not scale with haste. It is a flat 11 ticks over 10 seconds (with Stellar Drift) regardless of haste level. No tick rate scaling or partial ticks like many other “over time” effects in the game.
  • So together we essentially get a situation where if you gear for ED, it feels a lot worse to cast Starfall. If you gear not for ED, ED becomes kind of miserable to use.
  • Convoke also doesn’t scale with haste, you cast a static 16 spells over a static 4 seconds. One of those changing to be haste-scaled would be a nice change.

There’s also some anti-synergy in that you don’t actually want to have 100% uptime, because that would imply Starsurging outside of Eclipse, this also sort of leans towards a playstyle not entering an Eclipse before being max AP, even if that means casting abilities that don’t count towards an Eclipse

The ED rotation isn’t fleshed out, so this is all speculative and subject to change, but it currently feels and seems like it will continue to be awkward to use in the class’ current state.

If the intended use case of this legendary is to never be used until second or third tier level of secondaries (when we can have a healthy amount of haste and mastery with no real loss of the other), then this is potentially fine as-is.

Balance Runecarve 3

(The crit-on-entering-Eclipse-legendary)

I won’t lie, this legendary is really satisfying to use. It looks to pair with Convoke ludicrously well too. It feels like our best legendary by a good margin, with Oneth’s being a little bit behind.

However, upon playing with it for most of the week, it became more and more apparently how weird this legendary is to the rotation. Because you gain its benefits on entering Eclipse, you are rewarded for having low duration eclipses to maximize the uptime of the buff.

Disclaimer: The points below may not even be bad design, it’s just food for thought/discussion going forward.

We may end up casting Starfall on single target (with Stellar Drift) – Because we’re rewarded for the shortest length Eclipses, we don’t actually want to cast Starsurge, since it will extend our eclipse and lower the buff’s uptime. The only Starsurges we cast are during Convoke and Incarn/CA

Soul of the Forest becomes a dead talent just by using it – for similar reasons as above, SotF extends our eclipses by default and devalues the legendary by a lot.

Convoking in your CA/Incarn becomes mandatory – Since convoking a regular eclipse will extend to upwards of 30-40 seconds, it’s actually a DPS loss to cast Convoke the Spirits within a non-Incarn/CA window since that’s 30-40 seconds we won’t benefit from the crit buff.

Other minor notes to this build, though:

  • Benefit: Almost 100% uptime on Starfall for permanent movement casting
  • Benefit: It makes our burst DPS unrivaled (particularly ST) with Incarn -> immediate Convoke, similar to how something like double on-use fire mages works now
  • Benefit: Eclipses feel really, really good to enter now
  • Downside: Focusing priority targets with SS lowers our ST dps a fair amount

Going forward

To wrap-up, some notes about potential changes/tweaks/fixes/whatever for the Runecarve legendary stuff I mentioned above.

  • Option 1: Nothing. The legendary does feel good to play and is really powerful, even if it has some weird quirks to it. Diversity isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
  • Option 2: Make the crit scale with duration, instead of decay after X seconds. So instead of 105% decaying every 15%, make it start at 0% and gain something like 2-5% crit per second in an Eclipse. This would reward the (what I assume is) intended gameplay of Eclipses
  • Option 3: Remove the legendary and bake something similar into Eclipses baseline. It’s kind of weird that I need to wear a legendary for Eclipses to feel satisfying to enter.
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Please undo Eclipses, there is still time, current boomkin “rotation” is so much better. Were people asking for Eclipses to be unpruned?

This is a direct blue quote from the shadow priest revamp; “From a gameplay standpoint, this was expressed as building up Insanity, entering Void Form, then battling against decaying Insanity to prolong your time in this powerful state.” Which is being scrapped because it’s not feasible. Eclipse is the same thing…

Build up insanty to enter voidform – cast spells to enter eclipse
Battle against decay to prolong voidform – battle against astral power to prolong eclipse

New legendaries are already messing with elipse, making you want to leave it for the next one asap instead of prolonging, very counter-intuitive. It’s already a problem. Revert the mastery, I beg you.


Blizzard class developers do NOT intercommunicate with each other.

Very insightful.

Except you use Astral Power to prolong Eclipse.

Yes. Which means the legendary should be changed. In addition, there needs to be some reinforcement to extending Eclipse beyond raw damage output. Something like a ramping buff – but not through a legendary. A ramping mechanic needs to be baseline.

Eclipse works fine. They just need to nerf Stellar Drift and roll that damage into Moonfire and Sunfire DOT damage. That will cover a bunch of single-target issues. Then they need to add a spell from Torghast as a PVP talent -> Reduce the spell casts needed to trigger Eclipse by 1 (down to 1).


As a long time feral player. I feel taking away the 2 charges of survival instinct is unnecessary, yet I understand if you want to make the distinction between feral and guardian.
That being said, with you taking away regrowth from our rotation (with bloodtalon), I feel you need to give us something else in return. I always see that regrowth as a part of our rotation helps our survivability and one of our many unnoticeable trait.

As many have mentioned above, ferals are very lacking in terms of utility compare to balance. Stampeding Roar are more of a luxury than a necessity, while ‘innervate’ is counted as a raid cooldown during boss encounter.

Casting rebirth as meele can be problematic during raid encounter, since we will not be at range a lot of times, balance/resto fills this roles better. And since rebirth/brez is a shared cooldown amongst other classes, I wouldnt classify this as a class utility, more of a raid-utility.
Comparing ourselves with other meele, we simply don’t bring enough to raid. We don’t have soak (like rogues,dh). We don’t bring buff (warrior,monk,dh). I don’t understand why you refuse to give us ‘leader of the pack’ and introduce a raid scroll like you did for battleshout.

Feral also requires substantial amount of crit to make their rotation smoother, with new sets of gear and us having low crit, this will affect our dps severely. I hope you don’t repeat what happened during BFA launch.


Predatory swiftness is still there, you still can use regrowth in your rotation. But with rework of bt you use it directly when needed for survivability. So please not again this “healing for dps” nonsence.

Still dunno why they have taken away ability to instantcast it via predatory swiftness.