FEEDBACK: Death Knight Class Changes

Attaching apoc to garg is valid too and would be cool but it would have to be old gargoyle without runic power ramp up.
I like death coil reducing apoc cooldown a lot better instead of Dark Transformation. Apoc is more impactful and cool to use than dark transformation. You can use apoc for single target burst damage more often and summoning more zombies every few second feels great and very unholy. Would be nice if epidemic had the same treatment with a reduced effect than death coil.
Unholy pact seems too powerful compared to the other two options its a must pick.
Unholy feels great to play right now except for some downtime on runes which i cant feel that much when picking unholy assault, harbinger/pestilent pustules talents, and good rune/runic power usage. Downtime is probably a lot worse if you dont pick these talents to smooth up rune economy.

All the whining seems like people afraid of changes i hope you look past that and keep the changes.


Unholy Pact has to compete with the Death’s Due/Defile combo. If anything, it’s probably still too weak compared to what that combo gives us.

Assuming deaths due doesnt get nerfed which i dont doubt it since they havent done covenants tunning yet.

i hope so, if it doesn’t come back i’ll just avoid playing shadowlands :pensive:

Thank you for writing this up. i hope devs read this and think about revert this merge. I beg warcraftdevs, please dont make apo + DT goes into Shadowlands live

Thanks for feedback–in an upcoming build, we are reverting the recent change to Dark Transformation. It will once again be its own ability.


Thank you!


Thank you :smiley:


Thanks for the info. Any chance on keeping the synergies with Apoc with respect to CDR? It’s fun having it as an almost rotational skill.

Also any news on the Gargoyle front?


Along those same lines having epidemic also count towards the CDR would be highly appreciated as well. Especially since DT is mostly an aoe ability.


Thank you ion we love you


Thank you very much! now i can sleep peacefully xD


I already didn’t, but maybe tonight >_<

Also this.


So we are now back to the original issue of too many cooldowns on opener?

Any plans to remove some of our abilities from the GCD?

The DT on Apocalypse was actually a good change and reduced yet another we had to press to maximize our damage output.


Appreciate it! The overall changes are quite good. But it would be much better if Gargoyle was attached to Apocalypse rather than Dark Transformation.

Really appreciate the efforts and listening to us.


Thank you!!!

I agree with the others bake Garg into Apoc that will feel great keep CDR and take DT off GCD and then tune Magus for the love of all unholy. My chest enchant does more damage then Magus.


its great that you guys are taking feedback into consideration, but all this means is that we’re back to where we started with an opener bloated with gcds, and we lost gargoyle for 0 reason. this entire thing would never have been an issue if you guys weren’t so adamant against taking things off the gcd like gargoyle and dt, (which would fix a ton of things wrong with the spec right now) and coming up with random quirky changes like merging apoc and dt just for the fun of it


Can we please have Gargoyle back as baseline again, AS PROMISED?! Please do not go back to pruning abilities.


Yes magus does less damage than everything right now. i did 30k damage with magus casting 15 APO and 2 armys


It’s been less than 24 hours and you’re reverting a very massive change? What is Blizzard’s SWE process? Good lord, what a disaster show Ion is running.