Feedback: Dragonriding

I’m really happy with the cooldown reduction changes. Do I want an even lower cooldown? Sure, but beggars can’t be choosers, and I am glad you listened to our feedback on the soar cd.


Yea, the speed nerf is dumb.

Who cares if dracthyr can fly around faster than other races. Unless this is some kinda weird ideological race thing then what is the point?

The reasons given are also very, very dumb. Those things like transmog, pet battles, quests, etc are not competitive aspects of the game. They are for fun! So why nerf the fun out of soar?

You guys need to let go of old habits and not be afraid for some things to not be balanced, especially things that are not really important.


I wish they would just give up on Soar and just make it cosmetic Dragon Riding already. Everyone is still going to complain that it’s either still too powerful, the cooldown is still too long, or the speed is still too slow… just make it cosmetic Dragon Riding and enable Dragon Riding everywhere.


I just dislike the “balance at all costs” mindset. Its thinking like this that is the reason for why on live, I have to scroll through 95% of the enchants in this game before I can finally have one that is actually usable on my gear. +4 mastery is really game breaking ya know?

Or why most of the cool toys in this game are limited to draenor or pandaria. I’m not lobbying for unleashed mania or the nuke button from WoD be usable everywhere (I wouldn’t mind though, its a 4 hr cd!) but you guys need to lighten up a bit and be ok with a little more craziness.


I agree, but at this point I’ll take any small victory I can.


Here again with a few updates that went live with this build:

When we introduced turn rate tech, we wanted to make sure the when of a turn mattered. However, we might have been too heavy-handed with those values. Now that we’ve found the outer limits, we’ve re-tuned turn rate to lessen its impact. We continue to iterate on the balance here and welcome your feedback. Please give it a try, in questing, time trials, or both, and share your experience with us.

In addition, we’ve improved the hotbars for dragonriding, allowing players to customize their hotbars through drag-and-drop as normal, much like a druid’s bar when in bear form (or other cool forms). This also resolves some issues like not being able to use abilities to dismount and not being able to interact with quest items while mounted. (If you lose your dragonriding abilities, check your spellbook. Characters from previous alpha builds may not have these skills, but new characters in this build should see them there.)

  • Fixed issues include:
    • Rostrum settings now won’t reset when switching dragons, and “Accept” purchases all selections made.
    • Dragonriding visual effects should no longer persist when getting kicked off a mount.
    • Dragonriding visual effects should no longer display on other players in unexpected situations.
    • Players that aren’t Dracthyr or Demon Hunters can no longer double jump after dismounting a dragonriding mount.
  • New known issues include:
    • Occasionally, a character attempting to progress down the skill track will be unable to take new traits, even though they have enough currency. A relog should solve this in most cases.


Thanks for this, the turning felt off. Hopefully it feels better now.

I would test it out with Soar, but you know… :pleading_face:


I’ve tested out Dragonriding for a few minutes, it definitely feels a lot better than it did in Phase 3 and 4. Granted, I’ve not extensively tested it yet as it’s just been released in Phase 5, but turning, dipping, the overall flow and feel to it feels smoother. There are still some stuttering and frame issues when taking off initially and when sometimes turning overall, but it’s better than it was in Phase 4.

Good improvements, I’ll add more after I’ve had a chance to test it further.


Is the only dragon riding trainer in Waking Shores? I couldn’t find one last build and can’t find one in ohnaran plains either

Edit* I found it. In ruszathar reach.

Has anyone found a fix for the tree being blacked out and giving UI errors?

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Agreed. However, I would like to add: Dracthyr should start with a 3 minute cooldown on the Dragon Isles, as it is their home - the skies are familiar to them. They shouldn’t have to explore Dragon Isles. I’m fine with the compromise for the other areas, as it’s better than a blanket 5 minute cooldown.

Also, all this is meaningless if the spell feels bad to use. And for anyone who experiences Dragonriding, it’s going to feel bad, because you know what speed dragons should be flying at.

As I said, after testing, it’s quicker to just use a regular flying mount now. For those who think it was “just” a 30% nerf - the nerf amounts to the % speed of a full on flying mount at max speed on live right now. THAT’S how much speed they took away.

Anyway, I haven’t noticed the other changes yet, but this is still a problem:

Any minor rock/edge/etc. you go off has like a 50% chance for your dragonriding mount to just randomly jut northward almost at a 90 degree angle, do an awkward turn, then slowly go back to the ground. It slows you down immensely and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. (In this GIF I was able to “land” on the edge and run back up, otherwise I would’ve spent a good 5-10 seconds slow falling to the ground unable to do anything.)

