Feedback: Dragonriding

This is awesome, thank you! Will it also work in The Nokhud Offensive dungeon where you need to use Dragonriding to get around?


Thank you for asking! We currently plan for Ride Along to function in The Nokhud Offensive.


Can we have clearer explanation for Whirldwind surge dodging wingshredders ?
Maybe just reset stacks/give immunity from stacks for the next 5 seconds when used ?

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I feel like at max speed it just doesn’t really give enough “umpfh” for the price, but at max glyphs 3 vigor is pretty much free.
Maybe make whirlwind surge grant like 2000% movespeed for the 2-3 seconds it is applied ?


Dragonriding while drunk causes a nasty twitching effect on the camera while Dragonriding at high speeds… yes I admit to Dragonriding while intoxicated.

(This only occured with Reduced Camera Motion disabled.)


I have this same feeling with surge forward as well. I kinda laugh sometimes when I use it since it seems like it gives almost no speed increase

I think max speed from gliding could be reduced slightly, with diving, surge forward, and whirling surge giving speeds higher than what could be achieved with gliding alone.

Alternatively they make diving and whirling surge give a speed bonus beyond what the max speed currently is. Diving straight down should feel like the fastest thing you could possibly do but it doesn’t right now.

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Hello, after using dragon riding for some time I have some feedback regarding the spell effect of reaching max speed. I tend to get eye strain while using the computer for a long time and I have found that dragon riding can become a bit irritating on my eyes. I think while in the beginning it wasn’t too noticeable since it was novel, in the long run I think this will be an issue.

I would really prefer it if the spell effect stayed below this red line on this screenshot I took. While it isn’t totally clear, there is a large portion of the spell effect above this red line that is pretty taxing on my eyes. With the glow and wind effects on the dragon and under the wings, itll be clear when you are at max speed. I don’t need an entire screen effect to tell me that.

Is there any way we can get a toggle for reducing the max speed spell effect? I kinda want an area of my screen to be clear from any effects.


You should be able to reduce the spell effects in the options menu under (someone correct me if I’m wrong) accessibility and motion sickness settings.

nothing in there that I could find to eliminate the full screen wind spam. I know dragon riding is inspired by the guild wars 2 system but it doesnt mean we need to take the griffon spell effect and crank it x10 to the point where its obnoxious. I think any spell effect should be kinda limited to the dragons body, wings, and maybe a slight wind trail.

The issue I think comes with too much of the spell effect being in your peripheral vision. It needs to be toned down.


Ah yes, you’re right! Sorry, long shift yesterday and I was mistaking the screen effect for the zoom effect. I agree it would be nice to have the full screen effect scalable in some way.

spent all day collecting glyphs to max talent tree, i have to say dragonriding is an amazing feature. the exploration thats encouraged in these beautiful zones is something that should be sustained throughout the xpac

that said, finding some of these glyphs was a little hard and i expect most people will just go to wowhead, could we get a feature similar to aethercurrents or gw2 masteries where their location becomes more apparent the closer you are to one? either audio or visual cue

edit cuz forgot to mention, could we get a “slow down” button? sometimes im looking for something and want to bring my speed down without going up. would also be cool if it helps us land in a more precise way to hit mobs


i’ve been playing around with dragonriding for a few weeks now and i’m at the point where i cannot figure out if my issues with it are skill issues or because it’s alpha/unfinished.

first off, i LOVE this feature. it’s fun to zoom across the zone, watch the wind effects, turn on a dime, etc. my little peanut brain goes “wheeeeeee” every time. and the /follow feature that turns you into a whelp is a great idea as well.

my problem comes with traversing anything vertical. i run out of momentum quick. i spent twenty minutes today trying to get up to tyrhold from the nearby flightpoint because of this and because i couldn’t find a visible path up. and a lot of the zones are (appropriately, given the theme) built like this.

so if this is a skill problem, then please absolutely call me out on it. since this feature is used for so much travel in the expansion (even in one of the dungeons!), i know that if i’m having an issue then there will be another base of players who will struggle and will most likely hate this feature.

do you have the talent tree fully unlocked? that was my issue with it at first as well, but as i unlocked all the things, going up is extremely easy and quick. jump, point camera straight up and press 3, jump 2-3 more times and im so far up the ground is fog. also wait a few seconds between each jump, theres a bit of a grace period where you keep the blue buff while doing nothing and going straight up

editing this to note i still wish we kept momentum going up much better than we do now without having to use vigor

This feels reminiscent to the issues we were having in the Shadowlands beta and the “In Between” spell effect that occasionally persisted after flying to Ardenweald.

The ‘full screen’ movement effect can be extremely disorientating for people who suffer from motion sickness. I still have issues on conveyor belts and those type of environments because of sensory overload.

The way to gain altitude is a bit counter intuitive. Once you have enough speed, using skyward assent while pointing your camera up will cause your dragon to fly straight up without losing momentum for 2-3 seconds.

Using skyward assent while your camera is pointed at the horizon won’t give you much altitude. You need to use it while aiming up at the sky. It works the best once you are already going a bit fast.


I may be the only one, but I’d rather have the original flying back, love hovering and just casually going about. Sure its dragonriding is fun - for a bit - to go fast and furious from point to point, but when you cant reach a spot and have to walk anyway to get your resources back its frustrating. Just want to say ‘its not for everyone’ .


Minor issue. I don’t feel I have the precision needed to get mining nodes that are up in the peaks. If I land close but can’t reach the node I basically have to leave and try again because launching takes me way past the node and I can’t get back fast enough. If it is on a ridge, my momentum bounces me past it and I don’t land. If I just judge wrong then momentum is lost and I just float down the mountain. I don’t want to remove challenging nodes, but with old flying I could get land close, take off, land again with some precision. Maybe you just want warriors to be the only miners since they have heroic leap.


i actually find it tedious. i like to just be able to fly, i thought it would essentially be flying with the ability to gain momentum and go faster with some aerial skills. instead its PURELY momentum based and i can sink like a stone. Id like it to almost have a dragonriding “toggle” between regular flight and this…im getting older so im not as fast at seeing things and when youre zooming at 900 km its easy to miss stuff.


To add to the recent posts, I do enjoy dragon riding but actually hated it when trying to get to specific high-up destinations which I encountered when going uphill in Azure Span and when trying to gather. I think that should be addressed somehow.

I understand that these mining nodes, in their description, are specifically in hard-to-reach places, but I don’t feel like someone should be taxed and miss out on a node and potentially have the node de-spawn just because we don’t have the necessary energy to try bursting upward again.

I think Dragon riding is fun and I’d love it to maintain as a focal point, but I would really appreciate having the weak 150% flying again just to be able to reach a node in a hurry.

I think when I was first doing dragon riding it was hard to get used to, but now I’m actually used to it and can kinda zoom around in a lot of situations, but I just feel being restricted fully utilizing some of our professions over the ability to soar up quick feels bad.


Update for beta - some new concerns:

  1. At present dragon riding talents cannot be trained even if you have the glyphs for them
  2. The glyphs are now a lot harder to see - almost impossible unless you are directly over the top of them. Not sure what the point of this is but it will just further encourage use of guides/addons as you will not be able to find them all in the open world without them or having had the advantage of playing alpha to learn the locations when they were a lot more visible.
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