Feedback: Dragonriding

Otherwise, it’s hard for me to make any other statements on what could be changed without knowing and feeling for the various upgrades we will unlocks.

Really enjoyed Dragonriding, feels much more interactive than regular flying where you just press Num Lock and tab out of your game. The way your dragon moves and pivots as you turn, etc just feels really cool in comparison to the static way current flying mounts move. Very excited that this is apparently only the beginning of the system and probably the weakest our Dragonriding will be, excited to see what the Dragonriding talents will look like.


Morgan Day recently mentioned in an interview that the team was open to the idea of letting players name their dragons and to express interest now.

It would be really nice and a great (hopefully simple!) way to further push forward the player expression regarding this system.


Currently I believe it is way too easy to gain a LOT of height by doing the following:

  1. Gain a little bit of height by using Skyward Ascent or jumping off a cliff.
  2. Fly down just enough to gain a bit of speed.
  3. After you have some speed quickly turn skywards and press Skyward Ascent. You’ll fly quite a good distance in whatever direction you are facing (even if it is straight up) without losing speed for some time.

Knowing this makes it real hard for me to find any use for the other Dragonriding abilties. The spiral does look cool though.

Despite that, I have absolutely fallen in love with Dragonriding and I am extremely interested to see how the system evolves as you progress through the expansion. I look forward to more mounts and customizations to be discovered and unlocked through various methods.

One of the biggest things I would love to see sometime in the future is PvP integration in Dragonriding, whether it be challenging another player to a race or other challenge, crashing into a hostile player mid-air, or even having some exclusive Dragonriding PvP abilities.


I feel Dragonriding will be a great addition to the game. I have some concerns and some positives.

A major flaw I see with the system is flying uphill. I understand it’s supposed to be a challenge, but I do feel that flying uphill, or crossing tall mountains is needlessly complicated with the current implementation of the system.

Mostly related is the ease of moving short distances. Hopping on my mount to fly like 50 feet is something I, and I imagine most players, have become accustomed to over time. With this system in place as it is, it’s almost an ‘investment’ to do this, seeing as jumping requires Vigor.

I’d suggest some way to cross small distances without consuming energy. It doesn’t have to be fast or particularly effective, just a way to cross terrain faster than you would normally on foot. I think a good way to do this would be to add a “mini jump” to allow the dragon to jump just high enough to gain a small amount of speed to cross a small obstacle or something.

Something I miss is the ability to just fly up into the air and AFK in safety. An ability you could use when in the air to “hover” indefinitely would be nice. Cancels upon movement or damage, but otherwise allows you to just hang in the air while you’re AFK?

I do believe a free jump after mounting would be a great addition. On top of that, faster Vigor regen on the ground is a great idea.

And finally, I’d suggest stealing an idea from Elden Ring to help remedy the problem of crossing common mountains, or going uphill in a widely travelled area. Add some little updraft areas that, when you activate your jump in them, sends you flying maybe 1.5x to 2x higher up than you would normally. I do feel this should probably be limited in scope however, to avoid trivializing the system as a whole.


This is a very good call-out. We’re working on improving the dragonriding gap detection to fix issues like this. We’ve noticed that dragonriding won’t kick in with some slope types, so we’ll be addressing those in a future build.


Building on a point earlier in this thread about extremely short distances, it would be nice to be able to spend, say half a vigor point to essentially have a really big jump that can become flight


This is a great call-out of a few distinctions between “flying” and “dragonriding.” We’d like to slot dragonriding into its own unique space without crowding out flying, so it feeling like an investment is in the desired ballpark. How much of an investment is definitely something we’d love to hear continued feedback on, especially as progression comes online and as players get more used to the feature.

We’ve found that this is a big part of the appeal of WoW’s flying, so pulling that into dragonriding would encroach on that space too much.

Oh I think you might like the progression then! (And good note about that balance.)

Also, we’ve also seen a request or two from testers to drop the cooldown on Soar for testing purposes, and we don’t think that will be necessary to get the whole system well-tested. We’re getting great bug reports, and we thank you very much for them.


Will later levels of dragon riding be tested later on? I think part of the issue we’re facing is that we’re seeing what it will start as, versus where it will be?


I have asked for this once, but I feel like this response misses the mark. The reduced cd ask isn’t about us asking what is necessary for validation of a feature, just an ask to not waste my time if I desire to go the extra mile. Trying to file reports on specific slopes that cause issues, especially in the old world, is more time consuming than it needs to be with a 5min cd. That’s all.


The courses I’ve come across so far are a bit too linear long term or rather on a similar plateau. Goofing around in the old world (with the Dracthyr soaring) I could pull off things like this:

I hope you are planning on future courses that are a bit more intense.


