Feedback: Dragonriding

I don’t mind if they open up normal flying in dragon isles but i really want to see fully upgraded dragon riding a bit stronger in terms of initial take off and height gained. I’m just one of those who would rather get where I’m going much faster than have the abilty to hover in mid air, I think having both options is great.

Once you’re up in the air and fully upgraded with 6 vigor it’s not terrible. but not amazing. It gets me where I need to go faster for sure. If I could add one more talent at the very bottom it would be to make the initial height of skyward ascent while grounded to go 200% to 300% higher than it does baseline right now so that you don’t need to spend 3 vigor just to get to a decent height to start cruising around. The 6 Vigor is manageable and decent but i hope we get to unlock it to 8 at some point later on, especially if skyward ascent from initial ground position is not buffed in some way. Needing to find 20 feet of height to jump off of feels bad.

WHich is essentially the thing. If Dragonriding offered a fun, interactive way to get from place to place fast, e.g. faster than flying and hitting autorun, it’d still have a purpose and it’d be something people would want to master and use. The limitations for limitations’ sake is just particularly silly.

Even when it’s 3 Vigor and it’s 90 seconds or whatever to regen it when you first start - it raises a question of why. What fun is it adding asking someone to sit around, or run on their ground mount for 90 seconds between attempts while they’re figuring stuff out?


I think the basis is “rpg / immersion / fake way to make you feel like you went from weak to strong”

Funny because it just makes me frustrated and annoyed. A friend mentioned there is something that allegedly fixes some of this later. But I don’t think that’s any excuse for it feeling bad now. It feels like the game doesn’t respect my time when it’s faster to hearth and taxi.


Thank you for the ideas but unfortunately did nothing.

This weeks update fixed most of the issues I was having. Yay.

Good day Dragonriders!
We’ve noticed a lot of feedback around tutorials, dragon glyphs, and dragonriding skills and abilities, and are excited to provide these updates in today’s build.

Skills and abilities have seen some updates, including:

  • With today’s update, we fixed a bug that allowed Skyward Ascent to accelerate you much more than intended when pitched upward
  • Skyward Ascent’s boost has increased by 10% and grants increased forward velocity. This should result in a faster experience when moving forward and reaching higher heights
  • An additional trait has been added to the beginning of the skill track:
    • Redirection - While moving at low speeds, Surge Forward’s effectiveness is increased by up to 122%, decreasing as speed increases.
  • More Winds of the Isles have been added to Thaldraszus, near Tyrhold and the Cascades
  • Skill track costs have been adjusted, to account for additional glyphs and decrease the cost of the earlier traits
  • The vigor bar art has been updated toward a dragonrider’s aesthetic

Many of the changes in this build are to improve onramping to the system, including:

  • The tutorial now includes a guided path from the Ruby Life Pools
    • This path includes rings and boosts like those found in time trials, protection from leaving the course, and highlighting Skyward Ascent for ascending
    • The tutorial now includes steps to open up the new menus that are key to dragonriding (the skill track and Rostrum of Transformation)
  • 8 new Dragon Glyphs have been added to the Dragon Isles (including one experienced during the new tutorial steps)
    • These are intended to be more easily accessible and more easily seen while campaign questing
  • The Rostrum of Transformation now sports an icon on the minimap

Bug fix highlights include:

  • Pets will now resummon after dismounting from dragon isles drakes
  • Summoning random favorite mount will no longer attempt to summon dragon isles drakes outside of the Dragon Isles and will prioritize dragon isles drakes while in the Dragon Isles

New Known Issue:

  • Selecting grayed-out options can generally result in a degraded experience until leaving the Rostrum (for instance, not displaying changes and not saving valid changes)

-insert anguished “NOOOOOOOOO!” here-

EDIT: Hmm. I wonder if this also resolved being slowed down or flying backward if you used Ascent while aiming downward… :thinking:

EDIT 2: Oh, seems my ‘zero to max speed instantly’ method still works! :smiley:


It feels better but not good and this is a vigor regen issue. It’s still stupidly easy to find yourself stranded and running in circles waiting for vigor. This is not fun.


