Feedback: Dragonriding

i have REALLY enjoyed this system so far. the first week in azure span it was so convenient to hop on the mount and quickly fly to a quest giver or quest area. this week it has felt a little more jarring. the camera is not smooth when i cast skyward ascent (when the effect ends, the camera “jumps” a couple of times).

the multiplayer race seemed fun, but like neryssa said, i haven’t been able to complete it yet due to disconnects.

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Dragonriding is an awesome addition to this game, the only problem I experienced is the constant disconnects when changing the pitch angle too fast.

This appears to be a similar disconnect to using movement abilities like Fel Rush, Disengage, or dismounting from a mount on some angled terrain.

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The coin system is great! And it does seem like the max speed sound was toned down, and the running animations were fixed.

The talents don’t appear to be working though, I unlocked 4 vigor but I still just have 3.


I don’t like using it being limited so heavily by these tests which are also kinda gatekeeping people from playing. I’m talking about the rings. At best, they are a waste of time for the gloriously untalented ( like me). Basically I avoided many Bastion quests because I don’t like them, find them frustrating. Why not just let us reach the target to test us and have the rings be something extra or a bonus upgrade?

This may not be helpful feedback but I find the walking sound of the dragonriding mounts to be annoying, as if the sound loop is too short or something.


I sincerely hope you’re considering making Dragonriding skill progress account wide. Jumping through hoops…literally, on alts is a good way to drive my excitement for this system way down.


The dragon riding talents appear to be working now, atleast the ones we can get so far. The difference is huge! I feel like I am almost at the point where I can fly indefinitely.

Its clear that at 6 vigor and with even more vigor recharge upgrades, it will be very mobile and capable of flying over much of the continent.

I did notice on some of the quests and races, I overturned or wasn’t able to make the turn tight enough. I like the feel of the new turning as it does make it feel more weighty, but maybe it needs to be a slight more agile?

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I agree, I find the “weighty turning” a bit too “weighty”. It feels almost clunky now. Hopefully this can be tuned down a little.


We’ve just rolled out a hotfix to remedy this, which should be active in current builds. While existing characters might have trouble with this, new characters selecting these traits should no longer experience this issue.

Dragon Glyphs are account-wide. Right now, selecting traits doesn’t make selections for every character, but the amount of points available should be consistent across characters as any character claims a new Dragon Glyph.

Thank you very much for trying this out in courses and comparing your experience before/after. We’d like to make the “when” of turning matter a little bit more, but not overmuch. More feedback will help a ton as we move forward. We’re keeping an eye on feedback as we continue to iterate.

Thanks again!


The talents do appear to be working now. It is a huge difference! I can feel that once they are all unlocked we will essentially be self sufficient in terms of vigor and will be able to fly quite freely. This system is so much fun I completely got sidetracked hunting down the glyphs around the zone.

I also had an idea for a kiss/curse talent that would make things high stakes and fun for races. “hollow bones” makes you more agile but impacting things does damage. Splat!

The wind sounds from flying are still a bit too loud. I’m not sure if that is my settings or what but maybe the dragon riding sounds could have their own slider?


I did the multiplayer race earlier and ended up crashing into a tree branch. I ran out of vigor and eventually fell to the ground, and it ended the race for me, bringing me back to the starting point.

Is there any way for a mechanic kind of like mario kart, where the bronze dragonflight guy brings you back to your last checkpoint, and gives you a boost so you can keep going?


Went through several available races and almost hit gold on most of them, within .500 s, but i assume gold is intended to be hard without upgrades and doable with upgrades. Could test because my character can’t open the talents, but oh well.

The latest hotfix might have nuked dragonflying mounts from some characters and made talent tree for dragonflying inaccessible for others.

Anyone else have the experience when you first launch up your character moves like backwards mid air? It seems to think I am angling my mouse for it to move backwards but I am not. Because if I launch up and angle backwards I do move in that direction, how it’s weird because I move in that direction without changing the angle at all.

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this or if I am just derpy lol. And it wasn’t doing this on prior builds.

My character just spams jump whenever I’m in deep water where you could normally swim. I think this happened when I flew into the water with my dragon but now it seems to affect my character even when dismounted. The bug persists through logout. I’ve also tried remounting and flying back in the water to maybe reset it but its still bugged.

Whoops, wrong forum. :slight_smile:

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I’ve had two issues with Dragonriding, beyond my own general learning curve getting used to it (I think I’m getting better!)

One is the mentioned water bug. I’ve had this with Soar on a Drac and with Dragonriding both – I believe I did report it for Soar and I tried for Dragonriding but the feedback form was a bit broken in the new build. When I hit water, after dragonriding and after soaring, I sometimes start uncontrollably bouncing as if I’m hammering on spacebar even though I’m not. It doesn’t stop until I find land. I also had, in dragonriding, it sort of go into a weird stuck gliding animation on water once – as if I could not ‘land’ on water and it didn’t know how so just kept gliding.