It’s only been happening this past week, so I think something you did last week caused it.


The new turning feels great. Much more agile.

Surge forward still doesn’t feel like a good ability to press. It gives no speed bonus after its animation finishes. I feel like im going the same speed as when I started it, or if I had done nothing at all and just glided I’d have gone about the same distance.

At the end of surge forward I think it should always put us at max speed.


Yeah… going from normal Dragonriding to Soar feels awful. It’s like night and day. :confused:

Literally zero reason to ever use it.


I’ve noticed there has been a 1 minute cooldown reduction to the Soar ability for Dracthyrs, 1 extra minute if they’ve fully explored the zone.

Well I appreciate the reduction to the cooldown, it doesn’t change how Soar currently feels as a whole.

I’ve read the reasons behind the design decision, I’ve discussed why I disagree with those points in several different posts, so I’m not going to parrot myself again on those points.

I will further continue to cement the fact that I think that this decision is a poorly thought out one as a whole. Why do I feel this way? Because it’s principle. Yes, it’s more fun to fly (soar) faster, doesn’t really offer any competitive advantages and overall concept, but I’ve already talked about those bulletin points extensively. There are other reasons why I don’t think the decision is a good one.

If you rewind time back to several expansions, you’ll remember there have been many different discussions, debates and feedback about many things that happened during the Alpha and Beta phases.

There were Azerite armor issues, conduit energy, Legion Legendaries, Covenants and the list is really mountainous. Whenever you have many, many threads and posts being made about something that doesn’t feel good, feels punishing, feels like a second job or does not feel fun to do, then you know maybe this isn’t the stance that needs to be taken time after time again and again.

As an example, how many different instances over the last three expansions have we had something major that a huge outcry went pouring out at in early testing stages of testing, legitimately feasible sound reasoning behind many of our concerns, but was implemented live anyway? Numerous times. What would happen is that somewhere halfway or even further into the expansion, during either later major patch or a .5 or .25 patch, these changes would finally be made.

This phrase is literally burned into my eardrums, I’ve heard it so many times. “We hear you!”. Then you would hear Ion or someone else explain why they listened because, “XYZ” wasn’t fun, engaging or some other negative experience.

This to me feels like another one of those burned into my eardrum examples that I have to speak up about it when I can, however I can.

You can read all of the examples I’ve mentioned, many others have mentioned not only on here, but in the general discussion forum, there’s been at least 25 threads made about this.

This feels like another one of those many examples over the last three expansions where you finally will listen, but not until somewhere around patch 10.2 or 10.3. Why not change it before it goes to live instead of waiting 8 to 12 months into the expansion? You know it’s going to happen, I know it’s going to happen, almost everyone else knows it’s going to happen, stop it from happening.

I’ve been pretty vocal on this particular subject, but it’s not just because of this ability or the reduction to its speed. It’s also about principle, a precedence that’s been happening for years now. Quite frankly, it needs to stop and it needs to stop now.

Making further posts on this issue stops here for me. Repeating myself further would be counterproductive.

Edit to add: I will continue to discuss this issue in general discussion, but I meant I will no longer make any more posts in the Alpha discussion forum on this issue. I think I’ve made enough posts about this particular issue, making more at this point would be counterproductive. I think my point has been made.


I actually haven’t seen this community so solidly united against something in a very long time. The only people I’ve seen defend the Soar nerf are contrarian trolls that don’t even have alpha.

I’d love to stop posting about this, but I refuse. It’s such an asinine change, I can’t help it.


It’s actually impressive to get the WoW community to agree on anything, honestly.


After doing a bit more thinking, I came to the conclusion that if I had to choose between Soar getting it’s cooldown lowered, and reverting the speed nerf, I would choose the speed every single time.

What’s the point of having a lower cooldown if Soar feels awful to use?


Does this soar nerf apply to the dracthyr starter zone? I don’t think it can be played anymore to check, but soaring to get where you were going in that starter zone was both very cool and seemed to be tuned pretty tightly, like it was challenging. But in a fun way. Not sure how it would feel with the changes though, since we aren’t testing that post-nerf, that’s a concern.


It would, yes.

Yeah, I don’t think they thought of that when they made this change. They were too busy thinking of irrelevant things, like pet battles. :roll_eyes:


No need to insult content some people like.

The pet community isn’t happy they tried to blame this on us.


No insult intended. I just don’t think they should be balancing their game around it. Ever.

I enjoy transmog farming, but I would also consider that to be irrelevant, at least in terms of needing to be balanced around. Same with leveling. :man_shrugging:

Like someone said in General, their reasons for that Soar nerf read like an SNL skit.