Feedback: Dragonflight Season 1 Class Sets

That was changed a looooooong time ago my guy

Whoever is designing these set bonuses is a complete clown.

Absolutely zero semblance of balance.

Honestly I don’t really see the need to change how catalyst charges accrue. Making them account wide is good, but having to do group content to get a charge is simply annoying. What happens to those that quit playing for awhile, because why pay for a sub while waiting 6 weeks for the catalyst to open, that then come back? If there isn’t a catchup mechanic then that’s all the more reason to not come back to the game.

The 6 week time gating needs to go. In 6 weeks you can have your character kitted out and then the catalyst finally unlocks and you can only turn 1 item. 10 weeks to finally get 4 piece is far far too long. You’re still thinking about WoW with Raiding needing to be the end all be all and that is no longer the case. Casual players need character progression and being timegated by 6 weeks to even get a single piece is just demoralizing. With that sort of time gating the charges do not even need to exist.

Make the catalyst available right away and then use the charge system. If you keep the 6 week time gating you will lose a ton of players and then having to get charges you’ll lose even more. Again stop pandering to the top 10% to keep them happy when the 90% are bored and quitting en masse.


I would even be happy with a compromise where the weekly quest to get the charges started on week 2, meaning that you can accrue your first 4 charges and they be available on week 6 when the catalyst opens.

This preserves the notion that Raid and Great Vault are the best ways to obtain tier earlier on but doesn’t put players in the rears for upwards of 2.5 months if they had really bad luck, especially when certain specs are so reliant on 4pc tier (i.e. Guardian druids).


Can you get rid of the MM hunter 2 pieces set Aimed Shot proc light up? There’s no need for it. MM hunter will cast Aimed Shot whenever they can, there’s no need to show this as a proc light up. A small icon notice on the health bar is sufficient. As of now, we can’t tell the diff between Lock and Load proc for Aimed Shot or it’s a just the 2 pieces proc. This is very annoying while kiting in pvp, where we really need to know when Lock and Load proc.

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There is a ton of RNG in the vengance demon hunter set. I would love to have some of the rng scaled back in exchange for a nerf on the effects.

I’d like to share some upcoming tuning changes that are being made to Dragonflight’s Season 1 Class Sets. These changes are intended to bring these bonuses more in line with similar bonuses for specs of the same role.


  • Guardian
    • (4) Set Bonus: Healing amount decreased by 64%.


  • Brewmaster
    • (2) Set Bonus: Increase Brewmaster’s Rhythm duration to 15 sec (up from 10 sec).


  • Protection
    • (2) Set Bonus: Versatility buff duration decreased to 8 sec (down from 10) and Versatility increased to 6% (up from 5%).
    • (4) Set Bonus: Parry amount increased to 5% (up from 4%).


  • Demonology
    • (4) Set Bonus: Chance for Demonbolt to enhance your next Hand of Gul’dan increased and damage bonus increased to 150% (up from 50%).

Keep buffing warlock, otherwise there is still a slight chance a ranged class other than Warlock is playable in Dragonflight.


So… you want Guardian Druids to just ignore their Tier set again? lol


This really doesn’t do anything. It was mostly overheal anyways.

Real quick: could you make the Arcane mage 4 piece tier set last longer than 12 seconds? (Or just not have a timer at all?)

The reason for this is twofold:

  1. arcane mages tend to run lower haste because it increases mana expenditure and can lead to you not being able to cast
  2. the current rotation requires Evocation with siphon storm prior to casting Arcane surge, Radiant Spark and TotM. If you add up all the cast time, this is: 6 seconds from Evocation (which you cannot interrupt even if full on mana otherwise you get less intellect from siphon storm), 2.5 seconds from Arcane Surge and 1.5 seconds from radiant spark. Thats 10 seconds of cast time (baseline) on a spec that runs low haste. You are at severe risk of losing all you Barrage crit stacks just from all this setup.

Could you increase the time, or maybe make it not have a time? This wouldn’t actually increase the intended DPS significantly, but would decrease significant frustration with this timer

Hi Orcandent -

Is this a typo, don’t you mean 4pc?
Or was there some hidden 2pc effect that we were all unaware of?

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That’s now that works. It goes from 375%AP to 135%AP.

This is not bringing the 4-piece bonus in line with other specs of the same role. This is gutting it to be worse than it was before you buffed it.

Originally you released it as a 50% of AP direct heal. This was absolute trash.

You then buffed it to be 150% of AP as a HOT. This was okay, but still behind the power of other tank’s 4-piece bonuses.

You then over-buffed it to 375% of AP as a HOT, because you realised 150% of AP was under-powered.

This nerf essentially puts it at 135% of AP as a HOT. This is below the level you yourselves recognised was under-powered compared to the other tank bonuses only a few weeks ago. 375% was too strong, undoubtedly, but dropping that to ~250% would’ve brought it in line. Gutting it to 135%, lower than it was pre-buff, is just ridiculous.

Did you forget a decimal in that Guardian nerf?

I beg of you for these set bonuses to not be used in PvP.

I can’t think of anything that would ruin PvP more. This would absolutely destroy PvP balance. Fury is impossible to kill right now and hit insanely hard. There’s no reason they wouldn’t abuse the PvE gear to get an advantage when most classes can’t.

Any chance we can change a bit the appearance of the DK helm? It looks like Stag horns, which is more druid than DK and doesn’t even fit the theme going on the shoulders with the dragon heads.

Idk, making them smaller, changing shape a bit or even removing them?

Will these changes be implemented in the beta this week?

Opening the catalyst at week six is still way too late. We still have to farm the gear to turn into tier and we get one charge/week. That should be sufficient enough - open the catalyst week two.


Is it too late change this? Agony has a chance of granting you a soul shard and when it does it also has chance to give you a buff. It’s pretty much RNG on top of RNG.

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