[Feedback] Don't force us out of Chromie Time / Timewalking Journey

Just got done leveling a character to 50.

As soon as I hit 50, I received the message “Timewalking Journey Ends In…” and a countdown. A few seconds later, booted to Orgrimmar (was a Horde character).

This is absolutely the WRONG choice for how to handle this situation. The purpose of the feature was to finally bring about a scenario where we could finish stories / experience settings as they were. Now, if I want to go back and finish Northrend, I do so as a level 50 dunking on level 30 mobs. I personally don’t enjoy running around 1-shotting everything as content - I like playing games that have me engage in actual gameplay… and if I want to finish these stories, I’d like to do so as I play a video game.

Furthermore, I personally think that Timewalking Journeys should be available to everyone including level 50-60. Have it be a feature that scales you down/caps to 50, and allows you to finish or experience past content as a level appropriate character.
• Want to wrap up Icecrown/Firelands/WoD Nagrand/Suramar with other players either leveling, or in the same boat as you? Go for it! (Level sync allows this somewhat, but not in the same dynamic fashion of just adventuring out in the world like the game had back in the day)
• Want to queue up for dungeons to grab some missed transmogs, while adding to the pool of players legitimately using the queue to level? Go for it!
• Gather a full raid of players and experience old mechanics firsthand rather than running through it alone and killing everything by breathing on it.

Chromie Time / Timewalking Journeys are a feature I was looking forward to immensely. I guess the best option is going to be to hit 49, then head back to the capital to turn off XP until I do everything I want to… or just never hit 50 in some cases because of the roleplaying benefits it’d have to leave some characters there (I just won’t be able to acquire the final talent).


This can also screw you out of witnessing end-of-quest NPC dialogue and such. If the quest you turn in happens to be the one that causes you to hit 50 and there’s a lengthy scene after it, you won’t get to see the whole thing.


That’s actually exactly what happened to me. I was in Zul’Drak on the quests where you become a Ghoul to get into the floating Necropolis. I believe the quest turn in that got me to 50 resolved with some sort of dialogue with the Lich King showing up or something, but didn’t see it due to being booted.


Oh gosh, that’s really disappointing. I was really excited for Chromie time because I wanted to play through all my favorite quests from old expansions. I hope they give you an option. Maybe, do you want to continue this adventure, or teleport to your capital and start your Shadowlands adventure?


That’s pretty wild they just boot you after hitting 50, regardless of what you’re in the middle of doing. What if you have other quests to turn in, or other things to take care of? In your case you missed an entire cutscene you were in the middle of watching. That’s silly and disappointing to hear. I hope they change it.


The only way I could see being able to stay in Chromie time would be to turn off all xp gains.

They expect 50-60 to be completed in the new content.


I agree, when you ding 50 it should just stop giving you exp and let you play around with anything you want, you should have to go back to chromie to return to normal time to start shadowlands.


Yep, I like that option best. At least stop the exp to allow people to finish the quest line or the zone, and when they’re ready they can head into the shadowlands.


I want to complete 50-60 in Shadowlands. That totally reasonable.

They need a different method of handling “Timewalking Journeys” because its stated design intent when the feature was announced was to allow us to finish those stories and settings we’d spent the lifespan of that character investing in. From the data we’re seeing in testing, it looks like basically every expansion will have you hitting level 50 well before completing its content. That’s fine if you’d like to leave and head into Shadowlands, most will want to move on - but there should be the option to stay and finish up… or honestly just to stay.


This seems like a mind numbingly stupid design choice


They can still give you EXP but have it severely lowered. So maybe you walk into Shadowlands with a few bars on your way to 51.

I have yet to test this feature, I will likely do so today, but are there main quest markers to guide you through the content in these older expansion zones? If so, maybe they should reduce the EXP from side quests and increase the monetary reward for them instead.


It seems like the “Main Quest” feature is one that’s only present for Battle For Azeroth and Shadowlands content. I’m in MoP on an alt and nothing in the primary chain is establishing what constitutes the main story… not to mention still seeing 2 Warchiefs and 4 dead people in the main hall which was confusing on who of the 7 "!"s actually had the quest to progress (It was Nazgrim).