Seems like landing when Dragonriding is relatively prone to causing crashes now… especially if skidding down the side of a mountain.


Having only recently gotten into beta and actually playing aroud with “Soar” and dragonriding, I have to say: Soar is an awesome idea whose implementation sadly misses the point of its fantasy - to be a dragon flying with your own wings.

Its appeal isn’t in obtaining an occasional “advantageous” speed boost over other players; its appeal is in being an actual flying dragon, engaging with the new WoW flight system without having to sit on top of another dragon.

This has already been discussed in this thread, but I have to add my support for the idea that Soar should be nothing more or less than a cosmetic variant of Dragonriding.

  1. Remove the cooldown entirely
  2. Let it go the same speed as dragonriding mounts
  3. Give it access to the vigor system
  4. Give it access to dragonriding talents
  5. Fully disable it in any content that dragonriding isn’t also available in
  6. In non-Dragon-Isles content, give Dracthyr a “Running Wild” ability, where they use their wings in the traditional, BC-era mode of flying (and if dragonriding is enabled in the old world at some point, then awesome, Soar can be re-enabled there, too)
  7. Make it share vigor with Dracthyr’s dragonriding mounts, so that they can’t run out of vigor while Soaring and go to a fully-recharged dragon mount.

No dragon wants to have to ride on another dragon’s back to have functional flying. It’s a shame, because Soar is a really cool concept, the dragonriding system is generally fun, and I enjoy the few seconds every several minutes when I get to feel like my wings aren’t vestigial. Please let dracthyr fully engage with the dragonriding system with their own two wings; please let dragons fly like dragons!


I’ll have to test out these changes when I get back.

How bad is it? Did they clip our wings with skyward assent or is it still easy to fly freely?

I quite like that they buffed surge forward. It needed a reason to use it.

Do not enjoy it, would rather the old style flying.
Dont like having to flap.

Edit: old style = swimming style


Having an issue where this has not happened and I still cannot select all my talents on characters after having gotten all of the glyphs
Edit: I have only been able to test this on existing characters so far

Old style as in previous build or old style as in noclip air swimming?


We’ve been air swimming for how long now, 14 years? I’m glad they are finally innovating.


I’m still able to use skyward assent while aiming upward. In fact I don’t really notice any big change. The surge forward changes is great feels good to use now.

Crisis averted!


I’m really going to miss the “bug” with Skyward Ascent after getting really used to using it to slingshot myself from the ground to max speed in a heartbeat. It was janky, but it felt so much better to get up to max speed right away and start regenerating vigor, instead of always losing one or two vigor and needing to really work to get them recharging. Hopefully the “Redirection” change it going to make a big difference, because it feels really bad using Surge at low speeds and then barely going any faster (starting a race, where the only option is Surge from a dead stop, but it hardly does anything). Though I’m not really sure why make it a talent except to have an excuse to force players to spend their first “freebie” glyph on it. Couldn’t Surge just do this baseline?

The rest of these are all pretty welcome changes. I definitely approve of the tutorial introducing how to use Skyward Ascent so new players have to get used to using it, and introducing talents because they make the flying so much better. I also approve of both more glyphs, and easier to get glyphs. More glyphs because I am a simple addict and I need more shinies to fly my drake through to get my fix, and easier glyphs to help new players get early talents like the 4th vigor or slightly faster vigor regen.

That said, give me more. More glyphs, more races. Once the player has collected all the glyphs, randomly spawn new glyphs near mountains and tough terrain, that the player can continue to collect and spend on cosmetics (for player or drake). Also find a way to allow players to actually create and share their own races (pipedream, I know).

And add some kind of way to find out how to unlock many of the customization options for Drakes inside the game. A lot of them come from side quests that players may not even know where to find.

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Is there an API call that can be made to get the movement speed of dragonriding? GetUnitSpeed(“player”) does not work.

I’m pretty concerned about dragon riding as a part of leveling.

What I enjoy about leveling is collecting quests, gathering / fighting mobs / exploring and making progress towards the next level.

Pausing to learn to dragon riding will break the rhythm of questing and feel bad for a lot of players.