Feedback: Dragonriding

One thing I’ve noticed in the beta (esp in the dungeon w/the riding) is that dragon riding doesn’t let you off the mount when you cast a spell or use an ability like normal mounts - hopefully this isn’t a limitation of “vehicle” and is something that can be adjusted to work like a normal mount.


is it possible to have the pitch keys be bound to the same keys as movement I only have one working arm and dragonriding is nearly impossible to move and use abilities


There is a setting called something like “auto dismount in flight”, it will dismount you automatically when casting/using abilities.

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This is NOT the answer. Since the dragonriding action bar replaces Action bar #1, if you try to use/cast any of your spells/abilities from that action bar while still mounted…you do NOT dismount, you invoke whatever drake ability is on that bar number. If there is NO drake ability in that slot, nothing happens.


Please include the option to use our older dragon mounts and the option to use the old style flying, myself and a growing number of people do not enjoy dragonriding at all and are not interested in this mini-game at all.

The system feels horrible and is like riding a vehicle in wow which i know not a soul prefers over riding a mount.
Dragonriding doesnt even feel like your on a mount, its a vehicle that does NOT feel fun to play.


Hello again Dragonriders!

Another dragon glyph improvement worth mentioning:

  • When near an uncollected dragon glyph and on a Dragon Isles drake, you’ll gain a buff called “Dragon Glyph Resonance”, displaying the distance to the relevant uncollected dragon glyph

Hey, Greyton… is there a glyph for “mac users can do dragon riding quest without locking up the game and bricking the character’s progression” yet? Because that would be super helpful.


Wonderful new addition, doesn’t exactly tell us where it is but at least alerts us that maybe we should slow down and explore that area of the skies a bit more.

Just drag a couple of your opener abilities/instant cast abilities onto that bar, works like a charm to auto-dismount you.


I hope for more quality of life stuff before launch.

What I mean by Quality of Life like placing the glyphs on the map.

Would it be possible to have an item added to the beta environment that ‘wipes’ all obtained dragon glyphs so we can experience this feature (and practice our speed gathering of them all for when DF goes live)? I’d be very interested to see how close you need to be to start the tracking interface, particularly for the two ‘hard to find’ ones at mirror of the sky and brackenhide hollow.


I do hope the dragonriding tutorial is in depth and tell the players everything they need to know like a “101” type of style.

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Remove the whole “Are you sure you want to take this talent” from dragon riding - sure it might be relevant (but not really) from the ones where you have choices to make, but since we are supposed to get everything either way, having this confirmation seems… tedious

At the very least remove it from the no-choice talents


I think it’s great!

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Can’t you just transfer a toon over and over to the leveling realm to accomplish the same thing?

That’s what I did at least.

Is there a reason why you’ve removed the VehicleAimGetAngle() global function? It completely broke the FlyPitch addon.

This is a massive issue, because there is no built-in way to determine the pitch when flying. This, in turn, makes it a complete nightmare to guess if we’re gonna loose the blue speed buff or not. We have no way of knowing if we’re angled downwards or upwards. This makes dragonriding a frustrating guesswork - you think you’re angled downwards, the terrain around you suggests that as well, yet the game suddenly takes your buff away and you start slowing down and falling. If the terrain around you doesn’t allow for a quick dive and you’re out of vigor - game over, you fall. This is a very bad design. This punishes the player for the game’s inability to show information required from the player in the quests, tooltips, passives related to the dragonriding. This is very frustrating.

Another issue is accessibility. I have vision and sensory issues that make it even harder to guess my pitch when flying, especially at high speeds. The addon allowed me to see a clear indicator and fly flawlessly despite my health issues. Now I can either fly so high up I give myself enough room to fiddle with my pitch (and miss the exploration of the zones completely) or I fall because the terrain looked like I’m flying down, but not really because optical illusion. I dread to think how bad it must feel for players with even more vision issues. I don’t want to be forced to use the follow-as-whelp thing, I love flying and I was very good at it.

This is not a skill issue. I have every single Gold achievement for the races, both regular and advanced, I know how to fly well. This is the game giving an instruction “face downwards to accelerate”, yet providing no way of knowing if we’re facing downwards. The only way so far is to move the camera to the side while flying and trying to guess if the dragon is facing down enough. Which will make us fly into the wall, because we can’t see.

Please either bring this global back or make a built-in pitch indicator. In my opinion, this removal turns dragonriding from the best feature in the entire game to a frustrating mess. I loved this feature when I could see my pitch. I don’t like it without this. I just cannot see if I’m facing down enough, I literally have issues that make it impossible to tell and it’s incredibly frustrating…


Agreed on making it easier to determine what pitch we’re flying at – It’s really difficult to tell exactly what angle you have when you’re way way up in the sky to the point that you can’t see the ground.


This is highly disappointing. Given all the things they’ve been doing in the name of accessibility, removing this function entirely is 100% a step in the wrong direction.


Thank you - I had forgotten about that ‘feature’ of the character copy - sounds like exactly what I need for testing purposes.

Thank you Yiuyipan - this is really going to help for planning purposes and I only wish I was half as good as you are in terms of mastering the dragon riding mechanics.

@Greyton - would it be possible to build the pitch tracking functionality into the base riding interface given it is such a quality of life improvement (just look at the video linked by Yiuyipan as a perfect example) and should address many of the negative posts surrounding dragon riding for those who are struggling to understand the mechanics?


A simple request made even stronger after playing with it-

Please for the love of god, just make Soar normal dragon riding on the dragon isles. it is such a weird immersion break to play a dragon and not be able to fly or use it’s coolest ability. Dracthyr are pretty cool in general, but this is one of the aspects that really miss the fun of a dragon race.