Feedback: Dragonriding

dragon glyphs are not on the minimap. Theres nothing to take away. The guy is asking for them to be on the map

which would defeat the whole point to begin with.

Adding them to the minimap turns an exploration minigame into not a game at all. They even realized this with treasure chests which is why in ZM they had to add a bunch of annoying puzzle mechanics to some of them because finding them wasn’t interesting. They took away finding treasures as soon as they added all of them to the map. Atleast back in classic you had to either use a racial or use an engineering item.

They have progressively taken away the small minigame features and have made large parts of the game just flat out boring.

Even leveling a new character isn’t as fun as it used to be. You never lose mana, barely lose any hp, etc in the starting zones. It isnt a game if there isn’t even the illusion of challenge.

Contrast that to when the game launched. It was still easy, you regened resources and hp fast enough, but in combat you could tell that mana was important and would often run out, and hp was important, and so was the number of mobs you could engage. It was a game not the weird fascimile we have today.

They should never give the exact location for any treasure chests or glyphs. A better compromise solution would be to put in a larger zone marker, like a quest circle, and say here be treasure. So you know the rough area to look in but it doesnt tell you with a big neon sign where it is.


So far the controls feel pretty decent, turning could maybe be just a little bit tighter. There’s a bug where the dragon will roll backwards on its own so I have to constantly babysit controlling with the most to ensure it doesn’t roll.
One complaint I have though is how gliding is automated. I feel this actually shouldn’t be the case and rather instead make it something toggled on with space bar while the dragon is in the air. A lot of times, gliding is toggled when the position of the character goes over a large object back onto terrain (usually stairs, fountains, buildings, I think mostly .wmo models). Instead I think having the glide function toggle on when using space bar would allow the player to have more control over the dragon and when it glides. That means it could be toggled when jumping off a moderately declining hill (which mostly can’t be done unless it’s steep enough or if there’s objects to jump over to manipulate the auto-glide mechanic) as well as not have glide auto-enable when you’re just jumping across a short distance object.
Skyward Ascent would mostly be unchanged by this, and I also feel it’d help prevent accidental usages of this ability, as the player would know when their gliding is happening rather than it being pseudo-RNG.


I created a template 70 and it still seems to be an issue with the template 60 I created this week, but my characters created in last week’s alpha build have the dragonriding spells. I’ll have to create another new level 60 today and test if they get the spells now when dragonriding is learned. Just stinks that I spent all day leveling to 64 yesterday on the bugged toon and the rest of the testing will have to wait until I get back to that point again.

Not sure if anyone else is having the same issue, but hitting the dragon glyphs is unlocking the achieves for me but not providing additional points for the dragonriding tree. I REALLY hope this is a bug and not some form of time gating on the speed at which the riding talents can be unlocked.

And buckshot - whilst I respect your opinions I hope the devs realize that you (and indeed the broader alpha testing pool) are not representative of the general wow player base. I can guarantee you the sort of feedback you have been attempting to rubbish is EXACTLY what is going to be coming in hard and fast on the first week of live if things don’t change. If torghast has taught us anything is that most people want to have fun, not get forced into mandatory chores.


Thank you for the report! We’ve discovered an issue with these wherein not all of them are counting for points, and there will be a fix available in the next build.


Idk if anyone else said this, but not knowing how many Vigor charges are without using the mount is kind of annoying.

For example, let’s say i use the dragonriding mount and then when i’m done with it i switch to my usual normal mount.
Now i want to know when all 3 vigor or how many charges i have without checking it by mounting my dragonriding mount.

If dragonriding mounts would have the current number of charges shown on their icon it would be great.

Using Bronze Timelock while in the air makes the mount do a strange animation where it breaks the flying one.

Using Bronze Timelock while in the air should not do any animation change, it doesn’t look good.
And preferably the button should be greyed out when not usable.

The fix does not work

I’m not sure what exactly you are saying about my feedback it isnt clear to me.

Theres nothing fun about looking at a minimap icon and flying to it. Why do you think they felt the need to add puzzles to the different chests in ZM? Because there was no other gameplay feature with the standard chests, since they were all made easily findable by putting their exact location on the map. All they need to do is replace the treasure icon with a small area marker so atleast we can hunt for it.

I really hope they dont do what they have done to treasure chests, to the dragon glyphs. All they need to do is make the UI a bit clearer, maybe have zone wide 0/10 quests so atleast there is a better way of looking up which ones you need other than checking achievements.


Worked for me. Make a completely new character for both a 70 and start the leveling process again with a fresh new character.

I’ve made multiple so far with dragon riding skills now.

If possible I would like to maintain momentum when manually dismounting from Dragonriding mounts. This is how it works with normal flying mounts and it is super jarring to be going at super fast speed with a dismount and suddenly be falling straight down instead of toward the the direction I was going.


The “forced dismount” that happens in some areas, like the end of the dragonriding dungeon, is super janky and unclear. No idea where the boundaries are, and the momentum bounce is extremely jank and awkward. I would expect more naturalistic wind physics and effects that prevent your dragon from proceeding organically if barriers are needed.