EDIT: Just recreated this by pressing spacebar to try and get out of the water, you don’t stop jumping once you hit it once. I’m sure it’s happened without me ever hitting spacebar, but I suppose I might have it it once instinctively when near the water to try and get myself more altitude? Could not say 100%.

The other is pets – this is BM Hunter on my part but not sure how it interacts for other pet classes. A few times after dragonriding, I’ve dismounted and my pets haven’t auto reappeared. Once, when I tried to summon them, it told me they were dead – as if they didn’t… despawn properly while i was riding? And somehow got killed between my taking off and landing? I couldn’t recreate that just now, and cannot remember the circumstances, so the death might have been a one-off – not sure.

I’ve found on a short flight, they reappear fine. On longer flights they do not reappear until summoned. Now, this is never something I have to worry about in regular flying, and therefore I can see this being a tipping point of frustration for someone if they don’t realise.

  • You take off dragonriding
  • You misjudge something, have to force land in an area with a lot of aggro things
  • They swarm you, you hit some buttons. Oh wait, you have no active pet?
  • You have to summon one while they are still hitting you
  • Potentially, you die!

I haven’t died to this combination of issues yet, but I definitely didn’t expect to not get my pets back and did feel frustrated by this difference having to wait to re-summon them while things smacked me in the face.

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Any reason why the premades are able to start with Dragonriding learned but then it is unlearned upon talking to the NPC to port to the Dragon Isles? I’d like to be able to test the flight without having to quest the zone and risk other spoilers.

Some feedback for Dragonriding - For context, I’ve completed all 8 races in Waking Shores, both basic and advanced, all with gold speeds. I’ve also completed probably roughly half or a bit more of the zone, using dragonriding during it.

Overall, I really enjoy the system. It’s been especially pleasurable being able to travel between areas quickly but not overpoweredly with pure flight.

Races are also an incredibly fun piece of one-off content. I don’t recall if Dragonflight was planning for a continuation of the World Quest system, but these races would be amazing fun-type world quests (similar to some of the fun ones from Legion)

For some of my gripes,

  • Some world object models should have their hitboxes tweaked or pruned a bit. Trees with small branches, arches (one of them is in the middle of a race, which makes the problem extremely evident) with larger hitboxes than they let off, etc, etc. One of the worst feelings with dragonriding is flying through leaves and faceplanting a tiny branch and losing every last bit of momentum.
  • I don’t think the “Jump” keybind should, by default, cause your dragon to cast an upward surge (it has a keybind for a reason!). I personally tend to spam the jump key when climb trickier terrain, since you can sometimes catch a lip where you can jump again but otherwise you slip off of it if you don’t jump instantly. Several times during my exploration (or trying to find races) did I accidentally upward surge because I hit jump twice or while my dragon was falling off the side of a rock.
  • I’m not sure how to solve this one, but it’s somewhat unintuitive that surging upwards twice just kinda doesn’t work. If you try to surge up twice with no momentum, the second one sort of flops (which makes getting to races/glyphs in very high locations very annoying). You can circumvent this by gliding around a bit to gain some distance/momentum before surging again, but I wish this was a bit more obvious and maybe had some kind of indicator as to when you can surge without basically wasting it.

I made a discovery that made my experience night and day. I don’t know if this is intended or not but usually when flying I would cast skyward ascent while aiming roughly at the horizon so I wouldnt lose too much speed. I have been flying like this for days now and assumed this was the best way.

However, if you cast skyward ascent while pointing directly upward, you gain so much more altitude without losing much speed, especially if you are already flying. I love it.

Is this intended? And if it is, can we make this skyward assent automatically pitch our dragon upward independantly of our camera? I played around with it using the pitch up key and it looks pretty cool, and better than me aiming my camera up every time.

If I’m gliding roughly downward to get max speed, id like it if my dragon pointed itself upward when using skyward assent to get max altitude, and I also think it would look a lot better.

Dragonriding is not too bad for short distances but it’s simply amazing for long distances with the current implementation of Skyward Ascent (gain speed beforehand and angle upwards). I really hope you guys keep it as it is.

Definitely feels like it’s a sort of thing that gets better with skill - on my first character I had to hop between platforms trying to reach glyphs, whereas now I can do a loop through the whole zone grabbing all the glyphs without having to land once (which has been incredibly fun, so I’m kinda sad the glyphs are account wide). Really can’t wait to get to travel long distances between zones - I feel like that is where the system really shines.