Feedback: Dragonriding

Arguing with the one person on this thread that tried to defend the Soar nerf is never a good use of time.


Yes, clearly a decision that the masses hated blizzard for, and are so tired of those pesky training wheels.


Of course its not the same, just like how our “meta” is different than when the constitution was written. But does that make the principles of things like the first or second amendment irrelevant?

In the same fashion, many of the design philosophies of classic and TBC are still relevant and are what make them good versions of the game. So much so that Sunwell is more popular and parsed more frequently than Sepulcher. There were more raiding guilds playing TBC than there were during Shadowlands S3.

Leave em off the minimap. Let players ask for help in chat. Let them go look online for a guide if they really want to.


Sub numbers don’t lie…

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I Agree, that explains why there are 42mil downloads on just one of quester addon for classic, to put all of those training wheels back on.
Clearly a very hated feature.


Never said it was hated, but ice cream is never hated either. Doesn’t mean its always a good thing. Eventually you get sick, bored and go somewhere else.

Anyways I’m done, not gonna clutter up this thread with you anymore. Hopefully they keep the glyphs off the map and the tryhards will blast through the feature regardless.


From my perspective it’s very simple, this is still retail and people choose to play it.
All the treasures/rares/etc in say ZM were clearly labeled when you were near em (and some not even near), same with treasures in other zones.

I think having them be clearly visible (on the map) but more tricky to get in-game, would be a much better solution. One you beat by googling, other by playing the game.

Adding glyphs to the minimap ruins part of the gameplay experience. Half of the fun is finding them, the other half is reaching them.

Keep making the experience of collecting glyphs easier an opt in feature by means of third party tools, instead of adding it to the game.


I’m sorry, but i will agree with buckshot on this one.
Part of the fun was finding the glyphs, if people want to install addons and avoid that - they’re free to do so, but forcing that in the game isn’t needed. I could agree with a minimap dot when you’re very close, but not world map


Day #348

Soar still feels slow, and awful.

Running low on food. Please send aid.


I appear to be missing surge forward and skyward assent

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While a better clean up will be present in future builds, existing characters might be missing these skills, unfortunately. New characters should not run into this issue. Please try creating a new character. Thank you for your patience during alpha!


dragon riding looks very cool but these zones have a lot of verticality to them and you cannot go up at all or you just lose all your speed and you cant jump back into it without having to wait a long time, this does not feel good. id much prefer the momentum loss of going up to be much more forgiving

adding this as an edit, now that world quests are in, it gets even more annoying with all the side objective and talking head popups, can there be a way to disable all the popups by default? its not a great look when youre trying to enjoy scenery.


Made a new character. Highmountain Tauren Warrior. Still don’t have skills when going through the questing. Did you move the abilities to later in the quest line or should we have ascent and the other ability when we first receive our dragon?

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It was a new character. I made a 60 template, talked to the tauren, and leveled through the quests until unlocking dragon riding. Only I never had skyward assent or surge forward on my bars or spellbook


I created a new level 60 Night Elf Druid, did the quest line to get dragon riding, completed Waking Shores campaign and still don’t have Surge Forward or Skyward Assent on action bars or in spell book.

When I press spacebar twice on ground it will leap into the air to fly and spend 1 vigor, but if I press spacebar while already flying it gives an error message: “Spell not learned yet.”

I don’t know why the WoW community always comes to these discussions around like add-ons and information surfacing and such with the idea that external mods/information like, “defeat the game” and any obfuscation should be given up on.

For one thing, actual developers would have to waste time making a minimap icon system, when it seems like resources are spread thin already just getting class talent tree iteration.

And secondly, making the jump from optional addon installs to forced automatic user interface guides is a huge difference to actual players. Even if supposedly “90%” of players use the addon anyway, which is just a made up number, there is no good reason to drag the other 10% of players along.

Usually, if the dev wants to add more information to the base UI, it’s because that information is essential for the very low information, casual player to have fun. More advanced players already have addons and external guides, and don’t actually need or benefit from this sort of additional surfacing. Quest markers have a meaningful impact on casual user retention because someone who is lost might quit, but markers for optional end-game dragonriding tokens will have no real impact.

“Because addons will do it anyway” is never a good reason for a new feature.


We’ve hotfixed in a better solution that should catch this case. Creating a new max level template character should return any mounts or spells lost. Afterwards, characters below level 70 can log out and back in to see mounts and spells returned. At this stage, Dragonriding spells can be dragged out of the spellbook, under the General tab.


Because Sepulcher is not a good raid.

Respectfully, stop trying to change Retail into Classic. If you want to play Classic, it’s there for you.

If you want the option to turn them off, that’s great (That’s not what you’re suggesting though, you just outright don’t want it there and to force the rest of us to use addons like classic players have to) - but stop trying to take away a quality of life option that many like because you don’t - it’s no different than the people who beg Blizzard to remove flying permanently.


Are there any plans for pets to behave with Dragonriding mounts as they do with flying mounts?

When you start flying with a normal flying mount, pets are “despawned”, respawning instantly once you dismount. However, with Dragonriding mounts, the pets continue to be spawned as you fly with them, and eventually despawn once you fly far enough where they enter their despawn radius.

For classes like Hunters and Unholy DKs its not that a big of an issue (as they can summon their pets instantly), but for Warlocks we either need to take the full 6 second cast timer to resummon our demons, or use Fel Domination. I’ve ran a couple times into issues where I’d land my mount, summon my pet, loot something, then fly away, land with my pet despawned, and Fel Domination is on cooldown.

I’ve reported this ingame for a few builds now (I’ve been on Alpha since Phase 1), and have seen no changes. Starting to worry this might be intended.