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Adding onto my post from before, I think there could be a “Slow” ability of some kind to maybe cut the acceleration down by forcing wing flap animations. It can sometimes be very difficult to land in some spots with precision. I saw in the game files there’s an icon for an ability called “prepare for landing”. I don’t recall seeing this ability in the dragonriding talents so I’m not sure if this is just something not implemented yet or otherwise a hidden passive spell icon for the action the dragon does when reaching < ~10% speed.

Also, I might consider placing the dragonriding spellbook abilities somewhere maybe better organized outside of the general tab of the spellbook. I can imagine later on it may start to get cluttered and at a certain point I think there’s going to be more abilities labelled dragonriding than not.


whirling surge is cool

but it feels too expensive

why not have it at x2 vigor?

surge forward still feels like it should give a bit more speed than it does.

i absolutely love this feature and am flummoxed by it as well sometimes.

sometimes i double space and my dragon launches SO HIGH into the sky. other times i do so and barely make it 20 yards off the ground. when the latter happens, i’m often stuck trying to gain power so that i can launch again and actually get somewhere.

i love the vertical nature of the zones but i can see how players who aren’t as good getting supremely frustrated with getting stuck somewhere in the zone with no path to where they need to be because a lot of the expansion revolves around this feature.


Hello Dragonriders! With today’s update to the alpha, we’ve made a few changes that deserve their own callouts.

  • We’ve updated the double jump Launch and Skyward Ascent to both be more reliable in their directionality and movement.
  • We’ve re-tuned the turn rate for dragon isle drakes to be more lenient, including a feature wherein the player’s turn rate scales with speed - lower speeds feature quicker turns, while top speeds still come with a need for slightly more planning.
  • We’ve made some updates to the Dragonriding trait window, bringing the zone unlocks and basic skills into the same pane as the unlockable traits for Dragonriding.

We discovered early in Alpha that we’d need a solution for players who rely on /follow or similar features to engage with World of Warcraft, as following wasn’t immediately compatible with Dragonriding. To address this, we’ve added “Ride Along”. Dragonriders can speak with Lithragosa (the Dragonriding Trainer) to opt into this new functionality. With Ride Along on, a player in your party may interact with your Dragon Isle Drake to transform into a whelp that will follow alongside your drake. If you are someone who has relied on /follow or have other players help guide you around Azeroth (or find Ride Along to be an interesting accessibility option for other reasons), please try this feature out and share your feedback with us!

Thank you all for your continued feedback and discussion.


This is an awesome change. I tend to afk a lot, so I’ll already miss being able to auto-fly somewhere for 30seconds or so, en route to a destination a ways away, so I’m thankful that I can still afk when needed while playing with friends. I hope this helps a lot of people who really rely on it to play the game with visual impairments, as well as others who just like to use it.


After doing some flyarounds across the isles, I have to say I’m rather mixed on this change. I get the intent, in theory it does make it less sluggish and more enjoyable to maneuver, but in practice, it feels much more like a regular mount with fake gravity and no real weight to it.

I think a middle ground between last week’s version and this week’s iteration would probably be ideal, since I do think making it more maneuverable is nice, but how it is right now just feels unnatural and unlike the intended fantasy of a big winged dragon mount.

Here’s some examples of the rather jerky and unnatural feeling animations (twitter is my best video upload place lol):


A few thoughts/comments:

  1. Until you max out the tree skyward ascent is still far better ‘value’ for vigor than surge forward or whirling surge in open world play - so much so i would recommend taking the other options off your bars when not in races to prevent accidentally triggering one of them.
  2. Once you max out the tree vigor is a non issue - you literally gain it faster than you can spend whilst flying around, and you only need to use skyward once every 30 seconds or so to stay aloft.
  3. It took me about 6 hours to find and grab all the glyphs - most are relatively intuitively placed once you find the zone referred to in the achievements, but a couple (notably mirror of the sky and brackenhide hollow) took me a long time to find because they were just randomly high up in the air and not linked to any landmarks. Per my earlier posts I don’t think people will be keen on spending that long hunting for them and I expect addons will become mandatory to speed things up given how much a quality of life improvement the maxed out tree makes.
  4. All bar 3 of the glyphs were easily reachable with no point talented in the tree - once you can see them getting to them is not an issue at all
  5. For those starting the glyph farm the dracthyr soar racial will be a big time saver, especially whilst you are stuck with the ‘wait 30 seconds whilst grounded to get 1 vigor back’ from the baseline setup.
  6. Today’s change to skyward ascent is a big step forward - in the past it has been somewhat of a lottery as to how much height and how much momentum you got out of each push.
  7. Given you can access and apply dragonriding talents via the talent tree I don’t know why there are dragonriding trainers in the game. That said, a bit of a big at present in that once you have added talents once and closed the interface you need to log out and back in again in order to add additional talents (be this through either the talent trees or trainers.
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Like how dragon riding feels.

Tested out the new dismount from whirling surge. It doesnt dismount but it does force them to the ground.

However at 3 vigor I think whirling surge is still too impractical to actually use. I think it needs to be at 2 vigor.