Please don’t sleep on the popularity of base Dragonriding through the Dracthyr Soar. If you won’t implement a “Running Wild” for Dracthyr that allows basic flight, please lower the cap on Soar, because people love it and are posting it whenever they can to showcase how fun it is to fly as a dragon-person through the old world AND new world.

Please don’t squander this opportunity. People are having a great time with this, and not in a way that puts other players at a disadvantage. If that is the thought of the dev team, I would love to argue with them on this: I can see a case where people think “oh, people will feel obligated to play a Dracthyr if Soar is lower CD” but no, there are many cases where Soar doesn’t work because the character isn’t on high ground.

Most uses of Soar aren’t based on player convenience or utility: it’s just players having fun. Please just let us have that.


One small thing on Dragonriding races: It would be a great idea to fill up your Vigor bar when starting a race. Most race points in Azure Span require using 1-2 Vigor to reach, and then you’re there waiting a minute or so to have a full Vigor bar for the race.


Mine were refilling at the start of races today when I tried it.


I’m a real big fan of this system. I’m having a much more fun time getting from point A to point B.

If the Dragon Riding Races don’t have a guild/friend leaderboard, that is an enormous throw. Slap a leaderboard on those things. Instant Content™.


For something I was skeptical of when it was first announced, I am really surprised with how much fun this system turned out and think it will be a great feature.

Some of my pros have been how much fun it has been to just fly around and learn the system. I feel it adds depth to flying in the sense that it makes me think about the path I will take to maximize how long I can stay in flight. I also believe this promotes zone exploration as I found myself flying around the zone to figure out the best places to get momentum, takeoff from, etc.

I have also really enjoyed the various time trials scattered throughout the available zone plus the two different race options each provides. As mentioned above, I think a leaderboard would round out the system perfectly.

In terms of feedback, I agree with others that being out of vigor and stuck on the ground while it recharges, especially in a crevice region surrounded by cliffs where it would take 2-3 vigor charges to escape, doesn’t feel great. I think a free charge on takeoff (outside of time trials) or a slightly shorter re-charge time (closer to the 15 seconds of Thrill of the Skies) would fix it for me. However, this may be a moot point once the upgraded flying is available for testing.

Overall, I think the system is a ton of fun and along with the time trials and customizations can easily be expanded upon. While I don’t think it can ever fully replace flying as we know it today, I am excited to see what fully-upgraded flying is like and how the system evolves.

The Dragonriding time trials/racing are extremely fun. Had a blast last night where a friend and I were talking to the NPC to start the race at the same time and race against each other for a few different courses. It’s cool to see them on the minimap or map and seeing them just closing in on you on the map or zooming far ahead.

Current iteration appears to be displaying the “current” and “next” rings, with a dotted line pointed or aimed at the next rings on the course. Personally, I would like to see the current & 2-3 rings would be more comfortable for players with the track, but could understand if that might be too noisy or too much clutter for players. Not sure if this could be an option or something that can be adjusted either by UI, console command, or technical design.

Hitboxes for the rings & powerups seem to be very generous and bigger than the animation itself.

For replay value, possibly already thought of already and might not be available, could be a daily or weekly kind of event where multiple players can enroll/queue up and all race at the same time (rather than individual interactions to click on NPC and start) for something fun, maybe XP on an alt as a daily repeatable quest)

Potential bug which may have already been reported and possibly a known issue internally, first race you complete of the day appears to not accurately display/show your completion time at the end of the course (if completed)

Overall for this specific feature, it is extremely fun not just for the racing/time trials but for movement around in the zone.

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After doing all of the Dragon Races on Advanced (Gold) I feel as though Surge Forward needs to be a bit better.

It’s slightly better to use Skyward Ascent and maintain a steady angle for speed which can be quite motion sickness inducing.

The races as a whole can be quite Motion Sickness inducing too as I’ve had someone with Motion Sickness watch my races and they said they couldn’t deal with it.

On the note of the Dragon Races specifically, when you fly through a Vigor node it takes a second or two to gain the Vigor which is slightly annoying.


I definitely noticed this as well while trying to get the lowest time I could on almost every course. The only time I really find myself using Surge Forward is at the very end of a course to fly into the finish if I happen to have a Vigor available when I get there.

It’s a little hard to tell without a way to track my speed and times at each ring, but it seems like it’s faster to use Skyward Ascent to go up and gain a lot of speed at the start of a course even when the first checkpoint is nearly directly below where you start.


I have been testing soar a lot and figured I would post my feedback here as well since the dragon riding mounts also have this issue.

The sound effect from reaching max speed is really grating. It sounds like being on a flight right behind the engines and I really think it should be something different. Eventually the novelty will wear off and this will bug many people I think. I dont want to have to hear REEEEEEE all expansion :smile:

The visual effects in general I think need to be toned down or have an option to tone them down.

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