[Feedback] Dracthyr Soar

First and foremost… YA! Ok now that that is out of the way oh man it feels good to use my wings but there are still some glaring issues.

  1. You lose all momentum when you change zones.

  2. You can’t use Ride along.
    ((Suggestion)) Let players click on a Dracthyr in non Visage form to use Ride Along when it would be active.

  3. Skimming the ground will bring you to a dead stop if you get too close, the size box seems off on this cause it looks like I’m not touching the ground some times.

  4. Give Dracthyr old flight. We know the animations exist thanks to the old Throne of the Four Winds raid.

  5. You don’t get the benefit of the mining/herbing Vigor regen bonus cause landing takes you out of “Flight mode”.

  6. You can’t use it for Dragonriding Races.

Other than that most of it feels really good I love to see this.


You also can’t use the ability that lets you put a portal down. Bronze Timelock I think it is called? They gave it to Dracthyr, but it is unusable since you have to be landed to use it, but as soon as we land it sends us out of the mount state.


Aerial Halt doesn’t give a vigor charge from Airborne Recovery when using dracthyrs Soar.

Edit: Also you can’t use Soar when your in water.

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in “soar” mode landing shouldnt “dismount” until u use skills/attack or press soar again


Still waiting to hear something from Blizzard