I don’t really have a problem with people hitting 50 from minor, side activities or spamming whatever they like. In fact, I think the flexibility of it is pretty amazing… until it stops being flexible by deleting the feature altogether when dinging 50.


I see it as a way to prevent players from making gold with the system.

I’m not sure if turning off the experience has the same result as reaching the maximum level, but all that experience that you should receive would turn into gold.

It would be absurd to allow people to do all the expansions with level 50 cap.

Armies and armies of multiboxers entering the different expansions and enjoy all that free gold.

The system works as it should.
Anyone who chooses to speak to Chromie already knows all the expansions.
The only thing that this system allows is to have a little freedom.

One character levels up in TBC, another in Legion, another in MoP, etc.
It is a tool to level up and nothing else.


Some may see it as simply a tool. However, there are too many people that will want to go through an expansion and complete the entire thing. “Bull rushers” can level as fast as their little hearts desire, they always have. That’s always been the point of heirlooms (until now). I for one of many hate out leveling a zone or whatever I’m working on at times. I have characters that I have speed leveled, then there are those that I like to take my time on to go through the story.
Turning off XP is a feature we can use, true, and I use it. But there’s also those that want to level with the content, they like that “ding!”.
It’s a double edged sword I suppose. I for one will continue to use the “turn off xp” feature unless something else is thought of.


Here’s the explanation from Blizzard:

"Since Pandaria was the current Live expansion, you have not being able to play through that level up story, start to finish in a way that was relevant for your character.

At this point, and I checked the data on this, most of you who chose Pandaria to level in the 20 level band it has, will get through the Jade Forest — which is a very big starting zone, and then half of the next zone, before you have outleveled that band, you have already moved on; and I don’t think that does justice to all of these expansions we have released before.

Along the way, we would like to capture those expansion levels’ stories again, and give you and opportunity to complete one of those"

So that is Blizzard’s intended design goal. Not to “level and nothing else”. The goal is to Complete A Story. I got nowhere near completing the story on the testing I did. I was booted from it. Another key term in Blizzard’s explanation is “in a way that was relevant for your character” - I believe that means the enemies being my level, providing friction and resistance to my experience… you know, like a video game is supposed to. Flying back and one-shotting everything changes the game from its intended design to Whack-A-Mole + Visual Novel. That is not relevant to me.

Some of us like playing and replaying old experiences. Some of us enjoy booting up Megaman 2, Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid and playing them through as a video game character experiencing it at the same pace and immersion that we’ve done time and time again, rather than just watching a YouTube video of it and calling it a day. That’s why Timewalking Journeys excited me.

As for the multiboxers making gold argument… what? That’d be an incredibly slow gold farm considering a lot of the quests would bottleneck you into having to perform various tasks. A lot easier to just farm whatever expansion equivalent of quillrats is for 100k/hr.


That’s what I thought they had said.
Thank you for finding that, I’ve got a busy morning going on and I’m hopping between windows…LOL


They should put in a choice to level up to 50 or stay at 49.9 until you talk to Chromie. This would let you finish the expansion.


That’d work.

I would like the ability to be 50 and pick that final talent. Willing to compromise though.

I just feel like if it’s a limited feature, it should be:
• Hit 50
• Auto-Quest Accept from Chromie: “Looks like you’re ready for what lies ahead! Come see me when you’re ready to move on.” A teleport to Chromie scroll is included on the quest tracker.
• If you’re still doing Timewalking Journey, you do not earn XP into 50, just like our max level characters are incapable of doing on the PTR.
• Upon returning to Chromie to turn in her quest, there’s a warning text box: “Completing this quest will deactivate Timewalking Journeys permanently for this character. Are you sure you want to proceed? Yes/No”


I 2nd That, I like that idea. ^^^


They’ve literally never enforced this in the history of the game. Seems kind of arbitrary and stupid.

When BC launched you could still earn XP in Azeroth, just not as much. When Wrath launched you could still earn XP in Outlands, just not as much. This has always been the pattern because as you level the quests give less and less.

This seems far too heavy handed in deciding how you’re going to experience the game, honestly. Which… has been a complaint that’s been gaining momentum in recent years anyway so why am I even surprised.