[Feedback] Don't force us out of Chromie Time / Timewalking Journey

Well, we’re getting off topic here, but I think the primary issue with Gnome is 1) it’s long 2) people ignore the back entrance that allows you to split it into pieces. If people approached it as “let’s do outdoor quests and then up to Electrocutioner for key” and then “Pummeler to Thermaplugg” I think they would find it a lot less annoying of a dungeon. Not to mention it would create multiple level brackets for it.

I concede on this.

I would be very nice if there was an advanced Chromie Time version that allowed you to level or at least quest in the original overworld. Even nicer if you could do dungeons in it.

There might even be some happy people as you cannot fly in it.


Glad we can lock our xp at 49 now for chromie time. However, If we can lock our levels at 49 and remain in chromie time, I imagine some players will be using this to their pvp advantage at least when its popular in the first few months. This will be interesting.


Players were still able to lock at 49 before, they just couldn’t while in Chromie Time. The entirety of BFA does still sync to your level to 50 outside of it.

Edit: Also didn’t they revert it back so that you get placed in a different battleground queue while locked a while back?

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honestly im kinda hyped for the 49 twink metagame now


I just want to confirm that an intentional fix was made a couple of days ago to allow experience gains to be disabled while in Timewalking Campaigns.


My hero!

Thank you thank you!


Much appreciated.

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Thank you!

I was concerned about this because what I enjoy most in the game these days is locking my xp and doing old content at the level intended while leveling alts. I personally hate one-shotting mobs in the game. No longer having the ability to lock xp so I could actually enjoy the leveling experience probably would have turned me away from the game for good honestly. This was one of my big concerns with the upcoming pre-patch and Shadowlands.

So thank you for fixing this!


For clarification… Are they saying you can now lock the XP at the normal lock guy (or a new UI element) but if you don’t know to turn it off you will still hit 50 then get auto booted? or does it not auto boot anymore and instead disable XP?


Seems like this would feel a bit clunky if the player has to drop what they’re doing to go to the XP disabler. If it’s not a UI element then that’s going to still cause people that don’t know about stopping XP to be booted out when they may want to finish up.


Still hoping they do more with this. Although it’s nice to be able to pause the XP while leveling to finish the zones, I’d still like to go back at any level and do whichever expansion I want without one-shotting everything.


If you hit 50, you will still get booted out. So yes, you need to know that you can turn off exp to stop it.

As is known, most of us would be happy with it turning it into when you hit 50, you get an auto-accept quest to go back to Chromie, But that is something we are hoping for down the road. As we are so close to release with so many bugs, that is not really we will get right now.


You and a lot of other people. Having to do it on an alt is not horrible, but it would be cool to do it on my main here. Fortunately, with how much is carried over to an alt now, the biggest plus to using a main or max level alt is the emotional attachment.

But that is also why we want to do the old stuff period. So, given the possibility, I would do it on my main here rather than any alt.


Oddly enough, I disabled XP gains on my level 50 and I can’t enable it again. Tried talking to the NPC and I have no option to turn it back on. I’m guessing it’s a bug.

Exactly my reason for wanting to do it on my main. I never experienced the expansion on my main and I just would really like to do so.


Agreed. Blizz’s biggest priority right now should be fixing things that are completely broken right now, like the streaming error in pandaria and food/drink level requirements. The boot out at 50 is a design error imo, and should be looked at, but it should not be considered as critical a fix as something that would prevent players from logging into certain characters or keep new players from using food or drink in a rather challenging BFA experience.

Unless it would be super easy to change it, I’m okay with them tabling CT for now in it’s current state.

Edit: replied to wrong post lol


Yeah, you have to do it before you hit 49. I would prefer 50 since I get the last talent point. That talent point can help your spec if it really helps thing move smoother. My mage ranks up there since I like Glacial Spike so much.

Honestly, I would stop leveling when you hit the last ability you want for the spec you like most.

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I agree, this is exactly how it should work! I used a boost to get a character to 120 as my new main. I’d like to take them through all the old content for achievements, toys, wardrobe, story, etc. If I can stay at an appropriate level and get to Shadowlands when I’m good and ready, that’d be ideal!


Are you on beta? You shouldn’t be able to disable xp at level 50, it’s already cap.

This was on the PTR. I knew I had to do it before 49, but I had wishful thinking and thought that maybe disabling experience gains would allow me to enter Chromie Time

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